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Over $1,000 Offered In Premiums by Business
Men of Valley City—-Final Connty Contest—
Valley City December 2 to 6, Inclusive.
Mr. Edwin Mayland, of the Better Farming Association, announces that
the Barnes County Corn Show will he held at Valley City, December 2nd
to 6th- At this time the prize winning exhibits from the various local fairs
recently held, and such exhibits in the vicinity of Valley- City, as have not
heretofore competed at fairs are to be brought together in general competi
tion for the county as a whole. These products comprise corn, all small
grains,'and vegetables. The merchants of 'Valley City have been very liberal
in response to the efforts of Mr. Barton and Mr. Zetterberg in obtaining the
donations for premiums.
Arrangements have been made at this time whereby the Better Farming
Association, in co-operation with Miss Minnie Nielson, county superintendent
of schools, will hold an Agricultural Short Course for rural school teachers
The morning sessions will be devoted to instruction in agriculture—the after
noons to work under Miss Nielson. The Agricultural Short Course for
teachers will ibe designed especially for the teachers, of the rural schools.
It will have for its purpose the demonstration of the simpler agricultural
facts that may be used in illustrating their school work and in interesting
their school work and in interesting the country boys and girls in rural
In connection with the Corn. Show, an Agricultural Short Course for
boys under the age of 18 years will be given. This course is designed espe
cially with a view of giving the farm boy an insight into the application of
better farming methods to the farm. Especial attention will be paid during
this week to the subjects of livestock and corn production. These two sub
jects will take up the entire week. The work will consist of lectures, of
demonstrations and of competitive judging of the livestock and corn on
the part of the boys themselves. The work will be entirely practical in its
nature and will be illustrated by some of the best livestock in the vicinity
of Valley 'City.
Any boy in the county is eligible for attendance to this school so long
as he obeys instructions and gives evidence that he is in. attendance for the
purpose of taking advantage of the opportunity for instruction that is offer
ed. Each boy is required to supply himself with note-book, pencils, etc. so
that he may take all notes required in class work. Boys will be permitted
to bring their parents with them. Later on in the winter it is planned to
hold a short course for men and women-
Through the activity of Mr. Zetterberg,. secertary of the Commercial club,
we have obtained the most desirable rooms to be used for class work in the
judging of live stock and corn and for the lecture work in agriculture.
The instructional work will be given by various experts of the Better
Farming Association. As tentatively outlined, the fallowing men will spend
their entire time, or part of their time, at these sessions: Mr. Edwin May
land, in charge Mr. 'Frank White, Mr. T. E. Clarke, specialists on livestock
Mr: O. D. Center, specialist on corn and crop rotations. These men will
probably be assisted by Professor Gordon W. Randlett of the Agricultural
College and by Professor M. C- James of Valley City.
The following program has been prepared and will be followed promptly:
9:00 a. m.—'Assembly.
10:00 a. m.—Livestock on Farm.
11:00 a. m.—Breeds of livestock.
8:00 a. m.—Judging Hogs.
'0:00 a- m.—Judging (Dairy Cattle.
10:30 a. m.-VJudging Beef Cattle.
Wednesday—Crop notation. -.
8:00 a. m.—Value of Crop Rotation.
8:45 a.m.—Use of Farm -Manures.
9:30 a.m.—Grass Crop and Legumes.
10:15 a. m—Cultivated Crops—^Corn, Potatoes.
8:00 a. m.—Corn Judging.
9:45 a. m.—Testing Seed Grains and Corn.
•. 10:45 a. n*.—Corn Varieties. .,
8:00 a. in:—Use of Illustrated Material in Teaching Agriculture.
8:45 a m.—Preparation of Soil, Planting and Cultivation.
-»:30 a. m.—Method of Curing and Storing.
i0:15 a. m.—Corn Improvement.
11:00 a. m.—Organization of Barnes County Boys' Corn Growers Club.
j' ,Junior Course—For Boys Under 20 Years.
vki' Monday—
1:00 p. m.—Assembly.
1:15 p. m.—Livestock on the Farm.
2:00 p.m.—(Breeds of Livestock. Study of Breeds.
The Holsteln.
2:45 p. m.—The Jersey.
3:30 p. m.—The Angus.
4:15 p. m.—The Shorthorn.
Tuesday— Study of Breeds.
9 :45 a. m.—Lard Type Hogs. A1 ,'
10:30 a. m.—Bacon Type Hogs.
1:12 p. m.—Breeds of Horses.
2:00 p.m.—The Draft Type.
3:30 p. m.—Poultry.
9:00 a.m.—The Feeding of Farm Animals.
1:30 p. m.—Competitive Judging Contest in all classes of livestock.
9:00 a. in.—-Varieties of Corn,i -.-it.
10:00 a. m.—Value of Barnes County Soils for Corn Production.
11:00 a. m.—'Preparation of Seed and Seed Testing.
1:15 p. m.—preparation of Seed-bed and Planting.
2:00 p". m.—-Cultivation.
3:00 p. m.—Selection and Curing for Seed.
9:00 to 12:00—Judging Corn.
1:1S p. in.—Slice and Silage.
2:15 p. m.—iCora as Feed.
3:16 p. m.—Award of Barnes County Corn Prise.-
Moms Makers Institute for Woman.
iEvery afternoon at 2:00 o'clock Miss Farnsworth of the Normal School
n'v- .conduct a Home Make** Institute. There will tie other addresses by
!y^ Jkliss Gillian Cook of the Public Library, Mia» Nan L. Mlldren, Mrs. J. R.
GettOieil Itfrs. C. A- Fisher, Mrs. W. O. Green and others.
P' Teachers Afternoon Masting*.
Ft f* The Institute will be divided in two sections for the afternoon meetings.
•Section A—'Rural teachers and teachers for the first four grades.—Con
ducted by Miss Mtldren.
Section B—High school teachers and teachers of the four upper grades.—
Conducted by Miss Nielson, Mr. 'Barton and members of -the Normal school
Farmers Meetings,
There will be a meeting for farmers At 2:00 clock every ternoon.
Place of meeting and program will be announced later. A premium list will
be published very soon. mMs
Women's Clubs Will
Honor Miss Neilson
The Womang Clubs of Valley City
will join Friday evening to do honor
to Minnie J. Neilson, the newly elect
ed president of the North 'Dakota Fed
eration of Womans Clubs. Miss
Neilson was elected to the high office,
which she now holds, a few weeks
ago at Grand Forks at the state meet
ing following a long contest between
several candidates, and local women
were delighted with the results.
The reception will be held at the
Odd Fellows Hall and the club women
of the city have for some time been
making pereparations in the form of
hall decorations and an elaborate
program. Refreshments will be ser
ved at the close of the program.
A special urgent invitation has been
extended, to members of the Com
mercial Club and the wives to be
present at the reception. The clubs
which will take part are: The Sorosls,
Womans, Tuesday, Sheyenne, Do
mestic, Music and the Improvement
The program for the evening is as
Solo— Mrs. Hardin Lucas
Speech—From the Men of the Town
Rev. !L. G. Moultrie
Speech—'From the Women of the
Town .... Mrs. J. E. Featherstone
Violin Solo— Mr. Froysaa
Speech—-"Miss Amidon, Pres. of the
Sorosia Club.
Response— Miss Neilson
Solo— Mr Meyer
Piano Solo— Miss Fjelde
James Vines, the rancher at -Bow
man who had a part of his brains
spilled out is recovering and will be
as well as ever—the doctors say. It
seems that a man has a pair of brains
doing the same work and -that he can
lose one without having his intellect
Tony Bruns left last Friday for
Fargo where he is going to the bus
iness college this winter.
Andrew H«gen was a caller at the
Anderson home last Sundty evening—
wonder why.
Mr. and Mrs. Edd Herg were callers
at the Gevig Raveling home last Sun
Henry and Bertha Schulz spent
Sunday at the Klug home.
Mrs. Henry Reichow anddaughter
Minnie were visitors at the Fred
Schulz home last Sunday.
Paul Utke disposed of his farming
interests to Mrs. H. Reichow.
Mr. and Mrs. Jotin Salzman were
callers at the Werner Kranz home
last Sunday.
'Mr. and Mrs. Louis Noltimier spent
Sunday with their son Bert and fam
Henry Kranz spent a pleasant Sun
day afternoon at the Fred Schroeder
Sene iRyerson is helping Mrs. Bert
Noltimier cleaning house this week.
Elmer Isensel was a business cal
ler at Valley City last Saturday.
Twin baby girls were born to Mr.
and Mrs. Stillman last Thursday.
Robert Kranz spent Sunday at the
Henry Bruns home.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Carlson were
pleasantly surprised Sunday evening
by their friends and neighbors. The
evening was spent in music and con
versation. Mr. Carlson and family
epect to leave for Norway thfe first
part jof the week.
Miss Alma and Fred Preibe were
visitors at Andrew^ Andersons last
Miss' Clara Grothberg came down
from Fargo Saturday and spent Sun
day at home.
Mrs. Ole Anderson and son Andy
were visitors ^at Andrew Andersons
The Misses Emma Priebe and Elsie
-Hurd were visitors at W. Kranies
Mrs. Sam Larson was seen on the
road to Valley City Tuesday.
Mrs. George Irerson left early Wed
nesday for Valley City.
Mi8S Adella Anderson left 'Monday
for Litchville where she expects, to
remain for a 'short time.
County Correspondence
7 Injured In lower
City Gas Explosion
Fargo, X. D., Nov. 13.—Louis Elder
busch, proprietor of the Palace Hotel
of Tower City, and Mrs. Elderbusch
are at the St. John's hospital in Fargo
recovering, from severe injuries sus
tained when the acetylene gas tank
in the basement of the hotel exploded
Tuesday evening.
The hotel building was demolished
and with the contents is a total loss.
Lights Match in »oom.
Gas escaping from the acytelene
plant filled the basement rooms, and
when Elderbusch struck a match in
the apartment the gas ignited and a
terrible explosion took place.
The force of the explosion not only
wrecked the hotel building, but. damr
aged nearby buildings and broke all
the windows in the offices occupied by
Will Clark in the building adjoining
the hotel.
Five Others Are Injured.
In addition to the proprietor and
his wife five other persons were in
jured less seriously.
The Misses ILadeau, domestics, re
ceived injuries from -flying bits of
glass and wood, and three guests
whose names could not be learned
were also slightly hurt.
Mrs- Elderbusch sustained a broken
leg and severe body bruises while Mr.
'Elderbusch was injured about the
The proprietor and his wife were re
moved to Fargo a few hours after the
The explosion occurred at 6:40 when
the guests were at supper. The build
ing was literally torn down about
their heads.
It was stated at St. John's hospital
last evening that both 'Mr. and Mrs.
Elderbusch will recover from their in
Mrs. L. Noltimier and daughter
Reva left Tuesday for Spiritwood to
visit her daughter Mrs. C. E. Creigh
A party is to be given at Gahlofs
Mrs. Severt Anderson spent Sunday
with Mrs. A. Anderson.
Mrs. Wm. Nolski was seen on the
main driving straight east.
in Rogers
Hans Thompson was
looking around Friday.
The Lutheran Ladies' supper and
sale was a large affair. About one
hundered and twenty-five were pres
net. Mrs. M. O. Grangaard presided
at the piano and 'Mr. Grangaard and
Mr. Lund's duet wa3 abely rendered.
Rev. Naseth gave a short talk. Mr.
Ed Quist was auctioneer. All the
articles, sold,brought high prices- Oys
ter supper was served at 10:35. Eighty
nine dollars was taken in.
Mrs. H. E. Pickett was & passenger
to Valley City.
'Father Kleidon of Sanborn held
mass and baptised Mr. and Mrs. Pete
Koutnik's daughter Saturday a. m.
We are all anxious to know why
Mable Stearns, Miss Horn and Ward
Pickett bought pillow cases and tow
els at the sale Thursday night.
Grace Lund spent Sunday with
home folks.
Mart Mason of Valley City, visited
with his sister Mrs. C. J. Christian
son Friday.
Rev. and Mrs. Naseth came up
from Valley City to attend the Luther
an Ladies entertainment Thursday^
'Frank Sanford autoed to Valley City
Mildred McFndden has been ill with
la grippe the past three days.
Otto tLund and family have moved
into their new residence.
•Mrs. C. Christiansoh is spending
the week with her relatives in Valley
Chris is unable to go to the
coast yet as he hasn't finished plow-
Lutheran Ladles Aid met and spent
a very enjoyable afternoon at Mrs.
Edgar Quiste.
Jack iMcFadden and family spent
Sunday at James McfFfedden.
•Mrs. Einor Chrictianson ana sons
left for Billings, Mont. Thursday. ..
(Continued in last column)
Interest Manifested
6y Business firms
The following list of the Firms and
Individuals in town who have con
tributed toward the premiums that
are to be offered at the Corn and Pro
duce Contest which will be held here
the first week in December, over $1,000
contributed in premiums:
Valley City Commercial Club.
First 'National Bank.
American National Bank.
iBank of "Galley City.
Middlewest Fire Insurance Co.
Stacy Mercantile Co.
W. W_ Smith.
Carpenter-Neumann Lumber Co.
Northwest Nursery Co.
Zetterberg Bros.
Dakota Drug Co.
The Fair Store.
Straus Clothing Co.
Valley City Grocery Co.
F. C. Reidman.
C. C. Chaffee.
'Frank Flora.
The Wardrobe Clothes Shop.
RogeraJeffery Lumber Co.
Alexander Karr.
Minnie Nielson.
G. Ameson.
O. Knudson.
Valley City Steam Laundry.
C. F. Leussen 4k Son.
Rudolf Pharmacy.
Theo. Boosalis
Fritch & 'Co
Anderson Clothing Co.
Myhro & Aldahl Merc. Co.
City Drug Co.
iBerg & Benson.
O. Simenson.
F. W. Heidel.
Valley City Furniture Co.
H. A_ JacObson.
S. S. Tuttle.
The Bazaar.
J. W. Thoreen.
John Halverson.
The Siegfried Pharmacy.
J. M. Sargent
Jas- R. McSntyre.
G. W. Milton.
John. Holmes.
B. Bonde.
A M. Johnson.
John Holland,
Ed Asp.
Peder Baarstad.
W. L. Witter.
A. M. Trosdale
Martin Somdahl.
John D. Gray Co.
Times-Record Printing Co.
Miss Helga tBerg, who is attending
the Valley City State Normal school,
spent Sunday in Enderlin visiting her
parents and friends.
Miss Pauline Best spent Sunday at
home visiting her parents. Miss Best
is teaching at Courtenay this year.
A ten pound boy was born to Mr.
and Mrs- Herman Shirley on the 3rd
of November. Mrs. Shirley is at
Riverside Hospital in Valley City and
is reported convalescent.
Miss Maude Engle spent Sunday
of last week at home. Miss Maude
is a student at the Normal at Valley
City this fall.
W. R. Bunce, chief dispatcher in
the Soo office, gave a most novel party
to some of his gentlemen friends at
his home, the night of election. He
had a line from the Associated Press
wire connected in his house and Dis
patcher Voorhees taking the election
returns hot from the wire. About
twenty gentlemen were present and
while they waited for the returns,
played Norwegian whist., At mid
night a delicious lunch was served by
their hostess.
Mrs. Cora Dizzard of St. Paul is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. H- A.
£mith this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kaber expect
to leave shortly for California where
they will sepnd the winter.
The ladies of the Clio Club realised
about $75 from their supper and
ranches given on election night. It is
thru -the Clio Club that Enderlin has
a library and this money is for that
George Collier was in town this
week for a short visit with his mother,
Mrs. Collier and his sister Mrs. L. A
Mrs. J. C. Wilson is spending a few
days in Fargo visiting her parents
The ladies of the Presbyterian
shurch will give their Annual Turkey
Supper on the night of the 14th. They
will also have an apron sale on .that
same evening.
r'"t WA
1 TO
.J9? v»
Tribute to the
To the Teachers and Superintendents^
of North Dakota: A
Nevember 22nd, which is the Fri-t
day preceding our annual Thanksgir-v
ing Day, will be observed as Child-^
ren's Home Day. For a number ofr
years, the public schodls of this state
have set apart a portion of Children's"
'Home Day for the purpose of bringing,
to the attention of the pupils the'
worthiness of the cause which the'
North Dakota Children's Home Socie
ty represents. In past years, pupils)
have been requested to make small do
nations for the support of the home.
The wisdom of this has been fully
demonstrated and the custom has
been fully vindicated. I believe that
there is no better way of lnculatlng
the lesson of charity, than by having
a short program, and requesting the.
pupils to assist in this very worthy
cause. I therefore request that in ev
ery school in the State or North Da
kota, on tiie afternoon of Friday, No
vember 22nd, special consideration be
given the matter of the care of unfor
tunate children, and that each pupil
be re-quested to make a small contri
bution. (,
All moneys collected should be
made payable to the order of the
North Dakota Children's Home Socie
ty, and mailed to Supt. Frank D. Hall,
Fargo, N. ©., or sent through the of
fice of your county superintendent of
schools. I trust that there may 'be a
generous response this year, and that
the need may be remembered by those
who are so situated that they are able
to contribute from their abundance.
Mie Lillian Ford was a week-end
guest at the M. M. White home.
Mr. Wm. Harper is suffering from
a painful injury received while haul
ing hay last Saturday. 'While attempt
ing to Qlimb upon a load he. slipped
and fell injuring his hip quite badly.
Edna Whitcher was a guest of Mrs.
Fred Getcheil Saturday.
Several from our community went
to the city Tuesday evening to hear
Dr. Cook.
Clarence Chilberg has been on the
sick list this week.
Mrs. Harvey Harper and daughter
of Canada were guests at the homes
of C. E. and Wm. Harper last week.
Last Tuesday, while hauling grain,
one of Harper Bros.' most valuable
horses was seriously injured. Hie
floor of the driveway at the elevator
gave way, causing one of the horses
to break a stifle joint
Nov. 20—Frederick Preston
'Search cello recital.
Nov. 27—Thanksgiving ball.
Nov. 28—Thanksgiving (Day
Dec. 1—Oratoria, "St. Paul."
Dec. 10—Quartette Recital.
Cheerful Workers will meet at Mrs.\£
Jack McFadden Friday instead
Thursday. Everybody is cordially in
Superintendent of 'Public Instruction
The many friends of Mrs. Peter
Fuested will be sorry to learn that
she has been obliged to go to the
hospital for treatment.
J. R. Getcheil returned from Mon
tana Saturday.
There was no regular meeting of
the Aid Society last week.
Rev. Alex Karr of Valley City oc
cupied the pulpit of the Congregat
ional church last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Monte expect to. leave
the Wilson farm some time in De
cember. As yet they are undecided
where thew will locate for the winter.
Ther was a good ateadance at the
'Hop" last Friday night also at the^^
shows Saturday, Monday and Tuesday
nights. There will be another dance
We don't think much of the man
that put Wallens cow in the "pood"
Sunday. Don't you think they coold
have used their two dollars to a little
better advantage?
Paulyne Lund has resumed her
duties at Dazey.
•Mr and Mrs. Shaw and Mr. and
Mrs. Body of Tower City autoed to^fe
Rogers on business Friday returning
to Tower City the same eveaing
During their stay they called on Otto1-
Lund and M. O. Grangaard.

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