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Farmer Friends:
On November third an im
portant question is to be settled
for all time I The question of
whether or not it is good policy
to remove our county seat from
the city of Beach to the Village of
Sentinel Butte.
J. M. Still Writes
on County
Feeling that the mutual inter
ests of the farmers of Golden Val
ley county is the essential point
for our consideration and, in or
der to arrive at a just decision as
to the proper place for our county
seat, we must weigh the proposi
tion from a farmer's standpoint
rather than from the standpoint
of which we may personally wish
to benefit the City of Beach or
the village of Sentinel Butte. Our
hope is that each of them may
prow to be a srreat city, and we
should endeavor not to estab
lish a feeling of prejudice against
either place in arriving at a final
conclusion. Such a feeling might
"benefit us in securing votes and
perhaps influence many to vote
against our mutual interests as
"brother farmers of the Golden
Valley, but would it not be an
injustice to our glorious Golden
Valley to locate our county seat
under such conditions?
If every farmer in our county
weighs the county seat proposi
tion carefully, considering both
'the present and future welfare of
'our mutual interests as framers,
'considering the question form a
proper viewpoint such as which
is the most convenient place, con
sidering the peculiar shape of the
county, the natural la^ of the
land also the natural trend of the
road leading to the place where
"we wish to conduct our business,
not allowing personal desire of
giving benefit to either town, if
Lased on prejudice or selfish in
terests, influence us- Then, and
then only will the county seat of
Golden Valley county be located
properly with regard to the mu
tual interest of the farmer- Each
should take a personal interest in
the proper location of our coun
ty seat, such location to be where
it will, serve the mutual interests
of all.
To assist in arriving at a con-1
elusion that you will never regret
let me invite you to a few mo
ments study, and let your un
biased conclusion be final, re
gardless of whether you may!
agree with me or not, Then we:
will each vote right.
Follow the lines of your county
from north to south consider the
general conditions thus far you,
will agree with me that the coun
ty seat should be located some-!
where along the lines of the Nor
thern Pacific railway, but just at
what point is for us to de
cide. We wish to build around
our county seat, a modern city,
therefore—as we must look into
the future—we must consider a
location where other railroads
may cross from north to south, a
location to which the county
roads from a greater portion of
the county naturally lead con
sidering the lay of the land as a
basis of where the most people
are living, and will be in the fu
ture, therefore giving opportunity
for new towns in the agricultural
communities to be conveniently
located with regard to the cen
tral place where our court house
should be.
Select the ideal, spot for a city
good drainage, not too low or
flat, neither too rough nor hilly
now begin at the east side of our
county and continue west, you
naturally stop at the first level
spot which might be large en
ough for your city, and notice, it
is about half way or what you
might term the geographical cen
ter. Do vou find f»wnrpble cm
ditions for a city? Do the roads
naturally lead from the four cor
ners of your county to this place?
If not. why not. Are the most
productive agricultural portions
of your county contiguous to th's
place? Will anything prevent the
majority of the people of your
county from making it their trad
ing place to an extent sufficient
to furnish the business necessary
to build your city? Could a rail
road traverse y.our county from
north to south at this point and
thus make your city easily acces
sible by the majority of the in
habitants of your county?
Should we not pass further on
consider a place that may be
better 1 ocated to serve our mu
tual interest as farmers? As
matter of fact, does it not
pear to vou that some ten
uuit some ten years!
many predicted and 'S*
believed this would never be an
rgriculturai center, someone saw
the future of this country at a
distance, po'\- h]v had vision of
a little countv blessed with beau
tiful homes, determined to build
a modern city and with great r.are
selected th® ideal spot, a boauti-!
fid place for a modern city, such
ns Beach in the heart of the Gol
den Valley with its rich, produc-1
tive soil. Was it not planned just I
as a mother would plan the future I
of her shild? Did not the vision
of Mrs. L. W. Richards,the moth-1
er of Beach, in a short space of
time come true? Will you drive
the prodigal son from the home
and place the inscription "Un
welcome" where "Welcome" has
been for so long? Don't do it.
Vote for our mutual interests as
farmers. In behalf of the home
steaders of Saddle Butte Town
ship, I ask it.
Respectfully yours,
We have casually ob
served a cartoon in the
Sentinel Butte "Funny
graph" and upon calling
it to the attention of our
cartoonist, he states: "It
is unnecessary to picture
Sentinel Butte as a San
tanic character or any of
it's citizens as living in a
place which is close to
the gate of Hades, for the
voters are fully aware of
these facts. What we
want to picture is the truth
as it really ex:sts and the
facts as they really are.
We shall and will not use
any exaggerated and fic
ticious characters to pre
judice the minds of the
voters but we shall illus
trate the conditions as we
see them so that he can
vote intelligently on the
question with malice to
ward none."
Publicity Committee.
2% Day Ai
crowded than at the time of the
Buffalo Bill show, when so many
thousand people were in the city
for the attraction.
The flights of the aeroplane,
with out doubt, interested a great
er number of people than did the
ball game. Even durnig the game
the playing was stopped for a
few minutes so that all
gaze heavenward at the bird man cor
as he flew overhead. Both flights
one during the game and one
soon after, were very good and
everyone was greatly pleased with
the demonstration. It clt |.rly Jnng before there was any
in length, and at times the oper-1
ator reached a height of from
1,500 feet to 2,00 feet above thej
Dr. S. E. Long, who will conduct revival meeting at
the U. B. Church beginning October 28, accompanied
by professional singer.
Saturday, October 31, Will Be County Seat Day in BEACH
Free Shows During Afternoon and Evening—Free Dinner Served During the Day—Band Will Furnish Music
All Day and Evening—Speakers Will Address You on the County Seat Question Be on Hand
Oolden lPalle$ Chronicle
A Newspaper that Causes Comment in a Town that is Talked A'
Beach's new :ultural Hiirh School ow under conslruc
Shortly after 1
I players of both te
I at th^ ball park for
Dickinson saw the largest
•rowd that has ever a re in a
die city on any occasion on 1 i/es- J'ans hy a^scorc tf t(
day. 1 he streets were far more
est crowd that ever witnessed a
ball game here, the All Nationals
met their second defeat of their
1 ve
Over 2,000 people were in the
ball park and there were more
people on the outside. The
ground was black with men,wom
en and children on the open
space east of the park where the
air ship was located and the rail
road track was also lined with
people, probably a grand total ...
during my intercourse with my
of at least 5,000 in and about! ..
,, farmer mends that they are tak
the ball grounds. Liood judges, ..
mg the faction"! right at Beach
have placed the number ot auto- ..
... more seriously than they should
mobiles in commission on ac
count of the festivities at 500 to
baseba.l lollowers of
1 1 1 11
this section of the cn nitvy lu:d an
opportunity to see gathered such
stars in two teams us were seen
on Tuesday at Dickinson.
It is with no intle reluctance
that 1 come before you at this
time, but it has been brought to
my attention from time to time
and it is my intention in this comj
I m,unication to give to you a few
reasons why the personal fight at
showed how these machines tion or factional fight in Beach
the air can be used to such good j^y interests have been such
advantage in time of war- Each
bight was at least twenty minutes!
Beach should not delude the
farmers in voting against their
own personal interests
far-1 ,iiii neta^iioiooioboooooooo
I have been a citizen and tax
payer of Golden Valley county
eJeven years
wjt^ t£e stcry
fight from the
ground- Mr. Bell's engine has pUrpjse to extol myself in
80 horse power and moved the
machine easily. Each time the
aviator circled over the city sev
eral times, always in sight of the
-t v**
cck the
r\out be
t'i '.j larrr-i
1 iUu
and dur­
ing that time mv business ha3
-een such that 1 have obtained
acquaintance throughout
and state- I was here
independent of any
(his matter, but my purpose in
stating these personal matters is
simply from the standpoint of a
voter and taxpayer- But, how
ever, that rn^v be, the voters and
taxpayers at this time should not
under any consideration and in
tion the factional fight at Beach?
c!. ii
J.? r»f il« \]1 Ameri-
~j I. Never
Ni T.T, 06
among the ccrp r.f c'.is
-d artists selected for the
1 he Girl and the Stampede."
stands the talented yonnio author
and actor Mr. Victor Lambwt.
wiio has in past years contributed
much toward making successful,
several of the theatrical pro
ductions of note.
He portrays the type of the
western manly man, in a
manner that is life like and soul
The author has surrounded
himself with a company of artists
fully capable of handling their
re«pective parts in keeping with
all of Mr. Lambert's productions.
"The Girl and the Stamnede"
will be offered at the Beach
Opera House next Monday, Oct.
26th with the scenic equipment
and complete production, the
same as seen in New York, Chi
cago and all the larger cities.
Beito Buys the
Belfield Studio
Deal Consummated Last Week—
Will take Possession and De-
vote Entire Time to
After November 1-
I am well acquainted purchased the Belfield studio of
beginning. It is not
of this factional photographer Johnson of this
anv event let the Beach factional work as well a copying and
fight delude them into voting
atainst their own personal inter-) Mr. Beito is a practical photo
ests. Why should the voters and graper, having operated photo
taxpayers vote against Beach if ^aph galleries before coming to
they do not take into considera-|
Saturday last week. Peter E.
Beito,who, for some time has been
controversy but nev-| employed at the Chronicle office
Mr. Beito has severed his con
nection with the Chronicle to take
effect the first of the month and
will devote his time to taking pic
tures in the future. He will keep
the studio open on Friday and
Saturday of each week and will
be equipped for all kinds of port-
en a rgl
Think of another reason wnv you
should vote for Sentinel Butte. Shorlty before election, too
factional short a time to head them off.
roorbacks of one kind or another
if you eliminate Beach
Of couse it has been estimated
by som): of my good farmer
friends that they have been
crafted upon by certain Beach
business and professional men,
but I am inclined to the opinion
that this has been grossly exag
gerated. Mankind is naturally
suspicious and we often conclude
that we get the worst of it. That
is no reason at all why the voters
,-nd taxpayers should vote against
their own personal interests.
In concluding, it is mv opinion
rs a taxpavcr outside of Beach
'hat Beach is the losri^al place for' election night in the
county seat. I feel confident building on the corner
'hot the taxpayers of Golden Val
W county, after giving th's
matter personal cors deration,
»h:nk as the writer does, that
interests, as well as mine, re
ovire the retainment of the coun
ty seat at ts nresent locatio„n.
I am- vours truly
are likely to be started, emanat
ing from men of different politi
cal persuasions, and these roor
backs will be designed to mis
lead or stampede the voters- The
people should not permit this.
There has been plenty of time to
get facts before the people, and
anything sprung shortly before
election should be looked on
with suspicion. The people
should not cor.scnt to be misled.
Don't forget about the dinner
and lunch which will be held on
ht in the Dickinson
by the
Ladies of the Lutheran church.
Dinner will be served from 5 to 8
and lunch from 8 to midnight-
A vote for Halvor L. Halvor
son for Congress, is a vote for an
honest, peace loving president
who wants Congress to back up
his administration Adv-
The much heralded and wide
ly known dramatic success "The
Virginian" will be ceen at the
a O a O 3 1
The dramatization of Owen Wa
ter's gripping story of the west,
is a construction of more than the
usual novel play, Messrs, Jones
and Crane its producers have
given it a wonderful and lavish
scenic equipment, that combined
with thrilling situations, romatic
atmosphere, bright comedy and
sparkling wit, with which the
play teems, makes this attraction
one of the theatrical events of the
season- A carefully chosen com
pany of players will enact the
many different and unique char
acters of our own west that has
forever gone with the advance of
civilization and progress-
Suffrage Notes
Do women want to vote? The
North Dakota Federation of
Women's Clubs endorsed Equal
Suffrage by a vote of 123 to 26.
Yet the antis say the majority of
To Whom It May Concern:
We. the undesigned, do hereby certify that we called
on the county judge on October 23, 1914, and asked
for recoids in the estates of Grant and Keen that the
said couaty judge, M. H. Jefferson, was not in his of
fice that we were shown the following records and
viewed them viz: Book No. 1 Executor's Record of
Golden Valley County, Book No. 1 Will Record of Gol
den Valley and Book No. 1 Court Orders of Golden
Valley, same being shown us by Harry Halstead, de
puty county auditor, and same being taken from the
county vault in the Beach State building that above
mentioned recoids were not posted and were in the
same condition as received from the printers that later
we called at the county judge's office and that Mr.
JefierGon, the county jiu!r(e came in and when asked
to show the records in the above estates, he answered
in these exact words: "1 will tliow you them records
when 1 gi?.! Cj—d Good ana re'adv."
Vc fiu'.her testify that we was ordered out of the
ofi-ce by .suit! M. 11. Jefrevson that later we returned
and a rani made demaud for county judge records for
inspection and that said county judf.'e left lha ofhee and
did not el it in and later anoih. parly to his office
io imovm us thai we could not see the records that day
further thai il was about 3:30 p. in. when we first call
ed and that it was 5 00 p. m. when we were informed
that we coi!Id not see the books.
Sipned this 23rd day of October, 1914.
The "Virginian"
Coining Aug. 31
On this 23rd day of October in the year 1914, per
sonally appeared before me John H. Haigh, M. K.
Bowen, J.. A. Haigh, Lewis F. Crawford and J. W.
Br in ton. who personally subscribed the above in my
presence knowing the contents of the same, and ac
knowledged the same as their own free act and deed.
Barney T. Piesik, Notary Public. North Dakota*
My commission expires Nov. 12, 1916.
women do not want to vote.
Is work for woman's full bal
lot a "side issue" in temperance
reforms? Answer—Do the brew
ers so regard it?
Thousands of men and women
in Montana have heard the suff
rage speakers, and not only one
meeting did a man speak disre
spectfully to them. Immediately
a "real man" standing nearby
look the interrupter quietly to
one side and cuffed his ears!
Mayor J. W. Brinton
Will speak at the following places, on the dates below
in Golden Valley County.
A young woman of property,
who has always sccffed at suff
rage, basing her opposition on a
general ignorance of its basic ar
guments, has found out to her
amazement and consequent dis
gust that the will she carefully ex
ecuted a year ago, according to
the statute of wills of New York
State, will be revoked upon her
marriage. This little slap at her
pocket book makes her look with
a wary eye upon men's dealings
with womankind, and she shows
a tendency to wabble toward the
feminist camp. Now is the time
for some anti to save her from
contamination and remind her
that it is only natural for man to
look out for the shekels, as it has
been his principal occupation
since the flood- It is gems of
thought like these that make
women believe that whatever is
is right-
Alpha Hall, Monday Night, October 26th
Buelsdale School, Tuesday Night, Oct. 27th
Beach Opera House, Wed. Night, Cct. 28th
Bullion Hal!, Thursday Night, October 29th
Sentinel Butte, Friday Night, October 30th
Don't fail to hear the "babbling cheerful young
ioiot," as his enemies are pleased to call him he has a
ineGsarre to deliver and will kick it out from the should
er, without fear or favor he will defend his position as
editor of the Chronicle and reply to the slanderous at
tacks made on him by his enemies, giving information
and facts that will interest you.
Come out and hear him and tell your friends and
nnic-hbers to be there. Remember the places and

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