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ormerly The State-Line Herald
Published Fridays at
3. F.
.11 «ie!
th thti
ids hi
V. Ph
it the V
Jf. Vul
th^ir j)
ut^st an
"licy. h«
the pr
Mnerican people to think that there
those who think that he and
Reraid: Why Arete So High?
Friday* H!arh!, 1^12.
visit at
*U1U Uil
c( ssa
UiiW !i 1' ,i:u.-L
11. tr ct
i j'actor
He lias
ilu hlb
lacy w
.(•••• strenj
pacities fitting hi
the office, and
ndidaev l,
imai it
rsed at the
in men! him-
I to I he skiers, iiavhiA' liitgt'
perience. i-o.vers of persuasion,
hnical ability, a host of friends
eminent in the counsels of the
tate, forensic gifts and a per
n£l genialily that must win
.m influence. The selecion of
Phelps, to represent this
fislativeViistrict at Pierre next
inter would be a sate CI.OR-C.
Nevertheless a peek into the
strongbox will reveal further
•, idence of that fifteen hundred.
Vv'aidi th. proceedings.
Aduins county office seekers are fin
anxious seat, pending the coming
March 8. wlien thev mav oiwti the
think this step is the great- Special Salary. 3 mills
*"*t mistake he has ever made- Out of' School P«!1
ipresidency he could ever be a fact* ltoadPtfll
u for good and for progress. As
l'resident in a third term he and will
rove either the usurper of powers
that belong to the people or a failure.
Further than he has gone he en never
n't. And as to his thus ojxjn opposi
tion to Taft, his arguments to super
sede him must go to counter to his
strongest endorsements as to policy in
the past
I»i'r t-Vre «lo th.s office
iU A
li.- tr
and other
s *,3* of *a s atT the county seat, are up
The foundation of taxation is,
the just assessment of all proper
ty. both real and personal: thi*
i oecasien he should be done by the various as
ve a usinc attendance. The, March of each year.
that the different
i til' (-t y *,
allien win coin pel each votu- to con
n8 himsell strictly to his own party,
*ill plunge thii caiiflidaus into n
i wet the excuses of the van-
For Road Poll $2.00, School Ifor
Poll $1 00 and Dogs $1.(HI is fixed jdress "S"
ls 14
!y can save the party and people.
America, prolific in bring to maturity
which i8
State tax. 4 mills
County General. 4.7 mil!
County Insane, mills
^reat personalities, ought to have no
difficulty in finding men as able ashe.
:ind the reelection of Roosevelt would
indicate tbat America ami it., liberies |County Hoati. 0.2 mill
'''?k for a dictator. Asto Coi. lttH.H£.k~ t'ountv Hridjje
lt idol of the nation as he appears Interest on lionds, I mill
Civ ii
Every one may have a chance
I")'. General
Rd. and Brdg.
Fire Guards
levled by Tp. Sups.
1 11
raills on the
17o.82 levied by the city council
for the city of Lemmon.
Making a grand total of the
A* Open Letter by tounty Aad- taxes for Perkins county for* the
itor P. Beniamiru
1911, $182,251.36.
I ive frequently made the a?-
Mrtjon that one ha,f 0fthetaxes
*^WV0 Qwwy declaration jn perkins connty. aside
in ivwi to uses in
r'rk.n. (r-m ||h Ux
think the
tme ehic&nary, in order to ex- f0r it»n
who are elected by the
iry Fannin?, voters of each township, at their
man and his miss:on de-
township meeting in
a s
s 0f
ng thej valuation of the various the Insane, such an amount
property are fixed 'y
State Board Ie. Each class
property shall average the
valuation so named by this Board,
in each and every county in the
i'he assessors do not seem to
gra?p this meaning of "Average"
of the varii usanimals, or articles,
but assess one and all at the
same valuation, without anv re
gard as to the real value thereof.
Why is this? The Township
Supervisors, sitting as a "Board
of Equalization," review the as
sessment roll of the assessor, it
being their duty to equalize the
assessment between individuals
of their township, and before
whom all grievances should be
ma!e known, and not leave it to
come before the County Board,
as is usually done The county
Board of Equalization (which is
the County Commissioners) is for
the purpose of reviewing the as-
were for
me prove
3chool purposes, let
i Total amount of all taxes
from the people, and Deduct Sua.
i «ish so impress upon their
r.ds that such thoughts are
thing but & aiylhological
Balance 1166,134
Half thls halance 83,06" 3"
Levied by various districts
for school purposes $ "7,346 44
School Polls 4,358 0"
Dog's -Tax to credit of the
V/1,098 44
The law is mandatory and com
pels the board of county com
missioners to make the following
For care and maintenance "f
will pay for the county inmate?
in the Insane Hospital, at Yank-1
ton for the year, pavable quater
ly to the state of South Dakota,
For special Salary fund, such
amount as will pay the sa'arv of
all officers as required by law.
For sinking fund, such an a-!
monnt as will pay the interest on
bonds and not to exceed 15 per'
cent of the principal in any one
year. i
The only fund which is left
to the discretion of the
Board of County Commissioners
is, the County General fund the
levy being 4, 7-10 mills from
which to pay, court expenses,
Sheriff fees, purchase books and
supplies for the different offices,
advertising, fuel and lights &c,
which means a tax of about $3.00
on each quarter section of provec
up land in Perkins county.
It is the duty of the Auditor to
make up the "Tax List' from
the assessment rolls as equalized
sessment rolls as passed upon by rinaliy by the State Board To
the Township Supervisors, and to jsee
equalize as between the various
that n0
townships of the county, to seei08?-5' ""V
property are brought up to the over to the Co. Treas. on Dec. 1
schedule as fixed by the State
ard, and if they fail in doin« 't must be. showing the amount
so the State Board will see to it j°*^.xest°becollected, is charged
to h)m, and he cannot, or must
not change one cent on that book,
unless shown conclsively that a
that it is done.
Tax Levies, By Whom Made.
In order to provide a revenue I clerical trror exists.
iv.i th^i running expenses of thej Taxes are always high in a new
various conizations in he?COUntry- *he1re
county it becomes necessary that
ocrtat^ a fund sufficient
levy exceeds the
^xe^ *?y law he must
,.™ not in excess what the law speci-
officers are concerned as they
are jn the 0|der counties.
0 .s aistricts, the law fixing a!
if in all cases, which cannot'
"v ignored.
'"in levy for State taxes ie WAGON, wide tire, and 7 ft.
.:.de by the State Board. Disc, for trade, for cattle. Call
Tne levy for County taxes is' on or address John Kyllingstad.
ide by the Co. Commissioners. 1 Stowers, N. D.
he levy for School purposes SMALL BUILDING wasted to
1 nade by the various School
a he levy for Civil Township,
roads and brieges. by Twp,
K Supervisors.
a^ain «nter the riD^ County Commissioners is, for the Saturday,
is humiliaimg to the, county levy, which for tax of 1911
I abstract of the tax list oi lilll H. L. ME\ ERS.
H. P. Benjamin,
County Auditor.
buy. L^t me know what you
have- Cail or address, H.
Care of Herald.
I Pool hall, complete, with all
accessories in best town on line,
83,6 or trade for
by law and not left discretionery Help Wanted—to save dimes
with the Board of County Com-!by eating 25c meals at Hotel
missioriers. Green.
,d The claim is made the responsi-1 H. E. Meyers the Opticial
term bility renting upon the Board
4 02» 2I
4! «8 oo
land. Ad-
March 9, 1912. Glasses scien
tifically fitted. All work guaran-
us examine teed. Consultation free.
See Oscar N. Sampson for
your Fire Ins. that is soon going
to run out.
1.20S 771
o 01458
Theresa Germann an-
that on the first of March
4 02J 21 she will move onto her claim three
12 08" (i-»
Thunderhawk, and
south of track.
1,938 75 For Trade.
TOTAL 150,012 41
Income property for land. Value
$8000. Rental $76.00
•i2,2S4)4j month. Clear of incumbrance.
87 J.
2fi 12
—i 346-41 an average of about 18^ body, small bump on www,
atthet,spec,al weekly prizes at: school districts. V^, a!
There is also a City tax of $10,
W. Hurley, Owner. Al-
mont N. Dak. 32 Ht
LOST—Nov. 16, 1911, grayg^hL
I he various School Boards ing, medium build, wt. about
levied for school purposes $77,! 1250 lbs., freckles on face on
dollar for the 59 Findlr ^^"notTfv11r'n'
for reward,
Political Announcements
For County Treasurer of Perkint
To th»- Voters of Perkins County:
classes of f\es. The tax list when turned
each year as the law specifies
to start with, everything must
coramence frorn the bottom and
a certain amount of money must build up which taks time and
raised by a certain number of money. The xpenses are precti
ii s each dollar of valuation.
same so far as the
and county
I have decided to be a candidal
for nomination to the office of count
treasurer at the primaries to be held
next June.
1 believe that my Ion# association
with the business affairs of the county
and the experience trained thereby,
having1 been a member of the board
of county commissioners since the
county's organization, qualify me to
properly discharge the duties of the
office: and 1 pledge myself, if nominated
and elected, to do so to the utmost of
my ability. L. T. LARS EN,
For the past twelve years I hav
lieen engaged in theImnkitig business
the last two years in this county, ami
l»elieve the experience gained thereby
irives me the qualifications necessary
to perform the duties of the otUcc.
If nominated and elected, 1 pledge
myself to discharge the duties of the
office to tjie best interests of Perkins
County and to the very best of my
ability. M. C. WICK WARE,
For Clerk of the Circuit Court.
to the Voters of I'erkins County:
I hereby announce myself a* a
canditate for the office^ of Clerk of the
Circuit Court for Perkins County,
subject to the approval of the repuhl le
an voters at the primaries. Having
become thoroughly convert«i»itlwH.htl#
duties of the ofliee during tny pt«« rlt
term in this ofliee, 1 feel «hiill *r|*
abled to give the public that InteHi
gent and conscientious ser vb'p which
1 herewith pledge myself to VIM1 lit
futherance of my candidacy I
solicit the support of the voter#
A wiilPt a
For Stale* Attorney
Coonlr i
i'o the Voters of Per MlttS tUiufttg:
I wUh to (hot ntti fi
oandld«te for xotnlfiaMon iU»
pi'litiary, for to htftrjp
of H1*U» AMuihfjt }*»g it,
that si»m'#- I h*
ft ht-Ul Ihft office I
endestorfd to a/lMrik nbfrtlf ft th*
"ntorffftmit of ih*
sued sueh |ioHeJe» thnt Ui ftff
lltt- r/eoit*
I hg**'
Special Prize
Lodgepole, S. I).
For County Treasurer.
I wish to announce to the Voters of
Perkins County, that I shall be a
candidate for the ottiee of County
Treasurer at the primaries to be heln
next line.
If (f» I (itorttiKt- fi '•otififfKfkthitl
of suelt pfdlftfM
I will i,t 1*1 af,y (.ftt-H
tHat#* ihitM, i
As announced before we will give a
cial prize each week gor a time—
each fifty cent purchase we issue a num
ber of which we keep a duplicate.
Saturday night at
number and the person holding the
responding number wins the prize.
week it is a pair of SHOES, the
of the lucky one.
No. 127 won the rug last week and the person who has the
number is requested to call and claim the rug. Lots of
Suitings and Ginghams to arrive this week. Come in and see
them, Ladies.
Lemmon, South Dakota
For Clerk of Courts
I'o the Voters of PerklnH County.
I have decided to be a candidate for
the ofliee of Clerk of Court at the com
ing election of 11(12, my candidacy
having lteen solicited by the present
IneuKilMiit of the office, who has
pledged his hearty support toward my
If elected, I Will y I v» the office every
attention and est
htHhUllif the duties nf t|,P
tiHu-f, twmttthMUiu (list, aeoutily

o'clock we draw
There's Quality in
Goods We Handle
and supreme satisfaction will be yours, if \ou
W replenish your pantry from our stock.
hht-4 tnttff, hU
Besides the regular stock we carry the en
tire line of
Swift & Company's
These Speak for themselves. Give
them a trial, and let them talk their mer
its to you
II- Alillllicil,
W»r Counfy Auditor.
I t*reb» tin,lounc?
tnjsdf as a
tfHhtlttlHl* ftit re wleel lrin to the of
of omtj
Auditor of Pet kin*
nouMtf ft. An soeh ettfiilldale, I
mti Ohfir fm-imt-
l»ss thsu
ffme fhl"fM should
foMe iht» iHO'rMtofthe people.
i 1 i I Stl- lit» Bti|,|io|| of he
fat#** *t/i. 4»m
Pitt tt+ninlptni llmlii.
,,t p/.f |,j|,o "Mtltv
l"'!' Nl.i- eitndldttt' for
o*nv '.1 fteffstef of leedM I have
s« tlffM ofliee for th**
Mti ffitre ftnd t»n r^ai^
p'-rfrftff. s, ,tt\ If HOHll
Htut h1b('Ufi I |.(,h |it olliltie an
unit efftetetit ftdmlnlstiatlon.
lie tfientlv np
t, P. mumMmrim.
Meat Market Mair.
For Superintendent of Schools.
To the Voters of Perkins Com
I have decided to be a cu i''
for reelection to the office of
1 1 1
Superintendent of Schools an
appreciate any an all efforts ir
of my candidacy. If elected -1
give the duties of the office
thought and attention. Res pee
E. T. V.
For Register of
I wish to announce to the vc
Perkins County, South Dakota,
am a candidate before the Rep
primaries to be held in June. 1
nomination to the office of Re,'
Heeds. I have resided 28 year
state of South Dakota,
plnOgen, to
ol which I have spent on a hoi
in Perkins County near Mailt'
olMee. If nominated and
sure the voters that 1 will give
straight forward business a
ti'wtlon of the office. R. H. MA
i*r Covnty Judge.
To tft* Voters of Perkins Com
1 am a candidate for the i
V-ounty .ludtre, subject to your
iltt«« (binaries.
I am in the market for a ft*
horwcK that can be bought right
Let me know what you have-
At First State Bank.

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