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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, September 15, 1915, Image 5

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Let This Be Your Bank.
The reward of this seasons tabor may mean the found*-
tinn of your fortune.
A check on this bank will give a permanent record of
you purchased or how vou invested each DOLLAR of
Open an account here with your firvt GRAIN or ClfiBAH
Lemmon State Bank
I, i: i K.'.s J. K. CLARK, Viee-Ptns.
i si DERItTf. u-hier.
I,cmmon So. Dak.
I Have 36 Contracts
signed up for Service
o n n e i o n o n e
New Water Main Extension
18 are already using service
Belting, Packing
all kinds, Oils,
Hard Oils and
White Bros.
Lemmon, So. Dak.
Subscribe Today.
I want to list for sale 5 good quarters, within 12
miles of Lemmon before the 20th of August, at
which time 1 will have a party of men from the
east to purchase our land. Also want a few good
farm loans—have the money on hand.
Vernon A. Williams
w War P"*epecte if
Crrwiog important C-*p.
iFrtptrwd t? Cv* t'a rd $-.*:«• depart-
mmex et
TV greater part of hairy retch
»e*«J a»d ta tb* I $:i baa
t—er. from Rcssls aaJ Ger
mar.y. tii* innoa Importations ii,Tea»
:c% from -s» tisn H«XXO pounds la
:v»«j to over 2 t.'*'* jx»ur.Is la 19'4
Revauae of the Eur--pear. war there
seems Utt.e prospect of more need be
i:.g imported before th:s fa".'. For this
reasiii farmers wb». har# tsiry retck
pvwiag are urgeO t-y Use spnciaiists
of tbe Ccited State* department of
agriculture to MT* tL» ir own supply of
seed this Tear. so
may be able to
.-OLtinue tie bm of tia» Ta'.uat-'.e crop.
It is not to be expected, bowevtr. that
prices higher than tboee of last year
w.,i u» olitaJ-Led, as tbe high price of
the see\l u^Uer normal ivuditlons |o
recent years baa been tbe chief factor
)ii limiting Uie uae of hairy retell In
:Le past
la harrestiiig the se*d mp it should
t« cut with a mowiug machine when
tLe oldest pods are fully ripe. Tbe
«Leels of the mower as as the
horses must not be allow to p&aa
e*er the cut vetch, a* otherwise much
of the seed will be shattered out Aa
the I K1B break open readl'y when dry
the greatest care should te taken in
CLting and handling to avoid loss of
seed. It can be thrashed with an or
dinary grain thrasher by lowering tbe
Leaven sufficiently to av"id cracking
tlie peed. Yields of from three to ten
bushels per acre of hairy vetch seed
may be expected in addition to the rye
or other grain with which it is grown.
A complete separation of the hairy
vftch seed from rye »r wheat Is best
made by use of a spiral separating ma
bine known In Euro].® as a •'sohnec
fentrleur," which is now manufactured
fur sale in this country. For local
seeding, however, a complete separa
tion is not necessary, and tbe desired
proportions of vetch and rye wheat
can be obtained by the use of an ordi
nary fanning tnllL
Methods Ar« Mora Important Than
Equipment For Good Results.
[Prepared by New York State Collego of
Methods are more important than
equipment In producing high grade
milk, according to a reading course les
son entitled "The Production of Clean
Milk," recently Issued l.y the New York
State College of Agriculture. A man
may have an inexpensive cow stable,
but if he keeps it clean, grooms and
feeds his cows loot enough before
milking to allow the dust to settle,
wipes the cows" udders with a damp
''loth before milking and handles the
milk in a sanitary way In sterilized
utensils he can produce clean milk.
These facts, so the college say», are
of particular Importance to milk pro
ducers In the state because of the re
quirements of the milk ordinance that
went into effect Jan. 1, 1915. This or
dinance requires all milk intended for
retail delivery In any city or village to
be graded according to the health of
eows, the sanitary condition In the
dairy barn and In tbe mllkhouse, as de
rrolned by the dairy score, the bac
rerla content of tfee milk or cream and
whether the milk or cream has been
The college lays particular emphasis
on the construction and the care of
dairy utensils and gives figures to show
that at least two-thirl* of the bacteria
sometimes present In milk may be ex
cluded by using a small top mllkpall.
All crwrices and seams in dairy uten
sils should be well flushed with solder,
It Is stated otherwise bacteria will col
lect In these pluces and contaminate
each fresh lot of milk put Into the
utenslla. All utensils used should be
rinsed In lukewarm water, then wash
ed with a brush, not a cloth. In a
strong solution of washing powder and
hot water and then either thoroughly
scalded with boiling water or, better
still, sterilized In steam.
"Bad Eggs."
I'll* United States department of ag
riculture has In tbe last year or so
spent quite a bit of money In Issuing
publications and charts to help tbe
farmer cut down the summer egg loss.
8tate experiment stations have been
btHjr at the same task. Reduction* In
the losses have been made, but tbe
"bad eggs" of summer are still a great
market factor. An Infertile egg. such
as Is here shown, has superior keeping
qualities. Tbe "swat the rooster" cam
paign produces tbe Infertile egg.
Soil Acidity Test.
When yon come to the fair on
the 22nd. 23rd. and 24th, we
would be glad to have you come
to our office and leave your robes,
whips. overcoats, or anything'
that you wish, and we will take
care of them for you free of
Weston Lumber & Grain Co.
1-t Ed. Eubanks, manager.
Teachers examination for pri
mary. second and third grade
certificate, will be held in Lem
mon and Bison, October 7 and 8,
5e a tb, at this office for rags.
Legal Notices
Notice For Publication
of th* r.tenor.
U. S. Lsrd C'f? c* at Dickinscri No. Dak.
July 3ist. li*15.
No tie* is hereby riven that Grace E. Penfield*
I of Lemmon, So. Dak., mho on May th.
ma*if Homestead fntry Strial No. ciiT^T. for
ykrst H«lf Northwest quarter Section 1H. Town
*hip N. R&r.Ke yj: \Ve*t .*»th Principal Meri
dian. has Jed notice of intention to make Final
Commutation Prt»-»f. to establiah claim to the
land above described, before Jacob SonderalL
County Judjre at Hettinaer. North Dakota, on
the 27th. day of September ii*15.
Claimant iian.es as witnes^ea:
Herbert Fiarwood of Unmoik, ftwlll Dakota.
Alva Putnam,
Frank Harwood,
Loyran lierry.
W "B. T^i ksiv, fte^istcr.
Notice For Publication
Department of the Interior
II.8. Land Office at Lemmon, S. D.
August 31s*, 1$15,
rPottci* ts hereby iriven that Johanna Bennett,
of Lemmon. S. I)., widow of ('har)e* b» r:m?tt.
Died, who. on September .'th liM'M. made Home
stead Kntry No, i2i»Mfor the Northeast quarter
INK 1-4J Section 34. Township 22 N. Kan»re 16,
hi, Black
Meridian, ha* filed notice of in-
tention to make five-year Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described, liefore the
Roister and Receiver of the United States Land
Office at lemmon, S. D., on the 16th. day of O
toler lfclf,.
Claimant named as witnesses:
John Sullivan of Lemmon, South Dakota
Norman Hoetiingr,
J'jhannes Erlenbuach,
Thcodoro Haiol: aliof I/»»rmon, So. Dak.
JOHN C. bTONEE, Kegiater.
Notice for Publication
Department of the interior
U. S. Land Office at Lemmon. S.
Sept. ifch. 1915.
Notice is hereby grivenmhat Btrnhard Nilae-v
of Seim, South Dakota, who. on April 19.
made Homestead Kntry, No. Oi:»iS44. for se i
»e 1-4. Section 24. tie 1-4 ne 1-4. Section 2b, Tow
ship n. Kanfre 14. e Lot 4, Section 19. and
1. Section 3u, Township 2\, n, Kanpre lf». e Hla.
H111» Meridian, had tiletl notice of intention
make five-year Proof, to est4ibli»h claim to tl
hind al»ove descriled. lefore the Ketfitfter ai
Receiver of the l\ S. Land Oftice at Lemmo
South Dakota on the 21st. day of October. 1916.
Claimant names as witnesses:
Tron Andersen of Seim, South Dakota.
Pearl Berdick
Tom T. Hove, of White Butte, South Dakota.
Henry Ellinyaen.
Claimant names as witnesses
I). Dahl of
Martin Jtcobaen.
J. H. Brumley,
l'earl Hurdick.
The board reserves the right to reject
any and all bids. The bids will be
opened September IHth lfl".
A. considerable number of the ex
periment stations of this country are
already using the Truog soil acidity ,,
test which was recently devised at tke ^dean grain at all times, while
gfctfT««ttr« wnn-ii .ijroawAit.
(THE frOOD uuPftT"
JOHN C. STONER, Register.
Notice for PublicatiHi
Departmrnt of the Interior
U. S. Land Olliceitt Loiimun. Snuth Dakota
Sept. S. 1315.
Notic-cis hereby Kiven that Pet* Zuiiiema of
Seim. Suuth Dakota, who on Nov. nth,
niaiie Homei-teail Kntry No. for sw 1-4
»w 1-4, Section 28. nw 1-4 nw 1-4. Section
ne 1-4 ne 1-4. Section ^2. se 1-4 se 1-4 Section LI'.
Township 21 n. Kunv'e 1," e. Black Hills Meridian!
has file.1 notice of intention to make Five-year
Proof, to establish claim to the land aUne de
scribed, liefore the Ueiriiter and Receiver of the
U. S., Land Office at l.emmon. South Dakota,
on the 2Htn, day of Oc toU-r h)15.
South Dakota.
C. G.
Joiw» f! R»«iater.
Call For Bids
The Township Board of Flat Creek
Township will receive scaled bids for
the of a bridge at the
Knepper crossing, sand and stone
I hauling to be furnished by the
board. Plans and specilications may
l»e seen at the Karl Knepper home.
92't certilied check must accompany
each bid. A bond of 25 percent must
l»e furnished by the successful bidder.
Earl Knepper, chairman,
lemmon. 80. Dak.
Notice to Bidders
The School Hoard of Dist^No. S,
Orange Township, Adams County N.
ID., will receive bids for the erection
•of three school houses to be built and
completed by Dec. 1st, 1H15.
Plans and specifications can be seen
ut the Clerk's oflice. All bids must
In in by Oct. 16th. The Board re
serves the right to reject anv or all
J. W. Young. N. E. see. 23,
T. 129.01.
For Sale: Two English Pointer
Green's Roller Feed Mill is pre
pared to shell and crack corn and
& Oreon &
JSfs SOnTl fouwrl TO Bf 1
[t-t. KlfcWT ,J
A little
and sweetened
grinding and spitting.
i w,-
a man kicks the
kinks out of his tobacco
delusions and learns how good
real tobacco is, he naturally feels pretty
happy all over. Naturally too, he don
want to hog a good thing all to himself,
so he lets his friends know the big
difference there is between the ordinary
big wad and the little satisfying Real
Tobacco Chew.
of pure, rich, mellow tobacco—seasoned
enough—cuts out so much of tbe
TaVe le*s tSan one-quarter the old size chew. It
will he more satisfying tluin a inotjjhful of ordinary
tobacco. Just take a nibble if it until you find the
strength chew that suits you, then sec how easily and
evenly the real tobacco taste comes, how it satisfiet,
'much less you have to spit, how few chews you take to be ti.baooQ
satisfied. That's why it is
The RealTobacco Chew.
less in the end.
The taste of pure, rich tobacco does not need to be covered up. Aa
WctM of licorice and sweetening makes you spit too much.
(One small chew takes the place
the oM kind.
That's why it cotti
Conklin BuiUini
Sealed notices will be received
by the Secretary of the Lemmon
Equity Union at Lemmon, South
Dakota, from the men owning
threshing machines in Adams
and Perkins counties tributary
to Lemmon, as to what their
prices will be for threshing the
different kinds of grain. The
notices to be received not later
than 10:00 a. m., of September
4th, 1915.
bow tbe salt brings
out tbe rich tobacco taste.99
WEYMAN-BRUTQN COMPANY, 50 Union Square, New York Qty
For the Purchase or Sale
Lands, Town Property,
or for
Farm Leans
2-t Lemmon, So. Dak.
Money to loan on Real Estate.
Oscar N. Sampson, Lemmon, S.
tf I
If convenient, Oscar N. Sarrp-f
son, Lemmon, So. Dakota, would'
like to have you bring him some
of your best samples of any kind
of produce.
watch does not work satisfactor
ily send it to us. You can en
trust it to our care with the per*
feet assurance that the highest
of watch making skill will be us
ed in correcting its faults. Then
is no watch that should keep tim»
that we cannot make keep time.
R. M. HORR, Jeweler.
Lemmon,S. D.
Randahl Rooming House
Rooms 50c. By week $2.50.
By month $8 to 10.00. Situated
on Main St. first rooming house
up from Mil., depot. This will
be a home for school children to
stop at and at reasonable rates.
1 mo
If you want to sell your land
list it with Dr. Phelps. He sold
three quarter sections last week
and is going east next week to
meet a lot of prospective buyers.
He can sell your land for you. 2tp
Business Care
Physician and Surgeon
Rooms Firt National Bai k i
Kiont 3J*te
Lemmen. S. 1
Office, acorn ber Bill., l'|*
LEUMOX .s i.
Dr. J. T. Layne
E 1 S
Craduate Minnesota State Univer
Office over First National
Dr. 0. YV. Phelp
Physician and Surges
County Physician for IVrs
Office at Lemmon Prujr ."itoi*
Will attend Calls iay or n
Try Our Bat,
and Laundrv a
Barber Sho
See Or Write Me
Lemmon, South Hi**
F. C. Totten
Diseases of the Eye. Ear. No-'
Throat a specialty. Glass*-*-'-
M.comber Phirm.c, LmmOtl, 5

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