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Tents and Tarpaulins
Boy Scout or pup tents,' khaki, each 3.75
9x9 tents, each from $18 to 35.00
16x16 tents, each from $25 to 50.00
Hospital wall tents, each from $50 to 85.00
Tarpaulins, each from $12 to 18.00
500 sets of brand-now 2-inch heel chain TJ.
S. ambulance harness with breeching,
special price while they last, per set .... 65.00
U. 8. cable trace harness with hames, 1-inch
lines, %-inch briul:j, special pr'.a, per
set ,... 30.00
One and one-half inch breeching* harness,
oak tanned leather, 1%-inch lines, per
sot I.,.. 72.50
United States government artillery lead
harness, 1%-incli traces, 27-foot lines,
%-inch blind bridjes, per set 45.00
Second-hand leather halters, gc~.l as new,
per dozen 12.00
Army mess kits, each *76
1917 issue canteens, each .70
New hip rubber boots, per pair 5.00
New U. S. leather saddle bags, per pair.... 4.50
Government leather shell bags, each 3.50
U. S. McClellan saddles, slightly used, each
$15 to 17.50
U. 8. army pack saddles, all complete,
each 25.00
U. S. government metal horse collars—ad
justable—per pair $4.50, §ach 2.50
U. S. leather horse collars—size 18-19, each 7.00
Size 20 and over, each ..... 9.00
Knapsacks, each 1*49
U. S. government haversacks, each 1.19
IT. S. government leather belts, each 6o
Second-hand government wool lined canvas
horse blankets, per pair 8.25
Large size V. S. burlap lined horse blankets,
per pair 9.00
U. S. heavy wool O. D. blankets, each .... 5.50
Heavy gray army wool blankets, each $4 to 5.00
U. S. army comforters, used, each 2.00
Horse covers, which have hardly been used,
per pair 5.50
Separators, manufactured by Starch Bros.,
each 25.00
New U. S. recruiting sacks, each 1.24
.Army painted barb wire, per spool 2.70
TJ. S. %-inch Manilla rope, per pound 19
Sagless steel army sanitary cots, Blightly
used, each 4.00
Mail orders promptly filled. Send draft or
money order
Include postage if by parcel
post, and where necessary, specify sizes. We do
not issue catalogues.
St. Paul, Minn.
I234 36T80O
$1800In Rewards I
$793 Ford Sedan
BOARD is given to you
for selling only 40 packs
"Quality Brand Garden
Seeds" at 10c per packet
Order today. SEND NO
MC-TUY. WE TBTJST YOU. When sold return $4.00
col3 ..v! and the "OUIJA" BOAED is yours. Cash
commissio.. if preferred. Many other valuable pres
ents. Catalogue with order.
NATIONAL SEED CO., Dept. 109, Lancaster. Pa.
Who Dol Give
These Cars To?
President-elect Harding is not mere
ly conservative" but also cautious. The
pictures of him fishing down South 1.
show him wearing both a belt and
There are two sides to every
question. The right side and the
side the other fellow takes.
All wool Government overcoats, slightly
worn, but in first class condition. These
coats have been renovated, cleaned and
pressed and a first class tailor
would ask $75.00 to make one
from the same class of material.
26, 1921
P. 1 __ _t_ _T.^ jj. «TM JP.J 1. i- i.L 1Q01
Don't you want to get it? Sjend me the cou
pon and I'll tell you how. The other car 1
shall give,
away is a 1921 model Ford Touring Car, also folly
equipped. Would you rather have it? As soon as 1
receive the coupon I'll send yoo full details of my
goffer. Besides the two cam. I'm coiner to give
^away the other rewardB listed below. Sorely
Jfchere is som^hin? in that list you want.
I The
Ford Touring Car Reward Man
*300 Piano or Motor*
cyclm Philadelphia
$100 Diamond Ring Pa.
$7S Victor VIctrola
$50 Elgin Qold Watch
$28 Eastman Kodak
Mention theLe^derWhen Vt
Cut and Dried
The federal reserve board said its
"deflation" policy was aimed to hit
the profiteer. It reminds us of the
story of the man who was compelled
to be away from-home and gave his
wife a revolver to protect herself
from burglars. When he returned his
wife told him she had shot a burglar.
"Well, what became of him?" he
"The other one carried, him away,"
she replied.
v... 7/-...
"What other one?"
"The one I shot at."
The politician's happy-go-lucky
way of dealing with the farmers'
problems isn't happy, isn't lucky
and doesn't gt.
Men's sizes from 36 rand up.
The small sizes will make tile
.warmest coat Your boy ever
wore and are just the thing for
school. -Any of these "coats
should wear for 5 years. Our
priee $8.75.
These coats dye a beautiful
black or dark blue, which we
will have done for you if you
so request by the largest dyers
in Chicago for $2.75 additional
to the first cost of $8.75, but
the cost of dyeing must accom
pany your order.
90.70 £acn As a matter of good faith
mail us a deposit of $1.00, balance on de
livery. We always ship overcoats by express,
unless otherwise instructed.
Kingsley A/rmy Shoe Company,
8852 Cottage Grove Ave.. Dept. K235, Chicago, III.
I am going to give away
Two More Automobiles
I have been giving away automobiles for along time. Now I'm
going to give away two more. Send me the coupon down in the corner and I'll
Mail me the coupon now, today. You have every
thing to gain and nothing to lose. Just soon 1 receive I
It 1 11 nuul yon foil details of tor plan* my Aoto boolf which
girea fall description of both "3i cars, and
will help yoa to become the owner of one of these splendid
rewards. AMI the coupon—you can not know all the foa^J
ttures of mjrplan unless yoo do.^
"bat a
The Reward Man, Bax lB32. Mnadelphla, Pa.
Please send me foil inforzn^^naiMtt the aoto*
mobiles ycm arc giving away. Tim intfninw ijr llils
coupon does not obligate me in any way.
...B.F.D ..Boa
August Schmitt was a tenant fann
er in Wisconsin. Along in* December
his hired man came to him. "Have to
have more money after the first of the
year," he said. "Veil, ve'll see," said
August. A day or two later liis bank
er came to him. "Have to call in that
loan by the first of the year," he said.
"Veil, ve'll see," said August. A little
later his landlord called., "Have to get
a little more rent out of 'you next
-year," he said. August said nothing,
but got a piece of cloth, tacked it on
the side of his barn and with a paint
brush put on it in big letters, "The
first of January will be the last of
The country is safe again. Ole
Hanson has returned.
When ladies wore bustles
When you took your girl out driving
in a rubber-tired buggy
When you rode a bicycle for the
first time?
When it cost only 5 cents to ride on
a street car?
.The geographies that rushed
out their maps of Europe on the
basis of the peace conference are
out of date already.
JVIiss Lily White (colored) appeared
unexpectedly at the bank with her
"Well, Lily," said the teller, an old
acquaintance, "I thought you used to
say you'd, never trust a bank."
"Dat's all right, but the circum
stances makes me change mah mind.
I's gwine get married today an' Ah
don't want dat much money in de
house with no strange cullud man
The bootlegger is the guy that
gets "his" out of whisky.
The melancholy days have come, the
saddest of the year,
The country's gone so doggone dry
there's no more home-brew beer.
The mule is a sure-footed beast.
Especially with his hind feet.
AID banker, "Times are
slower, the time to sell
grain. Though of course
the market's lower, all the
drop will be your gain. For while
ev'rything was booming all the
prices were so high—for the sake
of talk, assuming you had cash,
what could you buy? But right
now, in nineteen-twenty, with the
money from your wheat, you can
buy yourself- a plenty—stuff to
wear and stuff to eat. Buy a bale
of cotton gin it (half the price it
used to be). All you have to do is
spin it, weave it into cloth, you see.
Iron ore, I'm told, is cheaper, buy'a
ton or two and then make yourself
a plow and reaper, cutting out all
middlemen Many other things are
dropping—Franklin cars and sqjtfe'
coats (as you'll notice while yiSu're
shopping)^jtennis balls and Persian
of course, is up a dollar,
farm machinery's raised in price
ut before you make a holler think
of all you save on ice. Now*s the
time for selling holding grain
is far too rash. For your good
these facts I'm telling, and, besides,
I need th$ cash."
-U. S. ARMY G00DS-
Regulation-Army *7 qa
Overcoats «OU
We Oder these flue all wool coats at a reduction of
J3.80 from ogr last year's price and recommend
them as good values. They have seen service but
are thoroughly dry cleaned and repaired. Natural
khaki color—sixes 34 to 40. These coats were
manufactured for the Government under strict
supervision, of high grade materials.
Genuine all wool army blankets, size 66 tor 84, In
perfect condition. If you want a heavy, service
able blanket of high grade quality get one of these.
They are priced,about J3.00 under the cc AA
usual selling pri(je at ^O.vw
We have a limited supply
of No. 12 gauge double
strand blacK painted,
government, barbed wire,
olnt inches long) set 3
apart. This wire
manufactured under strict
Government supervision, is
neatly rolled on wood and
metal spools which average
60 lbs. toJLhe Bpool- Price
per spool F. O. B. CO OC
We unhesitatingly
claim tflat this heavy
all leather, army
marching shoe will
outlast two pairs of
ordinary work shoes.
Unequalled for hard
wear. Doublestltched
and fully waterproof,
brand new in strea
from 7 to 47 on
16. price,, t'•oU
Dept. 5
We Are the Largest Dealers in Army Goods.
O." D. wool breeches, like new $ 3.45
O. D. wool suits, good condition 7.95
O. D. wool wrap legglns, best quality 1.25
Khaki breeches, washed, pressfed 1.25
Khaki suits, in good condition 3.50
Army gray wool blankets, like new 5.50
O. D. wool blankets, 72x84, the best 5.85
Army underwear, excellent trade
all wool, medium weight, brand new.dean govern
ment surplus stock—t2.50 to &00 C1 OA
values, price per garment at .V.77 ^i3U
In ordering by mall send P. O. money order or
cashiers check. Be sure and state sites and write
your name plainly goods are to be shipped by
Parcel Poet, Include postage—all goods sold on
guarantee to be satisfactory or your money re
Duluth, Minnesota
sizes 30 to 38 .85
O. D. wool blouses, like new, 30 to 38 2.45
O. D. wool shirts, the best 3.45
O. D. wool overcoats, 30 to 38 8.75
Eusset shoes, new soles and heels 3.25
Marching shoes, new soles and heels ...... 3.50
Hobnail shoes, perfect condition 3.75
O. D. wool caps with earlaps 75
Army raincoats, O. D., good as new 3.95
Blue denim overall jumpers .95
Heavy wool socks, like new, dozen pairs.... 3.50
Unionalls, perfect condition %.... I.75
Comforters, In good condition 2.35
O. D. web belts, 3 for 1.00
O. D. wool wrap leggins 2.25
O. 1. canvas kggins, regulation, laced .... .95
Leather vests, smooth leather sleeves' 11.50
O. -D. wool mackinaws, belted, best 11.45
Army light wool gray socks, 3 pairs ...... 1.00
Goatshair socks, per pair .85
Army heavy wool socks .85
Slipover sweaters, wopl mixture V... 1.25
Sweaters, open front, roll collar .....I.95
Cotton khnki shirta, regulationv.. 1.85
O. IX wool army shirts, regulation ........ 5.25
Horsehide leather gloves, heavy .75
Horsehide mitts, wool lined 1.25
Navy heavy wool lined, leather faced, two*
flnge^ mitts I.I5
Heavy woolmix union suits, fine quality ...* 3.25
Underwear, two-piece, wool, per garment ... 1.90
Heavy wool union suits 3.75
Extra heavy fleece lined union suits 2.75
Officers' shoes, chocolate color 8.95
Infantry MunBon last shoes, regulation ...i. 8.45
U. S. A. shoes, chocolate color ........... 4.75
Hip boots, army, regulation 4.95
Four-buckle, all-rubber overshoes 3.45
Wool finish, double blanket 3.50
Australian white wool blankets, 4% pouuds 8.50
Auto robes, all wool, brown or dark purple 5.45
O. D. wool trousers, full length 8.95
We sell wholesale to storekeepers.
Include postage. Send draft or money order.
Reference: National Bank of Commerce.
Wabasha St „..E Cor. 10th, St^Paul, Minn.
12 years old
Work It. Stands 4
»M re»olu-
tlon. 2blJs 100 lbs. or
more. Luotor two thumb
nuts and the
«»Jea out. Put USA
way. Weighs 1*
lbs. Clatlsfftctfon: guar
anteed. .Soils on the
ground .like a buggy
ydseel. If your dealer can
notsupolr you I will md

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