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All service is worthy of its
hire and good service cannot
be continuously obtained un
less adequately rewarded.
From the beginning of tele
phone history the American
public has received the best
telephone service of any
country in the world. In pro
portion to the service rendered
the people have paid less for
this telephone service than
any other country in the
Mention the Leader When Writing Advertisers
The laborer is worthy of his hire
The reason why the Amer
ican people have received the
highest type of telephpne serv
ice at the least proportionate
cost is because the Bell Sys
tem Has been operated on a
scientifically economic basis.
Every device which inventive
skill* engineering ability, labor
and time saving talent has
been able to create every
efficiency known to buying,
operation, executive control
and financial conduct has
been employed.
Public service companies
feel the high cost of living as
well as individuals. Pay them
enough to make possible their
giving good service. There
is no permanent saving in
poorly paid service.
In this land of opportunity
none of us is willing to jeop
ardize his success or happi
ness by stinting the payment
necessary to secure the most
healthful and efficient service.
One Policy One System Universal Service
It Is surprisingly reliable on local weather conditions. Hade
in America on strictly scientific principles.
When the weather Is fine the ehlldren will be out, when
stormy weather approaches the witch comes out from 8 to
24 hoflte ahead of rain or snow.
The bouse is made in hardwood* In Swiss cottage style and Is
decorated, as In the picture, with thermometer, elk's head,
bird's nest and birds, etc. It has 4 windows and 2 doorways.
Very Unique and Attractive—An Excellent 61ft
Regular price $1.50
"Sent prepaid to Nonpartisan Leader readers on receipt of
$1.25 cash or money order—no checks. Write name and ad
dress plainly.
Dept. 6, 599 Mt Elliott Ave. DETROIT. MICH.
We WantManagers for Co-Operative Elevators
Men who understand gram and can run an elevator can
secure permanent positions with aggressive, growing line ele
vator company where good work will count in their favor.
We also have the opportunity of supplying managers for
upward of 100 independent co-operative companies not affiliat
ed with our line.
If you think you are the man for a job like this write to
us now—don't wait—we are preparing for our biggest year in
the grain business.
Maybe this is your chance, write to the
Said a heathen Chinee from Shanghai
"I hear the U. S. has gone dry,
And for booze, any sort,
They pay twenty a quart,
Which is "most unreasonably high!"
France is planning on arranging
for men's suits to sell at $3.60 each.
France doesn't seem to have made
any progress since the war whatever.
When the campaign cash of
Wood and Lowden finally got its
tongue loosened, the' good old
adage about money talking' cer
tainly proved its truthfulness.
A politician is a fellow who does
nothing for three years because there
is no presidential election, and nothing
the fourth because there is.
Wonder if they'll accuse the
supreme court of being Bolshevik
for permitting the North Dakota
state industries to operate?
Most of those candidates who be
lieve in letting the office seek the man,
also believe in making sufficient noise
to attract the attention of the said
Mr. Bryan doesn't seem to like
any 'of the Republican candidates
for president and very few of the
"Yes'm," said the tramp who was
seeking a handout, "I'm a sailor, mum.
I've follered the water for 30 years."
"Well," said the lady of the house,
as she cast a critical-look over him,
"what a-pity you never caught up
with it," and slammed the door
From the way the consumer is be
ing shaken down for everything these
days, one might suspect the monopo
lies saw the label "shake well" on him.
The headline, "Bolsheviki May
Take Terehan," sounds like a pat
ent medicine ad.
Another headline says, "Worst Is
Over in Japan," but after reading it,
we found it had nothing to do with
the immigration commissioner in
North Dakota.
Vy, vhat is d' matter Kozitsky,
D' money is vright in /our mitsky
You surely vont let go of itsky,
Vhen often before you said nitsky!
—Hardin (Mont.) Herald.
Cut and Dried
It was entirely fitting that the
Republican national convention at
Chicago should.be opened with a
prayer for the country.
One of the things one can say about
Mexico. They very seldom have any
third-term arguments down there.
The smart Aleck was being shown
through a locomotive works. '""So
that's an engine boiler," he said. "I
didn't know they had to boil engines."
"Oh, yes," said the guide, "it's to
make the engine tender.
A dark horse is frequently the
result of a shady deal.
A French boxer over here is said to
have 70 suits of clothes. But he'd
have got only about one for the price
if he'd waited until he reached Amer
Rattle, rattle, little car,
Who don't know what make you are
Every nut and bolt is loose
Still you're running like the deuce.
The New York man who found tacks
in his soup shouldn't kick. It's
mighty seldom you can get anything
nowadays that's "spiked."
Palmer is predicting a Demo
cratic victory in November. Must
be he has given up hopes of get
ting the nomination.
The league of nation? plank in the
Republican platform looks more like
a lifesaving raft for the party.
A soft answer may turn away
wrath, but some of the old topers
say a soft drink won't.
Palmer has beei^ accused by several
leading lawyers of ignoring the Con
stitution. But what's a constitution
between politicians?
"Owen Sees Women Rule," Isays a
headline. Watson, the man's mar
Mr. Loony is running for gov
ernor of Texas. Reviving the old
question, "Who's Loony now?"
Documents recently found in Genoa
show that Columbus' expense in dis
covering America was $7,000. The
three "ships cost $3,000. Columbus re
ceived $300 a year and his two cap
tains $200 each. The crew were paid
$2.50 a month.
AID Angus McCracken as he
sat out in front of the Tickle
ville grocery store, "I see by
the papers that sugar's gone
up in places a nickle or more. Now
the paper I get says that this thing
is due to the fact that it's cold at
the poles, that the spring has been
late in the Solomon isles and the
outrageous telephone tolls."
But Ichabod Penny dispute at
once the statements that Angus had
made, he smiled with contempt,
saying, "Angus, my friend, your
paper is wrong, I'm afraid. Now
the paper I read, a Republican
sheet, has told me these prices are
due to the fact that the Democrats
have all the jobs, they're a most
incompetent erew. It tells me that
Wilson and Eugene V. Debs, and
Trotzky, Lloyd George and Old
Nick had all got together and cook
ed up a scheme they say was cer
tainly slick. They didn't say what
they decided to do, or how they had
done what they did, somehow or
other «they worked it all right and
clamped on the sweetening lid. And
now it comes out that the profit
they make is turned into Bolshevik
gold to spread propaganda among
Eskimo tribes and sovietize all the
Then Ichabod's paper and Angus',
too-, a day or two latter came out
with new explanations, both dif
f'rent, of course, of how the whole
thing came about. But none of the
papers said even a word that in the
next county was found a sugar Con
cern which was making just then
about seventeen cents on each
pound! —C. W. V.

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