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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, December 20, 1912, Image 4

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Ccttimon fkrald:
Published Fridays at
J. V Pa.'i.
1 *1.0
$1.50 the yew
,t ih»« jH»»t
lit matter
hoWr»"«l fc*toiK»r Hli,
uw i uiintui, s. o.
Uk- swmd class.
y, December 1912.
Merry Christmas1
H. Elrod, ex-governor.
mentioned as a likely candidate
in -sition to Dean Sterling Jmor?
mies will have onejou ieit them
i iv progressive party has
signaled New York City cS
hfrtaquaruTs in order to be
n Husmes-
v ration
tne fact
1 I
since ne nas lettacaiemtc waiKs
of life ior the broad political!
huhway. the incentive to use
strong language has become
greater at every turn of
s S U essors
Hetnerry times at Pi-ne,
i w i i e u n o e n o i
ii've, 'he e\ir com'
Uic pre
be made
the Tail
things to
nterain Uie
.ei.* had failed.
ll», UK
i ,and office.
1,as hell the
1901 to 1108.
Mr. Bennett
re. 11'1
m"t many a condition of aftairs jnlej|ilfen.
has come to stav. VVoefully be-
"it-, k
th° S- h?s,
system, there's no "doubt
what it will go right
ftumor has it. that Hon. E. E. fellows that kick most are the
Wagner. U S attorney for the very ones that were satisfied at
district of South Dakota, is th* last legislative session to go
about to resign his office in or- on rscord against the news
dtr to giv -Pres. Taft a chance pipers, when the ridiculous, ini
t© appont a successor whose quitous and reactionary Curtits
tenure of office would extend measure was passed, which took
over pre-rically the entire regime from the newspapers the job of
of-the incoming national admin- publishing the referendum laws
isti ation To the honor of Mr. and constitutional enactments
Wagner be it said that he indig The Curtis measure has had its
nantlv denies this rumor, and fling, and been found wanting,
will retain his position until his: Those pamphlets sent out months
term expires in April. With the before the campaign failed miser
advisors of Mr. Wagner and for ably to do their work. Mean
~that matter, of all federal ap-, while the newspapers who had
pointees, the wish is father to the been given to understand that
•thought, th-it if these al! resign- ithev were not needed to enlight-
it' m- third party combine tail to- Thus they would hope to they will again be recognized
a hip iheir favorite through on incoming administration even by a South Dakota legisla
tirst ballot jof the fruits of the democratic ture as the "dei gratia" official:
.jvictory. Th^v do not seem todisseminators. of public intelli
be cognizant
While President-elect Wilson
is waiting for his Washington
job to open up, he proposes to
stav right in the harness entrust
ed to him by New .Jersey. In-
stead of going junketing he will
stay right by the New .'ersey
T.i.- .0 senatorial finance in*
v ..i«.u committee finds th*it
are only eigheeen firms in
I- I'nited State*, who each
owns over a bilhon aollars. Or
rather, that over twenty-iive jand
Pres.-Elect Wilson finds, that
sin*e he has left academic walks
how they
billion dollars of the countr's: prcnch working men did
we .1th is concentrated in the
grasp of eighteen concerns.
unif ns oJ
could be appointed en the public kept their peace,
y*ar terms, somewhat All they had to do was to play a
'their liking than the! waiting game to come into tneir
^jr Wilson v ill likely own again. It looks now as il
tliat t'.iey can figure on. for as Prcsidt d.laft is not likely to Christmastide—the season
1 -. Uncle Sara will not ban-' "^"?'l„f Koo.hvill to all men. Apply
,1 .• via the mail route at1""" urolnbly defer mak-
^ai.putntmentsriss.on as he
,N i ?h wn the hidden object of
ihe South Dakota politicians.
The Pujo committee keeps) Tne South i akota 1 rare! of
rhton digging into the affairs! poli tcians know that they are
tie money u u.st. Morgan,
.'hteous indignation, asserts
,hi- mere is no motley trust, aud
such a thing is impossib'e.
there you are.
not in verv great favor either
with the present nor the coming
i 1 cum bent of the White House.
Their scheme is a del'ghtful one
to earn about but it will not
work out in practice.
Protest against
engendeHnu wan the Faber
FranCe cleclar«-d a
day stpjke whjch gtrjke WM ap
road. Doubliess he will yet
workvrs a
t(, render
tiat wuul i make the saints in ag f^der for the cannons, and a few concerns that are "on the
heaven swear. government-even the United inside." Be that as it may, the
States of America -will have to
to be sure that its cause is just
and has the backing of its citi
zens, before it hurls itself into
Colorado is about to go after
the mania for appendicitis opera
tions. Bills are under prepara
tion, the aim of which is to re
quire the physician operating to
show that the appendix really! Czar Nicholas called a
was diseased or :n a condition toj Berlin specialist for an operation
menace life. Fact is, that any|on the czarevitch, the heir
number of people have submitted
the unscrupulous practicioner's
knife, in an operation for ap
pend. i- •when there was noth
ing wrong with that troublous
little member. And so there is
parent to the throne of the
Romanoffs. The surgeon re
moved a tubercular kidney from
the lad that is to throne over
Russia, and is «tated to have
hope that Mr. appendix may yet
good job of it. That this
by not on
but also
pr0^res® timo®
Tut "ewspap^rs
developed in the service of
1 the lesion of the day personal y nj
by making sure that there be 1"
none in vour neighborhood whose
hear s are left desolate because
u The
tly quite well carried out I to show that the state can save
jnga jch stipend.
Th1 it'of *°£ernt"ent®!' burdens they had to endure here-
taken courage to wrest from the!
interests one small bit of power. There's a lot of fellows wtto
the and
the cheer of Christmas failed to I?
reach their threshold.
Medical science reports t*-o ^jj
glorious conquests: Dr Fried (3^
mann, a Berlin physician, an
nounces his success in finding
the serum for the cure of tuber
culosis. At the same time, Dr.
Jacob Steffano, and Italian, who
labors among his countrymen in
Chicago, working within the
shadow of Hull House, reports
he hafe perfected the long
ught cure for malignant cancer,
legislature, which this tin e is, jsjow let soulless capital cease
democratic in both houses, and vampiring the life blood of the
aims to push through legislation downtrodden poor, let there be
cor which he has lieen laboring- jan
en(| n
ni laft has nominated nation he s^iH i rnanufacturinj? centers, an end
I'. Bennett,
Kapid fe.-ls keenly the duty !im oaen
receiver ol' the Rapid i ^e people of his state. Among
the acts he hopes to see through
he legislature, one of the most
prominent is the New Jersey
endorsement of the constituMon
al amendment relating to the in
come tax
If the working nit-n show their
governments what thev think
fee| about war,
a few days ago, governmentsienter an aggressive campaign!
will be mighty careful a'tout de- for the enactment of laws that
daring a war. Just to empha-
the terrible conditions
Elected to the highest office it'i among the poor workers of thei^^
to SW0!lt
shops, child labor, the
put an en
\lessenger holds that
out that country. The a vast amount of money that now
by this time far
of the state
I,y 1 tofore. uoon by pinheaded legislative
The express companies are put- don't like the splendid endorse-! With the Taft-packed supreme
ting up a brave face, saying that ment the Richards primary elec- court really doing things for the
this departure will not influence 'tion law received at the hands of people and against the trusts,
them much, but nevertheless the voters, and they go so far as with the parcels post system
they are wisely putting the post to blame the voters for passing about to be inaugurated, and the
Oi their agents on a commission
n the law ignorantly, and the income tax constitutional amend-
f°r failin*
Public as to the faults
vagaries of
R. 0. R. 's
be done
,ina state printery, and expects
tool goes to fatten the pockets of a
themselves|close organization, made up of a
Messenger is right in that part
of its argument that demands
the restitution of the publication
of all legal matters to the news
papers. The recent campaign
has shown conclusively that any
great attempt to inform the public bv
way of a pamphlet campaign is
inadequate. The newspaper is
the public forum, and any at
tempt to infringe on this birth
right of the newspaper is a seri
ous thing. The public look to
the newspaper for information
and op
ior of the imperial family's'
inj0n-a pamphlet or letter
be saved the human race, to con- hope is a Jew, must have been I that degree of attention which
tinue asking scientists the ques- somewhat.humiliating to the Rus- the subject deserves. The South
tion of why and wherefore. sians, but the Czar rose to the, Dakota legislature will do well
.occasion and honored tne event, jf restores to the public press
lhe parcels post has^ come-
the citizen rarely receives
the right to serve
promulgating edicts that he state as disseminator of pub-
remove from his Jewish subjects iic information, which right has
iy been seriously infringed
about to be
i It's dollars to doughnuts that the cheer.
slavement of women in factory
work, and kindred blotches upon
our present day civilization, and
humanity wili hav» occasion to
rejoice in the era of good will,
hope and peace on earth that we
are praying for,
The South Dakota Messenger,
of Pierre, has taken the bit be
tween its teeth, and proposees to
to the printing
In Red Cross
Drug Store
looks as if the American people
have cause for some Christmas
Our Stock of Jewelry Must Be Sold
tween Now and January 1st at
We Offer You the Most Desirable
Line to Choose from, a Special Fea
ture of Our Stock is the Opportun
ity of Selection.
YOU can find suitable gifts for all in our line of
Jewelry! Watches! Silverware!!
Clocks Cut Glass Diamonds
Lockets and (Mis, etc.
stock is larger than ever and we carry
the most complete line in the city. We
advise you to come early and choose your
gifts, and we will lay anything aside until called
for. Remember and tell your friends, All
Goods Must Go at Cost at
The Gallett Jewelry Store
A. T. BRIGGS, Mgr.
Santa Claus Has Many Very Fine
Holiday Offerings
5 and 10c STORE
New Toys, Dishes and Notions now on sale at Lob
dell's 5 and 10c store. Also sheet music to sell at 10
cents per copy. Latest popular songs and instrument
al selections.
When In Doubt, Give Flowers.
than the supply. 1 will have on hand
will visit us the week before Xmas and give
a present to each boy and girl who calls. Don't fail to see him'
Main St., Old Postotfice Location Lemmon,
Parties Desiring Cut Flowers for Christmaf Gifts
or Social Occasions of Any Kind, are Assured of
Prompt Service by 'phoning me Their Orders.
If you contemplate having Floral Decorations for Christmas, kindly send mcyoi
order in good season,
the demand on the florists at holiday time is always
Carnations, Roses, Lily of the Valley, Violets, Jonquils,
Ferns and Chrysanthemums.
Leave Orders at Herald Office or 'Phone Rl04.
S. D.
S. D.
17 £1

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