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Isdfenapolis, Aug. 21.—Goveraoi
"nomas JJ. Marshall was officially not!
ffcd tbat be is the running, mate ol
•dSdr/amor Woodrow Wilson at the head
••401 £be Democratic national ticket in
-tke comlng campaign. Judge Alton
•-£SSvSter of New York, who was the
.^presidential candidate of the party in
SS0 made the notification address.
•Thomas Taggart, national commit
^SeesDoan for Indiana, was master o!
11 in niiiiMi and introduced Judge Par
:^qo who, as chairman of the commit
-dmG, delayered the notification speech.
In Ills address notifying Governor
tMarshan of his nomination Judge Par
'Jeer took his text from Governor Wil-
J*BS&B speech of acceptance. Judge
i3Par*ter said there was a partnership
Between government and privilege,
-that this partnership resulted in pub-
I!e tnjnry and that the Republican par
•tf was solely responsible for the part
aBsaaSfcip- He declared neither the Re
gyollican nor the Progressive parties
«oaald "be trusted to break up the part
jMjrehlp and that the Democratic party
«4aonld be trusted to accomplish that
Train Load of Twine
a Day for Minot
.Miaot, N. D„ Aug. 21.—T train load
et. iwlne .a day is necessary to supply
SSe demand for twine in the Minot
territory according to Minot imple
-snesit men. An express train will ar
rive ever the 'Great Northern from
•Chicago tomorrow and one Wednes
3Hss Helen Leech, who has been
esonnecaad with the Peoples Fuel
tCenrrpany in the capacity of bookkeep
-ver for the past two years, has re
signed her position and will leave to
narrow to visit relatives in Wiscon
rLAOY HAMPTON—5c Straight.
Hamas R. Marshall, Notified of Nomination,
Bitterly Arraigns the G. 0. P. ln His
Speech of Acceptance.
An IH Corn Binder is a Profitable
go to waste, especially when there is an easy
way to save it.
An IH Corn Binder
Peering, McCoraick, Milwaukee or Osborne
furnishes the easy way. By cutting the corn
as fast as a team can walk and delivering it
"bound and ready for the shock, an I corn
binder puts you in a position to harvest a forty
acre corn field in a week. The corn can be
cut just at the time when the ears begin to
glaze—when the stalks and leaves are most
nutritious as fodder. When this is done the
lull value of the corn is secured. Then, if the
whole crop is hauled to the barn and put
through an IH husker and shredder— Deer
ing, McCormick or Piano—you have harvested
your corn crop at the least possible expense for
time and labor, and have on hand a goodly
supply of palatable, nutritious corn stover for
the winter feeding of your stock. The corn
stover can be used largely in place of hay,
enabling you to bale part or all of your hay,
and sell it at good prices.
An I corn binder is a good machine to
own. See the IH local dealer and have him
tell you the rest of the story. You can get
catalogues and full information from him, or
International Harvester Company ol America
ft (Incorporated)
Fargo N. D.
IHC S«nrie« tearwm
The purpose of this Bureau is to furnish, free
of charge to ail, the best information obtainable
on better farming. If yon have any worthy Ques
tions concerning soils, crops, land drainage, irrf-
Governor Marshal inaiana in nis
speech ef acceptance attacked the Re
publican party on the grounds that it
had fostered special privilege to the
point of making men everywhere so
cialistic in theory If not In conduct. In
this connection he said:
"It is idle for a thoughtful man In
America, whether millionaire or pau
per, to longer play the ostrich. Safety
does not consist in hiding one's head
In the sands of either sentiment or
hope. It is foolish for the vastly rich
to keep on insisting that more and
more shall be added to their riches
through a special system of special
legislation ostensibly enacted to run
the government, in reality enacted to
loot the people.
"Whether voting the ticket or not,
men everywhere looking upon the aw
ful injustice of this economic system
are becoming socialistic in theory if
not in conduct.
"I do no* hesitate to say that if it
be impossible to restore this republic
to its ancient ideals, which I do not
believe, and I must make the ultimate
choice between the paternalism of the
few and the socialism of the man
coun.t rn.e nni my house- with the throb
bins: heart itv."
Mandan Editor
Was Arrested
Mandan, X. D., Aug. 21.—Editor
Young of The Mandan Republican was
arested Saturday afternoon on the
charge of criminal libel preferred by
Editor Conrad of The Mandan News.
The procedure is the outgrowth of a
public accusation made oy the de
fendant that Conrad had djrawn pay
to which he was not entitled.
Young waived examination and the
case "will be heard at thQ regular term
of the district court this fall.
Ernest E. McCone, of Mandan, who
has been visiting at the home of Mr,
and Mrs- H, A. Hansen for the past
week, left this morning for Kansas
City, Mo., where he will spend the
coming winter.
prices o! farm produce at their
present profitable point no farmer can
afford to let any part of his corn crop
Mrs. Mary Kauzler and daughter, of
St. iPaul, who have been visiting with
friends here lor a week, left 'Monday
morning for their home.
Mrs. J. €. Wold had an operation
for appendicitis 'Friday, and is getting
along very nicely.
Mrs. Gust Ohelke entertained a few
ladies Sunday afternoon in honor of
Mrs. Kauzler, of St. iPaul.
•John Dagman visited with Mr. and
Mrs. Card of Alice Saturday and Sun
Aug. 21—Usual morning services at
the Presbyterian church.
Miss iBelle Livingston and Mrs. Alex
Algeo were Luverne callers 'Saturday.
G. 'W. Sowden of Valley City spent
the week in this vicinity looking after
his farm interests.
Miss Elsie Lockwood of Hope is vis
iting with her aunt, Mrs. Crowley.
Earl Ballinger o3 Valley City, was
a Sunday visitor at the 'McMichael
Miss Alice Sowden of Valley City,
was visiting in this vicinity last -week.
Mrs. George Smith is visiting in
Hope with her mother, Mrs. Northrup.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Curry and daugh
ter, Margaret, of Kloten, N. D., are
visiting with relatives in this Ticinity.
A party was given at the Nelson
home Saturday evening.
A. A. Algeo was a Luverne caller
Miss Lydia Nolting is visiting with
her sister, Mrs. John Smith.
Miss Mazig Gilmore of Fargo, who
has been visiting at the McMichael
home has returned home.
(R. R. No. 2)
Aug- 20.—Mrs. Mandius Monson and
son Meivin were visitors with Mr.
and Mrs. Jens Hendrikson and family
one day last week.
G. O. Aas was in 'Fingal last week
after a load of lumber for his new
Jens Rensby was a business visitor
in Kathryn one day last week.
Aug. 20.—The farmers in this vi
cinity are nearly through with cutting
grain. So far the weather has not
greatly interferred with the harvest.
(Hon. Martin Thoreson transacted
business in Kathryn one day last
Carl Hendrikson and Geo. H. Aas
were business visitors in Kathryn
last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Nelson of
Valley City were visitors with Mr.
and Mrs. Jens (Hendrikson and fam
ily last Sunday.
Most of the farmers in this vicin
ity took advantage of the fine weather
and worked in the fields last Sunday.
•Enderlin, N. D., Aug. 17.—Miss
Louise 'Fernon returned from Valley
City Monday, where she has been
visiting her sister, Mrs. R. Padden,
for the past two months.
Mrs. E. E. Sather entertained the
Lutheran tLadies Aid society Wednes
day afternoon. A very good number
attended, the net proceeds being $10.
•Mrs. J. C. Wold was taken very
sick Thursday morning. The doctors
believe it to be an attack of appendi
citis. However, her many friends
'hope that it may not be so serious.
Frank Savage was shaken up quite
badly while switching in the yards
Tuesday night, falling on the pilot
of an engine, which might have
caused 'his death, but as it is, he says
he will be as good as ever in a few
C. C. Mortrude of Seattle, an old
timer in Barnes county, but who has
resided in the west for about five
years, is spending a few days in the
city, the guest of his brother, W. E.
Mortrude, and wife.
Phone society news to Society Edi
Read the Time* Tiwcora.
Mail closes at the Valley City post
office for Northern Paci'fic and Soo
trains as follows:
Northern Pacific
Xo. 3 7:05 a. m.
No. 7 9:20 a. m.
No. 4 12:45 p. m.
No. 1 6:00_p. m.
No. 8 7:00 p. m.
.. i' Soo
No. 106 6:00 p. m.
No. 107 7:00 p. m.
No. 108 7:00 p. ]&•
No. 105 .i«8:55 IB*
i"r,?H, 'X'«' /,
Aug- 21.—Engineer W. A. Cole took
a lay off last week, and went to look
over the crop conditions on his land
at 'Bergen, N. D. He says it is fairly
good, but if wet weather keeps on
there will be lots of grain worthless,'
as it i's all in shocks now.
Conservative Spuds
Become Live Sports
Even the humble potato, the con
servative "spud,"' has thrown off the
restraint of its time honored institu
tions and has begun to insurge along
with the tight fitting hobble, the bath
towel hat and the militant suffragette.
Although the potato has long been
classed as a patient, inoffensive tuber
and seemed content to remain in the
obscurity of potato hill until clawed
from its dark abode for motives pure
ly selfish. Now the potato has re
volted, thrown off the sod covering,
and sprung into the light, not content
to be a progressive. It has been ele
vated to the class of "sport."
The vanguard of this insurrecto
element in the potato patch that in
sists upon being called "sport" rather
than "spud" made its first appearance
in the vicinity of Valley City in the
field of I. N. Jobe, living on the 'Ed.
Bridges farm, three miles north of the
city. Mr- Jobe discovered the scouts
of the movement the other day at
tempting to hide under the leaves and
tucked away in the crotches of the
vines. He pulled up a vine and was
astonished to encounter no more re
sistance than could be mustered by
a group of stringy roots. There was
not a potato of the old school in
sight. Then 'he looked at the top
heavy vine. His eye centered on an
embryonic specimen, a sort of runt
potato very much blistered by the
"•Ah, ha," said Mr. Jobe, "so you
are trying to grow on this end?"
The potato said nothing, but grad
ually 'began to wilt as the vine lay
on the ground, while Mr. Jobe hunt
ed his patch for more freaks of the
'In the matter of H. A. MdHone, bank
It appearing, to the satisfaction of
this court that a petition was filed in
this court on August 17th, 1912, pray
ing that the above named H. A. Mc
Hone he adjudged a bankrupt, and
that a subpoena directed to said al
leged bankrupt was duly issued out
of this court to the marshal of this
district, and that said marshal has
been unable to serve the same, and
that said alleged bankrupt is not now
within this district so that personal
service may be made upon him, and
that diligent efforts have 'been made
to ascertain the whereabouts of said
allaged bankrupt, 'but that he is not
now within the jurisdiction of this
'NOW THEREFORE, It is ordered,
that the above named alleged bank
rupt plead, answer or demur on or
before the 15th day of September,
1912, to the petition herein filed in
the office of the clerk of this court,
and in case of his failure to plead,
answer or demur thereto, adjudica
tion shall be made according to the
prayer of said petition.
It is further ordered that this or
der be published in the Valley City
Times-Record, a weekly newspaper
published at Valley City, North Da
kota, once a week for two successive
weeks, eaH publication to commence
not later than the 20th day of August,
Bated August 17th, 1912.
8-20 and 27-d 22-w Judge.
If You Want To Make Sure
Of getting value received for your
money, come here for your
Harvest Clothing
Established almost thirty years
ago this store has gained a most
enviable reputation for square-deal
Regardless of whether you area total scranger to us
or one who has traded here since the store opened, and
there are some who have never bought elsewhere, you
will be afforded the same cordial and fair treatment.
We have but one price to all, which you'll find less
than elsewhere, quality considered. We guarantee ab
solute satisfaction, you being the judge thereof, or we'll
refund your money.
Evsrything to Wear for Men and Boys
v, ,fcwpJ*?,
Winter Rye and Wheat
N. J. 0L5EN CO., Moorhead, Minn
We buy Grass Seed—All Kinds.
Sand Us Samples.
species. A sample of the militant
potato was brought to The Times
Record office and was classified by
Prof. Clarence Henry, instructor in
agriculture at the Normal school, as
a "Sport," the scientific term given
the tuber when it decides to grow on
the vine instead of the root.
Mr. Edwin Mayland, supervisor of
the Better Farming Association, holds
the rainy weather responsible for the
invasion of the "Sports" in Mr. Jobe's
potato patch.
(From Wednesday's Daily)
Charles IW. (Lewis, well known about
Valley Ciity, committed suicide in Los
Angeles, Aug. 15. Information reached
the city today, telling of the deed, jbut
giving no details. It is supposed that
(Lewis was despondent.
Lewis was a farmer north of the
city until two years ago when he sold
out. His divorced wife and a daugh
ter have been living in Los Angeles,
where Lewis went about a month ago.
If you desire to cail the Times-Re
cord call Number 4 and not Number f.
WHERiEiAS, The city council of the
city of Valley City, North Dakota, at
a regular meeting thereof, did hereto
fore deem it necessary to extend the
city water mains on Sixth avenue in
said city, as hereinafter more specifi
cally set forth, for the better fire pro
tection of the residents of the water
main district in which 'said extension
is to be made, and did thereupon di
rect the City Engineer ofi the city of
Valley City to prepare plans, specifi
cations and estimates touching the ex
tension of said water mains, begin
ning at the intersection of Sixth ave
nue nd Conklin avenue, thence north
on said Sixth avenue to the intersec
tion of said Sixth avenue and Grant
avenue, a distance of 753 feet
WHEREAS, The City Engineer did
thereafter duly prepare and file with
the City Auditor plans, specifications
and estimates touching said proposed
extension of said water mains upon
said streets and avenues as aforesaid,
which said plans, specifications and
estimates are now on file in the office
of the City Auditor of the city of Val
ley City and
WHEREAS, The said city council
of said city of Valley City, the mayor
concurring therein, did after the filing
of said report by the City Engineer in
the office of the City Auditor of said
city, by resolution duly approve said
report as made and returned by said
City Engineer
BY RESOLVED, ©y the 9ity council
of the ciity of Valley City, North Da
kota/ the mayor and more than two
ithirds of all its members elected,
qualified and acting, concurring, and
upon said plans, specifications and es
timates and the report of the City
Engineer of said city, as filed with the
City Auditor, approved by the city
council in said matter, that the exten
sion of said water mains of said city
beginning at the intersection of Sixth
avenue and Concklin avenue, thence
north on said Sixth avenue to the In
tersection of said .Sixth avenue and
Grant avenue in said city, is neces
sary to be done, according to plans
and specifications of the City Engi
neer bo on file with the City Auditor
in said matter and
the expense, thereof shall be defrayed
by 'special assessment against the par
ticular lots and parcels of land which
will in the opinion of the ''Special
Assessment Commission" be especially
benefitted by the construction of the
water mains aforesaid, and which
lot or parcels of land are located in
the water main district as heretofore
by the City Council established, and
in which said district the'extension of
said water mains Is to be made and
constructed and
this resolution be published twice,
once in each week for two consecutive
weeks, in the official newspaper of the
city of Valley City, North Dakota, and
that all persons interested be hereby
requested and commanded to take no
tice accordingly.
Which resolution was at a regular
meeting of said city council of the
city of Valley City, held at the council
chambers of said city, on the 5th day
of August, A. D. 1912, duly adopted.
Attest: 'Mayor.
M. BOYD, City Auditor.
State of North Dakota,
County of Barnes:—ss.
In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Henry
Straks, deceased.
The State of (North Dakota sends
greeting to iPriscilla N. Straks, John
H. Straks, Petronella O. Straks, Jessie
P. Straks, and Charlotte H. Straks,
heirs at law and next of kin of Henry
Straks, deceased and the Board of
Foreign. Missions of the 'Reformed
Church in America.
Pursuant to an order of said Court,
made on this 19th day of August, A.
D. 1912, notice is hereby given that
Thursday, the 3rd day of October, A.
D. 1912, at 2 o'clock p. of said day,
at the Court room of said Court, at
Valley City, in the County of Barnes,
North "Dakota, have been appointed as
the time and place for proving the
will of said Henry Straks, deceased,
and for hearing the said petition for
probate thereof and the issuance of
Letters Testamentary therein, when
and where any person interested may
appear and contest the same.
Dated at Valley City, North Dakota,
the 19th day of August, A. D. 1912.
(By the Court,
O. H. de S. 1RGENS,
('SEAL) Judge of the County Court.
Attorney at Law,
Armour, S. Dak.
In the District Court of the United
States, District of North Dakota.
In the matter of C. Swarthout, bank
rupt in bankruptcy.
To the Honorable Charles F. Amidon,
Judge of the District Court of the
United States for the District
North Dakota:
J. C. Swarthout, of Valley City, in
the County of (Barnes, and State of
North Dakota, in said District, respect
fully represents that on the 29th day
of May, 1912, last past, he was duly
adjudged bankrupt under the acts of
Congress relating to bankruptcy that
he has duly surrendered all his prop
erty and rights of property, and has
fully complied with all the require
ments oi said acts and of the orders
of the court touching his bankruptcy.,
Dated this 22nd day of July, A. D.
Order of Notice Thereon.
District of North Dakota, ss:
On this 15th day of August, A. D.
1912, on reading the foregoing peti
tion, it is,
-ORDERED by the Court, that a hear
ing be had upon the
on the 16th
day of October, A. D., 1912, before
said Court, at Fargo, In said District,
at ten o'clock in the forenoon and
that notice thereof be published in
The Valley City Times-Record, a
newspaper printed in said district,
and that all known creditors and
other persons in interest may appear
at the said time and place and show
cause, if any they have, why the
prayer of the said petitioner should
not be granted.
'And it is flirther ordered by the
Court, that the clerk shall send by
mail to all known creditors copies of
said petition and this order, addressed
to them at their places of residence
as stated.
WitNESS the (Honorable Charles*
S\ Amidon, Judge of the said Court,
and the seal thereof, at Fargo, in
said district, on the 16th day of Au
gust, A. D. 1912.
1 Jt
WHEREFORE, He prays that he
may be decreed by the Court to have
a full discharge from all debts prov
able against his estate under said
bankrupt acts, except such debts as
are excepted by law from such dis

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