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Lemonm Herald
Wanted i'u*
iUoii as ii^ose
keeper by experienced lady
•oi worn.
a I ran
JiiftS Jennie i-aKin,
746 N. Park Ave., Chuajro,
i.i». tAualiii. •J-I
tuTrasje iwi Lskuti: «ic
roj.n Bungalow
in w« city,
located in Deal res ~v aec
:»On. (J:year's
cash 10 use in exchange deal.
Also have more money for farm
loan*. Gas Engines and ma
chinery for sale, all time. The
Wuley Bros. Land Co.
HOTEL in thriving Reservation
point on main line of Puget
Sound road for sale or for rent.
Hotel in best order and now
running. The pending open
ing of th„' remaining parts oi
the reservation to settlement
will make this a rare business
chance of promise. Owner
must dispose of for reasons oi
illness and advanced age Ap
ply Fr Wehrfritz, *lcLauglin.
S. D.
my place on see.
*-130-92, Adams Co., about Det
1", four cows and iwo spring
calves. Two cows red, one rets
with white face, one tan red.
One calf red, the other rec
with .vniie face. Nine brand
ed. Ptease noti'y promptly:
ROBERTGAPP, Box 324. Lem
mon, S
«n in tlte market for a fr*
horses that can be bought right.
Let me know what you have.
At First SUfce ifoak. AS.
?.r!Sf AuKAiS i and ICE CREAM
C'ARLMR HI U"tty»i#"4r.tf. fox
it »i4tcuiiiiwieU VVItfc
rocer and Bakery. sarr.e
liiding separate rooms. Valu
0. Nearer int
'i hf
..5 Ham-
Prefer land near town,
full description section,
'Hip. range etc. Reason
7 W
Address Krayn &Beath.
5 n
11-00 SINGLE RATE *1.00
CUflOPLAN. MTC ro« Two KitKmt »1 .SO
W*TI« »r-i«i y.rtT. r.-cTme
rtoo*. »*3 TCLt^HOKt s t-vi'ft TO or
Submit Your
Building Plans to
(General Contractor in
Frame, Concrete,
Brick and Stone
Drawn and Specifica
tion!* Furnished.
S. D.
Mir»s Steel
Public Stenographer
lessons in Shorthand
and Typewriting
Koom 12. Land Office Building
•t MM 'l-l Mil |i I I I 111 I' I I I Scotch pup bad ravished the raf doll
from the nursery. dragged It to a cor
ner of the ijwn. dug a bo.e
I Compliments
of the Season
A CluiMmu Story CofMecrn
tB# Tramp and a «oll
cwtftt. MM. by PoohUlUr, P«|«
n u n i n n i i i"H nun
There are no more Christmas stories
to write Fiction is exhausted, and
I newspaper items, tbe next best, are
manufactured by clever yoang Jour
nalbrts who have married early and
hove an engagingly pessimistic view
of life Therefore, for seasonable di
version, we are reduced to two Tery
questionable source*—facts and phi
iosophy. We will begin with— which
ever you choose to call it.
2-2 41
juiuxi at one- •. urler*
clo»t teethe ~on
:h- R. K. Oaear is. npsoo,
Children are pestilential Rttte tnl
mals with which we have to cope un
der a bewildering variety of condition*
Especially w&en cbiidish sorrows over
whe them are we put to our wits
*nd As for the children, no one UD
derstands them except old maids.
fiuucbbacks and shepherd dogs.
Now come the facts in the case of
tbe rag doli. the tatterdemalion and of no rag doll could withstand twice to
tbe 2T»tb of December become tbe prey of such fearsome mon
On tbe tenth of that month tbe child sters
of the millionaire lost her rag doll. Though you may not know it. Gro
Th»»rp were many aervants in the mil- gan's saloon stands Dear the river and
llorjiiire'js palace on the Hudson, and near the fxt of the street down whkh
these ransacked the house and ground* Fuzzy traveled In Grosrsn's Christmas
but without finding the lost treasure.
The child was a girl of five and one of
»h**e perverse little beasts that often
W4.»und the sensibilities of wea'thy par
ents by tiling rheir affections upon
sooe rufsar. Inexpensive toy Instead
rag doll be found as soon as possible
i ,'^ng
Tbe MJ:r Hotel
••*ou *KB A PACE or Ptrrrr FACE®
Tbe child sniffed at tberapeuUcs.
chewed a thumb and walled for her
Betsy. And all this time cablegrams
were coming from Santa Claus saying
that he would soon be here and en
Joining us to show a true Christian
Flip's fore feet Look. Watson! Earth
—dried earth bettreen the toes. Of
course the dog— but Sherlock was not
there. Therefore it devolves. But to
pfgraphy and architecture must inter
The millionaire's palace occupied a
bur. HJ
It after tUe mju:t«r of careie^s under
takers Th«r« ycu bav# the cay«tery
»wiv«d and no cti«*ks» to write for ilf
hypodermics! trliard or fi pun note*
to to-«* to the sergeant Theo let's get
dawn to the heart of (lie thing, tire
some reader*—the Christ mat heart of
the tbing
Fuzzy wn* drank -not rlofousty or
belpiessiy or loqancioaslt. as voo or 1
mi^ht get. but de-entlv. appropriateir
aod liHiffeo«jTeif. n« be4'fn»e» a (teniie
man down ou bis lack.
Farzy was a soidier of fortune. The
road, the haystack, the park bench, the
kitcheo d^xr. the bitter round of eiee
mosynary tieds with shower f«ith at
tachment. the fetty picklnp« and iff
nobly garuerwj laraefise of great cities
—these formed the rhar-ters of his his
Farry walked toward the river, down
the street that bounded on# side of the
millionaires bouse and grounds He
saw a leg of Betsy, the lost rag doi
protrndins like the clew to a IHiipu
tian murder mystery, from its untime
ly grave in a corner of she fen'-e He
dragged forth the maltreated Infant,
tucked It under his arm aod went on
his way. cnxoing a road song of bi
brethren that no doli that tias been
brought up to the sheltered life should
hear Well for Betsy that she had D"
ears. And weii that she had no eye*
save unseeing circles of black, for the
faces of Fuzzy aod the Scotch terriet
were ttx»se of brothers, and the bean
cheer wa* already ram pant.
Fuzzy entered with his doli. He fan
cied that a- a mummer at tbe feast of
Saturn be might earn a few drops from
the wassail cup
He set Betsy on the bar and ad
of upon diamond studded automobiles dressed her loudly and humorously
and pony phaetons seasoning his speech with exaggerated
The child gri. ved sorely and truly, a compliments and endearments, as one
thing inexplicable to tbe millionaire, to entertaining his lady friend The loaf
whom thf rag doli market was about
a* inteiMing as Bay State gas, and to
the inrty the chad's mother, who was
ail for form- that is. nearly all. as jou
sbdlt see
I be child cried Inconsolably aod
grew Mluw eyed, krrockkneed. spin
diii.ji and corykiiverty In many ollw
reffwct* Tbe mil'kmaire smiied aud
tsis coffers conSdentiy. Tbe pic»
of the output of the French and Ger
man toymakers was rubbed by special
delivery to the mansion, but Rachel re
fused to be comforted- She was weep
ing (ft her rag chUd and was for a
aiscb rotertive tariff agalnn all for
f'^oiisbcess. Then d'xrors with
ers and bibbers around caught tbe
far e of it and roared. Tbe bartender
gave Fuzzy a drink. Ob. many of u«
carry rag dolls.
"One for tbe ladyT suggested Fuzzy
impudently, and tucked another contri
button to art beneath hi.« waistcoat.
He began to see possibilities in Betsy
His first night had been a success
Vlfiotis of a vaudeville circuit about
town dawned upon him.
In a group near the stove sat "Pig
eon" McCarthy. Black Riley and "One
Ear" Mike, well and unfavorably
known In the tough shoestring di«tri'"-t
that blackened the left bank of tbe
river. They passed a newsparer back
tbe fiuest bedside manners and stop and forth among themselves The item
w»t-lie* were cabled in. One by one
tbe chartered futileiy about pej»tij
HJ.-.sits«ri.-rte of Iron and sea voyage
aud bi jopbffsphites until their stop
watches showed that BUI Rendered
wa« under the wire for show or place.
Th-n. as men. they advised that tbe
that each solid and blunt forefinger
perilled out was an advertisement
beaded "One Huudred Dollars Re
ward." To earn it one must return the
rag d'l! lost strayed or stolen from
the millionaire's mansion.
Bta' k Riley came from behind the
and! approached Fuzzy in his one
and restored to its mourning parent sided, pamtiolic way.
The Christmas mummer, flushed with
success, bad tucked Betsy under his
arm and was about to depart to the
filling of niipromptu d.ttes elsewhere.
"Say. toy," said Black Riley to him.
"where did you cop out dat doll?"
"This doll?" isked Fuzzy, touching
Betsy with his forefinger to be sure
tbat she was the one referred to
"Why, this doll was presented to me
by the emperor of Beloochistan. I have
700 others in my country home in New
port. This doll"—
"Cheese the funny business," aaid
Riley. "You swiped it or picked It up
at de house on de hill where—but
never mind dat You wunt to take 50
cents for de rags, and take It quick
Me brother's kid at home migbt be
wantln' to play wld It. Hey—what?"
He produced the coin.
Fuzzy laughed a gurgling, Insolent,
alcoholic laugh in his face.
Black Riley gauged Fuzzy quickly
with his blueberry eye as a wrestler
'does. Ills hand was itching to play the
I Roman and wrest the rag Sabine from
the extemporaneous Merry Andrew who
was entertaining an angel unuwure
But he refrained Fuzzy was fat and
I solid and big Three inches of well
nourished corporeity, defended from
the winter winds by dingy linen. Inter
I vened between his vest and trousers
Countless small, circular wrinkles run
inlng around his coat sleeves and
knees guaranteed the quality of hi
,bone and muscle Ills small bine eyes
bathed in the moisture of altruism and
|wooziness, looked upon you kindly, yet
without abashment. He was whisker
ly. whlsk.vly. floshily formidable So
Black Riley temporized.
I "Wot'll you take for It tftO?" be
If Dr. Watson's Investigating friend 'asked.
bad been called In to solve this mys- i "Money.'' said Fuzzy with husky
terious disappearance he might have .firmness, "cannot buy her."
observed on the millionaire's wall a He was intoxicated with tbe artist'*
cepy of "The Vampire." That would first sweet cup of attainment. To set
have quickly suggested, by induction, ja faded blue, earth stained rag doll on
"a rang, a bone and a hank of hair." la bar. to hold mimic converse with it
Flip, a Scotch terrier, next to the rag 'and to find his heart leaping with tin
doll In the child's heart, frisked through sense of plaudits earned and his throat
the halls. The hank of hair! Aha! X. |scorching with free libations poured In
the unfound quantity, represented the his honor—could base coin buy him
rag doll. But the bone? Well, when from such achievements?
dogs find bones they— Done! It were jceivethat Fuzzy hail the temperament
an easy and a fruitful task to examine Fuzzy walked out with the gait of a
trained sea lion Iji search of a^her
cafes to conquer
Though the dusk of twilight was
hardly yet apparent, lights were be
glnnlug to spangle the city like pop
com bursting in a deep skillet Christ
mas eve. Impatiently expected, was
lordly space. In front of It was a lawn peeping over the brink of the hour
c!o«e mowed as a south Ireland man's 'Millions had prepared for Its celi-bra
fni-e two days after a shave. At one .tion. Towns would be [minted red
side of It and fronting on another You yourself have heard the horns and
street was a pleasuauf-e trimmed to a dodged the capers of the Satnrnallans
tool and the garage and stables. Tbe "Pijteon" McCarthy. Black Riley aud
Oraaacup Would Ostracize Roosevelt
and Morgan.
Chicago, Ftb. .— b'tter S. Gross
cup. former United States circuit
Judge, in a speech before a body of
kcal electrical engineers, declared
bimself opposed to many of tiie pres
ent day new ideas. He denounced the
Initiative, referendum and recall and
then spoke of the regulation of trust*
and tbe present status of labor. In
part he said:
"Present law* for the regulation of
trusts are antiquated. The time will
eome when the government will un
dertake the systematic regulation of
trusts without trying to discourage
tkeir existence.
"The law used to be sgainat the or
ganisation of labor unions, but the
law has been changed because labor
ing men have more votes than capital
ists. This Is a triumph of the present
"Some day some one will propose
tbat J. Morgan. Theodore Roose
velt and other American leaders be
ostracised for the benefit of society
because they are too powerful."
They Are Sometimes a Gain to These
Who Own the Timber.
People who have read accounts of
great forest fires may be surprised tu
learu that, iu place of loss, such Ores
are sometimes a galu to tbe owner
The lo.ss in lumber if cut within a few
years is small, and the removal of un
derbrush reduces the cost of lumber
Tbat a forest fire could in any way
be a benefit and not an injury seems
so novel that some proof is necessary.
Tbe statement bus been made that
more timber is destroyed by fire every
year than is conrerted Into lumber.
As a matter of fact, the report of the
forest service declares the actual fire
loss in national reserves for the last
three years bas amounted to only one
tent of 1 per cent. From some tifty
lumber companies the highest admit
ted loss from Ore la 2 per ceut in twen
ty years. Another company estimates
Its Ore loss for firty two years at 1 per
cent, and another, during sixty, has
bad an annual loss of one-sixteenth of
1 percent. Twenty eight companies re
port their loss since organization as
"hardly worth mentioning."
The point of these reports, so sur
prising to those unacquainted with the
lumber business is tbat the tires, while
they kill the trees, do not consume tbe
trunk. The less severe Ores do not
necessarily kill the trees. Worse fires
do this by burning the underbrush
around the trees and perhaps the tops
of the trees. But the trunk of the tree,
the log from which the boards are to
be cnt. is seldom touched. The killed
timber makes as good lumber as the
other, tbe only difference being tbat it
is necessary to cut it within a limited
White pine or hemlock in the upper
Mississippi valley must be cut the first
or the second winter following the Bre
or worms will injure the lumber The
two year period applies in the "inland
empire" and to the hemlock on tbe
slopes of tbe Cascades. Western
spruce need not be cut for three years
and western fir for four years. Red
cedar has no limit, and trees burned
fifty years ago are now being turned
into shingles—Jonas Howard In Chi
cago Tribune.
Daniel Webster, the Boy, at HI* En
trance to Exeter Academy.
Almost a year passed, however, be
fore the plan so long cherished was
fairly started and Daniel, dressed in a
brand uew homemade suit HIUI astride
a sidesaddle, rode with his father to
Exeter to be entered at the famous
acedemy founded by John PhlllipH
The principal then aud forty years
thereafter was Dr. BeuJatnln Abbot
one of the greatest teachers our coun
try has yet produced. As the doctor
was III tbe duty of examining the new
pupil fell* to Joseph S lluckmlnster,
then an usher at tbe academy, but
destined to Influence strongly the rell
glous life of New ICngland
It was (lie custom of the doctor, we
are told, to conduct the examination
of applicants with pompous ceremony
and that. Imitating tihn, young ltu k
minster summoned Webster to ItU
presence, put on his bat and suld
"Well. sir. what U your age?" "|'«wr
teen," was the reply. "Take this III
ble. my lad. and read that chapter"
The passage given liltu was Hi
I.uke'a dramatic description of lltecoti
spiring of Judas with the priest« a ml
scribes, of the last supper, of Ihs hu
trayal by Judas, «f the three denials of
Peter and the scene hi the hoiisu of
the high priest Itut youiitf Websttii
was equal to the test and tend lh»
whole passage to tb« end Iu a vol' u
and with a fervor such as
Ituckmluster had nevsr llsltmiid tu hu
fore. "Young man," said he "you nu
qualified lo enim this Inslltiiiloii," and
no more questions w«ru put tu hlio
will per
A Word l« Itudf,
SDellpaai'deiiiin*itoitd*i*poui w
eg pit
roolrljiuug thuis ibn ischub.*! »w»l
lot-ally incept ud ualiiu of (lis mtluinn
bile In Flaieluis tjnuH" immIm |IMI
tbe second letter Is Q. ind uo oifcui.n
"rapid," •'paardeloos MMIII»
less,' "xooiideempoio *«g" U liie lot
ogntxed way of dusulM^ $ tUlnu
"without rails, and Nn*ll. "plij.iol
rljiuug' Implies a tblng
petroleum Ho hm i quite son
plv. and meie while t»hu*».is so4
devils are out) iaswud Hut
like to be hit by a leul
looe» etc If *1 lMU*l tttffWJNI#
Capita! and Surplus $12,000.00
General Banking Business.
Interest on Time Deposits.
Special Attention Give*!
Lemmon State
C. C. SlDKBTOs, Cashier.
Business Men Wante
The new Town of Lawther, Morton Count, N.
offers good openings for various lines of business,
Offers during the new Year 1912 its
Furniture, Rugs, Bedding
Hardware, Stoves, Etc.
Everything for the
done at
»'**l!T|im, Am IIIIMUKH
Honor Wl'Ilti Me
iMsmiNI, Rwilh tlnlmu
It WMMi HMir MUtiM ftml
*w» |»*!iiM pull K
W«U IHI). Ihuti.vith'a
s'oiili M..I MUIH HI tjt1
pecially to men who can talk German. Wanted are
Physician, a Druggist, a Meat market, a Blacksmi
Shop, a Hardware store, a Harness shop, Furnitu
store, Elevator and Newspaper.
We have secured a very fair wheat and Oats cro
and the flax crop is the best. Prospects are splendi
for good business.
For information see or write
William Heil
Lawther, P. 0. Elgin, N. Dak
Lemmon Furniture
and Hardware Co.
complete Stock
Undertaking and Embalming.
Funeral Directing and Supplit
will receive the very best profession
al thought and care, if you have
1 Lemmon, S.
No job of printing to small or simple,
or too intricate but what we shall i'C
lilaU to figure with you.
Cat a log
I readv and frt
the asking
art and fuit of good
See King Cen es
front cover

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