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Doxible tlie Circulation of A.ny Paper Published in A.rizona.
NO. 10.
:.c nf the Dearilv
Idei, - -
Northern Heat.
falling Men and Horses
Fill the Streets.
on HHnn Atrcrnvrirnrl hu
1)" v" "
Bl sVa,ius South Winds.
. - Rocords of' Suffering
,- ition and Death In
f iiago Ecllpsod.
J i.
! '
tj'; 27. Associated Press.
. i t.v the sun was atill on in
, any deaths and morn
, funny prostrations ftom
"ng, and nlthough Uiurt
.!lmn of a cold wave, f.
triivt, it la curtain the
nth will be largely in-
' irie next few days.
- (died with patients eu.'-
Mietroke, many of whom
. recover.
! yesterday, which snr-
cin the number of deaths
. a (roiu hunt that tho city
M, was eclipsed by the
i ie sun today.. The tem-
,-I in the shade 02 to 1)1
. from the south, and
if the casualties were
.2 men in portions ot the
tFio poorer classes.
.!! hrsea which weajof,
t caused a temporary
crowded thorough fart
cnunUd. There were
so in tho police depart-
v off the aiiniuials which
.e dav in and about the
r of tlie city alone, and it
ary to call in outside
ikcs mid patrol wngone
"jid do to care for human
p.iico were overworked
'li.-ers were prostrated.
hi j hospital tho entire
- .ana was kept busy nil day
i aud there was hardly
ij tntiioii w riti: ruooi-n.
!' I, itinera (leUIn; ltedy to
L it In Ih'it Kvt-nt.
Uatio, July 27. A mo-
n tr s Ttie order of relieving
ra or untied stales troops
i ; i - uunuer inn mine c rem en
x- oa (i nmonL' tho non-union
.jt. ,i ...at forty demanded tne:r
j x 4 snl of ten men was left
' 'in-uiio workmen.
; r- pnsoncrd will be par
ti l--v uro to l)i taKen DClnro
' 1 states commissioner's
' . id to bo convened.
1 "Vor thoy will be deli-
3tj mo the custody oi Unhfd
!.! in tia-a and in this wav the
i km will hti relieved from
1 1. v Drovidiiu for tlicm.
r i an 1 six prisoners nri cou
(i a building but poorly
J,-1 h purpo-ei and tho place
1 m vermin. At Wallace
Mildred and ten prisoners.
-in should bo withdrawn
a.u , o would bo an exodus of
i .rs. The war department
Ii- . ' Imnm na noon as nos
e-ate authorities aro using
In '( i ri-tiiin ono or two eom-
I '-rcniie or tilt' Cele.tlulu lullio
line Colonial City.
"it., July 27. Tho alarm
erased by tho very large
. ClitneM eastward from
,st appears to bo warrant-
'iing increase intheOhi-
n in Montreal, Toronto
"p.irorn nnnnillnn nltiLH.
.pfintendent of tho Chi
'lation states has doubled
i'3-i four months, while nf-
l-t.on of the Canadian raii-
jit of Chinamen return
a was largely in excess of
' if arrival's in Canada.
'ai eighteen months a turn
' 'f tho exodus has taken
i as that period tho arrivals
a "live exceeded departures
-'ial empiro by 02 per cent.
r-i. ,
- I
o ...
i ii
ratification. Hill has confided to eouie
of his party friends that he ia not sure,
of his own position in caso Cleveland is
elected. As the Democratic senator
from Now York he would bo entitled to
recognition in the patronage, mid he
might not pet it to tho full extent of his
dues. Then ajrain he miirlit bo expect
ed to bo the main prop of tho admin
istration, and ho could not do that.
Tlip Ilinni'. trail Trnlllilo.
l'rrrsiiuiio, July 27. The coroner re
sumed tho inquest on tho eight men
killed in the fight at Homestead at 2
o'clock this afternoon. Captain Hogers
of tliu steamboat Little Hill, Cantain
Wishnrt, thn pilot and Engineers Kvans
and Martin repeated their testimony to
thu effect that the dtrikcrs opened firo
first and that it was only after several
of their best men had fallen that the
I'inkertons began to uno their Win
chesters. Tlie coroner has summoned a long liht
of witnesses, whoso testimony consists
for tho most part of repetitions of the
eviduueo taken at last week's session of
thn jury, and it is not likely that a ver
dict will bo arrived at until Into this
SMAi.i.-rox huaui: in SEwrnnr.
Tlmt FnalitunHlitu hiimmitr Kvaurt AIiuot
Kkwi-okt, U. I., July 27. Owing to
tho discovery of small-pox in n Illock
Island hotel there has uuen n constant
jiegira of strangers and guests frcm the
island, going by the way of Newport
Watch Hill and New Loudon, and in
every way by which H is possible to
leave, in some hotels there aro hardly
any guests remaining mid it is believed
that by Saturday the hotels of this re
sort will be nractically deserted.
CnureiHlmiHl Ahtentt-e.
Washington. July 27. After long fil-
ibuidering in the house over tlw
World's fair appropriation, a call of
tho houso was ordered and only two
hundred nnd twenty eight members
responded. Bingham offered a resolu
tion revoking all leaves of absenco ex
cept on account of illness. Tho resolu
tion was subsequently withdrawn how
ever and tbe house adjourned.
ftoal Facts of thoCcourd'Aleno
A. G. Trout Tolls a Chicago Roportor
All About tho Matter Somo In
sldo Dotalls.
Mote I.lMitril
h-i. .i
iT Mlcan
In Stylii.
I itco, July 27. Thoneo
ao aro greatly stirred up
tuitions of corruption in
oi uttinic mado by Austin
i governor of l'ueblo. An
i mado into the accounts of
riiisury nf the state, which
.1 d.-upluttid, shows a flior't
m. is of ltinion Marqiieso Oa-
political, wero alo looked
i-ialcition of Mivoral thoils-
I 'Senuo Jlarqiieso, the ex
i also charged with having
collected largo sums of
a iicli ho gave no olllcial au-
CitiCAdo, July 27. Special. A.'G.
Trout was at the Sherman yesterday.
He is direct from tho scene of the Ca-nr
d'Alene troubles. Mr. Trout says that
tho reports of Affairs there nre greutU
exaggerated, and that only the mine
owners' Mdu of the story has been told.
In regard to thu alleged maseacre ut
M Union hu says a special train was
sent there but nothing could he found
to bear out tho story; tho thing, he
said, was a lie made out of whole cloth.
One man, it is supposed, was killed ac-
ciucniauy. .-o union men wero in tnai
part of the country. "It was forty
miles," continued Mr. Trout, ''from the
scene of thu liots. If any killing war
done it was by times and hoboa from
Tekoa. o resistance has been offered
to thu military authorities, uor will
there be while union counsel prevails.
"The Sullivan,(letective guards have
been aggressors from the first, and it U
duo to tho moderation of tho lenders
that tho men did not gofuithcr in their
onslaught upon them.
"I arrived in Wullace tho Thursday
evening before tho outbreak. Tho mi
ners expected an attack on the town
tliat night, and nearly all stayed in
town awaiting it. We wero called
early by a man who said thu non-union
uin ha'd attacked tho town. Wo went
out and found there had been a few
shots fired. Everybody was taking to
tho woods. That was In tho morning.
I'rom that timo until 7 or 8 o'clock the
firing was pretty swift. I should think
it was about 9 o'clock that tho mill was
blown up. In tho early part of the
skirmish there were eleven shots fired
at n 14-year-old Swede boy. When
ever nny one showed up tho guards
fired at him. Tho entire town was rid
dled. Thero aro no marks of shots at
the Gem property.
"The fight at the Frisco originated by
ono of tho guards firirg at Midland men
going home by tho trail on tho Hlaek
Bear ground. The mines captured
tho guard, took his gun auay from him,
hit him on the head, and lot him go.
That led to the general fight. The ine.n
from Gem protected tho other side of
the mill nud tho light became general.
In regard to newspaper correspondents,
they wero accorded every courtesy and
werogivon passes by tlie secretary of
the central committee."
'I HI. IH Tiitr.n.
'lit thu Kuiiuto for 1'ulltlrul
r..v, I. 0., July 27. Sena-
. ilili will tint lm buck 111
.'!lr . .....;.... It !u .l,,,il.t.
I. I , - UII.T CI nnivil. AV ia mvi.mv
I '111 I.. l. I- -. -II III. .
I,, lies uauK ui nil. m '" nwuiu-
.'" f Jersey coast listening to
M'n, I U CIIIIIIIICII in ruiiui m
. It... -1.1 ...
i. oi'inro leaving itusuniKi""
', t
red of senatorial life. It
u-iil. Iiln timing for active
' ' cro aro oilier things which
i i-i ii. ! ilui i.iiiiitn ilnitht-
i'w '' 'neiids say ho has not been
a., - " ' bllU llUllllllilHUil ui u"
11. Il'il .., .1 I..... II... ...i f...
-i1 UIKttll IIU leauiuit 1IV -
I K1'1 n h not been invited to do so.
lrerA.. ...... .L... 1... ..n. Mal.1 tn
II1'- i 0lv lI)1" llu " nut imivtv. .w
I " (llnpnlnml nnil PlftvnnBOn
Nr Vnik Uimluma Or.lccm Arrmt Jinn
Ciirrjliic r.,(l()0 In Vnltmlilrx.
Nkw Yoiik, July 27. Customs Detec-tlt-na
llr.uiii nnil Dnnoliue. while en
gaged in their duty on tho Euorst Bis
marck today, noticed onu oi me saioon
pnsscnuers, whose name they afterwurd
refused to divulge, growing uneasy and
uncasier as his baggage was being ex
amined. They also noticed suspicious
bulgings about different purls of his per
son. Ho was taken intoa private room,
and tho investigation which followed
disclosed thu man to he a veritable
walking jewelry store. In his pockets
and is Ids wallet alio detectives found
cut and uncut diamonds, besides various
articles of jewelry, including fifteen
diamond scarf pins, two diamond studs,
two brooches, two necklaces with dia
mond pendants, four fine gold neck
laces, threu gold watches, four hair or
naments, em: watch bracelet nnd two
repeater watehes. Tho whole valuo of
tho jewelry is $5,000 or more.
-Theinaii.tipi'iarcbtlyh well-to-do Ho
brew, tays he owns a store in Rochester
and another in Chicago. He was held
iu $2,G0u bail till next Wednesday, when
his case will come up beforo I ho United
States commissioner i" Hobol.cn.
, Itaso Hall.
Ban FnAKcaco, July 27, Sim Fran-
cineo, 5 j Pan iToBei ?
The Anti-Option Bill is
No Day Fixed for a Final
Tho Houso Filibusters on the
World's Fair Bill.
An Adjournment Tnken Without a
Vote A Motion to Reduce tho
Appropriation la Lost.
Washington, July 27. Associated
Press. In tho senate three speeches
wero i nnd a on tho anti-option bil'.
Senator Cooko neailcd it for its uncon
stitutionality. Senator Mitchell made
a legal argument in support of the con
stitutionality of tho hill, and Somitor
Palmer argued against it na an invasion
against tho rights of states.
Wli.in Senator Washburn tried to get
unanimous consent to have a day fixe 1
for n final voto, objection was intei
posed. For some weeks past numbers of peti
tions have been presented in the senat)
and referred to tlie committee on foreign
relations, in reference to tho imprison
ment in England of Dr. Thomas Glials
ger. Today Senator Sherman remarked
that tho committee did not know what
the legislative department of govern
ment had to do witli the question.
Tho senate bill to create a national
highway commission, etc., passed.
The senate bill facilitating the en
forcement of immigration and contract
laws passed. Thu senate then ad
journed. Tho houso resumed the consideration
of thu sundry civil bill. The motion by
Mr. Bankhcad yesterday to reduce tint
appropriation for tho world's fair from
five million to live dollars, wasdefeatei)
by 60 to 113. Tho voto was then an
nounced, 117 for tho fair appropriation :
15 against. Mr. Holmaii moved to ie
cousider that and Mr. Bingham moved
to lay the motion on tho table. Fili
bustering commenced and thu house
adjourned, leaving tho matter hung up.
The Lottery Obeys llio T.uw.
In view of tho contradictory rumon
circulated regarding tho intentions o
the Louisiana Stato Lottery Compaii)
and in order to accurately answer nu
merous inquiries a representative ol
the Times-Ocnioerat yesterday inter
viewed Mr. Paul Conrad, tho president
of the company, with the result ex
pressed below.
Reporter Mr. Conrad, it ws assert
ed sumo weeks ago in thu Northern
newspapers, and thu statement has
since been revived recently that the
company is about to remove to Nicara
gua, and them, under a government
Franchise, open up tiio business on a
grander scale than over.
President Conrad I have heard some
thing of tlii", but tbcro is no foundation
for it. Tlie company has officially
stated that it bows to the decision of the
supreme court and will respect the
Ueportcr Then have you no plans of
future action?
President Conrad I cannot stato the
caso moro strongly than was done at
tho timo tho company decided not to at
tempt to obtain a ruuuwal of its charter.
I ran only repeat that tho company will
continue In business until tho expira
tion of its present charter and then
censo to exist. I cannot understand,
after all that has lieon said, why there
should be nny confusion in the public
mind about the matter.
Reporter Have you any objection to
my stating this as a finally for the sat
isfaction of the public?
President Conrad None Whatever.
Reporter Some of the Eastern pa
pers, Mr. Conrud, persistently asseit
that tho lottery company continues to
ueo tho United States mails in the pro
secution of its business; will you kindly
tell mo if that is true?
President Conrad It is utterly un
true. We aro obeying tho law in its let
ter and spirit, and our agents every
where arc instructed to obey it. Wo
aro using the express companies only in
our business, and in nil our circulars are
printed instructions to all persons deal
ing with us to avoid the mails. Times
Democrat, New Orleans, (La.)
ably loss, to mm ont novr apropos your
remarks aro going to bo, beforo you offer
'em. Instance in point: I met Vachant,
of Now York, in tho litroot tho other
day. I'vo been meaning to wr,ito to
Vachant collego friend of mino, you
know over since his wife died, two
years ngo; brutal of mo not to hare dono
It, for bIio was a sweet littlo soul, and I
could guoss what hor loss must have
been. Well, I rushed up to him, and
pressed his hand, and stumbled out a
plea for forgiveness for not having sooner
expressed my very real sympathy for his
wifo'a loss aud nil it must uavo meant
to hlro. ,,
I noticed ho wont rather red nnd mur
mured something nnd hurried off as
soon as ho could, nnd when I told my
wife of It and how 1 thought it rather
queer, sho said she didn't think It queer
at nil, inasmuch as ho was on from Now
York on it wedding journey with his
second wifo. Cards on my dosk, In un
opened envelopo. Thought from their
size they wero an nd. Boston Common
wealth. Again llio WIUIptii-WHllapuiiI
A couple of darkies raised consider
able excitement Saturday night by de
claring that they had seen tho gyascutus,
willipus-wiJlapns, or whatever it Is that
has been prowling around hero for two
or three weeks past. A big crowd
turned out armed .with guns, sticks,
axes, otc, but after a thorough search
failed to locate tho varmint. Turin Cor.
Atlanta Constitution.
A wire netting fence 500 miles long is
ono of the lato Australian wonders.
Tho fenco separates tho colonies of Now
South Wales nnd Queensland, nud its
object is to keeptho rabbits out of tho
latter country.
At Least J. B. Harrington
Thought So.
Saved by a Woman Who
Saw Too Much
And Could Distinguish Bright
Colors In tho Dark.
A Reason Why a Defendant Charged
With Attempted Rape Was Ac
quitted Yesterday.
A recent order for books sent by Mr.
Gladstone to a London dealer embraced
works ranging in character from a vol
ume of Eton verse to treatises on solar
physics nnd myths.
Occupation of New California
A Constant Procession of Prospect
ive Settlers An Absence
of Quarrels.
Tiiks Pisos, Cal., July 27. Some ex
citement attended the opening of the
land grant today. Settlers in farm
wagons have been passing through the
town continually during the nlglit and
today Homo are going to and others
coining from t he-county clerk's office at
Holliater. Theso were generally old
settlers who have no doubt been able to
prove their residence on tho land and
their cultivation of it.
San Francisco land hunters who have
rushed into thn country during the past
week have gone to San Francisco to
miike entries at tho land office.
This town is crowded with land
seekers who have tiot yet made selec
tions, but many of whom aro waiting
for the stage to depart in tho morning
for Punociie nnd Vallecitos which tho
squatters think nro the choicest places
for settlement. Old timers aro affected
very littlo by tho opening of tho land,
but now coiners aro nervous and ex
cited. But there has been no violence
outside of a few fights where two set
tlers have located upon the same quar
ter section. A fow hardy women aie
here to taku up claims and will proba
bly secure lands.
ItoutU' Ilrst Chiirat'ter.
It was in n high priced restaurant
Thoy wero discussing tho characters in
which Booth had been most successful,
ond the young mnn with a blond mus
tache was satisfied that Hamlet was by
far his best part.
"If you over saw him in that part
when ho was at his best," ho said, "you
wouldn't dlsputo tho assertion for a mo
ment." "Saw himl" exclaimed tho man with
tho dark beard scornfully. "I'vo seen
hiiu In about overything ho cvor played.
Why, his Ilamlot was poor compared
with sonio of his other characters. Ills
Othello was bettor than his Hamlet, and
his Macboth"
"Mncboth!" broko In tho young man
with tho blond mustacho. "Why, that
wasn't up to Romeo, and that's saying a
good deal. His Shylock was better than
his Othello."
Evory ono In earshot was interested by
ihis timo, but just nj tho man with tho
dark beard was beginning a scathing
retort with some sido remarks about tho
"Fool's Rovcngo" tho littlo fellow with
tho single eyeglass roused himsolf and
"I say I You'ro lwth wrong, you know.
I'm Hot much on drama, but Booth never
played anything ns well as ho did Shake
speare" Detroit Freo Press.
Condolence Out of rfneo.
"Dou't condolo with a frlond or con
gratulate a friend until fiyo years have
tested the reality of his grief or joy,"
says sopiobody, But my cortlol It's a
WW idea, After Jlro ?W$ OV Consider-
When J. B. Harrington woko yester
day morning from a fitful slumber ho
imagined ho saw tho doors of a well
known structuro at Yuma yawning ter
ribly. In fact Mr. Harrington had been
having a night mare about this same
structure. Part of tho time it seemed
to bo a hideously large and fierce look
ing animal of some unknown specios;
its jaws were always opon and its glar
ing eyes wero over upon him.
Thu fact was that Mr. Harrington
was to bo tried tlie next morning for at
tempted rapu and tho witnesses were
all on the other side.
The case was called before Justice
Huson ; Mr. Crenshaw represented the
stato and Judge Isrncl nppeared for the
nervous defendant, llio testimony of
tho sister of Ventura Cordova, the pros
ecuting witness, supported by thnt 6f
three other women, is what really saved
Mr. Harrington, or at any rate pie
vented niin from getting into deeper
She had scon too much, considering
the circumstances. Last Saturday
night at midnight when sho said tilt
crime had been committed, was an un
usually dark period. She was sleeping
on a cot outsjdo tho house about sixteen
feet from where her sister lay. She
was wakened by a man who approached
her sister's cot, lay down upon it and
put his anus around the sleeping occu
pant. Tho witness knew that this man was
tho defendant by his blue shirt and
whlto suspenders. When her sistei
invoke shu screamed and the intrude
after warning her to keep still jumped
from the cot nnd ran away. The wit
ness and the three other women who
had also recognized these distinguish
ing features of his dress iu the inky
darkness immcdiatnly tracked him 300
yards by his foot-prints in the moist
dust to tho place where ho wss stop
ping. There their recognition of him
was confirmed although there was no
light at this place either. All told pre
cisely the same story and their evidence
was carefully nursed nnd oncouraged by
Mr. Israel until it developed into n
growth of mammoth prepoiterousness.
At the conclusion of the stato's evi
dence Mr. Crenshaw moved to dismiss.
Tho motion was granted and in a vision
of happiness the laid defendant looked
down toward Yuma and noticed that
those terribly yiwning doors had been
kindly closed.
Tho friends of tho prosecuting wit
ness are quite indignant nnd threaten
to bring the matter beforo the grand
jury. Nobody doubts that there was a
man there that night, and that the wit
nesses believe thu man was Harrington,
but their decisiveness about seeing
what would have puzzled a cat to see
wrecked the case.
Judge Street returned yesterday from
Drachman & Co. yesterday recoived a
carload of tobaeo.
Thero is an unusual boom in Glen
dale property now.
Tho Beo Ilivo has added n branch
tailoring department.
Hon. A. 0. Baker will arrive in a day
or two from Prescott.
R. II. Brown and A. Chapiunn of
I:ddy, N. M., are stopping at the .Mills
Luis Leon and Joao Corona were ar
rested lttst night for intoxication and
Mrs. W. A. Fnrrish will leavo tomor
row night for Denver where sho will re
side in the future.
Tho will of Josiah Gray was yester
day admitted to probato.
Perry Walbridge will take a place
with tho Phcciiix Hay and Grain com
pany. Judge Cox wont from Prescott to Los
Angeles, whuticu ho will make a two
weeks trip through northern Califor
nia. Mr. nnd Mrs. Chas. O. Case, mention
of whoso marriage was made in yester
day's Riti'imuo.tN, have taken up a tem
porary residence at the Mills house.
The Commercial guests yestorday
wore Joe Reynolds, Denver; W. II.
Schorder, Riverside; Win. Sc.anlan,
Maurice Lamhanand P. O'Shca, Bisbce;
Chas. II. Jones, M. D., Tompe.
Dr. Chas. II. Jones who lias located
at Tempo, though a young man, is pos
sessed of high professional ability, and
will bo a valuable acquisition to both
tho social and business circles of
Mr. W. E. Miller of Mesa City is in
town. Ho says thero is every sign of
cnniinucu prosneruv in mm iiiriviug
community, which fie believes is des
tined to become tho center of Arizona
Win Warmly Coni;rntu,liitiI.
Frank Luko arrived in the city yes
terday morning nnd became tho recip-
lotii'nf tliu warm .iint?rnt lllllMon of IllH
friends over the outcome of his mining
Mr. Luko Bnid that tho contest cover
ing a period of three weeks was a hot
ono and his opponents wero well armed
with technicalities. A. verdict was
reached bv the jury on the tirst ballot.
The defendants tlircaten to mnve for a
new trial, hut Mr. Luke does not o
lieyo tho motion wl ho flled,
Complaint Mmleof Sickening anil Dnn
Kcrotu Nulmince.
Residents iu block 0 complain of a
nuisance in tho alley between Monroe
and Van Bnren streets. There are, they
say, half a dozen opon cess pools which
unit aliorriblo smell, poison tho air in
the vicinity and send out seeds ot typhoid
fever, diutheria and all other contagious
diseases whicli arise from such Fourccs.
During the day tho sun acts ns a puri
fier and the smell may not bo noticed
but atjiight residence in that neighlior
hood is unbearable.
Beside these cess pools the rear of tho
lots on which thoy aro situated Is filled
with garbage, watermelon rinds, etc.,
the accumulation of tho seaeon.- People
'directed by this nuisanco inquire if it
.vould not bo cheaper for the city to get
-id of it than perhaps later to have to
iiombat smallpox and dipthcria.
mediately after tho service, a reception
will bo tendered tho young couple bv
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bashford. The
fr ends ot the prospective bride and
bridegroom arc invited to be piesent at
tho services in the church, and aleo to
attend the reception at the Bashford
residence, Gurley street. Prescott
They'll Get Ken Willi Her.
Yesterday afternoon four naked
Mexican boys rangintt from ten venrs of
ago down wero seen skipping along Van
Bnren street from tho Center street
bridge, a woman had taken exception
to the utcliins'lliathlng iu the canai and
had carried off their clothes. "La
inuier muy mala," cried the naked boys,
and ono who could talk a littlo broken
English vowed he would carry her
clothes off when he cauht hnr in the
canal. But tho question is, what did
she want with tho clothes?
I'roductive or Rnoil.
Tho article in yesterday's Rcr-uni.iCAK
relating to tho apathy displayed in the
matter of preparation for the world's
fair exhibit, created considerable com
ment and has already been productive
of some good. Yos-tcrday two jars of
Japan ICelsey plums were presented to
the chamber of commerco by Mr. E. J.
Bennett, nnd Mr. E. Ganz contributed a
two quart jr thoroughly filled by three
peaches. The contributions have al
ready been prepared nnd will form n
part of the Arizona exhibit.
And Consequent Desolation at
Eddy, N. M.
Tho Honest and Flattering: Opinion
of Phoenix Expressedy by Two
Travelers Yesterday.
Mrs. R. ll. Brown and A. Chapman
arrived in the city from Eddy, N. M.
They said that Eddy, with all its
booming, is the gr".itosl fraud in the
United states. Circulars were sent out
by iho Colorado peoDle who had charge
of the boom, in which he beautios of
the place were represented to bs Elyslan.
Sweden was flooded with these'eircu
lars and tho result is that the popula
tion of Eddy 's made up almost entirely
of Swedes who arrived with small sums
of money ranging from $200 to (800.
Nothing was obtainable but hard and
unprofitable work and stckeniug (Reap
pointment. Tlie money of the colonists
was Jioon exhausted and now thero is
nothing but deprivation and suffering.
Tho country, Messrs. Brown and
Chapman say, is barren and will likely
.never be otherwise. Both gentlemen,
however, were highly pleased with Phce
nix. They had read 'everything sent out
from here but they admitted that tho
written descriptions of tho Salt River
valley wore inadequate to express its
wealth and glorious opportunities.
The Phoenix Dude and
Would-Be Masher.
A Speciman Winged
-- Two Nights Ago.
The Species Believed to bo Now
Locally Extinct,
What It Costa Member of theCenus
to Bo Impudently Famll'ar To
ward a Merchants Wife.
fter b Yvar VUlt to the Flowery
Too Gun, a proprietor of tho Garden
City restaurant, returned yesterday
from a year's visit to Chinn and was
heartily welcomed back by his Celestial
friends in Phoenix. Joo says ho was
glad to Bee tho Flowery Kingdom again.
He renewed many acquaintances in
that far-offland and altogether he had
,-t much moro pleasant timo than he
bad expected. Bat Joe wouldn't trade
Arizona for the whole of China and ho
said iu comparison of his preferences,
"he no likce Chinaman."
He found that all eyes were turned
toward tho United States and that all
that nrevents an Influx of his country
men is the restriction'act.
When Joo reached San Frnncipco on
his return ho was detained on board the
veEBel. A telegram was sent to his
friends hero; they applied to Governor
.Murphy and Ben Butler, who wired tho
custom house officers nnd cetablishcd
Joe's identity.
A Ilnnccrniin ItrlilRe.
Tho Center street bridge across tho
canal is in a dangerous condition. Two
planks aie broken, through which a
Jiorse may easily fall, and tho danger Is
marked by no signal. The bridge has
been in this condition for several days.
It is just half a block outside the city
frank Murphy Jllnrrieil.
On Monday evening, nt 8 :30 o'clock,
in the church of tho Advent, Prescott,
Miss Ethel M. Meany will bo marrifd
to Mr. F. M, Murphy, the Right Rev.
J. Mills Kendrick, D. I),. Bishpp of New
Mnco and Arizona, ofilciatlUg. Im
SnlM Nolilllty.
A few years ago tho question was
asked, "Does nobility still exist in
Switzerland J" And no one was nble to
answer it. Of all the thousand of Eng
lish folk who haunt tho Swiss hotels in
summer not one, it would seem, had
inquired whether that Rudolph von
Erkch, whoso equestrian statuo they
must havo seen, has any living descen
dants; not ono had over heard of tho
Barnese nobility a uoblesse which holds
itself so high that it thinks but slightly
of the British legation. Yet from the
Jura to tho Lugano thero 13 hardly a
canton" thero is perhaps no canton
in which noble families nre not to be
Some of these, such ns tho Plantas
andthoBuols of tho Grabunden, have
turned their energy into modern chan
nels and mako their fortunes, like the
Hausers or tho Sellers, out of the Eng
lish and tho American tourists. Others,
like tho Von Allmon, have sunk into a
humbler rank. But tho greater part ro
main In statu quo, still enjoying in tho
towns or in tho country a social pres
tige that varies with their wealth and
their intelligence. Temple Bar.
Knrly Method of Curing Sltlni.
The original process of curing skins
was probably tho simplo ono of cleaning
and drying them. Removal of tho hair
, by maceration in water seems to haro
been common among the very early
' tribes, and ono writer has suggested
i that tho idea was obtained from the
J natural process of depilation. They
i must certainly have been familiar with
' it in the caso of drowned animals, where
maceration can bo plainly observed.
, Following this, smoke, sour milk, oil,
' and the brains of tho animals themselves
1 wero found efficacious. Many of theso
! primitive methods aro employed at the
present time, thus bringing Into novel
conjunction tho days of tho roving Mas
Eagotm and thoso of the thrifty Ameri
can. George A. Rich in Popular Science
I Duel or Two atrt.
I At Charkoff, Russia, two girls who
wero friends fell in love with the same
young man. Ho was slow to make his
selection between them. They agreed
that either could win him if delivered of
tho baueful competition of tho other.
They decidod upon a duel by drawing
lots. On the day following ono of the
young ladies was found dead in her
room. Sho had poisoned herself with
phosphorus. But her tnenu 13 oroiicn
down with sorrow and remorse. It is
moro than likely that bIio wilL not livo
to enjoy tho fruits of her victory. Paris
Letter. '
j Ancles In New Telescope.
! In tho now form of telescope for stadia
. work spider lines aro entirely omitted,
nnd instead a prism is placed so as to
' cover one-half tho objectivo of the tele
I scopo, the conseqiienco being that tho
1 rays passing through tho prism mako nn
angle with tho rays passing through tho
, pnobsonrcd half of the objective, and
this angle Is constant whatever tho dls
! tanco of tho object (iWrveil. Nott
I YprH Times.
A gratifying spectaclo was witnessed
near Wasington and Maricopa streets
night before last soon after dark. A
well known merchant with his wife was
sitting on tho sidwalk in front of his
place of business when n man commonly
known as "Frenchy" came alone.
"Frenchy" was well dressed and of
mashing proclivities. As he passed the
gentleman and his wife, though un
acquainted with either, he raised his hat
and saluted impudently.
He went on down the.street but soon
returned. In the mean time tho mer
chant had stepped into tho store for a
moment and was still inside when
"Frenchy" re-appeared. The masher
accosted tho lady familiarly and remark
ed that hu was unmarried, and inquired
of her if sho could give him a pointer
which would enable him to simulate tho
matrimonial relation. Just at this mo
ment tho merchant came out and over
heard tho insulting question.
Ho planted his right fist on
"Frenchy's" jaw and the masher turned
a somersault across the ditch into the
street. He was allowed to regain his
feet' when another pile-driving blow
flattened him. This time he got up
running and yelling "murder; police,"
and otherwise indicated that he was in
soro need of more thorough protection
than the McKinley bill has thrown
around the tin industry.
He eecaned down Maricopa street
and took refuge in a corral where ho lay
all day vesterday nursing his shattered
jaw and injurcd'vanity.
This incident is chiefly interesting on
account of its execediug rarity. The
masher is a seldom bird in Phoenix and
the dude by reason of his scarcity in
this -community is classified with Gila
monsters brought in from tho desert by
the Indians, arid other specimens o'f
creation either nearly extinct or never
abundant. Thcie is possibly no other
place between the Atlantic and Pacific
where a lady is so secure from insult as
in Phoenix and the outcome of this iso
lated instance will have tho effect of
discouraging similar episodes in the im-
mediato future.
Nlnn nnil a Hnir l'ouniln.
" Mr. M. II. Smith yesterday became
the father of a nin and one-half pound
boy. Mr. Smith is happy and Mrs.
Smith and the baby are doing well.
Telegraphic Quotations From Chicago
ami S.tn FrancUco.
San FfUiCiico,JalyU7. "dehor. 90os Best.b
Ilelcber, U.3U: Cliollur, 5c; Con. Virginia, 1:1.3);
OonM A Curry, 9tSc: Hale & Norcro6, $1.10;
Locomotive, 5ci Veer, 5c; Potosl, too; Ophlr,
J.'.20; Savage, use; Sierra Nevads, 95c: Union
Con., 70c; Yellow Jacket, 45c; Confidence,
11.60; Veerlesf, 6c; Crocker, 6o.
Sliver IUrs-SW.
Mexican Dollari-W$WU.
Cmcion. July 27. Cattle Receipts, 31,000.
Active; 23.'c lower Choice to extra tteera,
SI.IVSLIO; "others, JI.OOfiM W;Texaiu,1.7iSi23;
rangers, $3.75(31.30; Blockers, l.753.25.
dheep Kecelpld. 9,(X). Market active, steady.
Natives, .).75(o.73: Tevans, Jt.5501.70; grass
wee te rue, 51.3 ICO; lambs higher.
San Francisco, July T,. Wheat Market -Inactive.
Seller, "ll, 11.37(81.37$; buyer, Dec,
Barley-steady. Seller. '92, new, .91J5c;
Dcc,951Sc; brewing, seller ', vj-;i.
Chicago, Jnly 27. Wheat The market open
ed loweron weaker cables, strennhened Ijcon
lnnai hnvlncr. wi-nkeneild on rurther weak cab
les and Improved weather and crop advices,
declining JJc, closed steady at bottom yia low er
than yesterday, lltcelpti 131,000. liJrimeiits
Wheat Cash. 7S': t-'ept.. 7SJX.
Corn-Cash, 50U; Sepl.,1
Oats-Cash, 51J.J; Sept., 31.
Uye 75c
Flax fl.03.
l'rlcca for Grain I'roduce nnd
Fruit Corrected Dally.
Whole barley per 100 pound
Kolled "
Wheat " "
Flour " '
Sugar cube, " "
fugar, gran'ted, " "
Collee, gTeen, " "
Coffee, roasted, ' ",
Rico " "
Potatoes, Irish, " "
Onion " "
Dairy salt ' "
Deans, ptok "
Ham, Kaiif as City, per pound
nrexkiast bacon "
Urd " "
llntter " "
Cheese . " "
Driedapplcs " "
Pried ivaches " " .....
Pried apricot " "
Dried grapes " "
Dried raisins " " ... -
Honey, nt rained " "
Honey, In comb " "
Kirgn. per dozen
Alralfa bay on ranch ier ton
ilniln " " '
drain Haybalcd " ....
Alfalfa " . " "
lleefon foot, per hundred.
Uoxs.llvo " "
Bhcep, " "
Ilreen Fruit Itetall.
Apricots, per pound....
Peaches, "
Aiiotr. "
I Strawberries. per box.....
HlackDerries, ....,
Tomatoc,perponrid.-, ...........
l.onion, jier iloz...
Oranges, " " ,i"
1 (XI
1 10
1 60
2.V330 00
25WW 00
2 DO
S 00
: m
; 15S
7 Ml
2 00
4 00
4 tO
. ...40C0
. . . Wfffl
"VI'"1'1 !"! IllUlCJl" -I

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