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rkins fount v. South 1 )akota
"reatttrOT^H. M. A i-with#
kiMlitOr -tl. U*~iiW swajMO*
lex.afor -ifDwds—
Slei k u! ci^risjg-A^'-'tie Q»
sta- AtU»rj.' .ios V.
.1 -Ucj#4|f5jpke I'*i
V. A
Haul Ok»*, N
H. HM«rks.
This is one of the tests
rained in our free book,
She knows
taalev. ftoosevtir
n i irrf-soCi•
t.- t. v aluij
Steam and
FRtSIDtlfr ^rJ
7W-A 3eTM0"fc*HfT«r
A' *»n n» 1 i .' .%!«.»•«.
J»WM« !ttlHJetah.
1. Sch*I•* Ro»e Warner
tlol'l .,
I*t A
2nc uU
.« »-Prrffl A^U :.
Years Wear in Ten Minute Tat:."
The information in thi* book will
enable anybody to finally and abso
lutely settle the roofing problem—
to know which roofing will last
longest on the building.
So ask our dealer {or your bpok
and sample of
Then give Vulcanic a a... 4 to
make good. Put it to *. -.he cii.eme
tests along with the other roofings
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what Vulcanite will do. You'll kaow,
too, if Vim try It.
Ask your dealer right away fot
v*mr free copv of the book and sua*
p.t- He'll gladly s. ppiy yuu.
Patent Vulcanite Roofing C4
Cbica|o. 111.
Seide-Geier Lumber 0.
So. Dak.
•vhoencount ...
ers ai sorts of hal^ino
Ul DaKln
CUltlCS—uneven neat, inexpc-
rienced help, etc., has perfect
The president and his campaign
nanagers have sought throughout
:his campaign, by a dignified and fair
:ourse of conduct, to maintain the Re
Tiibllean party as a militant power
'or good In tbe land, with a view to I
inoth^r triumphant victory at the 1
polls 1n November
On the contrary. Theodojns Aoose- I
^elt and his frleodB and backers have
-onducted an organized campaijm to
wreck the Republican party, not only
ry engendering personal MiimosttiM
by attacks on individual leaders of
th* party In various states, but by of
fering ar.d sopportlng a national plat
form which is rank Socialism. As a
result o? this situation Director Wil
liam B. McKinlev of the Natioaal T^ft
bureau, issued the following ,state
nt to the public on April 14:
"The outcome of the Pennsylvania
primaries !s plainly indicative of tho
fact that national tssuee are playing
ar.Iy a small part in some states in
the campaign for the Republican oom
,nation for president..
"Instead of constructive statesman
ship being put forth in an effort to
»olve the problems b#for« the country
and as a bid for rotes on the ground
of merit, a nation-wide campaign of
willful and malicious misrepresenta
tion. villlflcatlon and assault on the
president of the United States has
been substituted Such a campaign,
amounting in fact to a conspiracy,
no' only to humiliate the president
personally, but to commit the Repub
lican party to rank Socialism, has
been countenanced and conducted by
former Presldebt Theodore Roose
"The time has arrived to call i taUt
on such proceedings
bWi sl office lD
that h.r hrf-.l M/ill
tuilliutnct, mat ner bread Will
turn out to perfect satisfaction
when she uses
Golden Leaf Flour
she has
backino of an irrn ,-lcl
ailtee that (jOLDHIN
Vili iiii
Ittacks nf Theodare Roos&elts
unacw QT ineoiwre noos^eu,
Fuji of Falsehoods.
Misrepresentation, Nullification, Abuse
and Assaults of Rooseve't Will
No Longer Be Tolerated—
Former President Wtorid
Wreck the Party.
i After enduring with Infinite pa
tience. not onljr because of the dignity
jf the high office wtilth he holds, but
ilso because of the personal friend
ihip which he has enjoyed and had
i loped to maintain with former Hresi
lent Theodore Rooeevelt. President
llViliiam H. Taft has finally been
I 'orced to resent the mUrepresenta
'.ions of his actual position on pntjHc
ssues, the untrtiths which have been
Jt'ered with respect to his ofSciaJ ac
tions and to the conduct of this cam
paign and attacks upon h!m which not
nfrequently involved his personal
lonor as a man as well as his integ
rlty as president of the l"n!fed States.
"PrenMent Taft, always mindful of
the decencies of human conduct be
lieving 'hat friendship Is a
thing and that, like truth, it should be
maintained even at a personal sacri
fice, and also beiievin* that the Ameri
can people expect the occupant of the
FLOUR will make good or
her money back.
Ask Your Grocer for tt
E. E. Green & Son sell seed
cora that will grow. Wholesale
Dacking or an iron clad uar- msuit the president of the united
mitted to charge the president with
being 'a receiver of stolen goods,'
without protest, but former President
Of the nation
uirii- as well as those who have formerly oe-
cupied it, to respect the dignity of that
course of this
patiently submitted to mis-
representation, vllUHcatton and Insult
without reply.
The result Is that his opponent has
thrown nil restraint to the winds Sen
ator joKeph Dixon, the national
campaign manager of former Prest-
as been permitted,
^uk« from his candidate, to
States. He has not only been
where Dy u«s ---, i
to be print-* young spring a sudden setback.
'The time has now come when the
American people will no longer sit
idly by and see this unfair and mali
cious persecution and villiflcatlon con
ttnu«d by man and
Cmujl -^m-rrn
I Cwwt*
i -t&\J3L
i 6f a man, who has already served two
terms in th* white house, by the votes
«£-"tb«* Re^'ufilkwi rsrty, and fho now,
hoi only !n v!o'dMf!f, Of thfc •On written
law of the republic but in violation
o? his o»n solemn promise to the na
•ioBj, vqi'antar^v £ivtn on the night
J!(atg bT his
recent spee^htrs in Illinois
vfinia, and New Hampshire
"The fact that this candidate Is now I
claim*!?? to wear the mantle of A bra
ham Lincoln is evidence that the acme
of demagogism in this country has
%eeu reached
"Those states which have yet to
elect legates to the Republican na
tlonal convent Son in Chicago Trflght 1
ji:st as well realize now that the re
iwblie as well as the Republican par
ty has b'en placed In jeopardy by tbe
issues raised by Theodore Roosevelt. I
They must realize that, the unwritten
law of the republic that no man shall
be president three terms, is an insur
mountable obstacle
Standing of Candidates 5
S President Taft now has 388
a delegates to the Chicago conven
J. tion instructed for or pledged to J|
ni* renomination. His support is S
of such character as will vote for
ft him fst. last and alt the time.
Mr. Roosevelt has 170 votes Sert
ft ator LaFoMette 36 and Senator
Cummir* 6.
Roosevelt Most Notorious Paifefta^t
Ueer In History.
The, nypoTtsjr of Theodore Roose
velt has not been better illustrated in
Ibis can.patgn than by .his ci\arge
that Prtfiident Taft has used Tederal
patronage to secure his renominatlon.
No president of this country ever
used patronage aa did Theodora i
Roosevelt to secure his nomination In
He 'used it without stint to defeat
his enemies in the campaign of 1908.
In this campaign his own ap
pointees, retained by President Taft,
have, in answer to his call, worked
agalnEt President Taft.
In Montana his campaign manager,
Senator Joseph M. Dixon, has com
pelled every federal office-holder he
can control to violate all civil servtoo
rules and the executive orders Issued
y Presldeat Rooaevolt himself.
In Texas Cecil Lyon, the personal
iriend of Roosevelt, has coerced the
federal office holders to support
Rooseveit and has demanded of them
a "elufch fund" to defeat Taft. Lyon
recommended, on his own admission,
all but five of 6,000 office holders in
The state machines, under the con
trol of the "Roosevelt governors"
have been solidly aligned against
Taft In Beren states.
Senator Dlxon, in a letter #hlch the
Taft managers now hold, has threat
ened to oppose In the senate the con
firmation of federal office holders who
have expressed their preference for
Taft. If this 1s not intimidation aad
iadtc^ct bribery, what is lf.1
Last We Forget-*-
Tftit Theodore Roosev*tt MWM!
down the tariff revision flag from the
White House at the request of Sena
tor Nelson W Aldilch and' Speaker
tfa* friaads Joseph Q. Oannoa.
c# Reo««v«tt Boom to Dats tth
cMd« the Cost of the Last
Natica! Campaign.
The financial backers of Theodore
jliooaevett have expended to date near
s.ly la aa endeavor to re
ccaiiaate the former president for a
'rfc:-d term How this money is used
j.and where it comes from Is or inter
a est TP aM citijeos
i in Oklahoma the ofcarga bas b«en
I K&de that the Rooseveit managers
t"» a vote to delegates to con
,. vert ions. This Is the state where Mr.
i Roosevelt said there was a "genuine
In Chicago two men contributed
$T,e00 for use in one district on prl
mary day and $200 was offered eight
precinct captains to desert Taft.
^ovemtie!' 8' T9'"-(! fs ee?l!ng'& ftfr8'
term or. a national platform so ttfi-
ia-nature that he ^are not
discu?s ktOUKltt_
Where is the money coming from?
George W. Perkins, director of the
International Harvester company and
of the United States Steel corpora
tion. neither of whom Theodore
Roosevelt ever farmed, but on the
contrary deiended as president and
defends now, is the "head of the bar
rel." Frank A. Munsey, a large hold
er of steel commoi stock. Is a close
second. In addition Gifford Pinchot,
John I*. Pass ".f New Hampshire, who
ran the Roosevelt campaign in North
Dakota Governor Chase Osborne and
Truman Newbeny of Michigan
Chauncey Dewey and Alexander H.
Revell of Chicago: Thomas Niedring
haus and Walter Dicfcey of Missouri
and a host of others In the Roose-
the success of
any party in any national election fn
this country. They mast realize that
tbe prcposal of the recall of jadgee 1
and of J«d1cial decisions Is not only
•in Republican but rank Socialism.
The duty of Republicans toward a can
didate for the nomination on such a
platform is therefore, plain.
"The president is In this fight to
?ray He will he the nominee of the
Rfpubiican convention at rtjieago. la
•his connection It must not be torfcot
ten that he was nominated 'our i'ea-ra
ago without the votes of the states of
1 Unois, Pennsylvania, Indiana, New
Y rk or Wisconsin In this ccn'est he
is already assured of ah overwhelming
majority of the delegate? from In
diana and N«w York, and of a large
number of de(*?ate«» in Pennsylvania,
none of whom voted tor hltn In 1$0V
velt fold are millionaires or multi
I millionaires. Incidentally Theodore
Pooseveit himself has made a million
dollars since his return from Africa
He once said "no man could make a
million dollars honestly in a lite
Roosevelt Attacks Penrose but Takes
Up Notorious "Boss" Fllnn,
In Petinkylvanla, in an attempt to
divert attention from his socialistic
Columbus, Ohio, speech, sm) from
FUnri of Pittsburg hi» 1'ecn-
svlvania manager, Theodore Roose
velt attacked President Taft and Sen
ator Boie* Penrose Tbe fact Is that
there is not a charac'er in public life
today wbo has the notorious record
of "Old Bill Flit n. and Roosevelt
did not dare mention hie name In
Until 1901 Fllnn was the "boss" of
Pittsburg. He was rnn out of power
by the decent people of that commu
nity. In the few years he "bossed'
Pittsburg Flinn received from men he
put in public office contracts aggre
gating more than 121,000.000, as Is
shown by the public records.
In lSf5 Flinn attempted to make a
contract with Matthew Stanley Quay.
United States senator, which he wrote
out in his own hand, a copy of which
is still in existence. In this document
Flinn bound himseJf to deliver to
Qm.y the votes of all Pittsburg and
Allegheny county le^ishitors and con
gressmen and all delegates to state
and national conventions In return for
which Quay was to protect Fllnn in
his private and political business In
the legislature of the state.
The proposition waa so rotten that
even Quay turned It down.
This Is ttie man Theodore Rooee
velt, former president of the United
States, has resurrected Into political
life under the plea of "Let the Peo
ple Rule."
That Theodore Roosevelt once said
in a letter:
"Can we antagonize the Morgan In
terests which baa alfrftjr# fcMn so
friendly to u»r*
That thfi International Harvester
company land the Ufited Suites Hteei
corporation are "Morgan tnterests",
that they are repr«Hent«Ml In tbe
Roo6e*eflt headquarters liy (leorge W.
Perklna, the chief ^intrllvitor to the
Roosewlt eaiupaisn fund, and that
Theodore Roosevelt has nvt men
tioned any Morgan interest' or friend
of Morgan dn this campsigfli'aitee|f to
defend It or then
That Tt.eodore UckihovmII
after he had ordered the «Mill tiled, fo
termJt the proseoution of the 1 ut»rna
tlonal Harveetsr company and ,\hat ha
reached this decision after a visit
from Qeorga W. Perkins,
That 11. Ilarrlntah raised lUitui,.
000, at Roosevelt's reqiu to «|ltct
him president In 1004. and that (be
following contributed:
E Hnrriman, Vuiltr
Mlt int«i4'sis, fsn.liort, ('hmincay
Depew, »2fw,O00 nerp«iitt MW||aii,
$10,000, (George W i'mktiu. fn^niMt,
Standard Oil Iqiere^gi, atAa*
moomyad ^tDtbcMU, iut.W
I primary
The same "crew" has since
-wcrked" Kansas and Nebraska and
t» bow in Arkanaaa, aa witness the
following telegram'
Roosevelt managers are using
money under the gutss of paying
wages to workers, another name for i
britery." I
*n Pennsylvania, Instead of stand
mg at the polls and handing each
Roosevelt voter a 15 bill, "due hills" 1
were Issued calling for this amount
which were collected at headquarters
when countersigned by the district
leaders. It is estimated that |1UU.U00
was expended In this manner. This
would "reach" 20.000 voters.
In New York county the Roosevelt
managers expended a quarter o a-!
million dollars. One district leader
paid $10,000 out of his own pocket in 1
hi« own district, on promise of reim
bursement, besides -wHat headquarter*
sent him.
at 21
Interest on Time Deposits,
of op insurance system. 3
Improved "Northwestern Dent (An early Calico
Dent—South Dakota grown. tesJ.82j 4.50
Golden Dent (An extra early yellow dent -test 90) 4.50
Minnesota No. 13 (test 85 to 90)
Minnesota King (test 85)
Red Rivtr Karijr Oki
4ti& LAhUv
Earl} Rose
„Wew York Rurak
C: n N'-.
N. J. Ot.J»h.\ Moorhead. Minn.
will receive the very best profession
*Mhou*bf |nd yoiis shave
Lemmon, S. D.
No job of printing to small or simple,
or too intricate but what we shall be
glad to figure with you.
i.FMMi 'N" HiR.M.D
«id Surplus $12,000.00
Special Attention Given to Insurance
|^in|npn State Bank
Thos. CofXIKS. Pres. L. H". Haegr, Vice Pre
C. Sidkrius, Cashier.
Lemmon, So. Dak.
Seed Corn and Potatoes:
We oilt-r i
lowini? seeo
o o n i
0! v. »t.iuk l»oi._ 11. I't c» nanit'd inc.u-'
K-iiveiy 1.0. b. mi s at i
ai jr4or Idootbea^. Sfefemlestiibats aH extr
cents each, burlap bays not charged with potatoes. Write fo
special .prices 00 rarjje lots, s
NorthWesterit Oent (Minnesota jrrown-^Jtest
70 to 75 per cent $5,00
ul u i.'.i
i i
National Ciop Insurance
This is pu of the issues advocated by R. O. Richards,
iotr I$| Wf
at a f^# i-eniii ^er apf^iie* v.^sn-the ^rfviriin«-nt pah insdre sll
ag-a .ist loss of their cj*op from_causes over which tliey have not
as bail, drouth, flood, et£.,'U Ui# Jl»t- its vrydinent made.
fair alar for the farnie/ffcr hiifovvn irork' He a/guet. that
rsi-.es a crop is a nublic lienefactor and agriculture, as the basi
wyatih. should and could be made absolutely safe liy means
If you favor this pro)H»aiti«»i ou can take the first step tow at
k) ffsct b.v voting for Mr. Richards at the primaries June 4th.
I, I pi Respectfully,
M! lOj 1 lilt' AHOK AUK -#TOI^ A COV
Lemmon Furniture
and Hardware Co.
Offers during the new Year 1912 its complete Stock
Furniture, Rugs, Bedding
Hardware, Stoves, Etc.
Everything for the House.
i IJndcrta Ing and Embalming.
uncral Directing and Supplies

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