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The Lemmon herald. (Lemmon, Perkins County, S.D.) 1912-1917, March 21, 1917, Image 3

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niM. Berens. of Siem, spent
in Lemmon shopping.
l. Rinehart of Haynes, N.
a Sunday visitor in Lem-
j. Rolstad, of Stowers, was
uBness caller in Lemmon
i Audsley, of Grand Valley
a business visitor in Lem-
£d,|y has accepted a
,-ion as clorm in the Macotn
Ira. Geo. Stein wand, who has
very ill for the past two
,s is slowly improving.
Mrs. C. Delaney will enter-
the Altar Society on Thurs
March 29. Everyone invit­
ing to the Railroad
"Under Two Fla^s" will be
the Star next Sunday and
Jacob Sunuerali of Hettinger,
unty Jud^e of Adams County,
a business visitor in Lem-
Miss Luey Fabei returned last
ursday from Metropolis, Wyo.,
ere she had spent two weeks
nig for C. H. Siedsehlag.
Dr. J. S. Dach, of Reeder, N.
stopped off in Lemmon be
trains, Friday, on his way
rre from the Twin Cities.
Fnitef th hisrh unt of llvlnir!
{•Bee Pif»tiiiiraiit is still serv
'Itc IkM meals in tow n for
wonej. K. K. Oreea, Propri
J)hn Thies of Hamilton, Mont.,
pending a few days in Lem
•n visiting with his aunt, Mrs.
I. Hermanson, and uncle, Geo.
jlffl P. ChriV, i
an son, who had
'ii in the Twin Cities for a 1
eek in the interests of the
uare Store, returned home on i
utsday afternoon.
Aajie and Peter Cournoyer,1
ri have been visiting in this 1
ti"at the home of their brother, I
•isCournoyer and family, left!
dwsday afternoon for their
"t at Armour. i
'you are "Going to Hive
ndD Lelf
or "Roast**
Buying Hither Hefft
Host ^osPitak'e
Walter Lawyer
M. at Market
Lioia Steele of Petrel, N. D.
was a Sunday visitor in Lemmon.
John Holland, of Reeder, was a
business visitor in Lemmon,
John Rittler and wife of Mor
ristown were Lemmon shoppers
Quite a large number of the
citizens of Lemmon have been on
|the sick list during the past two
Owing to the Railroad block
ade "I nder Two Flairs" will be
at the Star next Sund&v and
Martin Vetter, who was with
Co. K on the Mexican border re
turned home Monday, after a
short visit in the eastern part of
.the state.
The Baptist Ladies' Ail Soci
ety will meet at the church at
2:00 p. m., Wednesday March 28.
Lunch will be served at 4:30. AH
ladies are invited.
EYES—G. T. Williams, Aber
deen's well-known eye specialist
^nd optometerist. Arcade hotel,
Lemmon, Tuesday and Wednes
day, April 3 and 4. Do come
The Arcade Hotel has under
gone several changes during the
past week. The cigar cases and
desk have been moved to the
front of the lobby and a lunch
counter and two private booths
put in.
Bernard Baumgarten of Lin
ton, N. D., says he has been cur
ed of serious stomach trouble
and gained 28 lbs. by Dr. Mellen
thin's treatment and recom
mends him highly. Dr. Medenthin
will be at Hettinger, LaFnvette
hotel, Monday. April 2nd. Hours
9:1*0 a. m. to 3:00 p. m.
The sale of C. F. Holmes on
Wednesday of last week footed
up to $1860 and the result was
very satisfactory to Mr. Holmes.
H. H. Pomeroy cried the sale and
made a record for speedy selling
making the sale in one hour and
10 minutes. Theo. Hamlin's sale
'which was held the next day,
summed up to $2,400 and sold in
one hour and thirty minutes.
The United Civil Service Com
mission annonces an open com
petitive examination on the 20th
day of April, to secure eiig
ibles from which to make certifi
cation to fill vacancies as they
may occur in the position of For
est clerk (male), at an entrance
salary of $1,100 or $1,200 a year,
in the Forest Service, and posi
tions requiring the qualifications
tested by the examination in oth
er branches of the service, unless
it is found to be in the interest
of tlie service to fill any vacancy
by re instatement, transfer, or
promotion. The examination
will be given at Aberdeen and
other points in the state. As a
result of the examination it is
expected to fill a vacancy in the
position of Forest Clerk at $1,100
per annum, on the Harney Na
tional Forest with headquarters
at Custer, South Dakota, as well
as future vacancies as they may
a __
W. H. Tidball. of Athbuy. S. D.,
was a business visitor in Lem
mon Monday.
WANTKIh Potatoes, (ahhajje,
onions, lieu».. and other vege
tables. Will juji i good price.
Hote4 (irt^u or O reen's Feed
WANTED: To buy three Quar
ters of land within twenty miles
of Lemmon. Give full descrip
tion and your lowest price in
first letter. Address P. O. Box
265, Lemmon, S. D.
Logan Berry has been appoint
ed U. S» Commissioner f^r the
south part of Corson County and
the east part of Perkins County.
Mr. Berry received notiie of his
appointment on Tuesday.
EYES—If you appreciate ex
pert eye service, see G. T. Willi
ams, the well-known Aberdeen
specialist at Arcade Hotel, Lem
mon, Tuesday and Wednesday,
April 3 and 4. Do come early.
Will Thompson, member of Co.
K, returned on Friday from Fort
Crook, Neb., where he has been
since the return of the company
from the border. Mr. Thompson
was forced to remain to check
the property lists.
Harold Warren, who has !-r
the past six months been employ
ed in the City Barber Shop re
signed his position on Saturday
and is now employed at the Sul
livan Shop. Jack Norton, who
was employed by Sullivan, has
accepted a position in the City
Barber Shop.
Herman E. Shave, wife and si\
children, from Ada, Mn.n have
just arrived with two immi
grant cars, loaded with cattle,
horses and machinery. They are
moving onto a farm 6 miles
norLh of Lemmon, which Mr
Shale recently purchased ef Os
car N. Sampson.
Extra fine \toj we^teri- 'Vi-t
seed corn, $3.00 per nushci.
State Bank of Lemmon uul ike
orders. V. T. Edmunds, Chand
ler, North Dakota.
Jib. Lemmon returned or.
urday from points in Oklahoma
and Texas, where he had been
for the past month on business
for the Dakota Livestock and
\oi in- t« Farmers
Aii those wanting
fa seed distributed by ti
e requested to have tr*
adv for seeding by
Vay. The state wi
an, seeder and seed a
ust furnish team.
an and transportati
?xt place The fiehi
ast 20 rods from a:
fa if you want you
•-'red. Seed will 1»
iree foot rows and
sown on land that
roper condition. M"t
::iay be left with F. A.
sent to me. Geo. A. L&rsen.
$5.00 Box of
to the party who
hands or sends in the best name for our
Confectionery Store.
& khoury
Formerly Ideal Grocery Building i
McCann, wlio has Wen em
ph '*d as drug clerk in Macom
ptiarntacy for the past siv
"As, left for ha home at llc
In:osh. %nday.
-The most perfect eye
ex m..nation and spectacle fitting
in t.l Dakotas at Arcade Hotel.
Apr,', 3-4, by G. T. Williams, Ab
erd-- w,.,] known specialist.
Mike Hoffman of Petrel sold 13
head of hogs on the Lemmon
ma- .day for $374.90. These
we? hogs. Those who sell
8 months nld hogs at an average
price of $28.S5 are not worrying
a lHSeal about whether this
is s be a good wheat year
or i
prepared to do all kinds
of Harness work and repairing.
At tin- Art and Variety Store,
opposite post office, Lemmon, S.
D. a Hoehn.
Dr. K Totten wishes to an
nounce that while taking a fost
Craduate course in Surgery at
Chicago, that his office will re
main open, and those desiring to
mai ment on or settlment
exjv. i be back in his
by i "ah of April.
.(•count may do so. He
The Set? brothers who recently
pmvl.ased the Siem tailor shop
are remodeling the place.
In I'ont of the shop, the
counters have been changed a
ruund and an inclosed clothes
rack and hangers put in. In the
rear a new building has been
erected to be used for cleaning
purposes, with all the necessary
t,v.ks and machinery. The firm
wii be known as the Lemmon
l'a:.atorium and •will be ready to
I '-.vss in a few days.
vestment Co. Mr. Lemm.",
states that he purchased 1:»m'i
head of cattle for the firm vu.iie
in the south and that they wii.
be shipped to this place about
the 1st of May. Nothing
white face Herefords wer«
chased G. E. Lemmon will have
charge of the cattle which \\si
be placed on a ranch in the
ennc- river country.
J. C. Elliott returned oi.
day from Chicago where !.•
been for the past seven w'
Mr. Elliott left the fore j..v
January for the purpose
tending the semi-annual K
convention and also to rnak.
dhases for the J. C. Eliott
partment store in thi
While in Chicago, he suf
breakdown of his health a:
the greater portion of tl
month he has been trea'
a Chicago hospital. On
home, Mr. Elliott stopped
Huron for a visit with his
ter. Crystal, who is :.•••
Huron College.
I) want me to sell your
farm for you this year? Take
tin matter up with me at once,
n-i.' N Samp| Lemmor S. .BH
Norwegian whist contest
hct ween Lemmon and Morris- S
t.«!i business men, played Wed
day evening resulted in a vie- g|
for Lemmon. The Lemmon g|
.'i.vors have proved themselves g|
a little the best players making g|
two straight games they have
t.'d.en away from us, but our
ys gained two points over last
::ne, winning 16 games to Lem
nion's 20 out of 86 games played,
wiiile the game played at Lem
ton the Morristown players won |g
\]y 14 out of the 36. Another
jfiiiie will be played some time
the future and we hope Mor
fistown will have better success,
A large number of prominent
.isiness men of Lemmon aecom- jij|
anied the visitiriu players and a
ctieral get acquainted gathering
uas held after the games, lunch
served, and toasts given to which
.ur business men and Lemmon
iieartily responded. We were
i. ad to have the good people of U
Lemmon with us and are pleased
n. note the general good friend-
MP that exists between the
.iisiness men of the two towns.
orristo-wn World.
Capital Stock
Undivided Profits
Deposits ''Guaranteed by State Law"
Loans and Warrants
Real Estate and Fixturei
Expense and Interest paid
O v e a s
Cash on Hand and Due from Banks
s c. SMGRIllt, 4. C. HACOMUIS, Vic.
IWroj's Site ltttw i
Always get the busy man if
want experience ami effici-1
nt service he Is the best judge
of values.
March 22. —Chris Thompson.
112 miles north of Lemmon. farm!
March 23 G. Schneeberger.
March 24.—Combination sale
at Lemmon.
March 27.—Kathrine N Erker,
3 miles North ar 1 miles west
of Lemmon.
A few that have not y«-t made
their dates for sale.
S per rent money to loan on
improved farms. 5 or 10 years
Itime with optional payments,
Warren E. Thayer. 31 tf
Whatever You Build
Whenever You Build
Wherever ou Build
Westeni limber I Grain Co.
Statement of the
Lemmas, S. Iuk.. March Sib Iftl"
After May 1st this Bank will be located its new home, diflcctly across the street ivm
A. Ci. Mat-omber's Drug Store. Tou are invited to m^To
It will soon be time to commence your
spring work and now is the time to pre
pare by adding
New Harness
to your farm equipment.
Work Hrrness
Single Harness
Collars, Fads, Etc.
which you should insp rt before making a
purchase el iewhere.
White Brothers
othing. Shoes, Hats, Caps J®
Furnishings, htc
)FR A( 'TIC »8 a science and is is
fact. A Chiropractor te
In .i.ist oi uimcim a 11-i in it treat the If vou
',nk-(l u tlh othrr methtKls, onsuh |Mj| i |(T|s
ou' Chiropraitoj. Consultation Fret-.
have everything you can possibly need
k) the building line and can positively save
you money on your purchases.
We specialize in high class, well seasoned
exterior and interior finishing lumber, bat
we can sell you lumber for all purposes.
$I03,6b3 29
$71 ,H54 8P
HAKH^ BUS. Cashier
vour rifflce while in the city.

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