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The Commercial
Center of the
K p»
Vol 6
Did It ever occur to you why all good
business men keep a checking account
with a bank? We will tell you. It en
ables them to keep their funds in a more
secure place than the office safe. It
gives them a better standing in the busi
ness world. It enables then to pay
their bills by check being an umJtsput
able receipt.
Individuals find a checking account
very convenient ana a source of saving.
Money in one's pocket is often spent on
the spur of the moment, while one is
disposed to think twice before drawing
on his balance in the bank. Get the
Savings Habit. Lay up for a rainy day.
Start a bank account witii
"The Old Reliable"
The First State Bank
U. S. Depositary.
QttRL \fffUU GS immediately impress you with
their high character, and you instinctively feel tbaU
they are RIGHT—A better acquaintance invari*
ably proves it to be so.
They are all well made, strongly put together
gad ikt &ftish and painting makes you realize
Deere Vehicles /fre^ll tjight.
It was through no accident that the "wearing
qualities" of QEERE VEHICLES were obtained.
They are the result of long and intelligent
gfudy of western requirements. Like all succes
ses, they have their imitators, who attempt
copy them outwardly, but omit entirely the
practical qualities the strong features of all
DCERE Vehicles
When in the market for
buggy consider well
W« are the authorised ilaiti.
Dakota Implement Company.
1900 Shee
about 10 0 are ewes, 423 are
two the balance are
and five's about equal
in number at $3.50 per head.
40 bucks at$10.00the balance
at $2.60 per head, also
gmp wagon ready to move,
^heep are about 9 miles east
w otowers.
Edwin KirR.
The Lemmon iierald
Tbetteup of the trains, due to Sui
day's cloudburst, w»s completed Mon
day on the part of the Yellowstone
division of the Northern Pacific. The
washout just west of Glendive was
quickly repaired, but there were sev
eral washouts between thi6 city and
the town of Wibaux aggregating about
five miles of track. All available
division forces and extra gangs, to
gether with the pile driver and 200
men from the Mountain division, were
rushed to the scene, but it was stated
at division headquarters that through
trains could not be pesumpi} Hntil
Wednesday at the earliest. In the
meantime, all main-line trains are be
ing detoured over the Milwaukee,
again resuming Northern Paoifto ri^ht
of way ^t Terry, Moijt.. 40 miies west
of here. To accommodate local traffic
a stub train is bei&g run between
i.l've and Terry.
It. develops that the Northern Pa
cific agent-it Hodges had a strenuous
experience during Sunday's storm.
The water Rowed through the station
itself in volume three feet deep, and
at one time the operq.to,f ^pp,vJ wuUt
luep, working his kpy,
What wa» ptsrh&ps the worst rain
torm that ever visited Glendive, ac
i "rding to the memory of the oldest
inhabitant, for at least 20 years, came
Monday afternoon at the
unusually »ta*ou, when a veri
table Cloudburst broke oyer the city
uout 1 p. m. and the government
i a,in guage showed a precipitation of
two and one-half inches in two lyr\»V
time, following also ^vnyitauon of
•t '3 aft twh Vhiuh eamu in a hard
i uh about midnight. Monday after
noon the water came in floods from
'lie hillsides, converting the princiiinl.
streets into running river^
senting seriovii fov u in I
titfi UiaU'ictx
Lemmon, Perkins Gounty, South Dakold, ridd, August 23. 1912.
Glendive Storm is
Worst in Decade.
quickly flooded The
stotffl »1»0 brought considerable
trouble to the Northern Pacific. Two
miles west of Glendive 300 feet of track
w«?re washed out and trains will be de
layed for a few hours, as the storm
-.wept eastward to North Dakota, ex
tending not more than 15 miles w^l
this city. The wires between Glen
dive and North Dakota points went
down and communication was inter
i ipted. The break, however, was
vion repaired.
The storm was also accompanied by
an unusually severe lightning dis
turbanee, one bolt striking the r» si
dence of former Mayor J. H. Miski
uien, one of the finest houses, splitting
the big chimney and the heating plant
from roof io cellar and filling the
«h»le house with flashing fire. Kd
waid Miller, young son of Mr. and
Mrs. K. Miller, who was visiting
the Mi k men children at the time, re
ceived a severe shock, but soon re
Billion Bo. Bumper Crop
Good Time For Farmer.
Dickinson Press: A unique and orig
nal ad was the one over the name of
I.. S. Donaldson &Co. of Minneapolis
«hu'h appeared in the Tribune on
utrust 4 It was a statistical report
omriiled by the advertisers and gave
!lie estimated figures of the number of
iiiisheJs of grain grown in the eight
-'ate* of Minnesota. North Dakota,
-outh Dakota. Montann, Wyoming.
Idaho, Orf.gon and WashingiO''.
According to these figures North Da
i ita will harvest over 135 million
jshels of wheat, or nearly as much
the other seven ^t.tes together. In
the production of flax our state leads
l»v 50 per cent, having an estimate i
1 (million bushels this year. Montann
second and Minnesota third. North
hakota is also second in the pio
i action of rye ill oatv, Mil nesota
fining first.
The figures in thcTribune also show
i a total of 1.12^,370,000 busla is of
-ain to be harvested by these eiyl
ates in 1912. whuh at tlie average
prices would amount totH»i3.H8S,OOOHn
iiountequal to fjne-tifth ofaH the
money in circulation in the Uni'ed
states. Of course these figures will
I cut down somewhat by destr- ction
of crop6 tiiis season hail and other
things, but notwithstanding this, the
northwest will harvest by fa
greatest crop in its history
Simpson is Quoted
in a Mandan Paper.!
Pioneer: Attorney A. Simpson
of Dickinson, who it is hoped by the
big majority of voters in this section
of the state will be declared winiu i
for the nomination on the Republican
ticket to congress by the state can
vassing board next month, put ore]
across the plate at Mott last week.
He was busily engaged in changing
a tire on bis automobile whity opt. el
his friends «as iookipg for the puiu
tare iq the tube takeq out,
The offending hole in the ti^bf
found and the friend rwta^^tis: I
'•Gvipss hetVM' i
A ort!» so \on win r* 1 i .a with
The I'alucc
t0 k k
1U1 tbo juncture.1'
\es, jJJ. Simpson, "ami
m.9rk Inother cross there for secon
Swat That Fly.
Hotel people, and
latterly several others, are now
daily living up to the spirit of
that modern slogan. They have
number of fly traps made.
and put them promptly into com
mission, with the result that
especially about hotel back yards.
the life ftf a fly is far from being
*-hat it used to be. The first
trap made, after having been in
service two days onlv showed
what must be a million of the
pesta in captivity, and if the
work continues, the fly nuisance
ought to be put in a fair way of
being curbed
i idge, and thus get into the death
chamber, where they gradually
kill themselves by over-exertion,
are starved, or may be poisoned.
Wedding Bells.
Miss Wilhelmina Selk, of Howe.
N. D., and Wm. E. Cowell, of
Farmington. Minn., were married
at Mandan, N. on Julv 16,
1912 at 8 m. at the M. F. par
sonage by the Fie v. C. E. Van
Home, 3052 2nd St. N, W. Mr.
and Mrs. W. Barker accom
panied Miss Selk to Mandan,
where Mr. Cowell joined them,
and where the knot was tied.
The bride was tastefully attired
in a hand embroideried white
Jap silk dress.
Mr. and Mrs. Cowell returned
I want to buy four good quart
era in Perkins or Adams county.
See me quick. Albert Smalley.
to her home on the claim n^ar Indiana po nts Mrs. VV lilums is
Howe. Their many Howe friends a sister of Mrs. Berry, v, ho has
wish them a happy and prosper- not fee1! her relatives for some
ous voyage through life. Mrs.
R»uth of town frie-di:
and relatives of the bridal pair
Minnie Luella Holmes and Ed-'u
were present. Rev. Blackmer. of Address John
Lemnion, performing tbe imp- Butte, S.
The First
National Bank*
I ^•"rer-.c Wi.h
you. Our
incs o usiiic--^
C. n.
and other aquatic fowl opens at!campaign as they could. Mr.
the same time, and closes Dec. (iandy was scheduled tospes.k
15th. From this it will be noted, at 8 IK) p. m., but owing a io
that according to the new law i breakdown of his car he had been
there will be no spring shooting
whatever all of which is but
right arid proper.
Antelope, beaver, otter and all
harmless birds are protected
throughout the year. Th»* sea
son for deer is from Nov. 10th
to Nov. 30th inclusive.
All residents of the state who
wish to go hunting, must first
secure from the county auditor
of their county a resident hunt
ing license, the fee of which is
one dollar. Non resident hunters
must secure a license, paying
therefor twenty-five dollars.
Hunting without license is a mis
demeanor punishable with a fine
not exceeding $100 and costs,
jcupied bv them without license.
Blank applications for hunting
license may be had at the Lem
mon Herald Office.
tials. The ceremony taking p'ace i
a- the noon hour. I he bride is I
the daughter of Mr. E. E. Green.
The groom is me of the web
known and highly respected
young men of the city, who has
liwd here since 1907. Mr. and
Mrs. McVey will make 'he city
their home, the greom having
for some ti ne been with the seed
store of Green & Son.
years, and is now realiz
Cowell has lived on her claiming the pleasant an' icipatien matters, it will probably be some
ove four years. years in this visit k brotheis time before U e eit.'s dream is
land sisters, and th- «senes ot realized.
er vou
ui», Henry McVey plighted their B. H. Borr-sen was in the city
troth Tuesday at the farm home! Good halt s' i,,in faro-ii'V la'-d Monday, alter having spent a
r,f Mr and Mrs F, Grppn i for sale. Three ml. southeast of week professional y north of
$3800, all cash.
Portnoy, White
ihe lemmon Herald^
June 8th, 1907.
1. !•. Paul Grots
Publisher ami Editor,
require the service of a ihourouRh-
yet safe and conservative institution.
Every department is as arranged as to be of easy
access and benefit to the patrons. Officers are al
ways glad to confer with those requesting counsel
and will be glad to meet you at any time at their desk.
The First National Bank
lulled StnUvs l)'|nsitnry
Smith. Vn s. I.« iiimon,
Jotany, Get Your Gun.
Already the sportsman's mimi
wanders with longing towards
the davs when he may freely take
his Run. whistle for his dog and
out after the festive game
In North Dakota the open sea
son begins September 7th, con
tinuing for snipe, prairie chicken,
grouse of all kinds, woodcock
and plover unti1 Nov. 1st. The
season for duck, goose, crane
The traps are simple enough
iw e»utr»vane. A frame work in
^ape like a box is sided and
topped with wire screen. In the
bottom a "V-shaped ridge is
inserted, and also completely
screened, save that along the
ridge a narrow slit is left open,
large enough for the flies to
awl through and into the cage.
The box is then get anywhere
where flies aie numerous, but so
that it is slightly raised from
the ground, so that the flies can
easily promenade about under it.
Anything that will attract the
flies is placed under the box, to
attract them, and immediately
the trap begins to do the busi
ness. The flies crawl under the
box, attracted by the promise of
good feeding when leaving, or
scared up, they naturally fly up
ward against the scieen of the'
ridge. Here tney settle, and «'l sentence of from 10 to 30 road between Lemmon and While
then crawling about, and geneial-.days. However, anyone or mem-1 Butte, Tuesday evening, Will
|y upward, they sooner or later bers of his immediate family mav
rL au
So. lhik.
Democrats Rally at Seiin.
A numerous gathering"!' dem
ocrats, their friends and otlu i
wise, were on hand Wednesday
evening, to welcome Hon. Han y
Ii. (iandy, democratic candidate
for congressman from this dis
trict, and to hear his message.
As mafiv as could b» carried in
Papke's big enr, were present
from Lemmon a jollv bunch,
bent on making as much of th s
first democratic frolic of the
back to Meadov
obliged to go
whence Cliff I
up by 9:00.
I I! I hill
Mr. Gandy made a good im
pression upon his hearers his
diction is ciear. logic forcible,
and he speaks in a vein of ear
nestness and sincerity that fail*
not of it- impres on h-i-- v ho
Both h#* and his talk were w II
received and heartily encer I.
He is making a number of ct un
ti.v trips at Ihis pleasant season,
and will visit L^emmon later n
the campaign when rail trav I
will be advisable.
LOST '"'t. Hinder i' |,|e, nil
find the slit in the apex of the! hunt on lands their own. or oc office Lemmon, post oflice ston
finder please leave same at Herald
White Bntt
or 1' i\vrnn
Stale Line Eclwcs.
1 1
11 in. -A cms an
,auto stay 'A en .V I.e.. .uni
and Dickinson, lost an automobile
I by fire while he was rifling 11.
Chancing to look back lie sa w
the rear of the machine on fir
and had just time to jump oi'.
when both the gasoline and ti e
jprestolite tanks exploded, et
veloping the tar in flame- I.e
car was a total lose, bu •.
Mrs. R. H. Williams and Miss! Cotton feels hirnsed very forti.
Birdie Saunders, of Pi rtland, nate a1 getting oft* alive.
Ore., after spending a delightful Congressman V'-on h*:s
week of visiling with Aitor'ey introduced a bill i i" eongw^s
IjOgan Ferry and his th r, left for a federal building for IMcl
Tuesday mo ning for (.'I i ag a'd i in^on. Dickinson has quite like
ly a buildiiy
and such an
/e its people
i' rying, but as
lifsty in thete
addition weul
added eaus
Congress i* neve*
ports that the country about
there is garnering in some pheno
menally tine crops.

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