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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, May 10, 1912, Image 1

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The Commercial
I enter of the
I i e
\ol. 5
)lll€r POlIlt
Divide Your Expenditures
bv wise economy add to your satisfaction by starting
savings account multiply your happiness by adding
a little each month to your savings.
You Won't Miss
the spare dollars if you put them into a saving
But you will miss them—and miss them
the "pinch" comes, if you have
them to slip away. The refrain which
every successful man dins in his ears is: "Save,
save, saver
You'll not need to worry about your future If
you have a substantial savings account back of you.
A dollar starts you here.
United States Depositary
iTen to Fifteen Bushels
wr*' .mm—rar—
More Corn per Acre.
hunting the same nvr/wr of k«PHf-ls to
eachh: This can be accomplished by the uae of the
Deer No. 9 Edge Drop
Corn Planter
Accuracy in the drop of a corn planter is the most irri
tant feature. The price of a corn planter can be lost on
lighty small acreagu of corn by useing a kind that does
drop accurately.
The E.ij?e Drop on the Deer No. 9 has patented feat
and tfiese features that the other fellow can't use puts
Deer in a class bv itself for accuracy of the drop.
This is a clean cut fact—a ireful
1 inspection vi:i b»-ar
statement out.
'?ree ^rom 'he trappy
and novelty features found on other plant
^tause grief and trouble, and means loss of
Very often the loss of just one day in the
I at planting time means a loss, more than the price of
planter. Insure yourself against such a loss by purchas
DEER No. 9 Ed&e Drop
invite Your Careful Inspection at oar Store
Dakota Implement Co.
E. E. Green & Son
Hholesale and Reiaii
handle a complete line of
the very best SEED such as
Corn, several varities, Grims, Tiir
tan, Black Hills and other varieties
Alfalfa seed Bromus and West
on Rye Grass various Clover and
i-awn seeds Silver Mine seed
oats wilt proof Flax and Millet.
Handle NORTH RL'P KING & Co's. celebrated
'*nji brand garden and flower seed. Also a limited
of seed barley and S'ied speitz
Early Ohio Potatoes, a specialty
espondence invited:
E. E. Green & Son
Stree. Lemmon, Sk» M~
The Lemmon Herald
Lemmon, Perkins Gounty, vSonth D.ikoi.t, Frid.iy, May 10, 1912.
President Taft Says He Was
Hit Below the Belt
tMMthfli Makes Brief Step* in Adam*
County and Addresses Large Crowds,
Being Unaware of the Fact That
Nearly AM Its Voters Are Di«-
Portsmouth, 0., May t.—"I'm up
fttfalnat tke wall and I'm being hit,"
shouted President Taft in a speech
here. "I'm taring hit below the bolt,
and I'm here to fi^ht," he continued,
and the crowd yelled with delight.
At Winchester, Beartian and 1'cebleg
the president was speaking In Adanifl
county, where Judge A. Z. Blair, dis
franchised for several years nearly
V.'iOO men for being concerned in vota
l' .virig and vote selling, although be
not know this until later.
Th«' humorous side of the situation
'i: pealed to one man who was on the
ition platform at Seaman.
"What's he talking to these people
r?" he asked. "They're all dlafrna-
.ised anyhow."
By the time he reached Peebles, the
stop before reaching Portsmouth,
"e president had warmed up to his
s hject.
"I am said to represent, the Interests,
be under the influence of special
ivileges," he said. "Well, let us see.
Points to Trust Prosecutions.
"There is no administration in the
h! 'tory of the government in which the
rsecutions have been so uniform an1
i. 've been so prosecuted without fear
i so without regard to consequences.
'-te interstate com metre com mission
ported against Dan liar.na of Clere
nl that, he was acrepting rebates.
it.t him before the attorney general
the district attorney and the
md Jury and they found as indict
'And now he is one of the patriots
*t is loudest in denunciation of me
-i 1 strongest in support of Theodore
I followed the policies of Theodore
osevelt and prosecuted all the
ist.g and I went a little further than
it. I properu.rerl the steel trust, and
o the harvester trust. Now I ask
:i to give me a square deal."
Ifter consulting with Republican
ders in Ohio President Taft has de
ed to spend ten days more in the
4* before the primaries, May 21.
w nnars in Municipal Election Have
Small Pluralities.
.It. Paul, May 9.—In the closest elec
tion this city has seen in years Her
bert P. Keller (Rep.) was reelected
mayor over Otto Bremer (Dem i by
42.1 majority. Major W. C. Handy
(Rep.) for comptroller defeated D. J.
Sullivan (Dem.) by 2tf7. S. A. Farna
wor'h (Rep.) for treasurer won by
i (oti over Otto Rohland (Dem.). The
Republicans oont.ro! the assembly by
Ave to four and the Democrats have
teven of the twelve aldermen. The
amendment to the charter providing
for the commission plan of govern
ment carried by a large majority The
new plan will go into eflWt in 1914.
State Convention Endorses Colonel's
i Independence, Kan., May 9.—The
Republican state convention, called to
name four delegates at large to th
national convention, endorsed the can
('idacv of rolonel Roosevelt for tin
presidential nomination and instructed
I the 'big four" to vote for him from
i the first ballot to the last.. Roosevelt
I men completely dominated the oonvea
i tlon.
I William Allen White of Km porta was
i endorsed for national committeeman.
Pred Stanley ot Wichita was tempo
rary chairman and Governor stubba,
permanent etiairman.
Great Expectations.
"Tonr «on itpfient^ iu i**a voong man
of gre»t esiiw-ttiiintis
"Yes He imm in til# spare time writ
tnc -ipee tie* which tie will Bare to de
liver «t the laying cornerstones
wbeti tie t»e-ome« prealdeuL
lltfcord HwtiiU.
•Tie tried to KIm £u«. I eis't
Maud t"
-Netthet enn I. d«r.*
Woll Bounties are
Doomed by Scandal.
W#rre, May 1. The deveiopmeoi
in the wolf bounty cases in th« Blue'*
Hills indicates a cltise arreement
tween the county auditorof Fall Hi •-1
and a few •'hunters" In which tin
number of wolves killed had muhloy
whatever to do with the number
scalps rertitifd to. and there was a
division of the profits. The whiie
I situation meBns litigation not »tily in
i regard to the fraud used in securing
the bounty certificat«s, but in th"ii
payment as well, and a Stirling- 'm
which spells the end of state w«i!f
bounty for Hotith Dakota, with timu«
ands of dollars secured fraudulentU
by the system ned if work the df•» I
over between tl»' inmiin"
county auditor.
J. F. F'ord, after an absence »f
a year or so, returned to look
after his interests here, Mr
Ford made the trip across eouri
try from the hills, and found it
rather a difficult matter to makf
good connections. He thinks
that this summer the stage
ought to get together and estali
lish direct communication br
tween lemmon and the hills
country, at a resonable rate, arid
believes that such action wouM
become quite popular. Mr. Fonl
has landed interests in *he li
Fourche reservoir country at *l
states that this year that tre
mendous reservoir, 12 miles long
and 4 miles wide, is filling up
fine, storing water enough to
meet the demand for two sea
Flax foi Adams County.
The county commissioners of
Adam* county have at last suc
ceeded in arranging for the pur
chase of seed flax, securing 3.f/»0
bushels of excellent quality.
This flax will be delivered to
farmers under the terms of their
applications heretofore made,
and to none others who have
made no applications. The price
will he between $2.4T and $2 4*.
Delivery will be made by the
elevator company. The county
will issue special seed grain war
rents for the value of this seed,
the county banKs having agreed
to handle the warrents, and buy
ers of the s?ed being thus place-i
in a position to pay for their
share at any reasonable time
From Wentworth, S. D., comes
the news of the marriage of Mi
Emma Unzelmann, formerly of
this city, to Mr. Wm. Blase, of
Madison. The nuptials took place
at the home of the bride's par
ents, the bride being attired
prettily in a gown of white satin,
and carrying orange Woesome
Miss Clara Unzelman and Miss
Maude Brwer, the latter of Lem
mon. were bride's maids. The
young bridal pair will establish
their home on the groom's farm
near Wentworth. Congratula
Judge C. C. Carpenter *r!
)urt Reporter Linstad left Sun
day afternoon for BulFalo, for
the session of circuit court for
Harding countv. It is thought
that this sitting will last ahou*
ten 'lays.
Fire Department llews.
The monthly meeting of the
Lemmon Fire Department waa1chemical
held last Monday evening May 2.!
It being the date of the annual
election of officers the following
men were elected' J. P, Stern
hagen. Chief C. A. Ingalls,
Sec,y L. Hager, Tres. Mons
Monson, Capt. of chemical engine
No. li John Bftmbta, Capt. of
Tho l-'irsl
National Bank
The First National Bank
O'DonneM .^hooq
The leramon Hetjld
June Nth, 1V*17
1 l*f*TI! (,'t.v^s
I'nMnhei an.I dil..1
will co-operate with you. Our scrvicc to commer
cial lines of business will be appreciated by those
business men who require the service of a thourough
ly progressive, yet safe and conservative institution.
I very department is as arrantjed as to be of easy
acccss and benefit to the patrons. Officers are al
ways glad to confer with those requesting counsel
and will be glad to meet you at any time at their desk.
tiHrd Sliit llt-poOliM v
C. I). .Smith, Pres. Lemimm, So. Dak.
Don't Gamble inClothes
No. 48
average man knows little
about clothes. He likes
the color of the fabric, the cut
of the garments, but has
doubt of the wearing qualities.
Why not buy your suits from a store
with a reputation of up-to-date and
guaranteed goods
Those O'donnell shoes
won favors with all
who ever wore a pair,
they have the fit, style
and wearing qualities.
uXi U
Model Clothing House
The 11.
Hart Selia(Trier A- V
engine No. 2 A.
Hals, Capt. of Hose cart No. i,
C. A. Ingalls, Capt. of Hose cart
No. 2 R. J. Fields. Capt. of
Hook and Ladder B. R. Watt,
Fire Marshall. The respective
captains will select their teams
from the list of members at an
early dat«.
Bollomont Hat
Afl'i'A' .-'.I:
Five hundred feet of new ho
as just been received and ordc.
ed put on the hose carts. Th
makes a total of about fifteen
hundred feet of hose. Two new
members were accepted on Mon
day evening. Twenty-one mem
bers were present and an enthu*
•iastic meeting was held.

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