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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, February 23, 1912, Image 4

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Cemmon Rerald:
itriscfi 1 lie tjUiUi-IiUiK Herald
Published Fridays at
i, F.
Gmrt, Publisher.
Subscription $1.50 the year
s. IK. a
Friday, Feb. 23,13f*.
?rkins ity's resolve to
aggregating over $50,000, suffic-!
jf»nt!y to go within a $50.0(j0 al-,
Ambition Shackieti.
lor political honors in
north state are just beginning to
out that the Corrupt Practice Act,
which tn-cam- a la at the last se.si n
of the North Dakota legislature, must
shHoumIi' t-fi-Wonod with in their
i -there will be, if the
no more campaign
o, no campaign cases of liquid
shment—kegs sent to congenial
.. Iiborhoods, and the festive voter
no mor
rv of a
1 this IK
'tabled to indulge the
d* to the polls,
thi' new law demands
hat he must keep his
i' within 15 percent,
siiiiiri it:r ear of the office he
#, provided, that cannidatea whose
-•ti.tries would not come high, might
spend up tofciiHi. Nowthose who have
been up against such a position know
only to well thai money goes freely
ass for election, especially
is large. Thus candidates,
s»«". 4».fice liod themselves handi
capped. for they cannot even pay the
publisher# of the papers they need for
the aimpie announcea their
candidacy, and remit a. in the
pr*»vi»ioiii of law,
aft«*i ih election the
it h"» itatement of
inot' th
and garden seeds.
ut, and
i, they
i or
ring, i
-e rifted.
day at
w jrv.
rill ha
POOL HALL, complete, with
all accessories, in best town al
otig line good location for sale
or trade for land address "S,"
un of Herald.
cieel urn oaj, amj .n-, P^cted here about April 1. Rev.
thfe fntse American
Blackmer is a young man of high
h* fate* wiM*! h« u, attainments and comes with re
^jcotrinendations of having done
he Woman's Club of Lemmon
cw«eriai-it«l their men
1 hurooay a v^i
gat the me of
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Hnntington.'...
A delicious three course supper
was served at7:30,—and it goes
without saying that the privi-|linery
leged guests were practically all^
present at roll call, to partake
the dainties. The house was
cunningly decorated in the sym-1
J. E. Phelan, of Bowman, was Dr. Strang was called out to
a business visitor to the city on Milton Rogers home Sunda
Tuesday. morning, where he delivered to
Mrs. W G. HoWagtoo Mftw I*?. overtop "T"'*
ed yesterday from a two weeka'
visit at the twin cities.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Helm, of
Bison were guests of Mr. and
A! rf*. P. J. Tscharner for several
days this and last week.
See Oscar N. Sampson for
I to ran ou
duighters. Miss Henry Fin-
iish seed g*ain is hail* with braaten and Miss Ulsor returned
Mrs. and Mrs. Harry D. March
iesire hereby publicly to thank
those who were so generously
helpful to their daughter as a
candidate in the Elliott piano
WAGON, wide tire, and 7 ft.
buy. Let me know what you
have- Call or address, H.
Care of Herald.
The Presbyterian Ladies Aid
Will be entertained by Mrs. E. H.
Dunning, on Thursdav afternoon
Feb. 29, A cordial invitation
to all mem!
the society.
Pool hall, complete, with all
for sale or trade for land. Ad
dress "S" care Herald, Lemmon,
Wednesday was Ash Wednes
day, and alter tne very busy
social season which Lemmonites
have thus far enjoyed, many will
heave a sigh of relief, as they
settle down to the quiet and in
trospection which the lenten sea
son offers.
opening in the interest of
She was ac-
companied both going and com-
in,?oy l,ttle Miss
buls of Geo. Washington's birth-!JOyed
Harriet Her-
ho appears to haveen-
tr'P-very mu*.
day. The guests and hostesses! Friday of last week the re
were seated at tables for four, mains of Andrew Galbraith ac
the place cards for gentlemen companied by two sons, were
being adorned with a Martha taken to Omaha. Neb. for inter
Washington portrait, and those ment. The deceased was 65 years
of the ladies with the likeness of old having lived with his sons
the Father of His Country. After °ear Grand Valley postoflice, T.
the luncheon the time until mid-, Nickisch had charge of arrange
nigh was beguiled with cards at' ments.
H. E. Meyers the Opticial
Specialist will be at the Palace
Hotel in Lemmon, Saturday,
March 9, 1912. Glasses scien
tifically fitted. All work guaran
teed. Consultation free.
little daughter in consequence
of which new acquisition R,
is a deaervingly proud papa i
deed. I
Mr. and Mrs Oscar Olsen re
joice in the arrival of a young
lady of tender age, Sunday morn-
yow Fire Ins. that is soon going
who immediately proceeded
lQ make herseJf at
E j,:
t^em an(j to taj.e
I Mrs. Inga Olaon, of Bangor, their deepest affections. Con
r! Wis., who has been here visiting gratulations.
possession of
Green & Son has aifalf ha}
at ?1
reme satisfaction on all sides. bome Tuesday land hay at $14.50 per ton, on
Mrs. Theresa Germann an- track. I
i n authority that nounces that on the first of arch The local company of militia
UdK'ttit nas to go abroad shewill move onto her claim three have recently received a supply
this year for nearly a miiiion dol- miles east of Thunderhawk, andj0f ammunition for armory target
ls«r« worth of seed grain. This, half mile south of track. 'practice, and the boys are now
mething of an item, but in Every one may have a chance practicing almost every evening
of the fact that for a gene- ,at the special weekly prizes at with a view to improving on the
n the Dakotas have been Ellictt's. enviable record the company es-j
?rica's bread basket, that sum
St. Mary's
8.50 per ton, and good up-
tablished at camp last summer,
church will meet Thursday Feb., Miss Bowlus and her school
129, in the afternoon, with Mrs.
i ie Afiasns county com.mssio-1C. I Smith All members and Geo. Washington party Friday
have before th«-m the task friends are urged to be present evening last at the commodious
ui reducing demands for seed
were hosts at a shadow social and
& Son has received' North Lemmon township central
complete line o' field school. A large number of neigh-
bors were present and a delight
ful time is reported.
Mr. Citizen, give Oscar N. Samp
son a little of your Fire Insur
ance. 9-15
The firemen's dance Monday
evening was one of the most
popular and pleasant social func-
Disc, for trade, for cattle. Calljtions of the season, Many at
onor address John Kyllingatad. tended, the hall being crowded
Stowers, N. D.
Allen & Hafner have again
purchased the meat market which
they formerly ran, from G. B.
Patterson. The latter will de' ote
himself to the improvement of
his farm south of town.
:ts capacity, and the fire
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Fitzerald 1'ddies are in consequence quite
wish hereby to express their a nice sum ahead in their treas
grateful appreciation towards iury. Moe's orchestra furnished
the many who aided their excellent music, tho acquisition
daughter Marie in her canvass in of Mr Dave Clark with his clari
the piano contest. I net adding much to the ensemble
Oscar N. Sampson just came from
the eastern part of this state
and now wants 3 quarters not
to far apart and not to far from
this road.
L. C. Peck left Thursday of
last week for Kentucky, where
he expects to secure another
Morgan stallion. As the fore
most breeder of Morgan stock
Mr. Peck has made himself a fine
record with the U. S. government
for furnishing the highest type
is of Morgan stock at the remount
•in! station at Miles City, .vhile other
animals always brought the best
prices at the recurring horse sales
accessories in best town on line, I at Miles City. He is expected
b&ck shortly, and when he re
turns will bring with him an
animal representative of the
highest merit of that breed which
is now receiving so much de
served attention of breeders.
Temperance Meeting.
K. N Holsapple, Superinteo
dent of the South Dakota Anti-
Rev. '4, L. BSackmer, of Irwin, Saloon League will speak at
Pa. has accepted the call of the jSamelson's hall on next Sunday
local Baptist charge, and is ex- at 11 o'clock.
Bible school at 12.
Mr. Holsapple will also address
the Evangelical Gospel Temper
ance Association at the Presby
terian church at 7:30 p. m.
Help Wanted—to save dimes i It is seldom that we are visited
by eating 25c meals at Hotel)by such rare talent. Let every
Green. body avail themselves of this op-
Mrs. E. 1). Payne returned'portunity
Wednesday from
where she had attended the mil-
A cordial welcome to all,
H. U. DftJ*.
For Trade.
Income property for land. Value
$ 8 0 0 0 e n a $ 7 6 0 0 e
month. Clear of incumbrance.
J. W. Hurley, Owner. Al
mont N. Dak. 32-8t
Black gelding, age 0 yn., wt, ftb.
1450. Star in forehead right
frrnt foot white scar on same
reward for information or re
turn. J. F. Marshall, Petrel,
N. D.
F«*r Sale
A wild
SW I -4, S 1-2 NW I 4, 21 -130-93
Adams Co., N.
Political Announcements
For County Treasurer of Perkins
To the Voters-of Perkins County:
I have deeititd to be a candidate
for nomination to the office of eounty
treasurer at the primaries to be held
next June.
I believe that my Ion# association
with the business affairs of thecount.v
and the experience gained thereby,
bavin# been a member of the board
of county commissioners since the
county's organization, qualify me to
prowrly dUchar^e the duties of the
offic: and uay self, if nominated
and elected. ti i" so to the utmost of
my ability. L. T. LARSEN,
If nominated and elected, I pled#*
myself to discharge the duties of tfo*
office to the best interest* of J'erkin*
County and to the very best of my
ability. M. C. WICKWAflK.
For Clerk of the Circuit Court
i'o the Voters of Perkins County:
I hereby announce myself as a
canditate for the office of Clerk of the
Circuit Court for Perkins County,
subject to the approval of tiie republic
an voters at the primaries. Having
become thoroughly conversant with the
duties of the office during my present
term in this office, I feel I shall be en
abled to give the public that intelli
gent and conscientious service which
1 herewith pledge myself to. And in
futherance of my candidacy I hereby
•olifit the support of the voters.
Special Prize
Lodgepole, S. D.
For County Treasurer.
I wish to announce to the Voters of
Perkins County, that I shall be a
candidate for the office of County
Treasurer at the primaries to lie held
next June.
For the past twelve years I have
been engaged in the banking businenn.
the last two years in this county, and
l»elievo the experience gained tber»^))
ives me the qualifications neceMary
to perform the duties of the office.
Respectfuil y,
For States Attorney of Perkins
To the Voters of Perkins County:
I wish to announce that I am a
candidate for nomination at the Jun«
primary, for re-election to the office
of States Attorney. I beg to Stat*
that since baveheld the office I have
endeavored to adhere strictly to the
enforcement of the law. and have pur-
8ue(i S!1Ch
10o acres all tillable N 1-2
the County.
If re-elected
Dak, fifteen:
Lemmon, on Cedar]
price and terms,
Minn. 36 8tj
Lock Box 21, LeRoy,
to me
commensurate to the best inte ests of
promise a
of such policies, and iff
As announced before we will give a spe
cial prize each week gor a time—With
each fifty cent purchase we issue a num
ber of which we keep a duplicate. Each
Saturday night at 8: o'clock we draw one
number and the person holding the cor
responding number wins the prize. This
week it is a pair of SHOES, the choice
of the lucky one.
No. 127 won the rug last week and the person who has
number is requested to call and claim the rug. Lots of new
Suitings and Ginghams to arrive this week. Come in and see
them, Ladies.
Lemmon, South Dakota
Few Clerk of Courts
I will endeavor to correct any errors
I that I have mads when I see and be-
lievp thit have made them,
To the Voters of Perkins County.
I have decided to l»e a candidate for
the office of Clerk of Court at the com
ing election of Jt»12, my candidacy
having been solicited by the present
incunit»ent of the office, who has
pledged his hearty support toward my
If elected, I will give the office every
attention and care.
For County Auditor.
I hereby announca myself as it
candidate for re-election to the of
fice of County Auditor of Perkins
county S. D. As such candidate, 1
can only reiterate former pledges, to
faithfully discharge Jhe duties of the
oftee, ever remembering that, a county
There's Quality in the
Goods We Handle
and supreme satisfaction will be yours,
replenish your pantry from our stock.
Besides the regular stock we carry the en
tire line of
no more, nor less than a
hired man, his time and talent should
be devoted to the interest of the people.
I respectfully ask the support of the
voters at the coming June primary,
For Register of Deeds.
i'o the voters of Perkins County:
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of Register of Deeds. I have
served as deputy in this office for the
past two years and have had ten years
experience as an accountant. If nomi
nated and elected cafi promise an
ecoDOJttlc and efficient administration.
¥our support would be greatly ap
preciated. L. P. SHUTTLE WORTH.
if vou
Swift & Company's
These Speak for themselves. Give
them a trial* and let them talk their mer
its to you
Meat Market Main
For Superintendent of Schools
To the Voters of Perkins Count
I have decided to be a candi u
for reelection to the office of
Superintendent of Schools an -isa
appreciate any an allefforts in MI
of my candidacy. If elected i*
give the duties of the office n
thought and attention. Respec
E. T. V.V
wold grades, well
Ewes and 37
Bucks lots*
wintered and
in pink of condition, for *ale. 'n
quantity to suit purchaser. I^"
livery April 1st, or after 1-*^
bred to lamb about May
isell hunch entire under InmT?
[privilege of live percent cutlw^
Sheep can be inspected an
at my place 0 miles north
miles east of Lemmon, S.
P. O Stowers. N
LOST-Nov. 16, 1911, graj
ing, medium build, wt.
1250 lbs., freckles on fs-''
body, small bump on
kicks front ankles a
Finder please notify
Risser, Grand Valley,
for reward,
Important Notice -cost
ing reduced call at Hotel
and obtain a square me«
twenty-five cents.

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