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The Chronicle wants a correspondent In every neighborhood and
town within 30 miles of Beach. If your locality Is not represented
here in these columns it should be. Write us at once and put y-jur
neighborhood on the map.
The Editor.
Mrs. W. R. Conboy returned on
Tuesday from Indiana, where she
has been visiting relatives and
friends for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Knute Wester
heim left on Tuesday for Fallon,
Mont., where we are told they
will start a restaurant. Their
many friends here wish them suc
Miss Sylvia Deal who has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. J- B. Pren
dergast and family, for some
time, left on Thursday for her
home at Wheaton, Minn.
Dallas Blue of the Williams
country, who has been at Aitkin,
Minn., since last 'fall, returned
this week. He was met by his
father, W. E. Blue, with whom he
drove out home.
Knute Mohn threw Olson of
Wibaux, last Saturday the two
necessary falls rather more easily
than was expected. Knute has al
ways had a high reputation as a
wrestler but if he keeps on he will
he in the Gotch class soon.
H. H. Harpster and R. Whitak
er were in from Alpha on Thurs
day, circulating a subscription for
a church at that place. Amounts
aggregating over $1,000-00 have
been already subscribed, so it
looks as though the new church
would surely be built.
W. A. H|art returned on Wed
nesday from Dowagiac, Michigan
where he was called by the death
of his father. Mr. Hart went on
the first train after he received
the telegram announcing his fath
er's illness, but the old gentleman
arrived here this week from Ait-
He was over 85 years old.
Mr. Farmer
W. D. Premo and son Leslie,
arrived here this week from Ait
kin, Minn., with several cais of
emigrant goods which they mov
ed onto the Vern Campbell farm
north of town, purchased by
them last fall. Mr. Leslie Premo
will run the farm. They are rel
atives of P. W. Blue north of
town, and W. E. Blue of the Wil
liams country.
The nws reached here this
(Thursday) morning of the
death of Dr. G. W. Harmon, of
pneumonia. In another column
of this paper will be found the an
nouncement of the death of his
wife, which occurred last Friday,
March 1 2 th—less than a week
before the death of the old gentle
man. Both died of pneumonia.
The obituary of Dr. Harman will
appear in this paper next week-
The home talent play, "A
Country Kid," that was put on at
the Opera House on Wednesday
evening was well received and
there was a large attendance. D.
J. Ryan who appeared in the title
role, convulsed the house with
roars of laughter. Being one of
the cast himself it is rather diffi
cult for the writer to estimate the
worth of the play, but we are told
that all parts were well presented
—and for this we are inclined to
give credit largely to Mr. Guy Lee
under whose direction the play
was produced.
The purpose of the play was
well accomplished, there being as
stated above, a large attendance
More than $100.00 was realized
from ticket sales—which, after
expenses are paid, will be used
toward building the new Catho
lic church.
Are you contemplating
having an auction sale?
If you are, it would pay you
to have your bills printed
here and an advertisement
run in the Chronicle. You
could reach more people,
especially more farmers,
than you would by adver
tising in the two other
papers in this city. When
you hold an auction sale
you would like to let the
farmers know about it. The
best way to do this is by
advertising in the Chronicle.
Bear this in mind when you
hold that auction sale.
Between-the-act features of the
play were the Butterfly Dance by
nine ladies, a saxophone solo by
J. O. Field, and a song and dance
by Lillian Lee and Thelma Shear-
Mrs. Frank Noll has been
the sick list.
Ernest Winning is again
at the Parson ranch.
Little Leonard Thill has been
on the sick list-
Mrs. L. D. Page and son are
visiting relatives in Baker, Mont.
The supper at the Rocky Butte
church Friday night was well at
John Denton and Marion Sites
went to Miles City on business on
Mrs. Julius Van Dale and Alice
Koch were shopping at Beach on
Lester and Edna Peterson are
enrolled in the Page School for
the remainder of the term.
Mrs. Mary Doubles purchased
W. W. Paee's or^an for her
daughter, Mrs. J. B. Page.
Miss Myrtle Perkins was unable
t-o teach her music class at Burkey
Saturday on account of LeGrippe.
Mesdames Egan. French, Cas
sidy and Miss Waite took diner
with the Sunshine Ladies Tues
day at the hall.
Mrs. Oakley Cripps went to
Beach. Sunday, and from there
she will go to Rochester, Minn.,
for medical examination.
The Ladies Aid of Rocky Butte
met with Mrs. Henry Johnson
Thursday. There was not a very
'arge attendance on account of
the bad roads.
The Sunshine Ladies served
dinner at the hall Tuesday to the
Lo«e Tree voters- Over $10
was realized. The
Mrs. Alice Bond was a Skaar
caller on Monday the 22nd.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Skaar spent
Sunday at Thor Falkvoid's.
Tom Burchett made a trip
Beach Friday and Saturday.
l^fr. and Mrs. Clements also
spent Sunday at George Gray's
Mrs. Wm. Crone and Mrs.
Arthur Crone were at Skaar on
The W. O. W- Lodge held their
"esular meeting at the Skaar hall
Arthur Brunsvold is employed
by A. J. Wellermoe of Trotters
for the season.
Thomas Heath of Wibaux was
a business caller at our town Sat
urday and Sunday.
The event of the season was
the big dance given by the W. O.
W. Lodge, Saturday, March 20.
They certainlv know how to show
oeople a good time as was evident
by the many words of praise.
The first township election was
held in the Squaw Gao School
house Tuesday, March 16 and the
foil oWi"c offices were elected
K. P. Hetyler, S'loervisor: Frank
Debilren. Constable: Emil Wood
key, Justice of *he Pea*e
Thnre Folkford. Treasur­
er H. N. Brunsvold, Road Mas
The infant child of Mr. and
Mrs. R. E. Beeler died on Sunday
last, the child having lived but a
few hours after birth.
Mr. and Mrs- Geo. Woods were
up from Beach spending the day
with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. McLeran
at the home of Dr. Gaines.
N. C- Rice, who has been in the
hospital at Dickinson where he
underwent on operation, returned
this week considerably improved
but he surely looks the worse for
Fred Welsh has moved from
Sis farm south of Yates to section
1 5 near Brenizer. He has built
a 7 room two story house and will
start farming this spring.
John Graham, who has been on
he sick list for several weeks left
~1endive on Tuesday, and from
there will go to Missoula, where
he will visit relatives. John Fow
ler accompanied him.
Harry Cunningham, the Secre
tary of the Montana Life whose
headquarters are at Helena, was a
will go
•"ward helping a needy family at
Agency for all I Tractors
and Stationary Engines of all
visitor in the city on Sunday last,
and was the guest of Robt. Gange
and County Attorney E. F. Fish-
Thos. Lynch returned from the
East on Monday last after several
weeks absence doing the various
states. He reports prospects as
being very bright for a large im
migration into Montana.
A. Schofield left this week for
his home in Wisconsin where he
has accepted a position in an elec
tric light plant. He was one of
the men who has had charge of
the plant here for sometime.
Jas. Hawks, the Representative
of Wibaux County, returned the
latter part of last week from Hel
ena, where he had been attending
the Fourteenth Legislative session
of the Montana Legislature. Jas.
reports a very pleasant time.
Marie Novack returned from
Miles City after an absence of sev
eral months. She came at the sum
mons of her mother, who had
the misfortune to break her leg
some time last week.
Word was received by Mr. H.
Eggert that his mother who resid
ed in Hebron, N. D. died last
Saturday morning. She was 82
years old. He left on Tuesday
to attend the funeral-
Senator J. C. Kinney returned
on Sunday last after having
wound up his work at the Four
teenth Legislative session. His
family has gone West to Missoula
and Portland, where they will
spend sometime among friends,
before returning here.
Con. Mahoney, who lives out
in the Brenizer neighborhood was
in town this week proving up on
his homestead. Con. had the pe
culiar experience of filing on
St. Valentine's Day and he prov
ed up on St. Patrick's Day, and it
was his own birthday. Not so
bad after all for a man with a real
Irish name like his.
Assistant Postmaster Strong re
ceived word this week to the ef
fect that a class mate and fellow
graduate of his, who left some
time after the outbreak of the
war in Europe to go to the front
had fallen while in the ranks of
service- The name of the young
man was Chas. Titis Bertt an Aus
trian. He was a promising young
man find it came as sad news to
in old friend.
Stephen McDonald, who has
been with the Model Clothing
Company cf Belfield, since the
firm was organized, has resigned
his position and leaves for Wis
?.ons:n soon, where he will go in
business with his father.
This is not a fanning mill but a special machine for taking wild
oats out of Tame Oats, Wheat and Barley, which we do perfectly
and to your satisfaction.
This machine will also pay big dividends just on grading tame
oats alone. Mustard and wild oats are easily taken out. Because
of the tumbling motion which allows the oats to get on end, the thin
ill-shaped kernels are cleaned out the nice fat plump tame oats are
saved for your seed. The same applies to cleaning wheat.
Special Power Attachments ccn be furnished.
Sells for Less Than a Fancy Mill
Medora believes it has drama
tic talent, but whether or not it
has remains to be seen- The home
talent company will present
"Topsy Turvy" here the first or
second week of April. The press
wishes the enterprise success.
Mrs. Ira J. Wilson who recent
ly underwent an operation at Ro
chester is reported to be rapidly
improving. She has been able
to leave the hospital and is up
and about. She will return to
Medora soon we understand.
Mrs. George Flint of Fryburg
who was operated on some time
ago for appendicitis at the Dick
nson Hospital has recovered suf
ficiently to return to her home
and is reported as being as well
as could be expected.
At the election held Tuesday,
J. O. Gray was elected for three
years and Fred Childs for one
year on the town board, H- G.
Kinmark, Clerk J. F. Tester,
Treasurer E. B. Brewster Asses
sor and George Carr, Constable.
There was not much opposition
and all the men elected won eas
Miss Agnes McMahn who has
been teaching the Harmon school
south of town was called to her
'iome at Fargo on account of the
illnes of her father and as there
•vere only a few more weeks of
school remaining to be taught,
he school board decided to close
the school until next season.
The New Colfax
Wlid Oat Separator
and Barley Cleaner
Will Separate Wild Oats from Barley and Does it
J. B. Linger
Mike Milsch, who is charged
with abandonment and abuse of
his wife and children was brought
here Saturday by Chas. Nelson,
constable of Fryburg Township,
for confinement in the county
bastile until after his hearing
which will be March 25 th.
States Attorney Swihart and
Sheriff Porter went to Bismarck
Monday to be present before the
Federal Court at the trial of the
case of State vs Hansel. They
remained several days.
MEDORA HERALD I headed young business man and
J. W. Page. Register of Deeds, one fully equipped to handle the
of Golden Valley County
down from Beach Sunday.
Mr. Gutmann, the Auditor
elect of Dunn County, who has
keen here for several days help
ing in the Auditor's office return
""1 to his home Tuesday and will
take charge of his own office on
April 1 st.
F. W. Peterson of the Sentinel
Butte Saddlery Co., last week re
ceived his appointment as post
master at Sentinel Butte and will
doubtless take char of the of
fice abcut April 1st. Mr. Peter
sen is one of the prominent dem
ocrats of the county and his ap
pointment has been foreseen for
some time. Also he is a level
office with its rripny varied duties
and responsibilities.
The aPPc'ntmen* °f the pres
ent postmaster, W. A. Shear, ex
pired on February 4th but the
new apoointment not having been
made he of course, retained the
office pending the new appoint
G. E. Warner who has held the
position of assistant postmaster,
for more than two years, w'11 c^"
t'Tie in the same raiw5*v, for the
orefent at least. Mr. Wamer
made an efficient assistant and
Mr. Peterson is to be congratu
,5ted imcn beinnr able to retain
him.—Sentinel Butte Republican.
Handles and repairs for—Vic
tor and Keystone Drill, Keystone
Discs, drags and other farm ma
First Class Friends
Long ago we found what makea
friends,—and holda them. It la SER
In a month or ao the busy work of
spring will open. Then you may with
to feel you are more than a customer
at a bank.
When busy, our frlenda bank by
mall, bank by telephone,^—they never
hesitate to call on ua for special ser
vice. They consider it their right. We
consider It a pleasure. That's what
banking means when you bank here.
First National Bank
Beach, N. Dak.
Have Your
Engines Repaired
We have secured the services
of two gasoline tractor experts and
are prepared to
all kinds of gas engines. Cylinders
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Geo. M. Stockwell Co.
Counteract the Catalog Buying
Tendency by Advertising in

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