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The Commercial
Center of the
Trans-Missouri 2
E i e
Did it ever occur to you why all good
business men keep a checking account
with a bank? We will tell you. It en
l&les them to keep their funds in a more
fecure place than the office safe. It
gives them a better standing in the busi
ness world. It enables then to pay
their bills by cheek being an undisjHit
able receipt
Individuals find a checking account
very convenient and a source of saving.
Money in one's pocket is often spent on
the spur of the moment, while one is
disposed to think twice before drawing
on his balance in the bank. Get the
Savings Habit. Lay up for a rainy day.
Start a bank account with
The Old Reliable
Tbe First State Bank
New Deere Sulky and
Gang Plows
fherr Times as many in Use as of Any Other Stvle of
Make of Riding Plow
A good plow is the best investment on a farm and the
plow cannot be too good. Poor plowing, heavy draft, or a
plow that goes into a scrap heap five years before it should,
cuts into your proftta. There are several everyday reasons
why you should buy—
New Deere Sulky and Gang Plows
They have the only Combination Foot and Hand Lift on
the market. Adjustable Seat. Better Steel used in con
tsruction throughout. No cast iron parts. Ease of manage
ment. Dust proof Wheel Boxes. Good high Wheels. Easy
running. Axles run in oil. Equal distribution of weight on
each wheel, and many other points of merit.
BESIDES—you will find that the name, "John Deere"
on any plow insures a lasting saving, to you in service and
Dakota Implement Co.
Lemmon, S. Dak.
about 1000 are ewes, 423 are
two the balance are three's
four's and five's about equal
in number at $3.50 per head.
40bucks at$10.00the balance
lambs at $2.60 per head, also
camp wagon ready to move.
Sheep are about 9 miles east
of Stowers.
Edwin Kirk.
The Lemmon Herald
Vol 6 Lemmon. Perkins County, South DokoUi, rridd). September 6,1912. No. 13
German Lutheran Gettysburg Veterans
District Conference. Get Free Reunion Ride
Next week from Sept. 10 to 12
a conference of the 4th District
of tne Synod of Minn and other
states will be here in the German
Lutheran church of St. John.
On Sept. 11 regular and com
munion services will take place
in the evening, the communion
services beginning at 7:30 and
the regular services at 8:00
o'clock. Rev. Henry Hopp. of
Hettinger, and Rev. John
S a e e o o i e w i
On September 15th a mission
festival will be celebrated in the
Lutheran church with three dif
ferent services. The first ser
vice will begin at 10:00 o'clock a.
the second at 2:30 m. and
the third at 7 30 p. m- The first
two services will be conducted in
german and the last one in the
evening in English- Rev. Theo.
Albrecht of Akaska, Rev. Ed,
Kionka of Meadow, and Rev.
Henry Hopp of Hettinger. N. D.,
will preach. The women of the
church will serve dinner and
afternoon luncheon free of charge
for those who attend. All are
cordialiy invited to come.
Good Roads Convention.
A good roads meeting has been
called at Lemmon. S. D., on Oct.
9,1912. This meeting is being
held to stimulate interest in the
good roads movement that has
already been started from Aber
deen west by the towns from Ab
erdeen to Mobridge. Invitations
are extended to all towns between
Mobridge and Baker, Mont., to
send delegations to this meeting.
The meeting will be addressed by
Col. John Deitz, Emigration Com
missioner, of So. Dak., Mr. Leo,
State Engineer, J. W. Parmley.
President of the good roads origi
nation, of So. Dak M. P. Beebe,
a good roads advocate, of Ips
wich, S. D., and others from
North Dakota.
Two sessions will be held one
at eleven o'clock and one at two
o'clock p. m., and in the even
ing a smoker and lunch will be
served to visitors by the Lemmon
Commercial Club.
Sec't of Commercial Club.
Married were Mr M. E. Steb
bins and Miss Minnie Goodman
son, Tuesday afternoon, Rev.
Martin Hyink officiating. The
nuptials took place at the Gross
residence, in the presence of only
near relatives of the high con
tracting parties. Both bride and
groom are of Orange township,
Adams county, highly regarded
by their many friends and neigh
bors, their parents being resi
dents of the Plum Creek vici
nage. In the evening a reception
was tendered the young couple
at the home of the groom's par
ents. The groom has a farm by
the Cedar river near the Morton
county line, but the bridal pair
will spend the winter at Fargo,
where Mr. Stebbins will continue
upon his studies in agriculture
at the state agricultural college.
Mr. Samuel E. JLerew, of
Faulkton. S. D., and Miss
Cecilia Agatha Pesica, of Petrel,
were married Monday morning
at St. Mary's Catholic church,
Mr. W. and Miss Winnie
Doherty acting as witnesses.
The bridal pair left the following
day. to establish their home on
the groom's farm near Faulkton.
Mr. Lerew also ownsafarni near
Petrel, and they may later come
here to live.
In order that South Dakota
may creditable co-operate in the
Grand Patriotic move, of Cele
brating the Fiftieth Anniversary,
of the Battle of Gettysburg, as a
Grand National Peace Jubilee
bv the blue and the gray and,
also, in order that South Dakota
shall be represented at said Peace
Jubilee, bv our full deligation of
Gettysburg Battle veterans,
within the State (both Union and
Confederate veterans^ Captain
N H. Kingsman of Selby, South
Dakota was appointe by Gov. R.
S. Vessev aa special State Rep
resentative to look after these
interests for our state. In his
own wav, he will seek to find
said veterans and to secure there
respective affidavits of service
in this battle.
This, to be done, as far as pos
sible prior to meeting of our leg
islature Jan. and Feb. 1913. Said
affidavits being essential to se
cured appropriation to cover cost
of transportation of our State
Delegation to and from Gettys
burg. Penn.. next July.
Captain Kingman cordially so
licits correspondence from any
and all veterans or other, who
may be interested. Parties inter
ested will please address the
above, or Dr. O. W. Phelps, "at
Lemmon, S. D. for further infor
Exchanges please copy.
A most delightful surprise
party was tendered Mrs. F. F.
Williams Wednesday afternoon,
upon the occasion of her birth
day. Ten of her lady friends had
enticed her to make a visit at the
Rentier home, when all of a sud
den the surprise was sprung.
The afternoon was sjient most
enjoyably. a collation being
.served that represented the best
culinary efforts of tenable house
keepers, and the guest of honor
was remembered with the pre
sentation of a cut glass spoon
tray and olive dish. Those pres
ent were Mmes. Williams, Ren
ner. Dousman, Payne, Morris,
Marion, Strang, Skile-i, and
Misses Carpenter and Billings.
A happy sight th^se pleasant
autumn days is the frequent
Massing of Grandfather and
Grandmother Philip Gerber down
main street, with a load of lusci
ous water and musk melon*. It
almost broke the worthy old
couple's hearts when owing to
the drouth they were unable to
pander to the city's palate in this
line, and one of the most pleasant
features of their this season's
marketing is the note of happi
ness that beams from their own
countenances as they hand out
the melons to eager buyers and
take in the "zehn cents" and
"Viertel Daalers
Mrs. Margaret Berry, mother
of Attorney Logan Berry, left
Wednesday for Willow Lakes,
where she will visit with her two
sons livjng there until after
Thanksgiving. Miss Gladys
Berry accompanied her, to spend
a few days with Willow Lake
relatives, before entering school
at All Saints school, Sioux Falls.
Rev. Wm Pankow, pastor of
the German Lutheran church,
has accepted a call from a con
gregation at Boyd, Minn., and
resigns the pastorate here. He
expects to lf«vp herp the rnd of
this month, oflioiating at his far
well services Sunday, Sept 22.
State Hi*torioal
The First
National Bank
The First National Bank
(/tilled States Deposltur.v
C. D. Smith. Pres. 1 .emmod. So. Dak.
Who Med Bolton?
"I was up at the house
when the shooting happened
and I heard the shot and
went back to where the whole
bunch was lying 111 the grass.
Bolton was dying when 1 got
there. No I didn't shoot hint,
and what is more, 1 don't
know who did
"I had my gun when the
bunch was lying around sop
ping up booze, but it dropped
out of my pocket wh«*n I
went up to the house. I
know because when 1 heard
the shot I felt for the gun
and it was missing. After
the shooting we looked
all around for the gun but we
couldn't find it.
"Bolton was drunk about
as soused as a man can get,
and he was calling down his
wife He usually did bawl
her out when he got tanked.
I was about seventy-live
yards away when the shoot
ing happened and don't
know who did it. 1 am not
worrying about the result of
the case, and only hope 1 get
out in time to take in the
That was the way "Turkey Track
Mill" Molash, accused ««f the murder
ol Guy Bolton at Shields on Sunday
morning described Ins part in tlx* af
fair In a Pioneer uiau oa Thursday
The testimony given at the coroner*
i iii next and to the authorities how
ever would indicate that lloltnn
wife were the
two causes.
The testimony of tle
The quarrel was renewed over that
mailer. On Sunday morning Mr. and
Mrs. Bolton and Mrs. Bolton Ihirt' en
year old ton went to the Mola»h place
and Bolton went up to tlie house to
get some beer. Turkey Traca said he
was out of later but had some whislo y.
I'hey got several bottles and went
down to the clump of trees i n the
river bank where Mrs. Bolton watt,
about seventy five yard* from the
house aDd were later join
"Shorty" Liong ami Mill Smith.
Were Quarreling
Bolton and Motash were quai relink
and on two or three occasion* the I at
ter drew his revolver and ((united it
at Bolton. Smith left according to
his testimony given at the inquest,
while the two were still quaireling,
and the entire party were very drunk
On tbe way to town Smith met oe
.Jacob Jan s, who stated that he was
going lo get some beer. Jaros, when
placed "i the stand stated that he ar
rived at the house and tried both
doors, but they were locked He
stated that while he was there be
noticed a fewpeonleonth^ river btnk,
and that while be *a» looking that
wa Bolton stood ip and suddenly a
sh'»t was fired »nd Bolton fell to the
ground- According to Jaros, tbe shot
The Lemmon Herald
l- s u w
June 8th, UX)7.
will co-operate with you. Our servicc to commer
cial lines of business will be appreciated by those
business men who require the service of a thourough
ly progressive, yet safe and conservative institution.
Every department is as arranged as to be of easy
access and benefit to the patrons. Officers are al
ways glad to confer with those requesting counsel
and will be glad to meet you at any time at their desk.
F. Paul (ir»»w
Publisher and Idilor.
was tired from the ground as he saw
smoke thai would lend to thai belief.
This matter was proven later when it
was found that the bullet had »ntered
from below and had taken an upward
direction. Jaros after henrlng the
shot, heard Mrs. Bolton screnm and
without waiting to investigate Mm li
to Shields to c«,.| help
Turkey Track Pulled (tun
Mrs. Bolton, when placed on the
stand stated that Turkey Ttack had
a gun and that he pulled it several
times and threatened Bolton She
testified that on these occasions she
grabbed the revolver and made Mo
lush put it back. 'Hiey had leen ail*
ting around on the river bank for
some time and Molash and Mrs. Bol
ton were sitting about eight feel apart,
Bolton standing behind his wife,
when Mrs. Bolton heard her husband
say "My God, don't shoot."
She heard a shot and turned to him
as he was falling In the excitement
Mrs. Bolton stated that she did not
notice whether Molash had a gun in
his hand or not. She stated that both
he and she were terrified at the death
of her husband, and that when they
found he had died instantly they
started for the house, both weening.
As they nettred the house Molash
raised the revolver to l»i« bead nrid
said, "Well I'm done im mn\, I
guess I'll kill my self,"
Mrs. rlton grubbed th gun and
told Molash that he had done enough
damage already. onslablc Carlson
arrived shortly after that incident,
Later SI ales Attorney Bit/iiig, Sher
iff Oscar Olson and Coroner T. (i. C.
Kennelly, who had left Mandan short
ly before midnight, arrived and took
tire casr in charge
shot in a quarrel .nd that liquot and
jealmjsy over
Shot lielow Heart
At the inqtn'-t it *«s found thai liol
ton had Ireen shot through the lelt
hand and just iielow the heart, a
wound that killed him Instantly. The
murdered man evidently had his hand
over his breast when the shot was
fl i ed.
nesses given at the coroner'* inquest
makes the story appear an follow*.
Saturday afternoon Bolton and his
wife went to the lilind pi# njierated by
Turkey Track about a mile from
Shields and at that nine the quarrel
started. Hoi ton had occasion t« have
the place and on his return found his
wife in the room in the second floor of
the shack with Molash-
I'lie hearing of the case will be held
before Justice Henke at the cit hall
on iesday. and it is expected that
further testimony will reveal other
startling points in the caae
"Turkey Track Bill" Molash i on
of the characters of Morton mmi1,
He came from South liakota alsiut
twenty years ago, where he had 1HJC.II
employed on a ranch which used
marking similar to a turkey track as
a brand. This gaintd for him his
sobriquet of "Turkey Track," »v
which be is familiarly known iii
has been employed on various
es in this sectton for the past twenty
years, but about a tear ago moved to
Shields »Md it is alleged thai he has
since beiti operating a b'le- .it
that place.
Molash is W years of ag
Guy Bolton, the ruurdertu ,u«
born in Indiana thirty two yinr* ajro
and has ma«.e hi* hiw at Bomarck
for tne last twenty years. Me had a
rather shady reputation and was ar
rested a number of time* for selling
liquor. During tbe fore part of .Tune
tie married Mis* Myrtle I'pright in
'dandan, daughter of Mr. and Mr*.
Geo. 1 of Bismarck. Justice
er It
A itermfn
uniforming the
ueremoi. H-- »-"i ig at
Shield- u
:s KJlia
Coroner's inquest
Tbe •.erdkt reluinw) by tbe i or
oner's inquest was to the effect Ui.it
i jy Bolt b'id come to bis death by
a revolver shot, fir ed by parties to
the ju".v unknown The jury was com
po*. of Editor i |»ria ChristRoaor,
Peter Port, and Peter B. Schweitzer.
Mandan Pioneer.

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