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I it
HILLSBORO, N. D., Jan. 27.
no longer any doubt
or dispute as to the attitude of.'
the people of Traill county, par-
ticularly the farmers of Traill
county, toward revision of the
state constitution.
At a meeting in the opera
house here today which was at
tended by five hundred persons
written resolutions were adopted
which indorse House Bill 44, the
proposed new constitution for
the state of North Dakota and
call upon Senator John E. Paul
son to "-support and work for
said measure."
The resolutions reaffirm the
attitude expressed by the ma
jority of those present at the
meeting called by Senator Paul
son a week ago and in addition
vigorously denounce the publica
tion of untrue stories which
made it appear to those who did
not have a knowledge of the
facts that contrary action had
been taken.
The demand of Traill county
citizens that Senator Paulson
support House Bill 44 is rein
forced by the further demand
that "in case Senator Paulson is
obligated to business concerns
within or without the state
which make it impossible for
him to serve the farmers of
Traill county, it is the desire of
his constituents, and it is our re
quest and demand, that he re
sign as our representative in the
senate body, so as not to stand in
the way or delay the enactment
into law of those measures
which the people of the state
have long demanded."
The resolutions were adopted by a
standing vote of the meeting at the
end of three hours of discussion, dur
ing which both opponents and friends
of the measure had been heard. At
the time they were adopted approxi
mately one hundred farmers, who had
come to Hillsboro by train and left,
leaving siightly more than four hun
dred perspns in the room. While the
resolutions contain the words "we do
declare ourselves unanimously In favor
of House Bill 44," it should be stated
In the interest of accuracy that there
were fifteen persons in the crowd of
four hundred who did not agree to
the resolutions.
A. E. Bowen, chief clerk "of the house,
Who was one of the speakers at tho
meeting, put the resolutions and in
order that he might be sure of count
ing every vote in opposition he called
upon those standing in the rear of the
opera house and unable to find seats, to
Show their hands if they Opposed the
resolution as read. Five- of them did
The fifteen persons who voted
against the resolutions included A
Bteenson and W. J. Burnett, both for
mer members of the house, who were
among those who spoke against the
new constitution, and Theodore K&dor,
a Hillsboro attorney whose remark,
"Well, go home then," addressed to
farmers in the audience, broke tip the
meeting called by Senator Paulson a
week ago.
In addition to the stinging resolu
tions above cited, whose adoption was
with res'ounding cheers, all of
the members of today's audience who
were present at Senator Paulson's
meeting a week ago agreed to a state
ment of what happened at that meet
ing which precisely upheld the sto^y
of the meeting printed in the Courier
News and disproved the false story
printed In other newspapers. This
statement was signed by 21 persons
who were present at both meetings.
The .statement was read before
those present at today's meeting and
those who were willing and able to
verify its accuracy were asked to
stand. A large number did so. An op
•"arffc Z-,
A *yf ''MS®
portunity was given to any who wished
Question its accuracy to stand -fld
known their
objections. None
President Townley explained to the
audience of farmers how it is neces-
Representative R. L. Fraser,
of Garrison
sary to adopt the proposed coristitu
tlon in order that the first steps in the
program of state ownership might be
carried out.
"They have told you here," he said,
"that your constitution already gives
you the authority to build a terminal
elevator. So it does. It gives you the
authority, but n'ot the means to eta it
The state treasury has no funds that
can be used to build a terminal eleva
tor. It has Exceeded the limit of its
bonded indebtedness. What good does
the right to build a terminal elevator
do you when you kQow you can not
build it"
Mr. Townley quoted from the results
of the experiments of President Ladd
of the agricultural college to show the
immense profits made on "D feed" and
similar low-grade wheat These ex
periments have indicated a profit
spread of an even dollar between the
low grade wheat and No. 1 northern,
on which prices have been based. He
called on members of the audience to
verify the prices receiv^pl.
"We don't believe co-operation be
tween farmers in a small way will ever
succeed in the -fight against the grain
and milling trust" he said. "We want
a state-owned industry on a scale big
enough to have an effect on the mar
ket price you get for your grain.
"They're telling you that this plan
of changing our constitution is not
constitutional. There is nothing in the
federal constitution that forbids it,
nothing in the state constitution and
nothing in your constitution, I am sure.
"I'll tell you whose constitution '-7.
it doesn't agree with. It doesn't
'•Now we axe not proposing that the
state shall go into all kinds of busi
ness. The peoplo of the state 4on*t
have to go intp any kind of business
unless they want to go into It There's
no chance of that The choice always
will rest with the people.
"But so long as we can pick 81 good
men for the legislature and make a
mistake on only fobr we think we will
be safe. But we have fixed itvso that
we did make a,mistake on more
'd to Mike
four we could stop the whole bunch.
We provide the machinery by which
the people can exercise their own
judgmenti That',g a damned sight
more than they have ever been able
to, do yet.
These Voted for House Bill 44
Representative E. E.
of Fargo
It,fur?T Resolved,
agree with the constitutions of 0f
•.. ^those who have been making this
"extra dollar a bushel profit out of
Feed wheat.
"I am riot talking as a lawyer here
today. The lawyers can argue all one'
day on one side of a question arid all
the next day on the other. These
things are man made—these constitu
tions, and what man has made man
can keep on making.
we do
Neche, N. D.
Editor Nonpartisan Leader:- ."
Permit me*, tp congratulate you for
the good work that this Leader has done
for the. people of North Dakota. Cer
tainly the League has been an eye
opener for people of North Dakota.
With, its good organizers and the way
It has been managed it seems to me
as a farmer that the farmers of North
Dakota are on the way to prosperity.
'They talk about a debt limit to
flfotect you. There is no limit now to
the ability of the trusts to put you
into debt. I am for a debt limit Surel
I am for a limit to the power of the»
plunderbund to rob you."
Representative Walter
of Plaza
'M1* THE
HILLSBORO, N. D., Jan 27, 1917
do v, Resolved That we, the farmers here assembled, in mass- convention,^
2Hht ?f To
W1„^ thf. fa"ners
Who attended a meeting at Hillsboro on the
night of January 20, called by Senator Paulson, in DENOUNCING AND CON
wherein it was stated that the farmers of Traill county opposed, and passed
resolutions opposing. House Bill 44 which would give to the people a new
constitution to be voted upon.this year and
That we censure, denounce and condemn the writer
articles, Mr. Davies, editor of the said Grand Porks Herald, because
he knowingly, wrote and published said articles complained of, and knew them
to be false and untrue at the. time of .their publication and
_rT It Further Resolved, That we hereby DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN
fORKS HERALD which contained said articles, and for
articles published-against the farmers' organization,
its officers and members, and for its attacks, unfair,, unjust and untrue state
ments against the Nonpartisan League representatives at Bismarck whom we
believe are doing their best to carry put the wishes of the people of the state
as expressed at the polls and further that we particularly complain of one
gertain article in the issue of that paper of January 23rd, headed: "House
Members Act Like Sheep", and "Vote Like Sheep," and that same is ah insult
to the farmer members of the legislature-and.to the farmers of the state and
Resolved, That we have every confidence in the League
members of the house and seriate, arid hi their ability, and in thir sinceritv
in carrying out the wishes of the 87,000 voters who voted for the enactment into
th® prof5ram:Tand
further "that we have every confidence in the
officers of the Nonpartisan League.and ijts president Mr. A. C. Townley and"
aifdCO"W 6™
workln& for
in f^or'n^TTm^A Rtiw?4 hft*

the interests of the producers or the state
«L House Bill 44,-which would sjibmit to the people of the state thia
year a new constitution, enabling the legislature to'carry out the Leaeua
further .by this resolution, urge upon and demand that
Senator Paulson support and vote for said, measure In the senate body: and
Be It Further Resolved, That we demand and insist that Senator Paulson &
should represent the citizens and farmers of Traill county In the senate rather S-1?
than to support the activities of the Grand Forks Herald, which we believe to
a publicity agent of big business interests outsid,e the state and we further
wish to remind Senator. Paulson of his oath of office, his pledge to represent f'rt,
his constituents In Traill county and
Be It Further Resolved, That it is the sense ,of this mass meeting 'that
In case Senator Paulson is obligated to -business concerns within or without
the state which make it impossiWe for him to serve the farmers -of TraiU
county, it is the desire of his constituents, and. it is our request and demand
.that he resign as our representative. iQ the seriate body, so as not to stand in
the way or delay the enactment into, law of those measures which the people
of the state have long deirianded and
Be It Further Resolved, 'That a copy of "this resolution be mailed to the
secretary of the senate to-be-brought to the atterition of that body arid to the
particular attention of senators, and that: a copy be mailed to the Commercial
Club of Grand Forks, asking that they repudiate the Grand Forks Herald In
publishing the articles complained of misrepresenting the farmers of Traill
county, and further that these resolutions be published In the- Fargo Forum.
Fargo Courier-News arid ,Noripartisan Lteader, and that these resolutions be
a it el at is as on on
One thing I am very proud of la tho
southwest coiffier or Pembina county.
We ,hay« .found a man suitable to be^
come the governor of North Dikota
and on November 7 elected him with
the biggest majority of any governo#
elected in North Dakota.
In order to keep track of the good
work to be done In the house maA
senate send me tho Courier-News
find check for $4 for same,
ourselves unanimously

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