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Young Man Loses
His life Ii Bad Fire
,On Thursday of this week word reached Beach of a terrible
•death north of town near Trotters Carl Hubbard, between 25
and JO years old, was burned to death in the Hubbard home which
was destroyed by fire. The house caught fire during the night from
some unknown cause and the (our occupants, •Carl, Fred, George
and Miss Hubbard, ran out of the building. Carl wanted to get his
clothes and some money out of the house and entered the burn*
•'ing building but did not return. After the fife his body was dis
covered in the ashes near one of the windows where he had evi
dently been overcome with smoke. The house was one of the
largest in the Trotter locality, being a two story building. It was
fltwned by Chas. Hubbard but occupied by his brother George and
two sons and a daughter. Word was sent to. Undertaker Walker
and he left for the scene of the fire, about four miles south of
Trotter, yesterday afternoon. The above is .all the details
able to secure up to the time of going to press.
R. Thompson, Prop.
V. jt sf
Our Prices
Call On Us And Be
Yours For Cash Business
Socialist Name
Comity Ticket
Following the iddreu of A. E. Bow
en last Thursday at the opera house,
the local socialists held a meeting and
put a county ticket in the fied. The
meeting was held Friday afternoon and
the following names were placed in
nomination: For representatives, A.
E. Bowen, jr., Earnest Johnston and A.
C. Townley for county commissioners,
Bert F. Brown, Fred A. Powers and
Thos. Krcma for sheriff, J. D. Hal
stead for treasurer, Herman Wojohn
for register of deeds, C. W. Heckman
fo' auditor, R. S. Conklin for clerk of
court, E. E. Pinkham for county
judge. A. O. Whitney for superinten
dent of schools, Bessie Bridges for
constables, P. O. Peterson and Alden
Mosher for justices of the peace, C.
A. R. Thompson, Mgr.
•^j?4 '•t'^
FARMERS! What About A Flbur MU1?, Don't Forget the MASS MEETING at the Opera House Next Monday, March 23, at 2 O'clock.
A Ne\y«paper that Causes Comment in a Town that is Talked About
J. Strum, David Keckler and Dr. E,
Since the above ticket-was handed
us for publication, Fred A. Powers call
ed and informed us that he would mot
accept his nomination for commission
er, and we understand his place will' be
filled by another.
The farmers out southwest of town
in the old Lame Steer district held a
mass meeting at the old Hede school
house last Monday evening to take up
the proposition of the increased tele
phone rent for rural patrons which has
been put into effect by J. P. Smith,
manager of the local exchange. There
has been a lot of dissatisfaction over
the rural service and the increase in
rentals brought out further protests
which brought on the meeting Monday.
Simon S. Horn was chosen chairman
and a committee was chosen to call
upon Mr. Smith of the Golden Valley
Telephone company, and made an ef
fort to have the rent reduced back
to the old rate or lower. This com
mitte consisted of iA. W. Kaatein, Geo.
Lake an'd P. S. Hode.
It was moved and carried at the
meeting that should the above com
mittee fail in their efforts, a new com
pany he formed under the name of
State Line Co-Operative company.
committee was also
«.,»,»»• ».«„»
Farmers Want
To Own line
Bangs Arrested
For Bribery
Attorney and Others In Famom Murd
Case Arrested- on. Mforaittiw
Given by Bailiff Who Had Charge of
Crand Forks, N. D., March 14.—
There was a profound sensation in
this city when Tracy R. Bangs was ar
rested here today on the charge of
having been implicated in an attempt
to bribe certain jurors in the McLean
Cooper murder ease, brought here
from- Hillsboro for trial twfe years ago
last fail.
The hearing was set for March 27.
In addition to Mr. Bangs, 'ACooper's
father, Harry'T. Cooper, a prominent
farmer near Hillsboro, was also ar
rested. Bbth he and Mr. Bangs im
mediately furnished bonds in the sum
of $5,000 each, and have been given
their' liberty.
Two of the jurors in the case, also
implicated in the bribery charge, A.
C. Stevens of Grand Forka, and J. C.
Mahon of Inkster, have also been ar
rested. Mahon was able to furnish
bail, but up to last night Stevens .was
•till in the custody of the sheriff.
The complaint was made by Andy
Sullivan, son of Captain John Sulli
van, of the local police force, who was
a bailiff. He is also charged with be
ing implicated, and while he was also
arrested in connection with the affair
he was hot required to furnish bail.
Governor Hanna when petitioned
for the arrest of McLean Cooper, the
defendant in the murder case two
years ago, at which time the bribery
is charged to have been committed, re
fused to grant the papers till he had
knowledge of the facts in the matter
•nd in consequence a hearing will be
held before the governor at Bismarck.
Monday at which time State's Attor
ney Burtness will represent the state,
while the interests of Mr. Bangs, and
others charged will be represented by
George A. Bangs, and associates of the
Some three years ago young Mc
Lean Cooper was arrested for having
killed a hired man on his father's farm
near Hillsboro, after a quarrel. Coop
er father was absent for the winter,
and a dispute arose as to who had
charge of the affairs of the farm. Feel
ing ran so high in Traill county that
the defendant was placed in the coun
ty jail at Grand Forks, and the case
was transferred for trial here from
Hillsboro. Tacy Bangs was the lead
ing attorney for the defendant, who
secured an acquittal, and after the
trial voung Cooper moved to the state
of Washington, where he is at pres
1. H. Claggett returned last Saturday
from a trip up north of Glendive where
he placed several real estate loans.
City Team
Defeats High
High School Team Defeated by City
T-aam in Fast Cams of Basketball
By Score of 31 to 24.
Friday, the 13th, the city basketball
team defeated the high school team in
son. The first half was very even, the
one of the fastest games of the sea
city. team leading by hte narrow mar
gin of two points at the close of the
first period. Maurice Gordon took
Hougen's place in the second half. The
game was very fast and somewhat
rough in spots, but the best of feeling
was apparent throughout the game.
Letson had a bone broken in his
hand trying to stop a high pass.
"Frenchy" in a misup with Smith fell
heavily on Smith's leg, bis head strik*.
draft the constitution and a set of by
laws for the new company.
Before going to press the Chronicle
was informed »•. the committoe had
called upop -nd had failed
in getting the
as a result, arr»r*cro
ed to organize the new ,,,
build an independent line.
ship lumber
stick beifore you make your purchase. You can
any other grades and prices in the world.
Under the old time method of doing bus
iness everybody was "trusted," regardless of
whether he could pay or not.
The idea was to keep the price up high enough
•so that the losses which naturally resulted would
be taken care of.
Tin man who could pay his bills had to pay
the bills of
man who was unable to pay.
The man who had cash was actually paying
more, instead of less as he should.
And we don't blame him because he objected
to such an unfair method. Nobody can be expected
to carry his own burdens and the other fellows, too.
ing the floor with thud -enchy
called for time, while Smith l\ & 4 for
some time after play was res&v -d.
The players of both teams were ap
plauded whenever good plays were
made. The city team has not tost a
game this season, winning five games
in aD.* The high school team has
made a good record, winning every
game on the hoqe floor, and winning
three games away from home, and
clearly showing their superiority over
Randan at the Dickinson tournament,
defeating that team for the second
ime to the delight of every Beach
basketball fan. Mr. Morton, the no
torious Mandan official, must have felt
like crawling under his back porch
when he got the returns of that game,
after the article he wrote and signed
in the Mandan Pioneer. He claimd
that 34 fouls wre called on Mandan at
Beach, but the score books, which is
our best proof, shows that in the
Mandan-Beacb game in this city only
8 fouls were called on Mandan and 3
to your town.
from our local dist^butingplant. We will carry a complete stock right here in your town and
you can buy
New Prices Go Into Effffect
Monday Morning, March 23 rd
Beginning Monday morning, March 23rd, our new price list will go into effect.
prices represent an immense saving to the users of lumber.
We were disappointed when we found
that notwithstanding the fact that we shipped
our lumber
buildings and better homes. You can afford to improve your property. The prices we quote
enable you to own the kind of a home you'd like to own. There are no middlemen's profits.
Why Our Prices Are So Low
that we could not sell it
at as low a price as we anticipated, because
of the
Loose Credit System.
Welles -Thompson Co.
announces that it has purchased the business off
North Star Lumber Company
and has established a distributing: plant here for the purpose ot marketing
direct from our mills
So we
The New System Goes Into Effect
See What Our Prices Are on MONDAY
and every day after that. We will never adopt the old system. We will stick to the
new. We are going to keep our prices AS LOW as we can, in order to sell as much
lumber as we can and create a demand for the product of our mills.
We can accommodate the man who wishes credit, provided he can pay his
bill on October 1st following his purchase. NO INTEREST CHARGED
if bills are paid on that date.
Crsdlt customers wishing time until Fall may abtain It by
signing our sales ticket In two places.
Cash customers are allowed 10% discount from price list.
All purchases made at our prices must be settled for with cash or yrith a signed sales
ticket. No purchase—not even for 10c—is allowed to go on open account.
We are going to make you glad we are herql We are going
to keep the price down
We can only supply lumber at these low prices to those who comply with our method.
Help us to do so by familiarizing yourself with our terms and
Welles-Thompson Company
"The Lumber Yard That's Different"
Eight Pages
just as you require it. You can
Ray Smallest Town
Ray. N. D., March IS.—Ray has tha
unique distinction of being the small
est town in the state with the com.
mission form of government. The sys
tem was adopted by a vote of about
one and as.soon as the charter
arrives new officials will be ele.cted.
Several other towns of the state about
the size of Ray are watching the exper
iment here and if the plan proves a
success more of the smaller towns of
the state will adopt the plan, which
heretofore has been demanded only in
the larger cities.
on Beach. Oh, wbat an educator of
younp men I How long will the Man
dan high school and the fair minded
people of that city be led by such an
We will
compare our grades and our prices with
We saved the difference by cutting out Loose
Credits. We didn't cut the price because our pre
decessors had been charging too much. If any
thing, the retail price under the old system was too
We prefer the new system to the old, because
it is the modern way of doing business and it keeps
the price davon to the lowest point and the consum
er gets the benefit.
It will mean better farm
eliminated the Loose Credit
and substituted one that protected
every purchaser from having to pay some
other man's bill.
That reduced the price so that you
can buy lumber right here at home at as
low a price as you can buy it anywhere
in the world.

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