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pearing in the Minnesota Leader in
Bupport of tonnage tax.
The mob spirit in Kansas is gaining
the ascendancy, and the deplcfrable
part of it- is that in every instance
where it has been exercised against a
League organizer the American Le
gion has been involved. Recently Or
ganizer Thomas L. Buie was invited
to hold a farmers' meeting at' the
home of H. G. Holloway, near Fowler,
in Meade county. There were a num
ber of farmers present and Mr. Buie
had just'begun to speak when the
phone rang and the speaker was called
to the phone. In about 45 minutes
after the parties had found where he
was four cars containing the mob
drove into Mr. Holloway's yard. At
the front door they were met by Mrs.
Holloway, who invited them in, but
only two accepted the invitation. Once
inside the mobsters sized up the farm
ers but evidently lost heart and with
drew, after informing Mr. Holloway
that they had a warrant for his arrest,
which, however, they were unable to
y. produce. They said they, represented
the American Legion. On the next
night Mr. Buie held a meeting about
six miles north, in Gray county, and
was there arrested and charged with
everything that comes under the pro
visions of the anti-syndicalism law
passed at the special session of the
Phil E. Zimmerman, the traveling
salesman, who has persistently fought
the League in Kansas and who re
cently complained that the business
interests of the state were not putting
I up sufficient money to finance his "an
ti-Bolshevik" campaign, has returned
to Kansas and again taken up the
An agreement signed by the state
manager of the Nonpartisan league
and the chairman of the state Triple
.^ alliance has healed a. breach which
for a time had separated the workers'
and farmers' political organizations in
Washington. Under this agreement
the Nonpartisan league will work ex
clusively among the farmers and the
Alliance among industrial workers.
The Triple alliance will hold its con
"vention at the same time as the Non
partisan league, and each will name
a conference committee to agree on a
platform and on candidates.
Walter Thomas Mills, completing a
five months' survey of the state, has
expressed the opinion that the produc
ers will carry the state this year. Mr.
Mills has finished his tour in Wash
ington and has gone to his home in
California before starting a tour of
Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Wiscon
sin, Minnesota, North Dakota and
South Dakota.
A report has been made by Attorney
General Palmer in the investigation by
"the federal department of justice into
the alleged wheat steal in Washing
ton manipulated by Max Houser,
former deputy food administrator.
The report whitewashes Houser.
Many counties of the state held pre
cinct primaries May 15 and named del
I egates to county conventions and also
r* named county committeemen.
At a conference held recently in
jfc' Milwaukee, attended by representa
tives of the Nonpartisan league, the
Equity society, the railroad brother
hoods, the American Federation of
Labor, La Follette Republicans and
the Committee of Forty-eight, a state
if ment of principles was agreed upon
which, if ratified by the various ele
ments, will be the basis for a state
campaign in the September primaries
upon which all will unite.
•With the establishment of the long-
expected Wisconsin Leader, the hold
ing of the various conventions, and
the energetic organization work of
State Manager Emil Pladsen and
Office Manager W. C. Zumach, the
work in Wisconsin is beginning to
hum. Organizers are meeting with
great success in every part of the
Nonpartisan league primaries were
held throughout counties in which the
League is organized on May 4. Coun
ty conventions are now being held, the
first being that of Dane county, in
which Madison is located, on May 17.
The Nonpartisan leagufe and labor
forces of Sioux Falls and vicinity are
planning one of the largest picnics
and celebrations in the history of that
section of the state for May 29. The
occasion will be in the nature of an
open air meeting, with good speakers,
amusements, edibles and music. The
picnic will be held at one of the parks
in Sioux Falls and will mark the
launching of the political campaign
for that part of the state.
The farmers of Lake county are
negotiating for the purchase of the
Wentworth Enterprise and the Ches
ter Journal. If the deal is consum
mated the two papers will be consoli
dated and issued from Wentworth as
an independent people's publication,
supporting the farmers' ticket.
The American Legion band of Lin
coln Post No. 3, of Lincoln, Neb., has
voted to become affiliated with the
musicians' union. In a statement to
the press Commander Chappel of Lin
coln Post No. 3 declared himself much
pleased with the action of the band
and stated that the American Legion
had absohitely .no intention of fighting
union labor.
Thomas Van Lear, former mayor of
Minneapolis, held a series of meetings
in Nebraska, ending with an evening
address at Omaha at the Labor tem
ple. He delivered addresses at North
Platte, Fremont, Columbus and Oma
ha to large and enthusiastic audiences.
Miles City, the scene of mobbings
of League speakers in the past, held
a successful League meeting without
interference from any of the disorder
ly elements. The reason that the
meeting was free from interference
was that Attorney General Ford was
conducting a "round-up" of lawbreak
ers on the day of the meeting, raiding
14 gambling joints, 18 houses of pros
titution and 5 blind pigs. The law
breakers were so busy trying to de
fend themselves that they had no op
portunity to marshal their forces and
break up the farmers' meeting.
The League and labor have opened
joint offices in Houston for an imme
diate primary campaign to nominate
legislative candidates. In this district,
at a recent special election, the League
candidate for state senator carried
the city of Houston and Harris county
by 400 votes. In the coming primaries
the League candidates expect to ear»
ry the entire district.
Labor elected two of its three can
didates in school elections in El Paso.
The Committee of Forty-eight has
called a national convention at Chi
cago for July 10-13, both dates in
clusive, to organize a new political
party. The national convention of
the Labor party will be held at Chi
cago July 4. It is likely that these
two liberal groups may unite on a
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