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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, June 21, 1912, Image 1

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The Commercial
Center of the
Trans-Missouri 2
The special
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a savings account multiply your happiness by adding
little each month to your savings.
Yon Won't Miss
the spare dollars if you put them into a saving
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You'll not need to worry about your future if
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A dollar starts you here.
United States Depositary
constructioa of the clamped corner on the
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Velie Body Corners Never Open Up
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East 2nd Stree. Lemmon, S. D.
The Lemmon Herald
Children's Day Observed
Children's Day was observed
i Sunday with appropriate services
in the First Baptist church. The
2nd Sunday in June is generally
observed through out the United
States and dedicated to the chil
dren. Special service was ar
ranged and a pnjoyable program
was given at the evening service.
A collection was taken up and
the proceeds used for missionary
The church was decorated with
flowers and ferns. Pretty songs
and recitations by the childien
were a feature of the service.
Mr. and Mrs H. D. March and
Mrs. C. A. Ingalls kindly assist
ed. The following program was
under the direction of Mrs. Mary
Drew Wilson, assisted by Mrs.
Organ Voluntary: ''Slumber
Sung." Mrs. Wilson.
Prayer: Rev. H. U. Dale.
Hvmn: Congregation.
Welcome Song: Sunday school
Address: Rev. Blackmer.
Reci tation: "Collection" Gladys
Off: "Traumerei" Mrs. Wilson.
Recitation: "»od made them
all" Lulu Bostic.
"What 1 would be" By 7 boys,
Leonard. Willard and Kenneth
Getman, Leonard Wilson, Wal
ter Chase and Teddie Chase.
Slumber Sottg Blanche South
Recitation: "Just as good"
Alice Hoehn
Recitation 'Children'#
Katharine March.
Dialogue "Mary's Lamb" Doris
King and Gladys Getman.
Recita'ion: "Whittier's Prayer"
Eleanor March.
Song: "Cheerful Songs today
are ringing" Sunday school
"Whatcan they do?" By 6girls,
Tressie Smith, Lulu Bostic,
Leona Long, Gladys Getman,
Blanche Southworth, Doris
Recitation: "Would the world
be better" Helen Hoehn.
Recitation: "Early and Late"
Tressie Smith.
Recitation "The Doctor's
Miss Anderson.
Vocal Solo: "Bow down thine
Ear'' Mrs. C. A. Ingalls.
Duet' All for Jesus" Mr. and
Mrs. H. D. March.
Song "God is on the Throne"
Sunday school child
Socialist Picnic July 4tta
at tbe Hat Ranch.
Mr Jennewein says that they
have plenty of shade, water,
fresh air and scenery. Ice and
salt will be free. Bring the
lemons, milk and freezers. Load
the tent in and come the night
before. The speaking and sports
will interest you, and every ef
fort will be put forth to make
you happy. Everybody come.
The Hat Ranch, Section 6,10-13.
Order of Local Jennewein,
Republican Candidate for Stale Rep
North Dakota.
Lemmon, Perkins County, South Dakota, Friday, June 21,1912. No. 2
B. Banna for Governer
oi North Dakota.
It is our privilege to have
known Hon. L. B, llanna for
long number of years. Throuy,
out that time our regard and re
spect for him, for his worth as
man, a man of action, of thought
fulness, of devotion to duty,
legislative and executive ability
of highest rank, has increased
from year to year. His official
acts and he has been in the lime
light of public scrutiny for over
20 years, will bear us out in the
assertion that make him easily
the states first citizen.
We know that the best of men
in coming before the public must
suffer asswlt from libellists and
muckrakfcrs. Pay no attention
to the llimsy web of argument
presented by his opponent. II
want honest and yet ener
getic and impartial service in tht
government's office, oh ye North
Dakotans make L. B. Hannayour
first choice.
There were quite a few peopU
in these parts who in dealings
with one or another of the depart
ments at Washington have learn
ed they have a sincere friend and
servent of the people in Mr.
Hanna. Many have learned that
he lives in every day ollicial lift
the precept that actuates him:
A public official is the public's
Messrs. Oscar C. olsen, Raj
J. Murphy and E. Dickensoi
made an auto trip to Faith this
week, returning Wednesday
evening. The crop outlook alont
(heir route is reported by then
the best ever, and they broughi
back samples of grain from Faith
which they had gathered at Ec
Gravey's place which surel)
would indicate fine prospects.
There was flax 18 inches hi^h ant
read} to bloom, macaiom wheal
ol spring seeding that is heading
out, and corn a foot high. That
is some record for June, and il
everybody else between Lemmon
and Faith shows up similarly,
there will be other people thai
will find farming a good thing
besides the valiant ex-chief oj
police of Lemmon-
Owing to the absence of the
pastor there will be no preaching
service at the Presbyterian
church, Sunday morning. Tht
Sunday school will meet at the
usual hour. In the evening there
will be a union meeting at 8
o'clock The famous temperance
orator, Hector, will speak. A
collection will be taken. A cordi
al invitation is extended to all.
Lemmon friends have advices
from Rev. W. D. Williams to the
effect that he is now at Holy
Cross hospital, Salt Lake City,
recuperating from attacks of
rupture and appeudici'is, and
operations attendant. He is now
located atMalad City, Idaho.
The First
National Bank
The First National Hank
Your vote and support is
respectfully solicited.
of Reeder, Republican candidate
for Representative for the 49th
Legislative District of the Stab
of North Dakota, comprising
Adams and Hettinger Counties,
at the Primaries to be held June
2oth, 1912.
In Mr. Hjort's case, it may ot
truly said that the office seeks tht
man, for it wasonly after th- mi
urgent request of both farmers
and business men from all partsol
the district that Mr. Hjort. wh
isan exceedingly busv man. coub
be prevailed upon to tjecome
candidate for the office. It meant
a great sacrifice that he make
ind no one realizes this mure full
than Ins associates ol the Fai inert
Elevator Company of Reeder, of
which organization he is the Sec
retary-Treasurer, and the First
National Bank in which he is act
ively engaged. If nominated and
elected to the ofFic, the 49th die
trict will receive the full strength
of his untiring energies in pro
moting its interests first, last and
all the time.
The Lemmon Herald
I stablished
June Sth, 1907.
United States Depositary
C. B. Smith, Pres. I.t mmon, So. Ih'k.
Republican Candidate for Clerk
of Courts of Adams Co., N. I).
Has been a resident of
North Dakota since the spring
of 1907. Filed on his home
stead, Sec. 19-130-95 in the
fall of 1907, and has resided
upon and improved the same
since the spring of 1908.
His former business exper
ience has been as follows:
Twelve years, commercial
traveler. Four years sales
man general store. One year
buyer, dry goods store. One
year assistant in clerk of court
office, Winnebago county, Ia.
His past experience qualifies
him for the office he seeks.
1 I". Paul t.ross
State H^torV Publisher and Editor.
will co-operate with you. Our service to commer
cial lines of business will be appreciated by those
business men who require the service of a ihourough
ly progressive, yet safe and conservative institution.
Every department is as arranged as to be of easy
access and benefit to the patrons. Officers are al
ways glad to confer with those requesting counsel
and will be glad to meet you at any time at their desk.
ing the upbuilding of
i e i
lage* and community
I -v e a
tempting offers have ht iri"'is
times been extended him i i tin
east to return, but his unbounded
faith in the ultimate success 1
his country and love of his newly
aquired friends and fellow citi
zens has made him refuse every
proposition advatierd
Vote for Henry Moen for
State's Attorney of Adams
county at the primaries June
2tfth, 1912.
Henry Moen deserves a
second term for the stand he
has taken in regard to law en
forcement and for his consid
eration of the tax payer's in
terest. Two years ago he
pledged, that if elected he
would enforce the laws of the
state. Fvery pledge he made
at that time has been redeam
ed, and with the past two
years' experience he will be
in better position to fulfill in
still larger measure the duties
jf this important office.
Messrs. F. A. Finch, and Car
rel! and Jas. Clay, of Thunder
hawk, made a trip to Bismarck
per auto Saturday, returning
Tuesday. They report that all
along the lines a spendidly grow
ing crop wasiri evidence, and the
outlook is most inspiring.
Frances Colahan, Shirley Don-
ovan. Leta Foot and Grace Bolus
of this city attended the teachers
Institute which was held at Aber
deen the past week. A large at
tendance of 800 teachers were
present and .'W instructors. Three
lectures a day were delivered by
prominent speakers, among the
number being: Gov. Vessey, Dr.
Vincent, of the University of
Vlinnet-ota, Mr liawrence, State
3upt. of S schools. Our own
eaehers spoke with enthusiasm
of til' ir fine meeting ar.d the op-
Mr. Hjort came to Adams county port unity afforded them of listen
in April 19^7 to prove up a home-
stead in Township 129. ranae 98
corps of such exceptional
and movfd to Reedera year later.
He has ever since been foremost List your land with Oscar N.
and mos' unselfish in ptoniot [Sampson, Lemmon, S D.

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