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Allies Attack German Right
and Germans Assault
French Line Near
In Galicia Russians Annex
More Towns and Are Pre
paring for an Advance.
Lendon, Sept. 30—The Cracow has
been occupied by German troops, the
town put under a German military
commandant and the Austrian civil ad
ministration displaced, is the gist of
latest advices received here, says a
Petrograd correspondent to the Morn
ing Post. The residents here fleeing
in panic.
London, Sept. 30—Almost simultan
eously the two great hammer strokes
of the battle in the north of France
has fallen some decisive result must
be announced soon. The allies have
struck the ermans' right the Germans
have hurled themselves against the
Fernch line between Verdun and Toul.
The commencement of these two at
tacks is disclosed by the French offi
cial statement this afternoon little is
told of how they are progressing. The
actions are described as "violent."
Some confirmations have come of
yesterday's report that the Germans
re a re on E as
sian frontier. Several trainloads of,
wounded,in eluding German prisoners,
have arrived at Pskov, according to a
Petrograd despatch, having been en
gaged in severe fighting on the bor
ders of Suwalki, where they say the
Germans have suffered heavily.
In. Galicia, the Russians have annex
ed a few more towns, perfecting their
plan of attack on Przemysl, the ad
vance against General Dankl and even
tually the fortress of Cracow.
Austrias have
the bombard­
ment of Belgrade.
German troops are being transport
ed into France over the railway be
tween Munich, Gladbach, and Aix-La
Chappelle, according to Reuter's Am
sterdam correspondent, whose author
ity is a Maestricht telegram.
It is officially announced here that
nearly 60 officers and 1,400 men werejof
lost in the sinking of the British. bu51t
cruisers Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy.
must take precedence over the saving
of life in cases similar to these cruis
ers' destruction the ships must be left
to their own resources, as they would!
in battle. Rather than other ships
should be jeopardized by rescue work,
Reports by surviving cruisers' senior
officers, state the Aboukir, sunk 35
minutes after hit by a torpedo. Three
The market is fluctuating"
somewhat. Prices are still way
above average and we are paying
the top price in good hard cash
every dav.
Storage tickets are being
called for by a great many farm
er?. We have room to store
yours here too.
Bring us anything you have
and we will take good care of you.
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E. K. PE7RRIN, Agt. at Gorman.
IRA CHAPMAN, Agt. at Ecketaon.
L. R. MARTIN, Agt., at Spiritwood.
officers are confident the shots sank
A Central News Rome dispatch says
the Austrian seaport Lissa. in Dalma
tia, was bombarded by the French
fleet Sept. 19. Later French troops
landed and entered the garrison. The
British, and French flags were hoisted
over Lissa.
A Paris Havas dispatch says that
after landing at Lissa, the British and
French flags were hoisted to provoke
the Austrian fleet to come out and
engage the allied fleet. Three Aus
trian squadron, it adds, are sheltered
in the canal at Fassana, opposite the
Austrian naval station of Pola.
Inability to take prompt care of the
sick and wounded soldiers in the field
due to lack of nurses and surgeons, Is
manifesting itself to an alarming de
gree in the rear of the allies' lines.
An American official, for several days
close behind the lines, said he found
200 soldiers in one emergency camp
had been two days without food and
water tkey had had no surgical at
tention, some badly injured their
wounds foul from neglect. "I saw
men lying on the battlefield in France"
he added, "whose wounds actually
rotting through neglect."
The Austrian navy also has been
busy again and has added another
German possession in the South Pa
cific to its list of captures. This time
it is Kaiser Wilhelm's land, the Ger
man portion of New Guinea, one of
the emperor's most valuable colonies
in that part of the world. It is ex
pected that Admiral Patey will take
the rest of the German Pacific is
lands, leaving a small garrison at
The Congregational Brotherhood
held their regular monthly banquet
last night in the basement of the
church. Quite a num
ber of visitors were among the num
ber present. A delicious supper was
served by the ladies of the church.
the new church
cailed upon a
been djrect]y or
The admiralty lays down the rule project, to give their views in! stone of the new edifice which bids
that military dispositions and interests'
tjje matter
Prof. L. B. McMullen, Dr. S. A. Zim
merman, E. C. Hilborn and J. J. Earley
were among the speakers. Prof. Mc
Mullen, from the standpoint of a trus
tee of the church spoke very optimes-
torpedoes were fired at Cressy, onel'bu"dl°f and expressed himself,
missing. Cerssy lasted about 40 min
utes. The Hogue, struck twice went
under in five minutes. The Cressy
fired on the submarine some of the
Cash On
Mr. Hilborn's address seenjed to be
the good feeling and spirit of co-opera-
tion manifested on the part of those
adding that he hoped the building ^nSs
could be completed without incurring,
a debt. In speaking of conditions in'
Valley City, Mr. Earley seemed to be
of the opinion that the city had quite
enough churches and quite enough
preachers, enough pool halls, etc., but
welcomed a new church equipped with
a "gym," a swimming pool, etc. He
also spoke of financial conditions of
the country and of the foreign nations,
giving those present some good food
for thought. While not a member of
any church, Mr. Earley is one of the
liberal contributors and intimated that
proverb, that generally speaking, wo-
men are generally speaking," main
ained a silence that could almost be
felt. Their tempting supper, however
spoke well tor them, nor were they
forgotten by the men folks, although
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no mention was made of their share in
After the supper Mr. Biggs, acting as work. As the work of erecting the
chairman of the evening, called the temple in King Solomn's time was
company to order and after a very done noiselessly, so they were seem
good introductory address, in which ingly content to be silent in their part
he told of the success of the commit-! of the evenings enjoyment, and their
tees which have in hand the planning' work fitted into place as nicely as did
edifice soon to be'the hewn stones and cedars of the
number who have! temple. And doubtless to them, even
indirectly interested yet, will be left the hewing of the key-
fair to become the pride of the citizens
of Valley City and the communicants
of the Congregational church.
What Would You Do?
There are. many times when one
man questions another's actions and
tically of the good feeling manifested
and interest shown by the people of motives. Men act differently under
the town generally as to the church different circumstances. The question
as-feeling that such a building would had a severe cold? Oould you do bet-
meet a long felt want of the commun- ter than to take Chamberlain's Cough
ity. Dr Zimmerman emphasized theRemedy? It is highly recommended
thought of cheerful and systematic. by people who have used it for years
giving and intimated that he did not' and know its value. Mrs. O. E. Sar
feel "victimized" when asked to con- gent, Peru, Ind., says, "Chamberlain's
tribute to the cause. He seemed to be Cough Remedy is worth its weight in
convinced of the fact that if all the gold and I take pleasure in recom
People affiliated with the churches of mending it." For sale by Siegfried
Valley City were to give as they ought Pharmacy.
to their support that no church would
lack for support, and that there might ATTENDED CONVENTION,
be better paid preachers, better!
churches, better choirs, more mission-j Mrs. N. C. Macdonald, Mrs. Fr&d
aries, etc. As the treasurer of one Carr, Mrs. F. H. Cook, Mrs. Fred
church, Mr. Zimmerman is in a good Heidel, Mrs. S. A. Zimmerman, and
position to know. The key note of Mrs. G. W. Hanna have been visitors
what would you do right now if you
Far&° the
ance at the state
of other denominations toward the new The ladies were delegates to the con
building plan. Mr. Earley in a very vention from the local union with the
able address put his approval upon the exception of Mrs. Fred Heidel who
enterprise and voiced his faith in it,
treasurer for the meet-
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Notices have been mailed to all of
the dellnquent sub8criberg to thls pa_
per during the past week. Collectors
may also call, the activity made nec-
.. essary by the urgent need for money
the bank of which he is president *v.
,, and by the postal laws which no long
would also add to the sum he has Kiv- ...
buu. uc utt»
^er®°^a to customers more than one year in'
The ladies, spite of the traditional
publisher to mail papers
amjars The amJunt owed by each Qf
sev€ral thouaand BubBcribere
comfortable amount
small but collected would represent a
The following proposed amendments 'to
the Constilutiou of the Statu of North Da
kota, having pnseed the Twelfth uud Tliir
I teenth Legislative Assemblies, will be sub
mitted to the electors of the State of
I North Dakota «t the general election to
be held November 3d, 1!U4. for approval or
Secretary of State.
Chap. 98 (S. 3. No. 6—Oesseasen) 1011
Session Laws.
Chap. 101 (S. 11. \o. 32—Overson) 1013
Stolen Laws.
To intid Bee. 35 Article II of the
Constitution to provide (or the enact
ment or repeal of lew* or porta of
laws by the people by memma of a
vote takoa it (be polio, thus irenorv
lat to the people a part of the power,
aow granted exclusively to the legis
lature, to enact or reject Iowa.
amendment to the Constitution' provid
ing for the Initiative and referendum.
De It Resolved by the Senate of ths State
of North Dakota, the Heuse of Repre
sentatives concurring
That the following amendment to the
constitution of the state!' of North Dakota,
adopted by the Twelfth Legislative As
sembly of the state of North Dakota and
by It referred to the Thirteenth Legisla
tive Assembly of said state for approval
or rejection* Is hereby agreed to and such
amendment shall be subniltted to the qual
ified electors of-the state at the next gen
eral election for approval or rejection in
accordance with the provisions or section
202 of the constitution of the state of
North Dakota
AMENDMENT.) Section 25 of article
2 of the constitution of the atate of North
Dakota la hereby amended to read as fol
Section 25. The legislative authority of
the state of North Dakota shall be vested
In a legislative nssemlilv consisting of a
senate and house of representatives, but
the people reserve to themselves power to
propose law* and to enact or reject the
same at the polls, Independent of the leg
islatlve assembly, and also reserve power
at their own option, to approve or reject
nt the polls, any act, Item, section or
inrt of an.v act or measure passed by the
assembly. The first power re
sorted by the people Is the Initiative, or
the power to propose neasures for en
actment lot* laws, and at least ten per
cent of the legal voters to be secured In
a majority of the counties of this state
shall be required to propose any measure
by -Initiative petition, and every such pe
tition shall Include the full test of the
measure so proposed. Initiative petitions
Shall be filed with the secretary of state
not less than thirty days before any regu
lar session of the legislative assembly he
shall transmit the same to the legislative
Assembly as soon as it convenes. Such
Initiative measure shall take precedence
over nil other measures In the legislative
assembly except appropriation bills, and
shall he either enacted or rejected with
out change or amendment by the legisla
tive assembly within forty days. If an'y
such initiative measure shall be enacted
by the legislative assembly it shall be
subject to referendum petition, or it may
be referred by the legislative assembly to
the people for approval or rejection. If
It Is rejected or no action Is taken upon
It by tbe legislative assembly within said
forty days, tlie secretary of state shall
submit It to the people for approval or
rejection at the next ensuing regular
general election. The legislative assem
bly may reject an.v measure so proposed
by Initiative petition and propose a dif
ferent ona to accomplish the same pur
pose, and la tiny such event both mens
nres shall be subniltted by the secretary
of state to the people for approval or re
jection at the next ensuing regular elec
tion. If conflicting measures submitted
to the people at the next ensuing elec
tion shaft be approved by a majority of
the votes severally cast for and against
the same, the one receiving the highest
number of affirmative votes shall thereby
become valid, and the other shall there
by be rejected. The second power is the
referendum, or the power to order any act,
Item, or jart^_of any act to be.refen^iLtg
rc—/nr flKr- approvr.1 rejw
tion at the polls, and it may be ordered
(except as to laws necessary for tbe "Im
mediate preservation of the- public peace,
health or safety), us to any measure or
any parts, items or sections of any meas
ures passed by the legislative assembly
either by a petition signed by ten per
rent of the legal voters of tbe state from
a majority of the counties, or by the leg
islative assembly, if a majority of the
members elect vote therefor. When It is
necessary for ttie Immediate preservation
of the public peace, h'enlth or safety that
a law shall become effective without de
lay, such necesalty and the facts creating
the same shall be stated In oue section
of the bill, and if upon aye and no vote
In each bonne two-thirds of all the, mem
bers eleeted to each house, shall vote ou a
aeparate roll call In favor of the said law
'going Into instant operation for the Im
mediate preservation of -the public peace,
health or safety, ouch law shall become
operative npon approval by the governor.
Tbe filing of a referendum petition
against one or more items, sections or
part* of an act shall not delay the re
mainder of that act from becoming op
erattve. Referendum petitions against
measures passed by tbe legislative assem
bly shall be tiled with the secretary of
state not more than ninety days after the
final adjournment of tbe session of the
legislative assembly which passed th
measure on wUch the referendum is de
manded. The veto power of the goternot
•hall not extend t« measures referred te
the people. All elections on measuret
referred to the people of the state shal!
be had at biennial re-ilar elections, ex
cept as provision may lc m.ide by law foi
a siteclnl election or elections. Any meas
ure referred to the people shall take ef
fect when It Is approved by a majority
of the votes cast, thereon and not other
wise, and shall be in force from the date
C. T. U. Conven­
which convened at that point,
acted as
«»IBC1A1 rUeJnvatlon of the voto.
fife Enacting TMuune tF° rfirtli? ItfTtla
flve bills shell be, "Be it enacted by the
people of the state of North Dakota."
This section shall not be construed
deprive any member of the legislative as
sembly of ttae right to Introduce any meas
ure. The whole number of votes cast f*i
secretary of state at the regular election
last preceding the filing of any petition
for tho initiatives or for the referendum
•hall be the basis on which the number
of legal voters necessary to sign such pe
tition shall he counted.
Petitions and orders for tbe Initiative
•nd for the referendum shall be filed with
the secretary of state, and in submitting
the same to the people be and all other of
ficers shall be guided by the general laws
and the act submitting this amendment
until legislation shall be specially pro
vided therefor.
This amendment shall be self executing,
but legislation may be enueted to facili
tate Its operation.
Chap. 80 (8. B. 153-GIbbens) 1011 Ses
sion I.aws.
Chap. 98 8. B. 73—Oibbens) 1913 Session
To saesl See. M2 of Article XV of the
Co*«tltBtloa permitting AaeMaelti
to tbe Cssstltatiss to be proposed by
the people asi requiring that they bo
nkaltte4 to the keople at the seat
Kindly help as
oloettoa, thno OvMlsg tho
mower, aovr hold exclunlvrty by the
fegrlalatBre, of proponing Amendments
to the ConvtUntlon.
lit the Cooatltatlen of the Bute of
North Dakota, pro* Kling for iiu futura
nmeudmen't thereof.
Be It Kemlved by the Semite of the State
of North Dakota, I ho House of Itepre
semtuthes concurring:
Section 1. That the following proposed
ai)R'U(lt[)ent..to section -02 of article 15 of
the constitution of the state of Nerth Da
kota, adopted by the Twelfth Legislative As
tcnihly or the state of North Oakota and
by It referred to the Thirteenth Legisla
tive Assembly of tbe sa^ri state for ap
proval or rejection, Is hereby agreed to
mill such amendment shall be submitted to
iu qualified electors of the state at the
•moral election for approval or rejection
iK'oorUauce with the provisions of sec
on '202 ol' the constitution of the state of
North Dakota.
AMENDMENT.] Article 15, section
202, of the constitution of the state of
North Dakota io amended so as to read as
Section 202. This constitution may bo
amended so as to rend as follows:
or amendments
to" ims eoaatitutTJn uia~
either house of the legislative assembly
and If the same shall be agreed to bjr a
majority of the member* eleeted to each
of the two houses, such proposed amend
ment shall be entered on the Journal of
the house with the yeas and naja taken
thereon, and referred to the legislative as
sembly to be chosen at the next general
election, and sbsll be published, as pro
vided by law, for three months previous
to the time of making such choice, and If
la the legislative assembly nest chosen
as nforesald such proposed amendment or
amendments shall be agreed to by a ma
jority of all members elected to each
house, then It shall be the duty of tho
legislative assembly to submit snch pro.
posed amendment or amendment to th.f
pt'vj.'e" ii.' uTai7*rer4 ZSnT at Such" CXfies
as the legislative assembly shall provide
and If the people shall approve and ratify
such amendment er amendments by a ma
jority of the electors qaalifled to vote for
members of the legislative assembly vot
ing thereon, such amendment or amend
ments shall become a part of the consti
tution of this state. If two sr mere
amendments shall be submitted st tho
same time, they shall be submitted In such
manner that the electors shall vote for or
in'-1-"-it each of such amtBdments sepa
....«nd: Any amendment or amend
ments to this constitution may also be pro
posed by the people by the filing wltt»
the secretary of state, st least six months
previous to a general election, of an initia
tive petition coatnlatng the signatures of
at least twenty-flve per eent of the legal
voters in each of not Jess than ono-half
of the counties of the state. When snch
petition has been properly tiled the pro
posed anieudtiieat or amendments shall
be published as tbe legislature may pro
vide, for three months previous to tho
general election, and aball bo placed npon
the ballot to be voted open by the people
at tbe neit general election. Should any
such ame'ndment or smendments proposed
by Initiative petition and submitted.to the
people receive a majority of all the legal
votes caat at such general election, sucb
amendment or amendment* shall be refer
red to the next legislative assembly snd
should'such proposed amendment or amend
ments be agreed upon by a majority of
all the members elected to each house,
such amendment or amendments shali
become a part of the constitution of this
state. Should any amendment or amend
ments proposed by Initiative petition and
receiving a majority of all the votes cast
at the general election as herein provid
ed, but failing to receive approval by the
following legislative assembly to which
It-'bas been referred, such amendment or
amendments shall again be submitted to
the people at the next general election
Jar their approval or rejection as at the
previous general election.. Should such
amendment or amendments reeclve a ma
jority of all the legal votes ons't at such
succeeding general election such amead
meut or amendments at once become a
part of the constitution of this state.
Any amendment or amendments proposed
by Initiative petition and falling of adop
tion as herein provided, shall not be again
considered until the expiration of six
Chap. 90 (S. B. 229-Plalu) 1911 Session
Chap. 104 (S., B. *10— Plain) 1913 Session
To authorise the legislature to provide
by law for the erection, purchnHins.
or leasing and operation of one or
more termliinl grain elevator* in the
Stnte of North Dakota to be main
tained and operated by the ota.te, and
to provide for the lUNpectlou, welxb
luK and grading of all srnln re
ing the Constitution of the State of North
Dakota, empowering the legislative as
sembly to provide by law for erection,
leasing, purchasing and operating ter
minal elevators in tbe state of North
Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Stnte
of North Dakota, the House of Repre
sentatives concurring:
That the following prQposed amendment
to the constitution of the state of North
•Dakota adopted by the Twelfth legislative
assembly of the state of North Dakota,
and by it referred'to the Thirteenth legis
lative assembly of said state for approval
or rejection, is hereby agreed to and such
amendment shall be submitted to tbe quali
fied electors of the state at the next gen
eral election for approval or rejection in
accordance with the provisions of section
202 of tbe constitution of tbe state of
North Dakota.
AMENDMENT.] The legislative assem
bly -is, hereby authorized and empowered to
provide by law for the erection, purchasing
or Rasing a«d operation of one or more
terminal grain elev'atqrs In tbe state of
North Dakota, to be maintained and op
erated In such manner as the leglslhMve
assembly shall prescribe, and provide for
Inspection, weighing and grading of all
grain received In such elevator or eleva
Chap. 95 (H. B. 23—Nestos) 1911 Session
Chap. 103 (H. B. 116— Xorhelm) 1913 Ses
sion Laws.
To amend Sec. 176 of Article XI of the
Constitution and Sec. 170 of Article
XI of the Constitution mm amended
by the F»'-t-fh Amendment to the
Constitution 'orth Dakota, to
authorise inn.. -n- passed, classify
ing property for »,: -.?s of taxation
and requiring uniformity within the
various classes, within the territorial
limits of the authority levying tb
ing the Constitution of the State of
North Dakota, relating to uniformity of
taxation, and permitting the classifica
tion of property for the purpose of taxa
tion, and relating further to the assess
ment and taxatiou of certain public
utility companies.
Be it Resolved by the House of Repre
sentatives of the State of North Dakota,
the Senate concurring:
The following proposed amendments to
sections 170 and 170. as amended by arti
cle 4 of the constitution of North Dako
ta. of article 11 of the constitution of
North Dakota, adopted by the Twelfth
Legislative Assembly, and by it referred to
the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of
said state for approval or rejection, are
hereby agreed to and such amendments
shall he submitted to the qualified voters
of the stnte at the next general election
for approval or rejection, in accordance
with tbe provisions of section 202 of the
constitution of the state of North Da
Section 1. AMENDMENT.] Section 17«
of the constltntlon of the stnte of North
Dakota Is amended to read as follows
Section 176, Taxes-shall bo uniform upon
the same class of property. Including fran-
authority tevytng rnc tax, ana snari
and collected for public purposes only,, but"
the pwpertv of the Tlnlted States, jind of
the state, county and municipal corpora
tions, shall lie exempt from taxation and
the legislative ussembly shall by a gen
eral law exempt from taxation propurt.w
used exclusively for school, religious.-,
cemetery, charitable or other public pur
poses, and personal property to any*
amount not exceeding In value two hum
dred dollars for each Individual liable tc
taxation provided that all taxes and ex
emptions In force when this amendment is
adopted shall remain in force, in the same"
mnnner and to the same extent, uutll oth^
erwlsc provided by statute.
Section 2. AMENDMENT.] Scctioa 17'J
as amended by article 4 of the constitu
tion of the state of North Dakota, is
amended to read as follows:
Section 170. All taxable property ex
cept as hereinafter In this section prtv
vlded, shall be assessed In tbe county,,
city, township, village or district In which
It is situated, In the manner prescribed'
by law. The property, Including fran
chises of all railroads operated In this
state, and of all express companies,
freight line companies, dining car com
panies, sleeping car companies, car equip
ment companies, or private car line com
panies, telegraph or telephone companies
or corporations operating In this state
and used directly or Indirectly In the car
rying of persons, property, messages..
uss'-^e-'.. snite boar.'l
equalisation' In a mnnner prcscrsoea ny
such state board or commission as may
be provided by law. But should any rail
road allow any portion of Its railway to
be used for any purpose other than the
operation of a railroad thereon such por
tion of Its roadway, while so used, shalt
he assessed in the mnnner provided for
ibe assessment of other real property.
Department of State.
In accordance with section 634, srtlcle
6, chapter S. of the Revised Codes of Nortl
Dakota for 1905. I, Thomas Hall, Secretary
of State, do hereby certify that the fore
going proposed amendments to the con
stitution of this state have passed the
Twclfth and Thirteenth legislative as
semblies: have been published as required*
by section 2294, chapter 27. of the Revised
Codes of 190."): and will be
the official ballot and submitted to the
electors, to be voted upon at the next
general election, to be held on the 3rd day
of November. A. D. W14.
Secretary of State.
Dated at the capitol. Bismarck, Nortl»
Dakota, this 2nd day of October. A. D.
Cbnp. 97 (H. B. 78—O'Connor) 1911 Ses
sion Laws.
Cbap. 95 T8. B. 219—Ganssle) 1913 Ses
sion La-.vs.
To amend See. 210 of Article XIX ot~
the constitution of the State of Nortb
Dakota by striking out the words
"A Blind Asylum" and Inserting iti
cu thereof, tbe "School for
Blind of North Dakota," so as to read*'
as follows:
Section 21(i of the Constitution of the
State, of North Dakota pertaining to
public Institutions.
Be it Resolved b.v flic-Senate of the State
of North Dakota, the House of Repre
sentatives concurring therein:
That the following proposed amendment
to the constitution of the state of North
Dakota adopted by the Twelfth legisla
tive assembly and by it referred to the
Thirteenth legislative assembly for ap
proval or rejection, is hereby agreed to
arid such amendment, shall be submitted
to the r(tinllfled electors of the stnte at
the next general election foi* approval or
rejection in accordance with the provi
sions of section 202 of the constitution of"
the state of North Dakota:
AMHNDAIICNT. That section 216 or
the (ons!Uriion of the state of North Da
kota is amended to read as follows:
Section 210. The following named pub
lic Institutions are hereby permanently lo
cated as hereinafter provfded, each to have
so much of the remaining grant of one
hundred and seventy thousand acres of
land made by the United States for "other
educational and charitable Institutions,"
as Is allotted by law, viz.:
First: A soldiers' home, when located,
or such other charitable Institution ns the
legislatlve assembly may determine,' at Lis
bon, in the county of Ransom, with a grant:'
of forty thousand acres of land.
Second: The school for the blind of*
North Dakota, at Bathgate. In the-,
eoiioty of Pembina, with a grant of
thirty thousand aercs.
Third: An industrial school and schools
for manual training, or such other educa
tional or charitable institution as the leg
islative assembly may provide at the town-'
sf Eilendale, In the county of Dickey, with-
a grant of forty thousand acres.
Fourth: A school of forestry, or suclfc
nther Institution ns the legislative assem
bly may determine, at the city of Botti
neon. In the county of Rottineau.
Fifth: A scientific school, or snch other
educational or charitable institution as the*
legislative assembly may prescribe, at th»
city of Wahpeton, county of Richland,.
with a grant of forty thousand acres.
Sixth: A state normal school at th»'
city of Mlnot, In the county of Ward pro
vided, that no other Institution, of ai
character similar to any one of those lo
cated by this article, shall be established
or maintained without a revision of tbisf
Chap. 91 (S. B. 247—Wefo) 1911
Session Laws.
Chap. 100 (S. B. 67—Albrecht^ 191S
Session Laws.
To saesd Sectlo* 185 of Artlelo XII
•f the Constitution by adding the
words "That the state may appro
priate money la the Treasury, or to*
he thereafter raised by taxation, for
the construction or Improvement or
public highways," so «s to read a»
ing section 185 of the constitution
of the state of North Dakota, re
lating to state aid In the construc
tion and improvement of rubllc
Be It resolved by the Senate of th*
state of North Dakota, the House of"
representatives concurring:
The following proposed amendment
to the constitution of the state of
North Dakota adopted by the Twelfth
Legislative assembly of the state or
North Dakota and by It referreB to the
thirteenth legislative assembly of said
state for approval or rejection, Is
hereby aereed to, and such amend
i-nt shail be submitted to the quali
fied electors of the state at the next
general election for approval or rejec
tion in accordance with the provisions
of section 202 of the constitution of"
the state of North Dakota.
AMENDMENT,) That section 185 of
article 12 of the constitution of tho
state of North Dakota is hereby amend
ed to read as follows:
Sec. 185. Neither the state nor
any county, city, township, town,
school district or any other political"
shall loan or give its
credit or make donations to or in aid
of any individual, association or cor
poration, except for necessary sup
port of the poor, nor subscribe to or
become the owner of the capital stock
qf any association or corporation, not
shall the state engage In any work,
of internal Improvement unless auth
orized by a two-thirds vote of the peo
ple. Provided, thnt the state may ap
propriate money In the treasury or t®
b« thereafter raised by taxatioa for
the construction or Improvement of
pahlle highway.

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