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The Rich Chew
You want your chew
to have the luscious
richness of ripe fruit.
SPEAR HEAD has it.
You want to taste
that fruity flavor long
as the chew lasts.
J. G. PEALL, "gr&t
For Reliable Information Read the Chronicle
HEAD holds it
is made of the most richly
flavored red Burley.
In only a very small part
of the annual Burley crop
have the natural juices
reached that perfect rich
ness required for
I have opened a plumbing
and tinsmith shop in the building
formerly occupied by A. J. Wein
berger as a carpenter shop—south
of Eliason's hardware store. 1 am
prepared to do all kinds of plumb
ing, fitting, tinwork, heating plants
installed and general work connect
ed with a first class plumbing and
tin work establishment.
most delicious of all
chewing tobaccos.
Premium Griddle
ABELS from 50c worth of Karo (blue or
red) and 85c brings you fine 10H inch alu
minum griddle by parcels post prepaid. This
Karo griddle, light and easy to handle, bright as a new
dollar and needs no greasing, therefore no smoke. Heats
uniformly all over, is very economical, will not rust, is easy
to keep clean—and MAKES THE FINEST GRIDDLS
This griddle retaile regularly at $3.33. Send your
order for the Karo Aluminum Griddle today. This ofler will
prove popular. Place your order promptly.
The Men of America Know Pan
cakes and They Know KARO
At great expenae we are aecktng to place a Karo Aluminum
Qriddle in the homae of all Karo uaera, «o that Karo—the famoua
epread for
cake* and wafflea—may be acrvad on the moat
deltcioualy baked cake* that can be
Our Corn Product* Cook Book anil
Preserving Book—illustrated in full
color*—prepared by America'* foremost
culinary authoritica will be eent free
with each griddle, or without the grid
dle on request.
Com Products Refining
New York, N. Y.
D*»LR.X. P.O. Bra Ml.
Ulies to Aban
don Dardanelles!
Berlin, Oct/ 20. (Via
wireless to Tuckerton.—Spe
cial dispatch to the National
Zeitung "from the Russian
wrder says:
"Your correspondent learns
rom a well informed source
that abandonment of the Dar
danelles campaign by France
and Great Britain already has
seen decided upon. Russian
circles, interested in this mat
ter, have been informed that
the allies will not suspend op
eration in the Gallipoli penin
sula all at once but will grad
ually withdraw troops from
Military circles of the en
tente powers are fully con
vinced of the hopelessness of
the Dardanelles undertaking
in its present form. Another
reason for the abandonment is
that the troops are needed for
service in Serbia"
London, Oct. 20.—Major
General Charles Carmichael
Monroe has been appointed to
command the Dardanelles ex
pedition in succession to Gen
eral Ian Hamilton, who is re
turning to England to make
his report. This announce
ment is made by the war office.
Pending General Monroe's ar
rival at Gallipoli, Major Gen"
eral Birdwood will temporar
ily command the troops.
That all has not been going
well with the expeditionary
forces'sent to the Gallipoli
peninsula to open the way to
Constantinople has been indi
cated not only by the official
reports but intimation in high
quarters in London'
A few days ago in the Brit
ish parliament, Lorn, Lans
downe said it was impossible
for any member of the gov
ernment to say whether the
troops would be continued in
the Dardanelles operations or
withdrawn from them. Gen
eral Sir Hamilton, who has
had command of the British
troops from the time of their
first arrival in April, has in his
recent report to the war office
chronicled very heavy losses
to his forces with comparative
ly small gains. The result of
this has been to arouse dis
cussion as to whether the op
eration in the Dardanelles
were progressing in a way to
warrant their continuation.
Sir Edward Carson Resigns.
Sir Edward Carson, attor
ney general, has resigned from
the British cabinet. The res
ignation of Sir Edward Car
son, the Ulster leader, is the
first open manifestation of di
vergence of views known to
exist among the ministers, and
is the result, according to an
authoritative statement not of
the controversy over conscrip
tion but to the condition of af
fairs in the Near East.
Expecting Exciting Debates.
It is expected that there will
be exciting debates in the
house 'of commons this week
as severe attacks on the gov
ernment are planned by mem
bers of the house in connec
tion with the general military
especially in the Near
Six subscriptions accounted
for $100,000,000 of the $500,
000,000 credit loan to the al
lies the underwriting of which
was completed a few days ago.
All these subscriptions came
from holders of contracts for
war supplies for France and
Great Britain, and there is
reason to believe that the
smaller subscriptions from
similar sources accounted for
not less than half the capital
The largest subscription was
that for $25,000,000 by the
du Pont interests' announced
in recent papers. The second
largest was for $20,000,000,
and came from the Bethlehem
steel interests. The third was
for $15,000,000, and was ac
credited to the Westinghouse
interests, which have $60,-
000,000 of munitions con"
tracts. The three next larg
est among the subscriptions
were for $10,000,000 each
and while it became known
that they were made by those
who profit, by war, it was not
possible to identify their mak
ers authoritatively.
Outside of New York, es
pecially in New England,
Pennsyvania and Maryland,
holders of contracts made
their subscriptions through
their banks, and efforts are be
ing made to keep responsibili"
ty hid behind that cloak. These
subscriptions, however, to
gether with- those-made by in
dividuals financially interested
in supplies concerns, bring the
total of this class close to, if
not actually beyond, $250,
000,000, it is declared.
Conflict Teaches
Germans Economy
Berlin, Oct. 18.—The war
as a teacher of economy is
scoring new results from time
to time even among a people
already so economical as the
Germans. The newspapers
are calling attention to the ex
traordinary increase this year
in the cultivation of the'com
mon sunflower. It is seen in
great quantities in the gardens
in the suburbs of Berlin and
ot'he1" cities, and along rail"
ways everywhere.
In the previous years the
only practical value of the
-lant was in feeding the seeds
io birds but this year the
seeds are used to make an oil
which is pronounced equal to
the best olive oil for cooking
Shoots Can be Eaten.
A writer is also pointing to
further possibilities of the
plant The oilcake left after
making oil, he says, is an ex
cellent feed for animals.
Whereas the seeds themselves
can be roasted and used as a
substitute for coffee. The
young shoots and undevelop
ed leaves can also be cooked
and eaten as a palatable substi
tute for spinach.
Substitute Leaves for Tea.
In Belgium, too, the Ger
mans are turning their thots
toward discovering new uses
for old and familiar plants.
An agricultural weekly pub
lished by the German author
ities has just been showing
that tea can be made from
tender, half-grown leaves of
the blackberry and raspberry
nlants, which has all the qual
ities of its famous Chinese
cousin, without its nerve dis
turbing effect."
Two Carloads of Farm Machinery Consisting of
Plows, Wagons, Buggies,
Manure Spreaders, Fanning
Mills, Wild Oats Separators, Stationery
Engines, Feed Grinders, Power Wash
ing Machines and Cream Separators
See Our Prices Before Buying Elsewhere
Berlin, Oct. 20.—The res
trictions regarding the sale of
distilled liquors in Greater Ber"
lin, which were proposed in
August by Police President
von Jagow to the governing
authorities, have gone into ef
fect. They are so drastic that
landlords and distillers are in
despair, and the general public
feels that its indulgence in
"schnaaps" and similar drinks
is to be very largely curtailed.
The rules now laid down for
bid the sale of distilled li~
qucrs except between 9 a. m.
and 9 p. m.—the sale in res
taurant? having women wait
resses and bar maids—the sale
in "automatic" restaurants
and sale to drunken persons.
The liquor may be drunk on
the premises.
Glendive, Mont., Oct. 20.—
From Glendive to Glacier
Park through the heart of the
greatest agricultural area in
the northwest is soon to be
come a reality if the proposed
plan of County Agriculturist
George E. Piper is favorably
taken up by the localities ef
fected, and put through either
as an agricultural side-route of
the present Red Trail, or as
an independent highway thru
the richest farming country in
London, Oct. 20. The
news is printed today that Sir
Edward Carson has resigned.
Premier Asquith is urging him
to consider his action to avoid
disclosing any unpleaant cab
inet friction'
She Will
So her doctor said. Her
friends and neighbors felt
sure of it too. They have
used Peruna themselves
and know of its merits.
That old cough that had
worried her for years and
years, for which she had
taken ali sorts of cough
medicines, has disappeared.
Peruna is doing the work.
She will recover. Indeed,
she has recovered.
Iler name is Mrs. William
Hohmann, 2764 Lincoln Ave.,
Chicago, Ills. She had suffered
•with catarrh of the bronchial
tubes and had a terrible cough
ever since a child. As she got
older she grew worse. She
coughed both winter and sum
mer. Had to sit up at night.
Could not sleep. "But ail that
has left me now. Peruna has
cured me."
There are others, and there
Is a reason.
Demountable %mf
fymMsion Windshield
Demountable Rims
The 1916 Maxwell is equipped vfith de
mountable rims, and has the same size tire on
all four wheels. Two vitally important features.
To replace a tire on the road it is only nec
essary to loosen five bolts slip off the flat
tire slip on spare rim and tire tighten three
bolts, and proceed.
We are waiting to take you for a
test ride in the car that has broken
all low "First-Cost" records, and is
breaking all low "After-Cost" records.
If your locality is not represented in
this paper, write us at once as it
should be. Do it tocL» now.
Put Your Neighborhood
on the Map
Uapieto fynition
"&/en/jR(&disa Alaxwellfyad
HUGH EGAN, Agent, Beach, North Dakota.

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