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Grand Forks daily herald and the evening times. (Grand Forks, N.D.) 1914-1914, March 30, 1914, Image 9

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Every Team ib League Will
Have One or More Play
ers Front (That City.
•'. -4«^ •, |. ••-.•
Times Special Seryice.)
Kansas City, vMarch 80.—Every
team In the Northern: league frill
have one or more Kansas City play
ers in its lineup this spring except
the Superior club.--Twelve local pae
timers will be given tryouts In the
Northern league, some ,of which were
on the payroll of the league last
Winona, Virginia, .Ft. "Williams,
Fargo and Duluth will have two
Kansas City faces iar-tlkeir lineup and'
Winnipeg and Grand. Forks wll) each
give one player a chance to land a
regular job.
Roy Baxter, an outfielder, and Ieo
Murphy, a catcher, who played with
the champion Winona team last year,
are being given 8, tryerut with the
Kansas City team of the American as
soclatlon at present, but from all in
Plications they will probably be back
In a Winona Uniform when the
Northern league 'season starts, as
I^efty Davis has several of last year's
players, who are holdouts, while the
Blues have a Surplus of national pas
Jo6 Harville. & pitcher. who
heaves from the "wrong" side, and
Billy Brammell, a catcher, will try
to hook on to the Duluth payroll.
Clyde Bramble, an infielder. and
Man Brokaw .an outfielder, will try
to land a regular job-with the Vir
ginia. club.
Rube-Johnson, a pitcher, who is re
ported to have the speed of his
namesake, Walter, and Frank But*
chart, an outfielder, are scheduled to
try to land their meal tickets with
the Ft. Williams club.
florace Flagg, an infielder, and
Frank WatklnS, a pitcher, will in all
probability land regular jobs with
the Fargo nine. Flagg is being glv
a tryout with the Minneapolis team
of the A. A. at St. Joseph, Mo., and,
according to all late reports, he will
be turned over to the Cantlllon farm
at Fargo. Watkins. pitched for the
Virginia club a part flast season.
Big Peters, who Is some catcher
both in ability and weight, will try
out with the -Grand Forks team. Pe
ters will probably make good. Ho
had a favorable record with the Dav-
This is the work of
Ayefs Sarsaparilla.
Strength. Power. Reserve.
Sold for 60 yean.
A* Your Doctor. fcSiliTiSi:
enpoi-t team of the Three-I league
last season and was sold to Grand
Joe Sporn, an infielder. will tryout
with the Winnipeg team.
Exhibition Games
Giants Win.
Houston. Tex., March 30.—The New
York.Nationals defeated the Houston
Texas league club1 yesterday 11 to 2
toy free hitting and baee running.
Merkle stole four bases.
.„ °l?: R. H-E.
New York 9 a
Houston ........... 2 5 S
Marquard, Fromme and Meyers,
McLean Malloy and S. Allen.
Reds Are Defeated.
New Orleans, March 30.—The local
Southern association team outplayed
the Cincinnati Nationals yesterday and
won 4 to.3. NlehofTs'home run in the
second, scoring Hoblttsel ahead of
him save the vieitora their only rune.
,_8n,0r«: R. H. E.
Cincinnati 4 2
New Orleans 5 0
Johnson, Rowan and Clark, Gon
zales Walker, Wilson and Adams,
Dallas Win*.
Dallas, Tex.,. March 30.—By outhlt
tlng the Pittsburg National leaguers
here yesterday, Dallas of the Texas
league, won a elow game 6 to 2. Mc
Quillan was knocked from the box.
„,8cSre: R. H. E.
Pitteburg 4 0
Dallas 10
McQuillan, Conselman and Gibson
Huenke and Menefee.
Cubs Blank lxuis\tlle.
Louisville, Ky„ March 30.—The Chi
cago Cubs yesterday defeated the
Louisville American association team
5 to 0 on a soggy Held. Both Hump
hries and Lavender pitched good ball.
Score R.H. E.
Chicago 5 7 0
Louisville 0 3 1
Humphries, Lavender and Archer
Louaermllk, WoodfJur and Severold.
Rain Prevents Game.
San Francisco, March 30.—Rain
prevented yesterday the morning
game between, the Chicago American
team No. 2 and the Oakland team of
the Pacific Coast league' at Oakland
and the game scheduled for the after
noon between the Chicagoans and the
San Francisco club.
Milwaukee Loses.
Owensboro. K}\, March Chica
go National league recruits yesterday
defeated the Milwaukee American as
sociation team here 7 to 2 in a six-In
ning game.
Tigers Defeated.
Montgomery, Ala., March 30—The
Montgomery Southern leaguers won
the last, game of the series from a
team, of Detroit Americans 3 to 2.
Ty Wins a Game.
Memphis. Tenn.. March 30.—Ty
Cobb's hitting, two singles, a double
and a triple jo'ut of five, times at bat,
helped a team of Detroit Americans
Next tp Herald BuiMifl*
.i *,4
1 1
i" A,
Johnny Evers, Jr.
A veritable chip of the old block Is
Johnny'Evers, Jr., the lively little son
of the former manager of the Chi
cago Cubs. There is this difference
between the two, however: The
younger Evers refuses to forswear his
allegiance to the Cubs, and still goes
about In Cub uniform. It may be that
the little Teddy bear, the Cubs' em
blem, which is soon to be replaced by
an Indian brave In full war regalia,
appeals to the youngster, or perhaps
it's a case of first love being best.
Anyway, there Is the making of
crack player in the little one.
win from Memphis of the Southern
league, yesterday, 5 to J.
Denver Defeated.
Kansas City. Mo., March 30.—Wil
lis' pitching, although almost equalled
by the work of Mitchell, proved a puz
zle to the batters of the Denver West
ern league team, here yesterday, ana
the Kansas City American association
team won 7 to 4.
Score: n. H. E.
Kansas City 7 8 2
Denver 4 0
Ragan. Willis, Moore and Giebel
Wetzel, Mitchell arid Spaher.
The simple life seems beautiful be
cause no one lives it.
A fool's wisdom is best because it is
garnished with a smile.
tion of every up-to
to the back trail" in the
-to-the-Miniite Athletic
you sce the beautiful models THE SYSTEM tnakels have sent us. They're great
Philadelphia, March 30.—Headed
by Ira Thomas, captain of the Amer
ican league baseball team .the first
stiuad of the world's champions ar
rived here yesterday from Jackson
ville, their spring training camp. The
team played Baltimore Internationals
at. Baltimore yesterday and another
game was scheduled lor today, but It
was called off on account of cold
weather. All the Athletic players ap
parently were in good condition. Man
ager Connie Mack returned several
days ago because of his daughter's
The .spring series with the Philadel
phia Nationals is scheduled to start
,A *f
Dooin Says They at:e Un
daunted by Raid—"Tells
What he Expects to do.
TJie hopes of Charles Dooin, man
ager of- the Phillies, have not been
blasted by the Federal league raid on
his club. This Is the situation of the
club since he has begun training In
Wilmington, N. C., as he has ex
pressed them to some friends.
We are undaunted by the raid the
Federals have made upon our club
and will tackle our task with renewed
courage, despite the fact that we
have lost enough good players to
form the backbone of any club. It
was tough to learn that such pitchers
as fieaton, Camnitz, and Brennan, In
fielders Knabe and Doolan and Out
iiulder Duncan had been stolen from
us and for .a. time we felt blue over
the outlook. But, the material we
.are working on looks good and be
fore the race Is half over I am sure
we shall be making our presence felt.
No other clnb in either league suf
fered as much as we did and we are
starting under a big handicap, but we
are making no alibis for future use
and will go along playing ball to the
best of our ability.
Serious Problem,
The absence of Doolan and Knabe
at the pivotal corner was a serious
problem, but I believe we have
found the answer. For shortstop we
have Herbert Murphy, one of the
most promising youngsters it has ever
been my fortune to handle. He is
a natural ball player and thus far has
shown fielding form quite equal to
Iioolun's. His hitting promises to be
better and 1 don't, believe we shall
miss Doolan for one day. For
Knabe's position at second we have
Bobby Byrne, the third baseman wn
secured from Pittsburgh, and his
work at second Is satisfactory. Being
a veteran he will help to steady Mur
phy and I predict that my Infield will
not. be Inferior to that of X918.
For my pitching staff I have Alex
ander, Mayer, Chalmers, Rlxey and
Marshall of last year's team and they
form a pretty nifty start. It will be
hard to replace Seaton, who won
twenty-seven games In 1913, but we
are lucky in having some youngsters
who look good, although we cannot
tell positively until they are tried
against big league teams. At that, If
my five veteran twlrlers deliver the
goods I need not worry about the
kids, although I shall continue to try
them out for all they are worth.
Five Outfield Material.
So far as the outfield is concerned
I have some fine material to draw
upon and with six men to choose
from there should be no weakness
there. Magee, Cravath, Becker, De
vore, Paskert, and Hllley are the
candidates and there is no club in
be faultlessly attired at Easter-tide is the ambi-
the procession no one cares to "hide his light under a
bushel" when he can just as easily "shine
Clothes For Young Gentlemen
are pace-makers, fashion starters and personality builders. The style, character
and individuality, which are striking characteristics of THE
SYSTEM clothes, make them the most widely sought clothes in
America today. You can slip into an SYSTEM suit or overcoat and sally forth on Easter Sunday, safe ii
the Sssiirance that you are better dressed than many, and as well dressed as any lad in town.
he memorable as an exposition of smart
surprise," but a "real jov
AX* •vr*
the National league which haa a bet
ter combination. Any one of the first
named five Is likely to break up a
game with a home run and all are
good fielders.
Our catching staff is strong and
should be able to take care of Itself.
Killlfer Is the mainstay behind the
bat and his presence will be of vast
assistance to the team. Then I have
Burns and can also go In myself.
I don't think the Giants will have
the easy win they had last year and
It would not surprise -me If we were
banging at the door. There are also
two other clubs which look danger
ous and the race of 1914 should
prove one of the best In the league's
Boston, March SO.—Francis Oul
met, the youthful holder of the Na
tional golf championship, sailed yes
terday on the steamer Lapland to
match his nerve and skill with the
best of the European golfers over the
famous courses of the British Isles
and France. On his twenty-first
birthday the conqueror of the nated
British professionals, Vardon and
Ray, will be getting In trim for the
British amateur championship tourn
ament over the Sandwich course, on
May 18 and 22.
The first competition in which Oul
met will engage will be for the his
toric St. George's challenge cup at
Sandwich on May 14 and 15, the play
er making the best scratch aggregate
score of two rounds winning a sil
ver model of the trophy.
Immediately after engaged In the
British amateur championship. Out
met will leave for the continent to
take part In the French amateur
championship at La Boulte, May 25,
26 and 27. Later, he will make a
tour of the Scotch courses in prepar
ation for the British open champion
ship at I'restwlck, June 18 and 20.
Ouimet Is accompanied by Arthur
G. Loi-kwood, a former Massachusetts
amateur champion, who is a native of
England. While abroad they will
meet Jerome D. Travers, the Ameri
can amateur champion and Freder
ick Herreshoff, who has twice been
runner-up for that title. It will be
the first appearance of American am
ateur and' open golf champions to
gether In British championship' play.
Vanity is the most lovable of weak
Igglns—Ow do you Ilka beta' valet
to a celebrated atarT
'Awklns—It *as Its disadvantages.
Every time the dramatic critics speak
"ighly of my master I 'ave to sew but
tons on 'la waistcoats and bloek Is
young man. No one wants to
matter of dress when it is possible
Grand Forks, N. Dak.
worn Ml
Majority Begin Playing on
or About April 14—North
.. ern League on May 6.
The opening and dosing dates of
the leading major and minor leagues
for the present season show that a
majority open the seaaon on or about
April 14 and complete their sched
ules on Labor day, September 7. The
playing season for twenty of the mora
Important organizations follows:
National League—April 14, Octo
ber 7 American league. April 14,. Oo
tober 7 Federal league, April 18, Oc
tober 18, October 1 International,
April 21, September 7 New Tork
State. April 30, September 18 Texas,
April 9, September 7 Wetsern, Ap
ril 17, September 27 Three-I. April
28, September 7 Northern league,
May 6, September 7 Southern Michi
gan, May 12, September 13 South
Atlantic, April 6. August 29 New
England, April 29, September .12
Central league, April 22 .September 7
Pacific Coast, March 81, October 25
Northwestern, April 14, September
37 Virginia, April 16, September 12
American association, April 14, Sep
tember 27 Southern league, April 14,
September 17 Canadian, May 7, Sep
tember 7 Kentucky-Indiana-Tenncs-,
see. May 8, September 7.
British Colombia Offers
Yon Great Opportunities
Acoomwa to rauowma •entliiiek
Wlw Hm Jwt HMwumI Fram WMmv Rhrar
Mr. George Hartford of the
Chicago Inter-Ocean says: "WIL
LOW RIVER has more resources
and a location far superior than
any city of 100,000 population in
the United States."
Mr. S. T. St. John, interviewed
at Edmonton, lays: "WILLOW
RIVER should be the biggest
lumbering centre in British
Columbia outside of Vancouver."
Willow River will Become
Big City
wiLL^V RIVER, located at
the junction of the Fraser, Sal
mon and Willow Rivers, is on
the verge of great development.
Railroad just completed, build
ings are being constructed, Lum
ber Mills are establishing. Other
big Industries will follow. The
Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad of
flcials freely predict WILLOW
RIVER as one of the really big
cities of Western Canada. In
vestigate NOW—today. Write at
once for FREE maps and Infor.
Joint Owners and Sole Agents.
824 Richards Street Vancouver. B. C./i,-.'"?1
in the

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