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At State Fairs Soon to be
Held Throughout the
Langdon. X. D.. Sept. 23.—Arthur
Poster, who was selected by the Com
mercial clubs of Cavalier county to
represent this section of North Da
kota at the state fairs which are being
held in Kansas and Iowa, has started
on his tour. Mr. Foster accompanies
the Lake Region exhibit of which
Cavalier county has a section, and
this in turn is shown with the Great
Northern exhibit, which is in charge
of Mr. Leedy.
Mr. Foster took with him several
listings of farms that are for sale in
different parts of the county, and
will endeavor to interest a number
of the good renters on high priced
lands in other states to come to Cav
alier county, where they can soon
have a farm of their own. Lands
that are listed here are being rented
at the present time, and it is hoped
that the Lake Region movement will
result in the placing of actual set
tlers upon them. No effort is be
ing made to sell lands that are now
being farmed by the owners.
The proposition of selling the
land at a commission of one dollar
per acre, which amount is intended
to pay the expenses of the transfer ot
the property, should appeal to those
In the older states who would like to
own a farm of their own, for in this
way they are getting their land at its
actual value without having to pay
a middleman's profit. Under the pres-
In Two Sizes
25 and SO Cents
San-Tox Preparations are sold only
at the San-Tox Store,
fflcdrath Pharmacy
ent plan the buyer may do business di
rect with tho owner of the land, the
latter paying tho $1 per acre to the
commercial club which lists tho landr
Mr. Foster is not so certain that,
any definite results can be obtained al
the present time, a3 it i3 a busy time
for the southern farmers, but he is
confident that the plan would be re
ceived with favor a little later on in
the year and that many settlers could
be brought here during the commg
spring and summer. Anyhow, he is
a hustler, and Cavalier county will
get some of the Battlers if any are
to be secured at the present time.
Ilobo Takes Needed Garments From
Surrey Harvest Hand.
Minot. N. D.. Sept. 23.—A bold rob
bery occurred at Surrey when a ho
bo held up a harvest hand, taking
all the money he had. The hobo, no
ticing that his victim wore an espe
cially good pair of trousers, leveled
his gun and made him take them off.
He is undoubtedly wearing them now.
After doing the job very thoroughly,
he locked the victim in a box car,
where he was found by William Hor
ner, the elevator man. No clue to
the robber has been found.
WilJ Be Held at Carrington, N. D.,
Early In October.
Carrington, N. r., Sept. 23.—The
dates for the coming Home Products
slitw for this fall have been fixed for
October 7 to 10 inclusive.
Corn and alfalfa will be given po
sitions of honor, and all who have
any good corn or alfalfa are urged
to bring in samples to be placed on
exhibition. Prizes will be awarded,
but the matter of winning a prize is
not the big thing to be considered.
I:, is the educational features of this
kind of a show that count. And this
yeai the show will be held only on
the above dates, and it is not now the
present intention to keep the show
open after the closing date.
(bmplexion is largely/
a matter of care
And every woman knows that com
plexion is a most important factor in
charm and beauty.
Peroxide Cream
consistently used will give any
woman an attractive complexion.
It is a protection against wind and weather and
an efficient skin cleanser.
San-Tox Peroxide Cream is a mild complexion
bleach—a fragrantly scented, soothing, healing,
antiseptic cream. It is not injurious in any way
and contains no grease.
75. 4
Sign of Quality
NCE books either overcrowded limited shelf space or empty shelves
yawned and waited for books. *»iu ri iotic ovuKcass oversowed, a
new.pfte was purchased, and it gaping shelves were gradually filled.
Thatiw^s before the Globe Wernicke period in bookcases. Now, books
,aud shelves come together. The bookcase grows apace with the
W is the modern way- of building a library. This is the
^{}Iffl&-rWerniicke idea.
.. Id*"-—Thi» little book Uatii tho works of gr«4t auth- Utf,
the price* of the same in «eta. The list Include* the low priMdIS?fe
Ular aeta aa w«ll aa Uie de luxe editions. EY«ry bookbayer should have aJ:ip,
Sent free ^wlth th« (Uobe-Wernlcke catalog. Addreoa Dept.
Grand Fork*, N.
ftf'H *i j|'' hv'r"
*, ""w
C. T. U. Annual Meeting
Scheduled to Open Next
Fargo, N. D., Sept. 23.—Fargo will
be hostess next Friday, Saturday and
Sunday to the hosts of the W. C. T. U.
in the state convention. The meetings
will be held in the Presbyterian
church. Preceding the opening of the
convention on Friday there will be a
banquet in the Commercial club
rooms Thursday evening at which ad
dresses of welcome and toasts will
be given.
The convention comes to Fargo on
the invitation of the Commercial club,
the city commission, the Ministerial
association, and the two local bodies
of the W. C. U. which have a total
membership of 328, including 41 hon
orary members. The Scandinavian un
ion with its roll of 192 active and 28
honorary members, is the largest in
the United States.
This is the twenty-fifth annual
meeting, and will be celebrated as the
silver anniversary. Special speakers
have been secured for this meeting,
Miss Anna Gordon of Evanston, 111.,
national president, and Mrs. Delorah
Knox Livingstone of Bangor. Me., na
tional superintendent of suffrage, who
will be heard in the Presbyterian and
Methodist churches Sunday evening,
September 27. Miss Gordon will also
deliver the annual sermon Sunday aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock in the Presbyteri
an church.
Elizabeth Preston Anderson, state
president, and known nationally as
the recording secretary of the Nation
al \V. C. T. U., will be present and de
liver the annual address Friday even
ing. The anniversary hour will be
observed Friday afternoon.
Many Separators Busy In Ward Coun
ty Near Minot.
Minot, N. D., Sept. 23.—Sixteen
threshing rigs In the vicinity of Sur
rey are pounding out the golden grain
very rapidly. Most of the machines
will finish their season's run in a
week or less and all of them will be
through in two weeks, the weather
Jn the country ten miles north of
Minot in one locality, seven machines
are at work. There is an over abun
dance of threshing machines this
year and with large and effective
crews, the work has been done very
rapidly. This will give the farmers
a nice chance to do a great deal of
fall plowing and nearly all of them
will take advantage of it.
The Glenburn threshing is nearly
completed. Wheat averaged from ten
to twenty bushels. The grain west of
that place made the better yield.
Mandan Man and Indian Woman Re
conciled After Divorce.
Mandan, N. D., Sept. 23.—After a
separation of a year, the old ties
proved their strength and today Mon
ica G. Buckley is again the wife of
John P. Buckley.
They were reunited In marriage
yesterday afternoon by County Judge
J. C. Johnson.
John P. Buckley came to this sec
tion when the Indians were in un
disputed control. He gained bis liv
ing by trading with the Indians, and
since the days of Custer and Sitting
full, has made his home a short dis
tance from the site of old Fort Rice.
More than thirty years ago he mar
ried a full-blooded Indian squaw and
they lived together for ten decades
During the spring of last year the
couple were divorced, but they con
tinued to live on the same farm. The
differences were patched up and the
wedding followed.
5 S
i* 4
',&!? ^.a
Small Amounts Secured at
Several Places Which
Werg Entered.
Crosby, N. D., Sept. 23.—Crosbj* was
the scene of several bold robberies
early Tuesday morhine when burglars1
entered several of the business houses
sometime between the hours of 3 and
5 o'clock.
Comparatively little was taken in
the line of goods, only a small amount
of wearing apparel being missed, and
it was the cash registers that seemed
to attract most attention. However,
very little was left in the cash regis
ters at night and it is doubtful if they
secured $15 in cash from all the
places burg'.arized.
Young's general store is the heavi
est losers as the bie $700 cash regis
ter was very badly damaged before the
thieves could get it open, and the cost
for repairing it will be considerable.
No cash was secured there, however,
and all that was missing was a cou
ple mackinaws and a few pairs of
The Lindelte general store and the
Boock drug store were also entered,
but no damage was done at either
place outside of securing- the change
from the cash boxes.
They also made an attempt to enter
the Kjorlien hardware store and were
Just climbing throueh a rear win
dow when an employe of the firm,
who was sleeping in the building, was
aroused by the racket. On making
an investigation he discovered what
was up and got a eun. but the roD
bers had evidently seen him and beat
a hasty retreat. However, he' ftred
a couple of shots in the direction tak
en by the robbers. buf both went wild.
An investigation is bcin^ made hy
the sheriff'! fflce. !ut to .late no P.r
rests have been made.
Heart Disease Causes Death of Mem
ber of Lesislature.
McClusky, N. D., Sept. 23.—Hon. J.
P. Schroeder of McClusky died of
heart failure. He went 10 bed appar
ently in the best of lealth. but .lur
ing the night his wife was awakens2
by hearing him gasp for breath ami
after being unsuccessful in attempting
to arouse him she called a doctor.
When the doctor arrived he pro
nounced life extinct. Mr. Schroeder
was a prominent business man cf Mc
Clusky and was a member of the stato
legislature as representative from
Sheridan county at the last session
and had received the nomination for
another term at the June primaries.
The remains were taken to Alton,
Iowa, for burial.
1 1
Found AVandOTlwr Alone on
Prairie. Kear Hensel.
Cavalier, N. XXtv Sept. 23.—James
Mulligan, an old gentleman from
Tolan 111., who was found wandering
in the vicinity of Heneel in a dement
ed condition, was captured and
brought to this cltv and lodged in tho
county jail to $jv ait. communication
with his rcIatiVei A rtaphe of the
old gentleman Paries uiv.fr oni Tt-land
a a
the old gentlemamfffis W»ll tb do that
he owned, a finS tyottie at Tnland be
sides a good'.' 100-ar.re farm worth
$300 per acre, all'tree from debt, and
that he didn't ovye .a dollar to any
body. The pld gentleman had' been
up into Canada to.-vi3it :v '.irothar and
it is presumed that through disturb
ance of his mind he lost his besrargs
and commenced wander! ij: about the
country. eH had the hx!lu:inatiofr
that somebody was af-e- him to do
him bodily harm ind also that- br.
going to starve to d%ath.
Grand Forks, N. D„ Sept. 16th, 1914.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Present, Commissioners Donovan,
and Haddow.
Absent, Chairman Udenby and Com
missioners Poupore and Mooney.
There being no quorum adjournment
was taken until 2 o'clock p. m.
The board met pursuant to adjourn
ment. Present, Chairman Udenby, Com
missioners Donovan, Poupore and Had-
Absent, Commissioner Mooney.
On motion the county auditor was au
thorized to advertise for sealed bids for
the new county court house vault fix
tures as per plans and specifications now
on file in the office of the county auditor
at the city hall of Grand Forks city, N.
D., bids to be for fixtures for each of
fice and per elevation, also a total bid,
all fixtures to be installed In the several
vaults complete and ready for use with
in sixty days from date of contract, all
plans must be returned with bid and
with each bid a certified check of 10 per
cent of the bid payable to the chairman
of the board of oounty commissioners
as a guarantee that the successful bid
der will enter into contract and bond ten
the due performance of the contract
Bida to be addressed County Auditor.
Grand Forks. N. D., and sealed, markea
on outside "Bid for Vault Fixtures."
The board of county commissioners
reserving the right to reject any or all
The bill of the institution for feeble
minded at Grafton, N. D., in the sum of
$15.00, for care and maintenance of
Claude Adams, Annie Hilden, Leo John
son, Isabel Scott and Edward Lowe, pa
tients from Grand Forks county, cared
for at said institution daring September,
1914, was on motion audited and allow
ed and the county auditor Instructed to
draw warrant in fayor of A. R. T. Wvlie.
superintendent, for the sum of $75.00 as
per bilL
On motion the following bills were
audited and allowed, viz:
A. F. Madison, stenographer ser
vices in Justice McLoughlin's
court $ 3jj 85
M. J. Londergan, freight and
drayage on book typewriter
for register of deed's office...
Alex Steadsman, auto livery
with patient to oounty hospit
al from Larimore
Western Union Telegraph Co.,
time service in register of
deed's office for August, 1*14
Thos. Laidley, filling In culverts
in Turtle Rlvertownshilt....
Arviiia township, county share
of coal furnished Carrie Wat
City of Grand iForks, county
share of goods furnished pau
pers^ during August, 1914. .:..
City of Grand Forks, water rent
for offices in federal building
for August, 1914...:...
Northwood Gleanob publishing
commissioners proceedings for
July and August 1 meetings.,
M. J. Londergan, correotiiy as
sessment books of Grand
C!EE a Pageant
other scenes,
moving pictures.
Forks city
B. Griffith, supplies for ooun-
ty- surveyor ..
B. B. Griffith, supplies for coun^
Trl^Ute^?e^phoh«"6o.V toil's in'
for Muyera bjrjgrftr
H. Irwin
Red River Power Co.,' gas and
electricity for county offices
and jail for Aug., 1914
Joseph Donovan, commissioners
services and mileage
Joseph R. Poupore, commission
ers services and mileage....
George Udenby, commissioners
services and mileage
Robert Haddow, commissioners
services and mileage
of Americus
and' section
For building one 12 foot slab
bridge and'removing: old stone
Forks Motion
Total $ 951.79
The bills of Jardlne & Anderson for
building bridges in Grand Forks county
as per contract was on motion audited
and allowed as follows:
For building one 24 foot I. B.
bridge with concrete floor,
wings and abutments in sec
tion 5 of Bentru township $1,127.58
For building one 32 foot I. B.
bridge with concrete floors
and abutments between sec
tions 31 and 32 of Hegton
townships 1,262.14
For building one 24 foot I. B.
bridge with concrete floor.
wings and abutments between
section 36 Walle
For building one slab bridge 12
foot long and 18 foot wide
and removing old stone abut
ments between sections 9 and
16 of Union township
Disbursements at this meeting:
From general fund $ 961.79
From county road fund 6B.00
•Vrom Bridge fund 3,637.43
Total $4,664.22
On motion the board adjourned until
October 1st, 1914, at 9 "lock a, m.
George Udenby,
Attest: Chairman.
Hans Anderson,
County Auditor.
or ^rand Forks.—In District Court,
First Judicial District.
American Bank, a Corpora­
tion, Flu "*'"f, vs. O. J. Senum, other
wise know 11 Otto Senum, Defendant.
The State of North Dakota to the Above
named Defendant:
You are hereby summoned to answer
the Complaint in this action, which said
Complaint is filed in the Office of tlio
Clerk of the District Court of said
County, and to serve a copy of your an
swer upon the subscribed within thirty
days after the service of this summons
upon you, exclusive of the day of ser-
pgJA '"i
This Afternoon and Evening
AT the Metropolitan Theatre-—Matinee 3:30.
Three evening performances, 7:30, 8:30 and
9:30. Prices 10c and 5c as usual.
Named Respondents, Greetings:
You and each of you are hereby cited
and required to be and appear before the
County Court, at the Court Rooms of
said Court In the Security Building in
the City and County of Grand Forks,
State or North Dakota on the 5th day of
October, 1914, at the hour of two o'clock
p. m., of that day then and there to show
cause if any there be why the petition
of the above named petitioner filed here
in Sept., 15th, 1914, should not be grant
ed. That- said petition prays leave, and
the license of this court to mortgage
certain real property of said estate for
the sum of $1,100.00, to Catherine Ad
kins, with interest at 6% per annum due
April, 1915. The petition nerein is here
by referred to for further particulars.
Dated at Grand Forks, N. D., this
15th, day of Sept., 1914.
of the Northwest and numerous
in and around Grand Forks, in
These are the first local motion
pictures ever secured. Regular feature reels will also
be shown at each performance.
The Grand Porks Commercial Clnb
This Club has nothing to sell. Its business is to promote Grand Forks City
and County and North Dakota. It represents all interests alike.
vice and in case of your failure to ap
pear or answer judgment will be taken
against you by default for the relief de
manded in the Complaint.
Dated at Grand Forks, N. Dak., this
16th day of September, A. D., .1914.
.Attorney for Plaintiff.
Residence and Post office address Grand
Forks, Grand Forks County, North Da
(Sept. 23-30. Oct. 7-14-21-28, 1914.)
of Grand Forks, ss.—In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Ellen Mc-
Sharry, Deceased.
Margaret McSharry, Administratrix, Pe
titioner, vs. Catherine Adkins, Mar
garet Hart, Ellen McSharry, Hannah
McSharry, James Parker, John Parker,
Joseph Parker, Frank Parker, Henry
Parker and Eugene Parker, Respond
The State of North Dakota to the Above
Judge of the County Court.
Let service of the above citation be
made by personal service on Ellen Mc
Sharry and Hannah McSharry. and by
publication for two successive weeks in
the Grand Forks Daily Herald, at Grand
Forks, N. D.
(Sept. 16-23.)
of Grand Forks, ss.—In County Court,
September Term, 1914.
In the Matter of the Estate of Mary
Levi Deceased.
Martin J. Colton, Executor, Petitioner,
vs. John Levi, Sr., Thomas Levi, Peter
Levi, James Levi, Michael Levi, Al
bert Levi, John Levi. Jr., Nellie Mc
Gowan formerly Nellie Levi, and Liz
zie Phillips, formerly Lizzie Levi, Re
On reading and filing the final ac
count and petition of Martin J. Colton,
executor of the estate of Mary Levi De
ceased, representing among other things
that he has fully administered said es
tate, and praying that a time and place
be fixed for examining and allowing his
account of his-administration, and for
the alignment of the residue of said
estate the heirs:
IT IS ORDERED, That said account
Every Man Will Benefit
I 'HIS coming revival of industry is
no far away Utopia. It is directly
important to every man, woman and
child in this community.
It means better business and better liv
ing for every farmer, for every worker, for
every .merchant. It means better wages and
more work. It means that the stores will sell
more goods, for people will have more money
to buy. Those who have vision to sense the
coming prosperity are preparing right now.
They are expanding, not contracting.
All Things Come to Those
Who Go After Them
be examined, and petition heard by the
Judge of this Court on Monday, the 19th
day of October, 1914 at 2 o'clock P. M.,
of said day at the court rooms of this
court in the Security Building in the
City and County of Grand Forks, North
That notice hereof be given to all per
sons interested, by publishing a copy of
this order for four successive weeks
prior to said day of hearing in the
Grand Forks Dally Herald, a daily news
paper printed and published at Grand
Forks in said County.
Dated at Grand Forks, N. D.. this 15th
day of September, 1914.
By the court,
(Seal.) L. K. HASSELL,
of Grand Forks, ss—In County Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Charles
G. Alguire, Deceased.
Wm. Churchill, Petitioner, vs. Carrie
Finley (Mrs. R. C. Finleyl, Alden Al
guire, Arthur Judson, Harold McCrea
(also known, as Harold Alguire), Mrs.
Frank L. Alguir.e, Everett Alguire,
Mable Alguire, Mildren Alguire, Ster
ling Alguire, and W. E. Handy, Sr
cial Guardian of Everett Alguire,
dred Alguire, Sterling Alguire and
Harold McCrea Respondents.
The State of North Dakota and the Sala
Dated at Grand Forks, N. D.j,
ber 23rd, A. D. 1914.
Judge of the County Court.
(Sept. 16-23-30 Oct. 7. 19-14.)
County,,Court .to .the Above named Re
spondents, Greeting:
You and each of you are hereby no
tifled that Wm. Churchill, the petitioner
herein, has filed in this Court a docu
ment, purporting to be the last will and
testament of Charles G. Alguire, late of
the County of Qrand Forks, State
North Dakota, deceased/ with his peti
tion, praying for the admission to pro
bate of said document as the last will
and testament of said deceased and for
the Issuance to said petitioner and the
respondent Alden Alguire of letters tes
tamentary thereon, and that the said pe
tition will be heard by this court on the
31st day of October. A. D., 1914, at ten
o'clock, A. M„ ~t the office of the County
Judee of said County in the Security
Building in the City of Grand Forks.
County of Grand Forks, State of North
Dakota, and
You and each of you are hereby cited
to be and appear before this Court at
pnld ti^",»= r-id rip'*'"' !o answer a*d
Mew cause. If any there be,
why the prayer of said petition should
not be granted.
Let personal service be made on all of
said respondents personally except that
service by publication may be made on
the respondents Carrie Finley, Alden Al
guire and Arthur Judson by publication
In the Grand Forks Daily Herald (morn
ing edition) for three successive weeks,
all at least twenty days before the date
of hearing.
(Court Sea!.) Judge of County Court.
Attorney for Petitionei1.
(Sept. 23-30. Oct 7, 1914.)

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