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Un Imitation
"I use your Spreader and find it far
to others in construction, dur
and efficiency. The manure
a third lo
a half farther than
when spread ^y hand. It saves atleast
a third of the time of man and^eam,
not to. speak of saving fertilization
•aiue by even and widespreading.
Special Bundle Offer
has tried its best to do
Special Offer
Hundreds of progressive farm
ers have written that "the Nisco
Spreader pftys lor itself every year"—"the most
profitable investment on the farm*'—"it doubles the
yield"—"saves its cost"—"couldn't farm, without it"—
and other such statements.
These tetters mean much to the man who is farming for profit.
They are conclusive evidence to any farmer willing to consider
the facts. They prove the statements of Experiment-Stations and'
Agricultural Colleges. They prove that you should own
The "NISCO" is THE ORIGINAL wide-spreading spreader, the machine
that, revolutionized old-fa$J^orie& methods—that has always been the
leader in quality, improvements and popularity. Has solid bottom with
rfrniTi conveyors. "Pulverizes thoroughly and spreads evenly 6 to 7 ft.
wide. Drives with heavy sprockets and chain—no gears. Low
down, light draft. Loads and pulls without undue strain on" man
or team. Saves time, reduces labor.
Facts Kept From Farmers
lots of six or'-more, 12% cents each.
spreader can soon be made to pay for
J. F. P.THURSTON. Indiana.
adsrfoacislhli ClUinte, 0
-®l The "NISCO" One-Man
Spnoio Attachment—2 Machine*
fkn TTni. The1 real things you want to know from the president's
Milling UlC lU letters, messages and addresses, including the 14 war and
peace aims which ill the world is discussing today single copies, 5 cents lots
of 10 or more, 8 cents each.
TTnnr fn Finonpo tlia War Make everybody pay according to. their" ability
«luM( Wl "Uldntc lllv TV 211 to pay a seathing denunciation' of' the prof—K
iteers single dories, 5 cents lots of 12 for 25 cents" 50 for $1.
Why Should Farmers Pay Dues
are so worried about that $16 single copies, 3 cents 12 for 25 cents 50 for*$l.
and books
Here are three books which will make any Leaguer an No. 1 library.
Every League member ought to have these books.
"The New Freedom"
some of your friends in town. Gef this book by all means.
"The High Cost of Living*
"Democracy or Despotism" ®yu ^hrt'r^&moc^y' isT™a
how to get it shows how big bwiness maintains its rule through politics, and how
we can take it away from theim
I purchased ooe of
your Spreaders eiiht
years, ago and las
spread aO of my manure
from SO .head of atock
during that time. In
Or far ksilf nek
it. Any farmer havinl
than five head of
stock cannot afford to be
without it unless he to
especially fond of spread
ing manure
which I am not.'
C.E. HOUGH. Conn.
See your "Nisco" dealer. He is pretty btisy and
may not get around to you. Call him up and
when you go In, Insist on the "Nisco"—the
machine you are sure of, If you don't know
him, we'll send you his name and a free'
copy of "Helping Mother Nature,"
aplegdid book on soil fertility.
to /.
League Books and Pamphlets
These books and pamphlets will furnish you with good ammunition. They
are sold at actual cost of printing and mailing.
fnv I^QVTW01*G A book of 94 pages full of just the things you want to
tttlo *vl A. i"vio know 15 cents single copy lots of six or more, 12%
cents each.
A book of 82 pagse "giving the inside of
Big Bix politics 15 cents a single copy
lHHiaro ilia Pannla Riila The whole story of what the League has done in
TV IlCrtJ lllc JT vtipiv XVU1C North Dakota—the best argument of all single
copies. 5 cents lots of 10 or more, 8 cents each.
National Nonpartisan League' 8pLgrationPuA0briefa"tetemcntodf the
how and why and what of the League single copies. 8 cents 12 for 25 cents
50 for tl.
Tnnmlmr'c! Qnoanli At the Producers' and Consumers' Convention.
lOWIlICy ppcCUl jn gt. Paul. The beat speech Townley ever
made, and that's going some single copies, 8 cents 12 for 25 cents 50 for $1.
give your business friends who
40 cents. Send for a handle
All. three of these hooks for $2.50. Order now.
Prices for "The New Freedom"'4-Single copies, $1 lots of '.five or more, 80_sents
eaeh lots of 10 or more, 70 cents each lots of 25 or more, 60 cents each. Prices for
"Democracy or Despotism"—Same as for "The New Fj^edom." Prices for "The High Cost
of Living"—Single copies, $1' lots of five or more 80 cents each. Send in your order for
books and get posted.
Send us Name and Number and we will
supply REPAIRS and PARTS.
-—r oena us 4**me ana numoer ana we will
supply REPAIRS and PARTS.
$17 Si Third Street, U.S. STOVE REPAIR COMPANY, Minneapolis, Minn.
Mentionteader When Waiting.Advertls^v PAGE "TWELVB
President Wilson's great book. This is the
book big business would like to suppress and
It will furnish you arguments and open the eyes of
"Whafs the Matter With Farming," for it tells you what is the matter with it
•and why the farmers have to organize to change conditions. A book full of facts.
St. John, N. D.
Fellow Members, Nonpartisan League:
If there is any one among you who
is sorry because of the few dollars he
has individually spent in League mem
bership, I suggest that he stand up
and be counted.
•I would further suggest that we'
give him- charitable treatment at
Jamestown (state hospital for the in
sane) or that'we raise a purse' to
have him treated at home, whichever
'would seem the more generous to our
unfortunate brother and more condu
cive to the interest of the Nonpartisan
With the machinery of the state of
North Dakota at our disposition and
the amendments passed (for I feel
that most of them have passed, al
though we have no official count las
yet) we have great opportunities to
do things.
Right here I wish to say to Miss
Nielson, who has won over Brother
Macdonald, that I hope she will prove
so good as to merit re-election two
years hence, for in that case if she
is not a Nonpartisan ,she ought to be,
in which case wfe will elect her just
the same. Also Miss Nielson might
forgive me the statement, that unless
she possesses or acquires the qualifi
cations-^above mentioned she will step
down and out at the next election.
I wish to say that never in my life
have I received^such value- for so lit
tle money—$22 (I was one of the for
tunate few'who took membership in
the great organization at, the begin
ning when the first dues- were $6)—
from any one as 1 did from A. C.
Townley, and never have the farmers
received of achieved so much in so
short, a time.
I do not want to be understood by
any that I believe Mr. Townley to be
a saint pr an angel. If Jie was fie
would be no more permitted to remain
on this unclean earth than such crea
tures were* allowed to remain at the
time when the credulity of the people
permitted those winged messengers to
perform. Townley is just a man and
he does not like me, but I admire him,
not because Of the trait in his char
acter which makes him dislike me,
but because of his many splendid at
tributes which have made this un
-paralleled success possible.
And to prove that am not talking
through my hat I inclose my check
for my next two years' membership,
hoping to be the first to renew as I
was the first to join in my township.
Lidgerwood, N. D.
Editor Nonpartisan Leader:
Under separate hover I am sending
you a copy of the Summit Independ
ent. We reserved two sample copies
of this pager, and herds the letter we
sent to itsfeditor:
"We have just received the second
copy of your paper and notice that.it
is against the Nonpartisan league.
Please keep ..your paper at home. It
is not fit for American farmers to
read. You can not change pur minds
and we are strong for the League, be
cause it is really fighting for democ
racy at home.",
Our impression is that this paper
was sent to every voter *in Robert^
co)inty, S. D. ....
Hot Springs, S. D:
Editor Nonpartisan Leader:
Universal military training, which
the kept press, is trying to irudce popu
lar because, the -war spirit la at its,
height, would fasten on us the chains
of PruSsianism. We should take warn
ing from Germany's Rite.
The American soldiers, were the very
be§t in all Europe and that with the
least training. ."Train the boy
spoil the soldier."
Against Taking
Nuxated Iron
Physfolans Mow Say Thai Ordin
ary MetaWo Iron Proportions
Cannot PoMbly Give Tno Sam*
As Orpanlo Iron—Nuxated Iron
United Slatoo Jvdgo Atkinson
Gives Opinion
Careful investigation by physicians among
druggists ana patients has revealed the fact
that there are thousands of people taking
iron who. do not distinguish between or
ganic iron and metallic Iron, and .that jrac^t
persons often fail to obtain tWjfiuU energy,
strength and en
durance which
they seek, simply
because they have
taken the wrong
form of iron.
Therefor^ phy
sicians mentioned
below, advise
those who feel
need of a
atrength and
blood builder to
go to their fam
ily —doctors and
pbtain a prescrip
tion calling for or»
fwuc iron—Nux- JadsaG.W. AOhma
ptcd Iron—and pre
vent thia t» their
druggist «o that
there nay be no
question abont ob
taining the proper
article. ButTf they
do not wish to go
to the trouble of
getting a prescrip
tion for Nuxated
Iron then be sure
to look on the label
and see that the
.words NUXATED
IRON are printed
thereon—not Nux
and Iron nor any
other, form of iron,
but Nuxated Iron.
Of being organic iron, may be nothing more
than a metallic iron compound which mar
in some cases produce more ham than good.
The widespread publication of the above in
formation, has been suggested by Dr. James
rancis Sullivan, formerly physician of Bel le
thal (Outdoor Dept.), New Vor!
vue Hospit
end the Westchester Cotm^r hospital
Ferdinand King, New York Physician anu
Medical Author and others, ao wat the pub
lic may be informed on this subject and.
protected from the use ef metallic iron un
der the delusion that it Nuxated Iron
or at least something as good as Nuxated
It is surprising how many people suffer
from iron deficiency and 'do not know it. "If
you are not strong or well, you owe it to
yourself -to make the following test: See
how long you can work or how far yon can
-walk without becoming tired. Next take
two five-grain tablets of Nuxated Iron three
times per.day after meals for two weeks.
Then test your strength and see how much
70u have gained.
VsnaflMtom* lToto—Ifmatsd Iran, vftlch is
fMseribsa and leeonmMedsd abora br abjslslaiis
Is art a sunt rsmsAv Jbwt one whlchls nil
mown to drostrtsU. TTnUka the older toorfsnlo
|rqa products .It is ssfimllatsd. does act
blurs ti)» tteth. .ssaks thea Hack nor upset the
stomach. Ifca jmrnnfMinwrsjpusrsatM mocmOv?
:Wdjatar saMsfsjSmy iewlt» to gmr pmdiasr
th«»" win refund your nuauer. It la 11
IB tsuVir tr an good dranUtsi
Any poultry raiser can get his hens to lay'eggs,at 12
oanta a ilnvan tm T». »_
cento a. dozen by feeding Mayer's Egg Tonic. In whld)
a half cents worth of this wonderful, egg prodoccorHs
used for 12 hens. Two big'boxes, of over doses Is
suffldent to last 100 hens tor three and they
will be'Sent prepaid for_$1.00. Money back rati are
not.absolutely satisfied. Dealers' or agent'sifprice ten i.:
packages for $3.76.
838 Sssarlty Bids., Jlla#4»W6imM
^Snti-Snaff, ^tl
*«"tion what yea want.
18S N. St. ^lbana 8t. PaoI. Minn.
Mention the Leader When Writing: Adwertiaers .^
I -*..1
G.^AtkiSS5iof __
Court of Claims,Wash
ington, D.C, says: It
is without hesitation
that I fecomnvend
Nhxated Iron to per
sons who in the stress
of physical or mental
labors have permitted
the system to become
debilitated, the body
exhausted or the ner
ves run down. It has
restored my appetite
and my vitality. I feel
that I nave dropped off
the burden of months
of toil in the few weeks
that I have been fol
lowing the very simple
directions for the nse
of Nuxated Iron."
The remarkable
results produced by.a__
Nuxated Iron and its widespread sale (it be
ting estimated that over three million people
anndally are to-day using it), has led to tin
offering of numerous substitutes, and these
physicians say that health offisials and doc
tors everywhere should caution the public
against accepting substitutes in medicines
and the/ especially warn against accepting
substitutes for Nuxated Iron, which: instead
12c a Dozen

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