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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, December 29, 1915, Image 8

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You Don't Heed
To go to Sleep
like a bear just because it is win
ter time. You can do lots of
building now that you will have
time for next spring and sum
We are getting in bran new Lumber
right along. Our stock is kept up to
the minute in every respect. Give us
a call.
Western Lumber aud Grain Company
Ed Eubanks, Mgr. Lemmon, $» D.
IOOO Pounds of
Canadian Yellow Pike
st per pound
15 cents
Ask For Prices on Large Quantities
Walter Lawyer
Still Costs $1.50 per year
Subscribe Now—It's Worth More
You Have Been Good To
Us The Past Years
Haw better'can we express our gratitude for
your support than to freely make the above
statement of fact? What words can express
more £ore#fully tfe# fBaling that in cur
Indeed we thank you for your goodness to us
infgiving us such a generous measure of your
patronage, and for your unfailing courtesy and
appreciation of our humble efforts to serve vou
in that manner which is most acceptable to you.
We wish you all the unlimited happiness and
prosperity you deserve in 1916, and we hope to
have the pleasure of greeting you face to face
in the future at in the past
And Confectionery
tos Walt
State hriSoM
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basis of state reservation of coa
Engineer Bloss draws a strik
ing comparison as to the extent
of the lands surveyed, showing
that the land it drawn in a
single strip, would form a belt
around the world nine and one*
third rods wide.
DakKa Western
Is Given Penrit
Mitchell, S. D., Dec. 25. —The
South Dakota and Western rail
road, before it will be given a
permit to build from Mitchell to
Piatte over a route nearly iden
tical to that already laid out by
the Dakota and Southwestern
railway, will be required to give
a guarantee of good faith by fil
ingabond with the state com
mission and show reason for a
second line. This is the opinion
expressed by P. W. Dougherty,
member of the state railway
This refusal is intended to test
the sincerity of the promoters of
the South Dakota and Western
line. C. W. Felton of Sioux City,
one of the promoters of the pro
posed road, is an official of the
Milwaukee system.
The state railway commission
is of the opinion that the railroad
company incorporated by J. Ro
sholt and the Winstead bothers,
is sincere in its intentions to
build over the proposed route
and that unless there is some
valid reason to the contrary that
road should be protected in its
first application for the right.
The state railway commission
will set o date early^.in January
for a hearing in the case.
Mis. Rodobour Winner
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the country. 3.000,000 points
were thrown out by the judges
because improperly filled out
and there were at least 500,000
that were without the signatnrc
of the contestant.
Messrs. Van Cleave, Emerson
and Sampson, who acted as jud
ges, were busily engaged in
ounting votes for five hours anri
the amount of coupons far ex
ceded the greatest expectations.
The total of advertising spac*
that has been signed for and was
in the box reached 28,000 inches
and as each ad had to be meas
ured this took up the greatest
share of the judge's time.
But for one circumstance,
Jones would have won the Gra
anola and that was his failnre to
to have the ad of one of the lum
ber concerns entered in the bal
lot box and this cost him 300,000
The Herald is well pleased
with the result of the contest in
asmuch as it has stimulated ad*
vertising, stimulated trade with
advertisers and stimulated inter
est in advertising as well as ser
vedas a good advertisement of
the Lemmon Herald.
Since the contest was an ex
periment and had never before
been attempted by any newspa
per. there were a number of
faults to be found in the hand
ling of it and without donbt ihe
system upon which it was run
could be changed for the better,
but as a whole it was a posit
ive success. The merchants is
sued coupons for at least $40,000,
worth of business and this ir it-!
self is positive proof that a great
deal of interest was taken ir0
contest since no merchant g:.ve
out coupons unless asked fo£
them. Many people made it a'
point to pay up their accoui^|!
that they might get the coupon^
and even paid before their ac
counts were due, while others
who had planned to buy a num
ber of things in the sprirg chan
ged their minds and purchased I
while the contest was on.
Another feature of the contest
that very seldom is found in con
tests of any kind, was the fact
that it cost nothing to er ter and
nn one was cut a cent whether
they won or lost, except probab
ably the Herald management.
In case that any one iisputes
the judge's decision the ballot
box containing the coupons re
mains intact and anyone may
have the privilege of goinp over
the figures or recount the entire
40,000.000 points which are in
the box.
Winter Rye n. Winter Wheat
For Central S. D.
Basing our judgment on the
results obtained by comparative
trials at Highmore and Eureka,
we conclude that winter rye is
the only winter grain hardy
enough for the conditions in the
region between the James Valley
and the Missouri River in South
Dakota and that if winter wheat
is to be grown at all some meth
od must be found to give it win
ter protection. Two methods
are suggested for trial firs, to
seed between standing corn and
leave the stalks to catch the
snow second, to spread straw
over the young wheat for pro
tection late in the fall, If this
is tried, care must be taken to
spread the straw evenly and thin
ly. loo thick a mulch will de
stroy the wheat by smothering.
—Bulletin 161, S. I). Experimen.
Score Card For Bread.
It would be a good plan for
housekeepers to score their
bread, suggests Miss Nola K.
Fromme, of the State College
home economics department.
Followiua a CSru would
soon bring up the standard.
The following card is recom
mended by her:
Flavor 35
Lightness 15
If you've been going to a good tailor, your
saving on suits alone for a year will be
about like this:
3 tailor-made suits at $50
3 Hart Schaffner & Marx suits
equal or better in quality, style
and fit
Your Saving
Desires in this manner to
express his sincere wish
that you may enjoy
Happy and Prosperous
1 9
Grain and Texture 20
Crust—-color, depth,
and texture 10
Crumb- color, moisture 10
Shape and Sixe 10
Total loo
Flavor is most important, for
the value of bread depends larg
ely upon its taste.
The bread should te light
throughout, determined largely
by the use of the proper amount
of veast and allowing bread to
rise the proper length of time,
(until it just doubles its bulk).
Grain and texture are decided
largely by the kneading which
evenly distributes the yeast, thus
insuring a fine even grain.
The crumb should be a creamy
white, not dingy and gray, and
should be moist and elastic, with
no doughir.ess
The crust should be thin, gold
en brown and flaky.
The loaf should not be too
large to bake well in the center.
A moderately stiff dou«h in an
Say this to yourself: "I'm going to save money
this year.'1 It's one of the best New Year resolut
ions we know of, and here's a good way to start
Wear Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes
We're ready to show you
1 6
oven neither too hot nor too slow
should give good reiultH
Securing a Well Bortt C§k!f
So many people think that
when a cow goes dry and is pre
paring to freshen, it is not nec
essary to give her much feed.
She is often turned out to run in
the cold cornfield during the day
and to seek her shelter in a dug
out during the night. We should
remember that the dairy cow
is a mother and during the time
that the calf is developing with
in her she should have good feed
and good care. Ever calf has
a right to be well nourished in
the pre-natal stage and a right
to be well born. Many calves
are dropped weaklings with such
a start in life that it is often dif
ficult to raise them. Such calves
are not able to stand the difficul
ties and unfavorable conditions
which usually surround most
calves on a farm. —By Prof C.
Larsen, S. D. State College.
Cupyrigfct Hart Srhaffarr & Marx
If you've been buying low-prieed etothes,
your saving for a year will be about like
3 suits at $15
2 Hart Schaffner & Marx suits
at $18 will outwear the thrf*
$15 suits, and you'll have more
style and better fit.
Your Saving
Clothing House

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