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V'*** -'w-::
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5* W-
CwBty Commissioners
Official Proceedings
^?W»Dey Ctty, iN. D., Oct. 1st,. 1912.
'vThe following warrants were issued
by the auditor as provided for toy law
and as per resolution of tbfc county
Chas. W. Nelson, aaiary coun
ty auditor ..................$20040
M. H. Nelson, salary, county
auditor deputy ..... ..85.00
Henry S Nelson, salry coun
ty aadtor olerk ... .. .V 70.00
May BailHe, salary county'
sttditor clerk ... 80.99
Jessie Thorkelson, salary,
oounty auditor clerk v. 65.90
H, F. Halverson, salary, coun*
ty treasurer 299.90
Tboo. A. Collins, salary, coun
ty treasurer deputy 86.09
$:JW*. .wwfoter* of
deeds 166.66
Helen M. Russell salary, reg
ister of deeds deputy 85.09
O. H. deB. frgens, salary, coun
i-y'"- ty Judge ........ •••••.,.«•«• 166.66
.Mabelle Irgens, salary, ooun
ty judce clerk 65.99
C. H. Olgby, salary, clerk of
4 COUIt ...... 166.66
N- Oteby, salary, clerk
of court deputy 60.00
A. P. Paulson, salary, state's
D. & Ritchie, salary, state's
attorney assistant ..."" 60.00
Amelia Davis, salary, state's at-
torney cletfc 33.33
»s Minnie J. Nieleon, salary, sup
erintendent of schools .... 166.66
Annie O. 'Batllte, salary, super
intendent of schools office
deputy 83.33
O. A. (Barton, salary, superin
tendent of schools field dep
uty 120 00
A. J. Batcheldor, salary, jani
tor 65.00
W. M. Stenshoel, salary, Jailor 75.00
A. W. lfacdonald, salary, coun
ty physician ......T. 41.66
A1 (Benson, salary, county team
ster 50.00
H. Getchell, salary, super
J, intendent of county farm... 50.00
Mrs. Annie Simons, salary, ma
"J tron of county hospital ..... 40.00
Mrs. George Grewcoz, salary.
$ regular nurse at county hos-v
pital 65.00
Olgai Landahl, salary, regular
nurse at county hospital 53.00
Jessie Personiu&, salary, as
sistant nurse at county hoa
pittl 56.75
Clara Gillis, salary, assistant
nurse at county hospital.... 16.75
Mrs. Al. Benson, salary, laun
dress county hospital .... .V18.00
J. Alma i^ryne, salary, jnaid couri
ty bospital 12.10
Anna Ssveld, salary, cook coun
ty liospital 30.00
Amanda Thompson, salary,
maid county hospital 21.45
Signed by C. W. Nelson, auditor of
Barnes county.
"i Valley City, N. D., Oct. 7th, 1912.
$ IBoard met in accordance with sec
tion 2392, Revised Codes of 1905.
'Present, Commissioners Cox,. Ja
|herg, Hanson and Mudgett.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the following bills were audited
and allowed:
A. R, T. Wylie, superintendent,
care and maintenance of five
fedble minded patients at
Grafton for August and Sep
tember ...: .$150:00
Sheyenne Ice Co., ice for court?
bouse season of 1912 12-00
A. P. Paulson, office expenses,
and auto livery 7.75
Oocident "Elevator Co., coal for
court house ............... 67.15
Occident ®31evator Co., coal for
court house 62.87
E^ebert larson, auto livery tor
county commissioners 12.00
O. 'foWSie/.i-. .ۥ
C. -Wi 'lfdson, postager register .•
7 8 7
John Haarsager, voting
booth for Greenland town
ship .......v............ v. 9.00
City of Valley City, light* ma.-
ter and repaint for court
bouse and hospital 64.59
^Siegfried Pharmacy Co., office
supplies ....... ........... 11.70
Valley City Furniture Co.,
framing picture of old set- "L
tiers ...... 30.00
Eari (t, Best Iumber Co., road
supplies for district No. 36.",v 98.92
.Eckel Sros., supplies for court
hoose, and unorganized dis
tricts, presented'bill of 64.90
was allowed at ........ 240
Occident Elevator Co., coal tor
us 6 6 9 1
Hei1ert A. Hard, soil survey of
fifteen townhsips .. .. 309.09
O. P.HJelde. supplies'for Mrs.
A. Nelson, county poor, fltaly,
August and September ..... 24.99
M. O. Walker, bouse «snt for
Mrs. A. Nelson, county poor
O Bliisnsuii supplies for Mrs.
poor 1.00
St. Johns Orphanage, tooarid and
care of three Neuberger chil
'v:fili»n"f^r'Bc^tembeir,V..'.^12 00'
The Pevles Fuel Go., fuel for
court house and county poor 14.60
Mrs. Olena IBerger, temporary
relief i- 29^99
(Herman:Cook, duplicate of war/.
rant No. 9934 3.99
Geo. H, Crairy, M. X)., medical
attendance Aug. Gaeke, coun
.. ty poor ............ Jgpl6.99
G. H. Getchell, cash advanced 12.32
North Dakota Independent Tel
ephone Co., telephone rent
and calls ...... 23.35
Berg and Benson,: repairs and
supplies for hospital .. ... 10^10
Noyes Bros, and Cutler, hospi
tal supplies 91.73
Russel Miller. Milling Co., feed
tor county stock 7.69
Straus Clothing Co., supplies
for county ppor at hospital.. 9.00
•V^^'Clty^iJwmdry, laundry
for hospital 14.23
John JD. Gray Co., supplies for
county hospital 76.78
R. F. Sellers Co., supplies for
county "hospital 18.80
F. R. Schultse, meat for coun
ty hospital ... 34.80
C. C. Chaffee Co., supplies for
county hospital 34.59
Occident Slevator Co., coal for
court house ..' .56.70
Omund Jacobson, ice for bospi
tal for season of 1912 40.00
Dasey Commercial, printing.. .65
Walker Bros, and Hardy, office
supplies 52.99
Farnham Printing and Station
ery Co., office supplies 4.45
Oriska Sentinel printing 75
Fingal Herald, printing 15.30
Bd. Wyttenbach, blasting rock
on road south of Stack farm. 6.00
Wm, "Walters, road tfrork 95.50
Nels Jorgenson, road work .... 220.00
Geo. D. Barnard and CO., office
supplies ..' 3.00
H. C. Stenehoel, sheriff fees,
attending district court ..... 5.00
H. C. Stenshoel, sheriff fees and
mileage 28.00
H. C. Stenshoel, sheriff fees and
mileage 5.00
H. C. Stenshoel, sheriff fees and
•mileage ..................... 5.00
H. C. Stenshoel, sheriff fees and
mileage 10.50
H. C. Stenshoel, sheriff fees and
mileage 5.00
H. C. Stenshoel, 'boarding pris
oners for September ....... 139.50
E. J. Hayes* cash advanced for
ticket for county'poor ..... 9.76
H. C. Senshoel, clearing Jungles
for August ................ 25-00
H. F. Halverson, postage....V 2.75
W. 'H. Pray, postmaster, stamp
ed envelopes for euperinten
dent of schools
H. F. Halverson, cash advanced
for freight .%..
Chas. Brandenburg, witness,
district court .. ...
E. A. Pray, coroners fee ......
Minnie. J. Nielson, mileage,
telephone, postage and ex
press .... .'...•
Charles Nyquest, wolf bounty:
Frank Gassman, road work
On motion duly seconded and par
ried the board adjourned to meet at
9 o'clock a. m. October 8th, 1912.
Attest: CHAS. W. NELSON,
Auditor (Barnes County, N. D.
VaUey City, N. D., Oct.' 8th, 1912.
Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. All mepbera present.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the following lill9 irere audited
and allowed
I. J. Moe, Justice fees, justice
court. ...... .................
Hans Stenshoel,. sheriff fefes,
justice court 342.75
E. A. Mickelson, witness fees
justice court 12^30
Louis Larson, witness fees,
justice court 12.30
L. B. Hanson,, witness fees, jus
tice court 12.30
iN. Runck, witness fees, jUB*
tice court 12.39
Wm. Blake, witness fees, jus
tice court Jv......vF£._9.99'
Fred Bengerz, witness fees,
J|ustice court 2.29
ISlmer Tuttle, witness fees'
justice court
George Tuttle, witness fees,
justice court ...
Chester Weimer, witness fees,'
justice court ..............
E. H. Swanfton, witness fees,
justice court «...
Geo. Eberhart, witness fees,
justice court
Martin Hanson, witness fees,
justice court ... 1.........
Edward Schrum, witness fees,
justice* court
James Kelly, .witness fees,
justice court
EL H. Swanson, witness fees,
/.-justice 'co«tt|^
Fred Warner, wltnemt fees,
justice court ......... .*
E. T. Pbelps, witness fees,
justice court
Isa Chapman, witness fee*,
..jvstloe court
Irtsl. justice
2 20
tice court 5.20
E. Ha Swanson, constable fees,
justice court 90
Bertha Davis,/witness fees,
justice court 2.10
•Mable. JohnsOn, witness fees,
justice court 2.19
J. J. (Bascom, JuVtlce feesj
justice ©d^ift^ 2.10
Carl Anderson, constable fees,
justice court 7.29
LOuis Coney, consthbie fees,
justice court i......... 3 00
Dakota Drug Co., office supplies 15.45
Occident Elevator Co., coal for
county hospital,
A. A. Boe, assistance rendered
caring for Hans Anderson,
county poor, 3.99
John Henningsgaard, constable
and auto livery, case-of Hans
Anderson, county poor,...... 13.40
George H. Crary, M. O., medical
attendance, Hans Anderson,
couqty poor, ........ .... 21.9^
C. F. Mudgett, services county
commissioner and cash ad
vanced, 16.89
Hans Hanson, services county
commissioner and mileage,.. 16.69
J. F. Jaberg, services .county
commissioner and mileage,.. 23.45
R. B. Cox, services county com
missioner and mileage, 24.25
John Kretschmer, services coun
ty commissioner and mileage, 6.70
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the bond and contract of the
Occident Elevator Co., of Minneapolis,
furnishing (Barnes county with
lignite coal for ensuing year was ap
proved and ordered filetl.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried .the report of O. M- Roe, register
of deeds for fees collected month of
September, 1912, amount $132.65, was
accepted and ordered filed.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of C. H. Olsby, clerk of
I court, for fees collected month of Sep
tember, 1912, amount $44.10, was ac
cepted and ordered filed.
I Oh motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of G. H. Getchell, sup
I erintendent of county poor and hos
pital for -quarter ending September
130th, 1912, together with check of
$781.50, was accepted and ordered'
j. On motion duly seconded and car
ried the application of A. J. Smith for
reduction of 1911 taxes on one en
I gine in village of Sanborn, assessed
at $75.00 'by the village assessor and
raised by the state -board to a valua
tion of $300.00, was reduced from a
tax of $13.72 to a tax of $3.16, for reas
on of applicant making a sworn state
I ment as to the actual value of the
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the undertaking bond of 'Herman
Cook, with James Kelly and Joseph
Falerus as sureties, amount $6.00, was
fallowed and county auditor instruct
ed to issue duplicate of warrant No.
9034 in the sum of $3.00.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the Wimbledon News was ap
pointed as the official paper for pub
lishing the 1912 delinquent tax sale,
Petitions were received and filed
from resident voters of the county for
and against the continuation of the
1-4 of 1 mill levy for the Barnes?
County Agricultural Fair.
On motion duly seconded and car
Tied the polling place of Precinct
Number 20 was changed from resi
dence of Pius Btroh to office of Willie
Murphy in the village of Sanborn as
recommended by the township board
of Potter.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of committee checking
office of the clerk of court
for Quar­
ter ending September 30th, 1912,
amounting to. $151.00 as per receipts
•Of the county treasurer was accepted
and order filed.
Xhe committee checking judge of
probate reports as follows:
Cash on hand, June 30th,
1912 $15.00
Fees collected 80.00
Amount receipted for by
county treasurer |V $80-00
Cash on hand, Sept. 30th,!
1912 15.00
$95-00 $95.00
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report was accepted and or
dered filed.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of the committee
checking sheriff's office for Quarter
ending September 30th, 1912, showing
$252.10 amount of taxes collected and
the same receipted for by the county
treasurer was accented and ordered,
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of the committee
checking the superintendent of schobls
office, reports for quarter ending Sep
tember 30th, 1912, fees .collected
$86.90 and the same receipted for by
the county treasurer was accepted
and ordered filed.
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of the committee
checking the office* of the register of
deeds for quarter ending September
30th, 1911 was accepted and Bled as
for July ibd Aagukt Mftooattag
to $282.60 receipted for by the county
treasurer and the September fee#1
amounting to $132.65 still in the hands'
of the register.
Whereas a petition from resident
tax payers and voters of the county
asking the boards to submit to the
voters the question of continuing the
levy for the 'Barnes County Agricul
tural Fair and
Whereas a remonstrance having
also been filed with said board asking
the board to decline to submit said
question to the. voters at the next
general election.
Now Therefore, both petitions being
equal as to signatures and written
opinions ae filed from the Attorney
General and the States Attorney and'
considered by the board
It was moved by Mudgett, seconded
by Kretschmer that in view of all|
facts the question of submitting of the
said proposition to the voters be not
Roll Call—Cox, yes Hanson, yes
jaberg, no Kretschmer, yes and
Mudgett. yes motion carried.
The balance of the day was spent
checking vouchers and receipts in
the offices of the, county auditor and
On motion duly seconded and car
ried the report of the county treas
urer for quarter ending September
30th, 1912, was accepted in full set
tlemnt as follows: -.
To balance June 30th, 1912, $110,321.76
Collections as follows:
State revenue $1,057.60
State bond interest 35.23
State bond sinking 35.68
State maintenance 352.30
State wolf 17.95
State bovine tuberculosis... 17.51
State glandered horse 35.01
State fines -. 70.00
Interest on school land con
tracts 322-83
State hail insurance prem
iums 1,485.60
Interest on farm loans 120.77
County revenue 3,636.30
County bond interest 53.09
County bond sinking 105.45
County school 2 mill tax 704.59
County school poll 187.60
County road 121.54
County bridge 526.33
County insane 210.46
County fair. 87.82
County poor farm .12
County penalty and interest 911.31
County register of deeds fund 309.75
County private redemptions. 366.59
County teachers institute... 428.00
Motor vehicle license fees.. 231.40
Township, city and village
Hon. E. J.
School district taxes
•Payments as follows:—
State revenue
State bond interest
State bond sinking ....
State maintenance .....
State wolf .............
State bovine tuberculosis
State glandered horse ... ..
State fines .................
State hall insurance prem
iums ......... ..........
State Interest on farm loans
County revenue
County bond interest
County insane .............
County school 2 mill tax....
County school poll
County road
County bridge .... —.....
County register of deeds fund
County private redemptions
County teachers institute
fund '..... ..............
County motor vehicle license
fees special road
County township, city and
village taxes
County school district taxes..
On deposit, First National
bank. Valley City
On deposit American Natlon-
Gdpltal $100,000-00
'iiy f®sOO P. M.
:00 P.
a tut
of Milwaukee^ in LaFollette's state, men Of
extraordinary ability, will speak to you.
You havt h#ard tK* Republicans and tho Damoorats,
now Is your ehaneo to hoar tho Bull Moosars^
and Judge A. A. McQee
al bank. Valley City
On deposit Bank of Valley
•City ...........• .........
On deposit First National
bank, Wimbledon ........
On deposit Merchants Nation
al bank, Wimbledon .....
On deioslt First National
bank, Sanborn .....
On deposit First National
bank, Lltchville .........
On deposit First State bank,
litchvllle ...............
On deposit Dasey State bank
On deposit Security State
bank, (Dasey
On deposit Bank of Leal....
On deposit First State bank,
Rogers ...... ...........
On deposit Bckelson State
bank ......... ..........
On deposit State Bank of
Oiriaka ...... ..............
On deposit First National
bank of Fingal
On deposit Merchants State
bank, Fingal
On deposit First State bank,
Jjucca ...... .............
On deposit First State bank,
Nome ......... ...........
On deposit Farmers State
-bank, Nome
On deposit Sheyeime Valley
Hake This Banjt Yours
in the fullest sense of the word!
Yours for the safe keeping
Funds for Collection, Drafts, Travel
ers Checks, or Money Orders.
Tours for Assistance in Business
Matters, for everything which an ac
comodating bank can be called on for.
"The Club" Billiard Parlors
Formerly "The Windsor")
Opened with Best Equipment in the Northwest
Rooms In Connection
First Claw Brill Cafi
Fifth Avenue Valley City, N. D*
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