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principally organized on the Raiffei
sen plan.
German farmers, at no stage in
^their co-operative career, were com
pelled to §ghb for progress. On the
other hand, the government, from the
time 6f Frederick the Great till the
outbreak of the war, was constantly
seeking to devise new means pf mak
ing farming a profitable business and
of enabling farmers to save money
through state credit, state insurance
and co-operative marketing. A cen
tury ago agricultural, high schools
were established. Representatives of
farmers were welcomed in the councils
of the government.
The wholehearted interest of the
German government in the German
farmer enabled a small country, with
poor soil, to support a population al
most as large as that of the United
But the fact that the German
farmer was so well treated by the Ger
man government made him less
watchful of that government. The
German farmer did not develop a
fighting spirit. He had no chance to
develop a strong and militant organ
ization to battle for needed reforms
because the reforms were installed by
the government itself long before the
majority of the farmers could have
been converted to them.
The result was that the German
farmer, believing that the German
government was always looking after
his best interests, did not spend
enough time looking after the govern
ment. And the German government
built along the lines of militarism and
wrecked the German nation and the
German farmer along with it.
Cuts Bread Cost
Co-Operative Bakery in Utica
Turns the Trick
N UTIPA, N. Y.5 92
workingmen got togeth
er in 1915 with an av
erage capital of less than
$15 each, purchased an
old bakery and remodel
ed it into a co-operative institution.
The first year their sales were $20,000,
out of which a cash rebate of 5 per
cent was paid to members in addition
to expanding the business and laying
aside a reserve fund. By the end of
1919 the Utica Co-Operative society
had over 300 members, was doing a
business of more than $72,000 a year,
and besides paying rebates of from 6
per cent to 10 per cent to members,
had banked a surplus of $25,000,
bought new quarters and built a mod
ern bakery in conjunction with a hand
some grocery store. Since January 1,
1920, the membership has increased
nearly 30 per cent, business has dou
bled and a paid-up capital of $27,000
was established.
The manager of this very success
ful bakery gives some sound advice
for other groups who are planning
similar .enterprises:
"The most important thing in start
ing a co-operative bakery is that the
bakers working in the co-op. bakery
are co-operators at heart, so that they
have a sense of working for them
selves and not for a boss. They will
then of their own accord see to it that
nothing is wasted and that the baked
goods are as good as can be made.
And With quality and right prices, you
can not help but get the trade and
good will of your members and others.
"Whenever conditions permit, co-op.
bakeries should be established and
conducted in connection with a gro
cery store. Both will help each other
and keep down the overhead, thereby
making the savings returns larger."
There is only one way to cut the cost
of bread: Farmers' co-operation can
eliminate the speculators and middle
men at their end of the system, while
the consumers can stop the leaks at
their end through co-operative bak
eries. Bakeries are one of the com
monest forms of co-operation all over
Europe. In Christiania, Norway, the
citizens have just opened the largest
bakery in Scandinavia, capable of sup
plying the needs of 120,000 people.
The Belgian co-operators have built
their political, fraternal and co-oper­
JLES MELOTTE—"Tlfte Edison of Europe"—has again
placed Great Belgian Melotte Cream Separator on the American
and is. continuing his great pre-war offer to the American
farmer. Free Trial—Small First Payment—Easy Terms—Duty Free.
See why this bowl can't vibrate nor
See why
bowl can vibrate nor get
ative activities around'the bakery. For
bread is an article of such universal
use that every citizen in town profits
through membership in .the co-opera
tive bakery.
A congressional committee investi
gating the high cost of living in the
District of Columbia found that one of
the big bakers made a profit of -$315,
059 during the .preceding year, in addi
tion to his own salary of $30,000, not
counted as profit. The farmer who
gets 4 cents a pound for his wheat and
the consumer who pays 1 cent an
ounce for his bread are the victims of
all the intervening middlemen who
make their millions out of the staff of
You, who have wanted the world's greatest separator write for catalog right away.
out why 500,000 Melotte Separators are in use today. Read how in England, where every penny
must be saved, more Melotte Separators are in use than all other makes combined. Before
buying any separator find out how the Melotte has won 264 Grand and International Frizes
and every important European contest the last 16 years. Mail coupon now for our great offer.
et out of
balance—why it can't cause currents in the cr
—why it can re-mix milk with cream. Comp
the Melotte Separator with any other—test them.
side by side. See for yourself which works easiest
—which is most profitable—which operates at least
expense—which is most sanitary and easiest to clean. Then-send your
milk to the creamery—let
prove which separator skims the cleanest
ported Melotte is, by fajr, the best cream separator to be found anyplace in
the world (a big statement, but trtfe), then send only the small sum of
$10.00. Settle the balance in small monthly payments. The Melotte pays
for itself from your increased cream checks. Mail the coupon now—today.
tutting Bowl has so
The Melotte bowl
bearing bowl-bearing. It
After 30
You are not to send one
cent until you haveused this
Great Belgian Melotte on your
own farm and have thor
oughly made up your
mind that it is the
separator you want to buy. Keep it for 30 days
—use it just as if it were your own. Test the
wonderful Melotte Self-Balancing Bowl.
are completely satisfied
that the Belgian Im*
What U.S.
Government Says:
Vibration of a separator's bowl will quickly
cost you more money in cream
Waste than the price
of your separator. U. S. Govt. Bulletin No. 201 says that
a perfectly true motion of the bowl is absolutely necessary. The bowl is the
vital part of
any separator—the part where the cream separation takes
Self-Balancing Bowl
Send This Coupon
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vibrate. It hangs down
from a single ball-bearing and spins like a top. Can't get
out ofs balance—can't cause currents in the cream—can't
remix cream with rnuk. It is simple—durable—/oo/tfratf
•.B.BABSONtU.8.Manager,Dept. 4041 2843 W. lMh St, CUcag*
Don't sell hides and furs under prevailing low
market Let us tan them either into fur sets, robes,
coats or leather and use Bame to a good advan
tage Instead of sacrificing them at the present low
prices. Send for free price list and tags. If you
prefer selling we always pay the highest market
Bismarck, N. D.
Cut Glass Water Set
Tall 8-pIot pltebcr and 6 itjrKib
btllHthspea tamblerc—raal fuuMl
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orad picture* or 24 packages of
bMutffol po«t cardi »t Jfcc
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me the Melotte Catalog which tells the full story of this
wonderful separator and M. Jules Melotte, its inventor.
PottOffict. State
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