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of tlio United States Is Its Aijrl-
Secretin-' Kusk Has Fifty Agents
and 15,000 Correspondents.
Arizona Compared With Older
States The Leading Article.
of Kxport.
Hut little recognition is given in the
.rdimiry journal to agriculture the
iKidini! industry of the United States
as compared with tho spaco to mail's
dujilu-ity and wonian'ci woukncsH. Just
why the puhlic is constantly com welled
to read tliia class of literature to tho
exclusion of things instructive, is yet
n mystery, hut it is, nevertheless, n
(act tliat tlio leading industry recoives
the least recognition.
Wlnlo servants soliloquize tho farmers
continue to devise means to keep tho
hungry wolf from nil tho doors of the
In Arizona and especially tlio Salt
rner valley the nrahlo belt Is almost en
tirely utilized by tlio thrifty eons of
The gentlemen 0f agriculture," as
tie fruit growers aro usually called, are
exerting uiuir iiiiuiii'i'iB, no wuii tin untiu
and muscle, to good effect, and what
was once n desert waste containing
neither habitation nor homo. harvcBt or
tires'.dc, hue been transferred into fruit
orchards, interspersed witii grain fields,
i, .endows of alfalfa and broad acres of
The government at Washington has
tnk'-n a deeper interest in the wants and
works of the horny-handed sons of toil.
V special department has bon added
i) the executivo helpers, tho depart
mint of agriculture tlio only industry
having a legally recognized superintend
ent. J.-rry Husk, the secretary of agricul
ture, obtains his fund of information
n ui h is published in monthly reports
" m fifty agents, from tho several states
and terrfto- ies, assisted by nn army of
,.ikio correspondents," or ono from
ca ' county in tho United States.
T est- correspondents being so ovenly
milled ii nd no two from tlio same
"inly, avoids all danger of collusion
mil by an average of their reports on
approximate balance can bo made
w.i. ti is reliable.
These correspondents, as well as the
Agei ts, themselves, aro not allowed to
give their reports to tho press, either
More or nfter sendintr it in.
The statement sent in by tho various
a' a lies of the department" aro not tho
f.p reports, hut are simply helps to
Hie statistician compiling them. The
repurt is issued only nt Washington.
The number of state agents now being
greater than over before I must again,
says the secretary, at tho risk of repu
'aM"n, caution correspondents to make
ttieir reports as condensed as possible,
a ewrv word costs $100 in tlio publica
t .n "f the OOO.COJ copies which aro clr-
m aied.
Tue following aro a few of the in-
ruetions by which this vtiBt nrmy of
r'w.rtersaro governed:
- die return (it area, rendition mid pro-
r mjielil of the season's, crops are now In
'.r a rarelul study nl crop chntif.ej Is en-
icil nn correspondents.
in the past the annual nt record o( acreage
v.mcthiie oeen reported too low, as proved
:ne lest both of production and area in bu'j-
eut state or national census. It hai rarely
. too high, showing a tendency to a con
- aire estimate The natural increase of
pm. atlon, In a district that ts Improving
' than retrograding, should have due
'g ..t In these estimates.
i . i iio uestlon of acreage the comparison is
.a m with last year, heeauso a detailed record
a. reage Is annually prepared; but tho ''con
i i. of the several crop) on the flrit of June
u..' nt comparison with any former ier od,
w Us fair normal vitality and growth, mi-a'-,
it-j bv drawhieks, disasters and contln
... -. ip
representing acreage, In comparison wlta
! i tue previous year; rondltfoii, In com-
pan- m with a full vitality and normal growth;
o ,.r ..luri, In comparison with that of any pre-
. year named- or In any other comparison
mule Inr tabulation in theo returns -HO will
' tho tasls as heretofore; an lticrenne of ouo-
wu i .r lo per cent, will ho recordi-d 110; and
a ncereaso of - tcr cent will be marked V3. etc.
-e the circular only for the report- Make
a nnerromuiunicttloiis una separate sheet,
in mi. sue. dated, showing county as well as
ati- and iKinoillco; and vt hen tho Utter Is not
i ie ..iinty from which the report comes, the
is sn ..I id be stated.
respondent will, lu all cases, make
" r returns to the agent, and not tithudu-
pari.i.. lit
'' .- inioortant that tho correspondent! mall
t'ie r. notH to the intent as nearly as possible
. me day IndU-alod, as tabulations are
if r..m them for publication, and the re-
p..i" rannot be do ayed for thoe which aro not
..'luoi y returned.
in anstveriiig questions rorrctpondunts arc
ve trie average date of planting, taking one
euwu wuh another The first datu should
" iv when, under ordinary conditions, they
w tepectto begin planting, and thu las:
sn., a how when r.-gular planting should bo
" nied I'lote of planting refers to the end
ue nrst planting, and not lo replanting to
-iiti'tea stand."
Then follows a list of questions as to
t.p time planting begun ami closed ol
the various grains and agricultural
products ; also n comparison with former
years Iwth in acreage and condition of
the crop. Clover spring, pasture fruits
of titriou kinds and cotton are included
m tb- nut with tho field crops.
I'l.'1 interest laken by tlio head of the
g.wTument in tho behalf of iigricultnro
lias greatly encouraged tho fanner and
ii . h iiHsistance might be obtained free
"' t in regard to the crops indigenous
Mi. 1,K niHv in which you live, qtiali-
-d ton cerlain extent by tho nature
il ill. null.
mas Dic.vni Tiir.ui i'ati;.
Mx Iriiinja SttiiiMiketl tti Hnvo lleen Dealt
Willi by ii Mob.
Nn miv, Mo., May 13. Last summer
ii band of tramps visited Clayton, this
'iinty, and terrorized the town. The
t'Ui.niH roo against them untl admin
lsteretl condign punishment. The
trumps left vowing vengeance against
the town ami nil its inhabitant.". They
swore they would return and hunt
every house in tho hamlet.
Yesterday afternoon tlio same party of
tramps, coming from Fort Scott met n
man mul n llt-ycar-old bov on the M.,
K ci T. H. It. track. They "took the boy
away from the man and disappeared up
tho track m tho direction of Clayton.
The man, whoso name could not bo
learned, gave tho alarm untl in a short
'me a party of men withered to make
search for the lad. Tliev found the
tramps in camp near Clayton. There
were fivo of them. The sixth man and
buy were not to be found. The search
ing party mado prisoners of tho fivo and
set out to bcour tho hushes for tlio mis
sing man. Afier some search they
found him. llu had the lad with him
and was apprehended in the very act of
coinnutiing a nameless crimo upon tho
child. He was taken into custody aiift
given a sound thrashing. Tlio cix men
were thou 1 nlgctl in tho calaboose nt
(. lavton.
Dunne the night all sis disappeared,
the calaboose tloor being fouutl standing
wide open this morning. It id thought
'! were taken out during the night
and severely castigated and then set
adnjt. a is intimated that tho scoun
drel who was caught in the brush with
tho boy was even more summarily
tiealt Willi and that his foul carcass is
now swinging from n friendly limb
somowhero near tho scono of his crnuo.
Wltitesaea Against tho ltcgulnlurs lloli the
Sheriff mill Abscond.
t 1)ouoi,as, Wy. 13. A decided sensa
tion was created hero this morning by
the sudden a mysterious disnppenrnnco
of tho only known witness against tlio
cattlemen who aro now prisoners nt
Fort Kussell. It will bo romombercd
that just before tho invaders attacked
tho "K. C." ranch tiicy captured two
trappers named Jones and Walker, who
wore hold prisoners until after Cham
pion and Hay wcro killed and were
then lelcaeed. Iloth mado their way
to Casper, and on Wednesday last
wero brought hero wild placed in chargo
of Deputy Sheriff Kimball. These men
ninied to have witnessed the killing
1 urposes, there wero 205 coru-fnt bul
locks, about 300 head of sheep and 200
horses. Tho horses wero gotten out
safely, but there was a stampede among
tho cattle. About sixty iiead wero
roasted olive. When tho tiro had burn
ed itself out tho charred remains of the
cattle wero carted off to tho offal-house,
followed by a largo crowd of hungry
East sidcrB.
Tho cause of the lire is unknown.
Whether it was from spontaneous com
bustion, from over heatodfat kettles or
incendiary is yet to bo learned, and an
investigation is now going on. There
has been n strike of Scliwarscliild oc Sul
zberger's employes, and tho theory is
advanced that ono of the strikers sot
fire to the building. Tlio loss will be
about 350,000 fully covered by insur
Tho Illicit Water Convention im.l the
Society of Kuglneers.
Mr.Mi'iiiH, Tcnn., May 13. Two noted
bodies of men are meeting here today
in a fitting eequel to yesterday's great
opening. They aro tho Deep. Wator
convontian and the Society of American
Engineers. To tlio first named, every
western nud southern stato has sent the
delegates named by tho governors, and
alt ot them are ontliusiastlcin tho work
beforo the organization.
The agitation for tlio improvement of
western waters will take on tho shape
of a memorial to congress ami the prob
able appointment of .-. congressional
committee to look nfter tho interests in
The socioty of American Engineers is
holding its annual session and an inter
esting series of papers aro being read.
Tills evening there will bo a display of
lireworkH irom Hats nneliorcu lu tlio
river. The designs for this pyrotechnic
display cost $3000 and represent events
of momentary interests in connection
with the same celebration ol tlie weeK.
This will bo followed tonight by the
grand banquet nt wnich 500 covers will
be laid, with Senator Harris as presiding
officer. It is expected that Senators
Vest, IJutlcr, UorUon anil speaker Crisp
will speak.
Oov. Hogg Actively I! URnKi'd lu tils Cain
linlgti for lto-lOlectlon.
1'ahis. Tex., May 13. Jns. S. Iloirg,
governor of Tuxas, epoko hero this after
noon in tlio interest of his candidacy for
re-olectioii. Had weather prevented n
great many people greeting Texas' chief
magistrate, hut 1,500 persons turned
out. Governor Hoirg spoke about two
hours, defending tits record while attor
ney general, and showing where lie tlid
trrent work for the "people." lie
showed tho benefits of his railway com
mission, but said nothing about iiis
nlien land Inw. Ho defined his posi
tion on all mutters l dative to the cam
paign between himself and Clark by
asking the people to calmly read his
opening speech at Wells I'oint, deliv
ered two weeks ago, us ho stood by
every lino of it.
The campaign is on in Texas, and
Clark ank Hoirg, tlio candidates, and
their supporters will work very hard
until the state convention meets. Gov
ernor llocg willsncak at Clarksvillo to
morrow, ami will niako tho round of
North Texas beforo returning to the
stato capital.
a luitiNii Tinier.
Ho Ituli a Hunk lu llriinil llnj light, lint
In CnllKht.
Mount Stkiimno, Kv., May 13. Rob
inson's circus arrived hero this morn
ing and witli it camo n crowd of sneak
thieves and pickpockets. While the
circus parade wns passing through thi
nly a man entered tho Tradets and Do
posit bank building from the rear and
got fl.liUUout of thcMtfc. A woman in
front of. the bank gave a signal which
the clerk, Hoy Kerns caught, and look
ing around saw tho man. Kerns gave
the alarm and ran toward him when
tho teller, Charles Griibbs, caught tlio
man and took the money. An officer
then put tho man under arrest, lie
gave his name as l'rnnk Owing.? of Cin
cinnati. The woman darted into the
crowd and mado her escape.
Thu prisoner was taken before Judge
Groves, and waiving examination he
wns held on bond of $5,000 to make his
appearance in the circuit court which
commences next week. He is five feet
eight inches tall, wears a heavy mus
tache, wciglis'lSO pounds and is nlwut
35 years old.
im:i:ttv siiih Ai.itiiiiiiir.
Tim Mtiililen I)ls!iiii-nriincn of thn I. inly
CutisliiK.il Sensation.
Cit.uii'Aio.v, 111., May 13. Miss Min
nie Albright, the pretty 18-year-old
daughter of Jesse Albright, a well-to-do
faamer, residing two miles east of Ur
bana, has been missing from her home
since last Saturday. On that day sho
accompanied her lather to Urlmna and
requested permission to cpund Sunday
with friends in town, a day or so after
wards lie returned to Urbaiui for her,
but was told that sho had never appear
ed nt her friend's house. He immedia
tely began a search, which lias contin
ued ever since, and lias thus far proved
Her disappearance is a complete mys
tery, as she has had a happy homo and
wns apparently contented. A young
man nt Mayviow, who has been in tlio
habit of visiting her is at homo and
claims to know nothing of her where
abouts. Many are led to believe that
ehehas met with foul play.
Derji WBtor Conventions.
Mkki'Iiih, Tenn., May 13. Tho .Mis
sissippi valley deep water convention
met again this morning. Tho commit
tee on resolution reported that it is tho
duty of the United States to provide
adequate continuous appropriations for
tlio improvements ot mo wieoicon'iu
Wife Murderer Will llniiu.
IiniMiNOHAM, Ala., May 13. Unh'ss
the governor interfeios Green Campbell
onool the most diabolical murderers
tliis stato has within its bordeis, will
expiato the latest crime on the gallows.
At his rece-it trial he pleaded Guilty to
wife murder and submitted a statement
Great Mineral Sources of Pima Coun
ty llcing Developed.
Construction of tho- Santa Cruz
Canal to Proceed.
Tho Democratic Pow-wow Opens In
Tucson Prominent Candidates
For Delegates.
Special to Tim Kei-uducan.
Tucson, May 14. Pima county is
bound to bo tlio banner county for prec
ious metals boforo much moto time
elapses. The knowledge of tho great
mineral resources of Pima county is by
no means a now acquisition, but there
appears to havo been a fatality against
tlio devolopemcnt of mines from tho
outset. In somo instances prospects
were sold to persons who had never
had any exporienco in mining or tho
direction of economic developments,
and ttio greatest imnginab'o extrava
gance prevailed, when it como to the
working of properties, as well as gross
mismanagement. Such a state of af
fairs soon had tho effect of disheartening
tlio men putting up tlio monoy, nnd tho
prospects wero not doveloped. In other
cases outsiders wero sold worthless
properties, and tlio venders had no
further interest in tiicir success after
they got their money.
Then again, work on mines was un
dertaken whore f heir remoteness from
railroad and smelting or milling facili
ties, was the cause of the failures, that
might, with ordinary good facilities,
havo proven gram! successes, the prop
erties themselves being ricli ; but tlio
time was premature for their develop
ment. Sueii failures as occurred may
be attributed to somo of tho abovo
causes, or to the fact that the parties
undertaking tho work had too little
money ami depended on securing money
from other parties that was never forth
coming. Or perhaps in some eases tho
mine wns robbed to meet the expenses
as tlio work proceeded, when the do
velopement work hnd not been done to
put tho properties on a producing basis.
Thu steady and remarkablo inciense in
processes whereby tho precious metals
aresaved, audtliecxpcnses of mining re
duced to a minimum, is working a vast
and very favorable change in the indus
try. Solid, substantial men are di reel
ing the developments of mines in this
country, nud the result cannot hut be
favorable to the successful demonstra
tion of the fact that the nicest property
on earth to own is a mining property
that pays. Such properties give a man
an increased importance; he feels that
ho is adding to the wealth of the world
and not reaching in other people's
pockets for tho wherewithal to keep tho
mare going. Tho initio owner after get
ting the property in business shape, is
the most independent of men, ho is the
envied of all and he is looked up to as a
worker of good. An employer of men,
a provider for families, andji producer
from tho mother earth. Such men are
benefactors. Tho most recont develop
ment of mines lias occurred in the can
yon De Oro, about thirty miles from
Tucson, under tho supervision of Cap
tain Jack llurgcss well-known through
out Arizona, as being particularly well
advised In mining matters.
Tlio work already accomplished by
Captain Burgess mnkes a remarkable
shou'inc, and parties who have visited
the now camp ate loud in their praises
of the mineral development opun to
their inspection. Tho mineral bodies
are said to be mammoth in proportions,
and of good grade, of easy access, and
suscepttble of cheap reduction. In
connection witli these mines the Tucson
smelter will be run, and the ore will be
hauled to Tucson, where coke, ond other
requisites are obtainable nt reasonably
fair liguies. Already a large number
of men are emploped nnd everything
connected witli tiiesu properties is being
energetically pushed in n most business
like way. And the near future will see
tho Tucson smelter turning out bul
lion galoro. Por many years parties
acquainted with the mineral indica
tions of tho country adjacent to, and in
tho Canon Do Oro, hnvo believed that
futute would bring to light many lino
paying properties in that neighborhood,
out their attention to the recion gen
erally ended with n favorable express
ion, instead of development labor and
energy and now I am sorry to say tiiero
has been too little of the latter excellent
qualities in our mining camps during
tho past few years.
This now work will bo vastly bene
ficial to Tucson as can bo readily ap
preciated, and wo hope that ere long
tho new enterprise may ucnr tue same
relation to Tucson as tlio Mammoth
mine does at present, as it will then
help to advertise to tho world tho
micerol possibilities ot riraa county.
The Suntii Crux Ciiniil,
Many outBido parties who are inter
cstetl in the Santa Cruz ennui undertak
ing, nro at present in Tucson, others
have been here nud left well satiellcd of
tho practicability of tlio canal, and tho
immense profit that will accrue from i's
construction; It is to be presumed the
work will go ahead in spito of any inter
nal misunderstandings that may exist
within tho ranks of tho intercstetl par
ties, as the scheme is a most promising
one, nnd disputes nnd differences don't
stop the great underflow of wator down
the Santa Cruz valley. Neither does it
make tlnms ami canals impracticable.
The supply or water is demonstrated
wherever it is sought for. Pumps with
a capacity of 2,000 gallons per minute
are supplied from wells 10 feet, square
and nil tho indications aro that water
lu abiiiidanco is obtainnblo by the liber
nl expenditure of money, while tho pro.
fits to accrue will bo like tho Dutchman's
one percent. Profits in water, profits
in land, profits in towns and profits in
crops. Foreign capital can seek no bet
ter cnannoi oi nivcauncni.
Tito Deuinerntlo lnw-vow.
In local affairs tlio Domocratn hnvo
rather hnd tlio call for the past few
cava. Whenever tho great unwashed
romo together the rebound results in n
b or, not unlike a clap of thunder. The
nnnu of contention is the Chicago plum.
end sovcrnl aro reaching for a pole long
enough to knock tue persimmon Irom
tho tree. The most prominent candi
dates from Piino county are Editor
Hughes, and Judge Rouse, with several
promising dark norses in grooming.
Thn tleleention fiotn Pima can hardly
bo called a harmonious ono, but honest
differences nre healthy and uive birth
to good material, and it is to bo hoped
that tho unterrifled will select good
material as that is about all there is in
thn form to be cone through with.
Democratic money can be Eaved by
keeping the flowof of the Democracy at
homo, as x am iiuncsi. iu uie uesuruun
that 1 don't think tlio noinineo of the
Democratic National convention will be
in it. Lntkk Nous.
A Sad Funeral.
Spoclal to Tiik Itr.PunucAN.
Tomiistone, Ariz., .May 14. Tlio
luncrai ot mo son ot iiam Marrow and
young Albert Illair, burned to death nt
tho late fire on tho morning of tho 9th,
wns inaceu a solemn auair. Tlio Kov.
Mr. Nugent of tho Presbyterian church,
oiiicmicu. -ine enny nour oi me lune
ral, I) a. m.. was no barrier to the con
gregation of tho sympathizing multi-
An immenso procession of real, earn
est, and sincere friends followed tho
old pioneor nnd family of mourners to
the last resting place of their son and
To All Wanting iCiiiployment.
Wo want live, energetic and capable
uuuiiis in uvery county in lie uniteu
States and Canada, to sell a patent arti
cle of great merit, ou its merits. An
article having a large sale, paying over
luu per cent prout, Having no com peti
tion, nnd on which thu agents are pro
tected in tho exclusive sale' by a deed
given for each and overy county lie may
secure from us. When all these advan
tages to our ngents and tho fact that it
is nn article that ran be sold to overy
house-owner, it rnightnot ho necessary
to make an "extraordinary offer" to
secure good agents at once, but we have
concluded to mako it to show, not only
our confidence in the merits of our in
vention, but in its salability by any
iikviii. mui. tviu iiuuuiu ib wmi energy.
Our agents now nt work are making
from $150 to $000 a month cleor. and
this fact makes it safe for us to make
our offer to all who are out of employ
ment. Any agent that will give our
business a thirty days' trial and fail to
clear at least $1UU in this time, above
nil expenses, can return all goods unsold
to us and we will refund tlio money paid
for them.
Any agent or generul agent who
would like ten or more counties and
work them through sub-agents for nine
ty days and fail to clear at leant $750
AHOVK ALh KXriSNSES, can return
all unsold untl get their money back.
No other employer of ntrcnts ever dared
to mako such an oiler-, nor would wo if
wo tiiu not know that wo havo agents
now making more than doublo the
amount we guaranteed; and but two
sates a day would give a profit of over
$125 n mouth, nnd that ono of our agents
took eighteen orders in ono day. Our
large descriptive circular explain our of
fer" fully, nud these wo wish to send to
everyone out of employment who will
st! in l us iiireo one cent stamps or post
age, bend nt once anil secure the
agency in time for the boom, nnd go to
work on tlio terms mimed in our extra
ordinary offer. We would like to havo
the address of all the agents, sewing
machine solicitors nnd carpenters in the
country, anil ask any reader of this pa
per who reads this offer, to send us nt
once the name and address of all such
they know. Address at once, or you
will lose the best chance ever offered to
those out out of employment to make
1Ci:nnku Maxupactuiiinu Co.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Increased to it Handsome Amount
Each Week.
Three Carloads Will ho Shipped
Weekly for tlio Present.
Guy II. Reynold of St. Louis Owns
the Mine The First Load-
Employinent for Many.
Guy II. Reynolds, the St. Louis man
who owns the onyx mines is in tho city
at present.
Ho has made arrangements with P.
11. Coylo to send out four more big
teams and ship three carloads a week
instead of one.
Tho first load of onyx was shipped
day beforo yesterday nnd wns brought
in by two teams.
Three teams A-ere started out yester
day, ono ten nnd two eights, and three
more will start today; one twelve, and
two sixes.
These teams make but ono trip a week
and the fifty horses will haul three car
loads, or 1)0,000 pounds at a load.
Mr. Reynolds has bought all the onyx
cliiima in tho group and will probably
increase tlio shipment to n carload a day
in tiio near luture, as too uemnnti lor
tho precious stone seems to be un
limited. Tho quarrying of this onyx will give
employment to many men, as well as
does the freighting to tlio railroad.
In the near future there will probably
be a railroad built to these mines, as
tlioee acquainted witli the route think
tue grntio can ue maue and ttie quantity
of onyx seems inexhaustible.
Interesting Items From the Capital nf
rima County.
Special tu The KirunucAK.
Tucson, Ariz., May 14. Mr. and Mrs.
John A. Itlack celobrated their tcuth
wedding nnniversary Tuesduy' evening,
the occasion being u surprise party to
the captain of Company D, the follow
ing persons comprising the pnrty:
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. V. Gray, Mr. nnd
Airs. Koval A. Johnson, Mr. and Airs
Mathew Wilson, Mrs. James. Sirs. Carr.
Mrs. Snyder, Miss Tovis and Mr. W. T.
Gibbons. Among tho many useful gifts
were a fine tin sword nnd n tin rattle,
which were presented to tho captain by
Messrs. Johnson and Gray. Although
ho had rory little use for the rattle or
the sword, tho'captain appreciates them
very much and responded with a happy
Company F's entertainment, "The
Messenger'," by Walter Owen, was a
great success both to the company and
also to the people who heard it. It is
hoped thoy may soon be able to give
another entertainment of a similar
character with the name success.
Lieutenant F. A. Stevens, who has
been confined to his house for a few days
from being hurt by ahorso.isbnee more
seen upon the, streets.
Kansas Kepbbltcan.
Ejivokia, Kan., May 14. The dead
lock in tbuRepublicau nomination con
vention of the fourth congressional.dis
triet was broken this morning on the
first ballot. Charles K. Curtis of Tope
ka.rcceivini: the nomination. The only
other candidate who remained in tho
raco was J. M. Miller of Morris county
The ballot stood Curtis 88, Miller 33.
Tbo delegates to tho National convention
aro : O. W. Little of Waubaunsee, and
Ira f. Nico ot urcenwooa.
From Which Can Ro Made tho Finest
Steel in tho World,
Located Where It Can Be Easily nud
Economically Worked and Made
to Pay Handsomely.
The assertion that tho mineral re
sources" ol Arizona havo hardly been
touched and aro practically inexhausti
ble, is again forcibly Illustrated by the
existence of what is probably tho largest
body of lodeBtone, or high grado iron ore
in tho entire southwest, only a few
miles from this city.
From this class of oro is manufactured
tho finest steel in tho world known as
Swcedisli steel. The oio is magnetic, of
a dark or black load color, and of con
siderable hardness and weight. It at
tracts iron fillings, and communicates
to iron tho same.propcrty of attraction.
Hut its peculiar value consists in Its
communicating to a needle the property
of taking a direction to tho north and
south, a. property of inestimable utility
in navigation and surveying.
This botiy of oro lies about eight
miles north of Phtenix on the road to
the Phtenix mine, and tho Arizonn
canal passes through the deposit. The
vein is from eight to fiftyfeet in thick
nets and averages from 75 to 80 per
cent of puro iron. In spots as much as
half nu acre of this oro is exposed to
tlio surface, making it inexpensive to
Aside from the mines in Pennsyl
vania and Alabama, where the veins
aro small and the work of getting ore
out expensive, and tho vast deposits in
southeast Missouri, which is of a low
grade, the iron prokucing area of tlio
United states is not large; and as noth
ing of the kind is being or has ever
been worked in the southwest, this vast
deposit might prove n bonanza for somo
enterprising fellow or corporation.
Tho water power of the Arizona canal
would furnish sufficient power to work,
with little expense, all preliminary
work, drilling, etc., and. when needed,
power to run mills, foundries and fac
tories without number. The develop
ment of tho southwestern country will
give demand for manufactured iron of
all kinds, and the advent of railroads
will furnish facilities for eventually
shipping iron into California and Mex
ico cheaper, by far, that it can bo car
ried from Pennsylvania or elsewhere.
Iron mining may not, just at present,
bo as profitable in Arizona as gold or
silver, but witli the advance of civiliza
tion, tlio advent of the steam lioree,
improved machinery and electrical ap
pliances, tho demand for high grade
iron will increase in tho southwest until
the fortunate possessor of a deposit of
this class and extent will have a fortune
compared to which the mine of David
Morning will sink into insignificance.
A Ills-Combination In right Armour Swift
nml MorrU.
Ciuc.Mio, 111., Jlay 14. Sam Allcrton
has resigned the presidency of the Chi
cago Union Transfer company and II.
II. Porter was elected to succeed him.
The smaller packers known as the non
associates, who have been lighting Ar
mour, Swift and Morris, known as the
Associated packers in the Union Stock
Yards litigation, have combined under
tlio name of the International Packing
and provision Company, with Henry
Boteford ns president. Mr. Botsford is
president of the Chicago Packing rtnd
provision company and of the National
Stock yards, better known as tlio Slick
ney tcheme. II. II. Porter, tho new
piesidcnt of the Chicago Union Transfer
company, which is part of tho Sticknoy
scheme, controls the Belt railway of
Chicago, and it is said that it will here
after bo operated in the interest of the
Sticknoy yartle. While Mr. Allcrton re
tires from the presidency of the Chicago
Union Transfer Company, he remains in
harmony witli tho non-associate packers
nnd his packing interests nre amalgama
ted in the new International company.
The contracts provide forthe amalgama
tion and consolidation of certain firms
and companies engaged in tlio slaugh
tering, packing and provision business.
Those who have signed contracts for tho
snlool tiieir properties and business to
ono central company to be knownas the
International Packing and Provision
company, limited, are: Tho T. E.
Wells company, ttio International com
pany, tho Allcrton Pocking company,
Mr. John Cutlhay, Mr. J. C. Hatoly,
I lately Bros, and Messrs Jones and
Tho International Packing and Pro
vision company, limited, will he organ
ized as an English corporation, anil is
formed under the auspices and control
of the eame capitalists who handled the
Chicago Packing and Provision compa
ny's limited incorporation Borne two
years since, full advantage being taken
of tho experience acquired in the former
enterprise. The articles of association
will provide for a principal office in tho
city of Chicago ns well as in Ixmdon.
The meetings of tho shareholders can be
held in botli cities. Tho plants rover
considerably over twenty acres of ground
at the stockyards, nnd thero aro branch
es in other cities. Tliereis a capacity
for tho slaughter and curing of from 10
000 hogs in summer to 15,000 in winter
per day, with nil requisite improved re
frigerating plants and necessaries.
Tho capital of tho now company will
consist of $2,500,000 (1-pcr-cent lirst
mortcaco cold bonds, redeemable in
twenty years nt 110, and in addition
thereto JC100.000 8 per cent cum
ulative preference shares and 450-
000 ordinary shares, equivalent to about
fo.ouo.uuo in an.
Tbo American directors ol tlio com
pany will consist of Mr. Henry Botsford
as president, who is ulso president of the
Packing and Provision company, limited
with him will be Messrs. Thomas E.
Wells. John Cudhay, John C. Hatelv
and Wm. Jones. Thcso latter gentle
men havo been the principal managers
of the business now amalgamating, and
contracts have been entered into with
llicni by which the management of
their respective houses remains in their
hands for a considerable period. The
trustee for tho bondholders will be the
Illinois Trust and Savings bank, and
tranfer agent of shares will be thu Am
erican Trust and Savingti bank.
A Itcllgloua M'orln Wyornlnc.
Chevekne, Wyo., May 14. In St.
Mark's Cathedral last evening Bishop
Burke paid his respcctRto the American
Prospective association, recently organ
ized hero for the campaign. "His talk
was in calm logical and powerful de
nunciation of the society. Ho pro
nounced it un-American, nnd by quo
tations direct from the authorities
arraigned tbo movement ns indirect
violation of tho letter and spirit of tho
Au Immense Deposit Only
Miles From I'liajulx.
constitution. There wero many Protec
tants in tho congregation, and today
hundreds of leading citizens indorse the
bishop's course. Tlio A. P. A's nro
silent, but nre getting recruits daily.
Persons known to bo members deny
connection with tho order and then
prosolyto for it. Cheyenne is today a
divided community. As n result of the
war on Catholicism, the bitterest feel
ing has hceu engendered. By giving it
out that Manager Ed Dickinson was an
activo member, the organizers have
drawn largely from tho ranks of Union
Pacific employers, notably from the
operatiug department. It is a fact that
trainmen who havo been closo friends
for years now pass daily without speak
ing. Dissension threaten several labor
unions. It is said that one of the
Knights ot Labor assemblies here has
decided to remove the A. P. A. element,
ft ie a common claim that tho society
has about an equal number ot Demo
crats and Republicans. Business hous
es have suffered or gained by the movo
ment. Ono large establishment lost
nineteen Catholic customers today.
The bishop and his supporters have
become the aggressors, and vow they
will stamp out the intruding society. "
shot uy ins victi.1I.
A Kbiii.uk Itaiiltrupt Hanker Itecelves n
llullet In the Hack.
Wkllington, Ras Mav 14. Just lc-
foro the bank of W. R. Warren at Mul-,
vauu cuiecu 11s uuorts buiiio luummj agn
John Tim in of that place deposited all
his savings with it and nil was lost.
Timm wns made crazy bv his loss and
tried to kill Warren. For this ho was
sent to jail. When he was released he
left for Oklahoma.
Saturday Warren visited this city to
attend to somo litigation and was on the
way to the court houso when Timm,
who had been following him, fired upon
him, putting a bullet through his back.
Warren turned, revolver in hand, and
forced Timm to drop his weapon. It is
not known whether the wound will be
fatal or not.
1'Hrin alorrrn Strike.
London, May 14. Tho strike of farm
laborers in Norfork for au increase of
wages, and which was inaugurated a
few weeks ago, still continues. Per
sonal friends of tho fanners have come
to the rescue and are assisting in sowing
peed and caring for the stock. A num
ber of Indies from the neighboring
towns ara also helping the fnrmers to
stand out. The strikers demand an in
crease of wages to $4.50 weekly. They
nre now getting $3.
A.ili-o til Line.
lie ttbratcd French Gure,
Is Sold on x
to euro any form
f -J oranydleorderof
;X fir"' tho generath e or-
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tion.ovcriodnlircncetilc .eucfics Lous of Ilralu
l'oncr, Wakctulnrm.Iiearlijfrdoivn Pains in the
lck,ScmlnalVcakuess,lIjrnerla,Nenous Pros
tralioti.Xoctnrnal miFsIon, Leucorrhor-a. l)!z
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tency.whlchifneRlectciloftcn lead to premature
cM Rita and Insanity. Price J 1.00 a box, Gboxcs
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WEAK akd
Conditions Of the human form aucceiut.ulljr treated
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tind ere loped, feeble ontana and parts of tuotxxlT
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natural she, due to til health, abuse, executes, or
unknown causes. Ther la ono method nml
only oup by which this may be accomplished
Increased now of blood to any part, produced by
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ttsue,toneandvtfior by the same natural !.
the Increase of size and strength of muscle. Don't
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There's! no iron bnck ofonrollvrti. On r par
wtA. como when the public, knows clearly science
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I hare a positl- nod f.ir the abure diueaM; by lu
tua thousands of ttrea of the tron.'t kind and of Ions;
etandina; haro twa cured. Indeod so strong U tnj I lb
In Its effioscr, tbit I w.ll send two iiottlls rnu, vith
aVALUAULK TUEATISK on this disra to anr suf
ferer who will en4 rnu their Kxprea and 1. O. address,
T. A. Elocuiii. J!I. O., X33 Tenrt Sr X. If.
I J?
OltJD IirjVEltH.
V. J. Chamberlain. Established 1000. F. Dillingham
No. 1316. Sixteenth St., 13J-NVJSR COLO.
a .
I tn
"ti -
K tn
s '2
m 3
i s
kBONDS, a,.
- . . 6
558 Banning St.,
Nervous Debility
Lost or Failing Manhood 1
fnvoluntiry Kmlniom, Iinpotency, Mental
Worry, Pergonal Wenkneu, Low of Memory,
Denpondeney. untl all other Dlneasci of Ulna
nd b .dy, produced by youthful folllei and over
indulgence, pilcldy and permanently cured
DR. ttTIfllNHAl-irS
PRICE, f2.0) per bottle or f. bottle for10.;or
In nil form at name price. Call or write to UK.
NTKIMIAUT, lCuolll IS. 331X Hoilfh
HprltiB atrert, Oppntltn Alleii'x I'uriilture
Store, I.oa Angrleii, 'nl.
SPECIAL and lnfalllblefpeclflcnAUo prepared
for Gonorrhoea, Oleet, Syphilitic and Kid
ney ami Bladder trtubW.
AU communlcailonii ttrlcdy confidential and
private. Olllco hours; Kroin9 lo-lp. m; Sun
day! irom 10 to 12
Throiiffh Trains
Pullman Palace Sleeping Cars,
Free Reclining Chair Cars,
From Galveston to Chicago Tla II. K. fc T. Hr.
.t C. II. Q. It. it.
The Best Line for
And ail Points
jstoktii & axhest
General Pattenger Agsnt,
St. Louis, Mo.
Bay Charlie
Sired by Sneak and lie bylnca, whose
record was 2:27.
Charlie is one of tho best all pnrpoeo
horses in the valley; a line driver and
large enough for all work.
Will etand Monday and Tuesday at
Uhinehart farm 4 miles north of town.
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and
Saturday at Nevada corral.
Farmers be sure to see him before
brecdine. TeriAo, $ 10.00.
1). F. Bakiclky, Prop.
Free to the Afflicted
All who aro suffering from tho effects
of Youthful Errors, Loss of Manhood,
Failing Power. Gonorrhea,, Oleet,
Stricture, Syphilis and the many 'troub
les which are the effects of these terrible
disorders will receive, Free ok Chaurk,
full directions how to treat and cure them
telves at liome by writineto the CAtiroit
ma Medical and Subsioal Infirmary,
1029 Market Street, San Francisco,
m CO
tn -q
O 2.
- O
O (j)
forrcspCndence O
Offiet? Stationery, -
gi ID n
J& - -w G
LOS AllgelCS, Cal.

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