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An Autumn Ideal
For Chilly
One must keep the pone^ef-the skty
fmhampered at old oil and dead cu
tide to. have a good complexion, and
When they seem inactive (here is noth
ing to do but to resort to massage and
very thorough bathing with hot water
and. a good soap. Cold water Is use
the deep seated dust and
®«ase of the skin, even with the aid.
Of soap. Moreover, it tends to con
tract the pores,"making It still harder
tfrn iu them to yieldtheir contents. So,
Velvet eollar and cuffs match the velvet brimof the turban.
beauty of the skin depends
-a great extent -upon the
health of the sebaceous gland*
These are little underlying,
supplying the skin -with the
needed, and If,their secretions
Me suppressed the pores are stopped
HP and some complexion defect or oth
er will result
a preparation for helpful jnassage,
TwMch is meant further to clear the
tteppeft TO pons, the face bath must
&©t only be hot, but very compete.
-There is much contention that soap
injurious to the skin, but tbls is by
So meamMrae. The influences of soap,
•xe tonic, antiseptic- and cleansing, so
ttat a soap must really be very bad to
«art the skin—contain, in fact, the
..Ifeopg alkali which scorches and irri
J**88- A good face bath with T«ry hot
iw*ter and a bland soap leaves a smooth
•fcta likemarble,_#»d with. repeated"
systematic bathing the rough one
to much improved. Work thick soap
®nd8 a soap jellywell into the pores
juid rinse with repeated waters. Dab
partly dry with a soft old towel and
FOB 3001* FAU. DAYS,
1HI8 charming outfit for Juveniles la featured In a warm bzown covert to
natch the* tone of tbtr for fun* sotaxuriantin tbemsel vewthat t*ey
require a plain suit and.an untrlmmed hat to Bet off their owpbgauty.
cream or a' tfttle"almond° iofiTand pro
ceed with the massage
Begin by lwwwigtog the meeta of
the cheek. Just in front of the upper
naif of" the ear, taring the Met three
lingers of both hand*. Bub outward
and-upward in a circular manner with
.a firm yet gentle touch, covering
•pot about the size of a silver dollar.
If the muaclas are correctly located
the -upward motion wfil pull the skin
taufabout the coxaors of tfe» mouth,
rubbing out the drooping Hne at the
side of the noser if the face lp
lined'here massage will in
strengthen .the muscles that the fur
rows will be much softer or disappear
tinfe so
The cheek muscles, running from the
corners of the mouth lip over the
cheek bones, are massaged,witha quick,
clawing movement, which, however,'
must be light and not pinching. This
operation, if continued for some
months, will positively fill, out hollow
eheeksthrough giving firmness to the
underlying tissues. i3w-forehead is
rubbed, in the circular manner upward
from this inner corners of the eyes and
outward to remove .horizontal lines,,
while the vertical furrow, which bad
habits or weak eyes wear between this
eyes, must be rubbed with the two
forefingers only. -. Figure to yourself
two long ovals passing -over this (Mi
tral forehead wrinkle and use the
right and left forefinger at the. same
time about them, running them in con
trary'directions. This is a very hud
line to "efface, but withpaiient mas
sage and the use of a wrinkle plaster
at night the deepest furrow, will cer*
tainly be mueh softened to time.
Above and below the .eyes the fin
gers must touch very lightly, aa the
tissues here are very delicate, and the
eye itself, the niost precious of the
body's organs, is very easily injured
_a vibratory movement at these
-y v:-
points, working" from the', nose to the
The skin of tie nose itself is given
to., morbid conditions, and blackheads
frequently infest the comers, but the
massage of this feature is necessarily
light, as it Is easily got out of shape.
Rub gently from the tip of the nose
upward to the top, gently brushing the'
sides, of the bridge in the same man
ner. Then, with the same upward
movement, attack the corners where,
the blackheads are.
To make the throat firm and roupd
attack the musdes in a slanting di
rection from under the chin to the.
shoulder and then from the middle of
the throat backward and upward to
ward the ea^s. As a final inovev affer:
the whole face and neck have teeh
massaged, go all oVer thfe gkfh witfa a'
light. vibratory moyeaioit and.^ then,
softly stroke it, the hands passing al
ways 'upward and outward/
Afassage done in tbfr- nfntifmlii •th® ®i*iciess desired and
'i, deciding just exactly what yop
tff get •,
•M-HnirHrfthW 111
manner keeps the muscles in a firm
condition, and also brings thb blood
to tte_Surfa«i_of thejsk%jsrtich^jtt_
Became General Manager of
Big Store «*, 15., Maffihs.
In March, 1914, I'was a'stran-.
ger in Chicago, without a job.
I put a situation-wdntt#" ad
in the Tribune and7 got., a, i6si^
tion at once. Put another one
JOSEPH KRAUSr'v^W r""v *1
Got' Him th» Best J«b Hr Evtr
It took exactly half of- every €»ZLv*
fiiitT lnd tn"nav/. WtL tfanm
cent I' had "to 'pajt'^or^^iTOrft
line ad in.^tlie .iMbune,
brought me four replw»
the first one i1 amiwfered-gave
me the best job I have: iever
had in Tlu$ fraf.\My
a year ago and today. 1 am
of debt, my family is with nJS"
and we are happy.
a short time will mucB Enprove its
coloring. The dry, hard, coarse Bkla
Is decfdedly waked up with this finger
manipulation, for, besides clearing the
pores the 'rubbings imparts a degree
of electricity which is very tonic in
its effect
i) Mil 1'111 1 III 111' M"H
If time is a consideration for
the shopping, trip do not fry
save it by making a- mad rush
through the stores,' pushing
throvtgh crowds, like a foott^T'4*
•. player, usurping -the places of
othfers' af the various counters
mad orderihs articles wbkh ^on
ii ®Dre be returned- tomor
•row.'' Rather
Own* a 700-Seat MovU Theatre
'. I had been out of. work and
had just $15 left, ^.puf a littte
"Situation Wanted'' aff in IBe
in. Gfccage,
tin out by shaking a
IT 1^ ''NM 1^
Tiibade" n4 ,got .a* in 2i
hours. v»ai. in rlSi£Y T-
in the Tribune in August, 1914, v*. 'ihSt- little-tribune ad I-am the
and increased m^ income tie
week. As a direct result .of the,
two ads am now
«ger of tte JDf%.
on state St.i the
the direct result
on one of the
48. in -€hicageri*
A83HHR ljpW^/f
21, 192B:'*"
•«*t in. Year#.
,aad tor^li» ~We- sire 1 rucSr
The "Siiuation Wanteid" anch ibo*.
•Helg Wanted" colunmk:ot llw GWiago^Ti5buiie,' el¥i ""Pa^B an^v*
Sunday, have been the stepping stones ivy which thousasB^ qt I
young men an^ young wbinen WveiecnriSF posifions that Te te
incomes, independence, hnpplbiess and reat snccess.1
People who want
without wasthig timei ^nei^^^^n^^rjk 'Si^tieftlfanted'*^
ads in Tbe Trib^e, telling what'.they can do, and at- tW^sune. tin?*
read the "Help Wanted"- coldmzfS: carefully every day in^rdir $o
take advantage of &ny suitab"fe'dpenings-^that-imay appear tfcem
-Wi J'"'
Thfe Ddacriea
Wanted" advertising anff more -^Situation Wanted? adwr*ie«Bg
any .otber paper i* Ii' YOU want a. go^-poatioa. '^w-,
Pot Your "Situatten Wanted" Ad
nOWi ewn Oar-
property aiA 4iarve: a
income. "We- ow it -a8frt#--!a
r/abi'T •«.
HABBY 64 W. LaieSt, Chica©^-^,
June 25, 191i. l347 jEUrly Ave. Jiuie 2C 1916.
¥e are
& Tte
from some of the many letters rieceive& by The Chicage Tribuae
telli^ of umisQal success acbi«ved through putting-,- .''Si^iation
Wanted" a& in The TribOne.
ami"also read the "Helj| ,W»nJei^ OT* it OTtS every )*f« W*
and Sunday.-
dm* a
5 V*

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