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.4^. r»-.
In the interest
of a square deal
for the farmers
VOL. 7, NO. 25
EFORE they adjourned, the dele
gates of the Nonpartisan league
from 13 states, who met at
St. Paul beginning December
3t examined the books of the
organization, made a general
financial report for the mem
bers of the League, made a
special investigation* and re­
port on moneys personally drawn and expended by
Mr. Townley, decided to increase Mr. Townley's
salary and took other important action besides the
matters reported in last week's Leader.
The following delegates were appointed by the
convention to conduct a thorough investigation of
the" League's books and records:
I°wa E. D.-Paquin, Minnesota
Nathan Gorsuch, South Dakota E. E. Wright.
I. Cahill,
'exas W. H. Johnson, Oklahoma J.
North Dakota J. M. Collins,
Colorado O. M. Tronaaa-, Ida
ho J. L. Freeman, Wstshing
1jpn J. L. Coates, Kansas
E. J. Onstad, Wisconsin R.
Whitaker, Montana J. D.
Ream, Nebraska.
This committee, all of whom
are^ farmer members of the
various state committees of
the League, employed the
services "of an independent
firm of licensed accountants.
Due to the charges which have
been made against Mr. Town
ley, to the effect that he had
personally profited from
League funds and had mis
handled the farmers' money,
the committee ascertained
every cent of money which
has been drawn by President
Townley since the founding of
the organization. They found
that he personally had drawn
the following sums:
From the beginning
of the organiza
tion, in the spring
of 1915, to Decern
ber 31, 1915 .... .$ 2,963.89
During the year 1916 5,247.27
During thevyear 1917 12,805.36
January .1, 1918, to
3 October 31, 1918
.. 6065.14
Total during 43
months .$^6,081.65
Average per month.$ 606,55
Concerning these figures the
committee saysi 4=7
"This amount-includes
Mr. Townley's .• salary at|i*
II $300 per month, also his"^.
^itraveling expenses. Iti\
J| further includes expenses. ,,
for autofhobiles, railroad
"rfj^J.fare, etc, of organizers
and. farmers who at times 0
kccompanied Mr. Townley
',pa his trips and assisted
hito in Organization work
for the League^? S
Besides this reference, to
moneys handled by Mr. Town
ley personally, the main body
oif the committee's report says:
"The committee exam- ing the war and which iiill
ined the. personal salary^fe^ tfeeufarms to keep young
-and expense amount and ^^th| ^tpSist:ta1J
Official Magazine of the National Nonpartisan League
Farmer Representatives From 13 States Find Accounts O. K.— Make Special
Investigation of Mpneys Drawn by President Townley and Raise His Salary
all funds handled by A. C. Townley, president
of the National Nonpartisan league. Both his
salary and personal expenses are found to be
normal only, and are insignificant when com
pared with big business salaries for services
and responsibility in any way comparable to
the work performed by Mr. Townley in behalf
of the League."
Delegate L. L. Stair of North Dakota moved
that Mr. Townley's salary be increased from $3,600
per year ti $5,000^ per year. Several farmers rose
to second the motion, but the chaft recognized the
second of Delegate Riley Rice of Idaho, and the
motion was adopted unanimously.
Without any suggestion from Mr. Townley him
self or from any member of the League organi
zation staff, the convention adopted a resolution
praising Mr. Townley-fo* the work he had done for
the organization and declaring that he of all men
—Drawn expressly for the Leader- by| John M. Baer
The cattle industry under conditions fixed J^f the grain combine and meat trust is continu
ally ^menaced Pictures a situation that was acute dur
ing the war nnd which still muiacee our meat «nd dairy production. Not enough feed on
le, boughtfeed too high to be profitable to the farper, and
Vantage of it by hustling the yearlings off to/market.
is the most fitted to continue as leader of the or
ganized farmers. This resolution was proposed
by Delegate Del Patterson of North Dakota and
seconded by Delegate J. D. Ream of Nebraska.
It follows in full:
a.TaAVitTew»^H?2?11 oo»mlttee of the NATIONAL NONPAR.
TISAN LEAGUE, assembled from 18 states in annual meet
ing this 5th day of December, 1918, desire to place on record
our recognition and appreciation of the services of our hon
£Led^ident! A. C. TOWNLEY, his worth as a man, and
JJ", efficiency in the difficult office which he has occupied as
o^S^tion during the strenuous period
of its early history, and to which we have just elected him.
as the man who, in our unanimous judgment, is best fitted
which lies ahead of us.
A magazine
that dares to
print the truth
uhd? during the EQUALLY STRENUOUS period
his unflinching courage, and the complete de-
YfV®" J»is talents to the defense and championship of the
rights of the many toilers, as against the oppression of the
few who constitute the class of special' privilege and no*
22?Yy' J^011 *he wannest admiration and the complete
trttst and confidence of each, and all of ua who know him.
Recognizing toe great service that he is doing for the
people of the United States, and for humanity at large, it
is our deliberate opinion toat he is the greatest leader of
tne common people who has arisen in this nation since the
day of Abraham Lincoln and we
PLEDGE to him our undivided and
I unfaltering support in the great task
that still lies before us.
The complete financial re
port made by the farmer com
mitteemen from 13 states and
unanimously adopted by the
convention follows:
The committee on audit and ac
counts has made an investigation of
the books of account and gone over
the, public accountant's audit report
and takes- leave to report.
First—The committee consisted of
one member each from the following
18 Btates: North"Dakota, Minnesota,
South Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin,
Kansas, Idaho, Nebraska, Oklahoma.
Colorado, Washington, Iowa and
Texas. These were all of the states
represented. The committeeman in
each case was a member of the state
committee of the state represented
by him and a delegate to the meeting
01 the national committee.)
Second—The work the committee
has undertaken has covered the fol
lowing An examination has been
made of the method of accounting
jash received, from the inception of
the receipt of money from tile mem
berships taken to its deposit in the
Wnfcs- We investigated the method
of filing vouchers, organizers' re-
etc., the disbursement of funds
counter signatures, the proper ap
proval of all expense accounts and
ether expenditures. The result of
the investigation of receipts and ex
penditures is: That the bookkeeping
provides adequate accounting for the
national office, each state office and
on down to the direct personal ac
count of each on6 of the 200,000 or
more members, showing in the case
of each member his record of pay
ments, delar and failure to make good
HSfe* contract that the state
ment of affairs of the national office
and each state can be set forth at
once and at any time that we 4an
not conceive of how the met&od of
•^jooHting eould be improved upon.
Third—We examined the auditor',
report, comparing the same with the
statements of Thomas N* Keys, treas
urer, selling forth a complete gtate
ment of reoeipts and of expenditures
from the beginning, of the organiza
tion. May 1, 1916, to October 81,
1918, and found that in each Instance
the items in the auditor's report and
the treasurer's statement were found
to check.
«"^ttee examined and made
a tabulation of the receipts and ex
penditures of the various states, and
comparing thcae with th« statements
of the national office they, were found
in agreement with both the tuditor's
"Port «qd the treasurer's statement
and 6xiMndttares.
The auditor's rtport covered a.
2SBle5 5 thorough
audit of all the books of account.
®tat® reports, organizers' Reports,
TOJ"hers tor all expenditures, ean
eeled checks and bank statements and
everything' Was found in agreement,
tor and ex
penditures authorized.'
Fourth—The committee found all
employes handling fnnds! are ade
quately bonded and all personal prop?

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