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The weekly Republican. (Phoenix [Ariz.]) 1891-1892, July 28, 1892, Image 4

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Attested to by Four
Stage Drivers
On the Wickenburgr Line
to Prescott.
A Ghostly Prosenco Recalling
Bloody Doods.
A Brief Revlow or tho Crimes Com
mitted In tho Vicinity of
Nlggor Wolls.
'I li (our drivers who pass on tin
Wickeuburg routo between l'hicnix nc
l'robcott lull an interesting story of wlnf
may bo seen almost any night near Nig
. ger Wells about midway between (in
Agua Kriu and Hnesajaiupn.
Tho spot itself is ghostly ami renderet
("till more to by the bloody mi-moru
which hail aiotind it. Hut first ill.
better to tell what these, stngo driver
have scon. It mar nlao add force to tin
story 10 mention that their vision is sup
ported by tlio cviiiemoof seu-inl aj
Tlio stage- pussts near Mgi;er Well,
latu at night. Nearly a ni'iuth ngti i
driver was startled by a shadowy prcs
enee which appeared at tlio side of tin
coicli and seemed to touch it and trave
alongside it for n considers lile distant'
and finally vanish by degrees.
1'he driver at first believed thin ivus t
hallucination but it occui rid to frequent
iv that lie finally epoko to another drive,
about it. Tim "second driver hnd nls
Men tlie presence.
A further comparison of notes shoncc
that all had Keen it. After till tin
shadow seemed to become moie distinct
mid to take the form of a man stil
white and shadowy, lie nightly ae
proached the passing coach at th.i
jioint and was plainly seen to lay hi
hand upon tliu veliicle. It always' van
ished at the same spot. One of tin
drivers swore that ho would taku hn
shotgun along and on tliu next viola
tion would thoot into tho fearful whiti
Tlie opportunity was given trial niirht
but i he driver had not strength to raist
tho mm.
These drivers havo ail related theii
strange vision heie; liiey are men o
undoubted veracity rod courage, so con
Biderable talk nnd excitement ban beet
The murder ot Cyrus Gra) bill, Join
Johnson ami Charles Doolittle, foul
jeara ago lost March, between the spo
rt here the spectral shadow appears am
w litre it vanillic:?, is n called.
Gityuill wiu un Englishman nnd
foreman of tho Vulture nunc. Out
d ty he started for I'Iiumiiy. with ii u'olt'
lur wonii $0,000. Julmson nat witt
him In the wagon and Doolittle rode on
horseback, part of the tune before and
part of the time behind, a' a scout
Just how tho three men died no bod)
knows lut their bodies were dKiiveret,
on tlie tjuie dav they were killed anr
tirouaht to l'lm-nix. A strong fom
lirtsd in search of tho murderers. Tin
party was made up of uoutloiiien now
well known in otlicial life.
Thero w is some trouble at first ii
strikin: n trail but at Inst one uni
discovered leiding to the north of tin
llurtpia Huh mount tuts, it dilleren'
tunes the pursuers were uluio.U vvllliu
ailit of tliu murderers and after thret
days out they learned that tho fugitives
hud retrnied their steps toward Vulture
A short distr.nco south of tho rami.
they separated and being closely press
oil, after making un unsuccessful at
tempt to divido Iho gold bar the mar
derors buried it and pirated.
Tlie leader, Inocento Valenzucln,
went north to Vulture, returning In
another route, again eludeil Ihh purHiiuri
l"k' up tli'i gold bar and hurried soutn
ward. One night ho appeared itt 1'nvv
era Camii. on the bank of tho Gila. Mi
had tried to cross tlio river but i,
horto had broken its let? and the mur
dorer dismounted and ieturut.il to tin
caiup where ho tried to hiro some out
to take him across.
In a few moments the pursuers emu
in sight; Inocente dropped his Winches
ter and retaining his revolver and tin
tlio gold bar, renewed his lliulit on foot
He was soon overtaken but never tuiiitti
hi face toward toward tho pursuers
Ho fell under a weight of lead whlel
alonn would almost have borne hlu
douuittho wound had nut been fata
or dunhling.
inu oar was recovered, anil, w itii t J
picture ol inocente, was tent to fceim
tor Talwrat Denver, where for somt
timo both were on exhibition.
Twoother Mexicans wero nfttrwiirtt
arrested for the murder but iheevidenct
was not conclusive am) they werodis
Ttvoyears before this Harney .Martin,
station agent at Stanton nnd well known
in this city, having sold his station foi
3.00 ) started with his wife nnd child
to come to l'htuuix. They never arrived
nnd weeks nfterwnrd a searching partj
found a charred collection of bone-i,
wood and blackened iron, just north of
Niggers Wells, showing conclusive!)
how ltarnoy and his family had died
I'raneieto Vega, a tlesoerado notorious
throughout Arizona ami Soiioru seven
years ago, was suspected nnd trnrcd Iml
never captured. Ho was recentlv seen
In lower Sonora.
Nigger Wolls took its tumo fiotn the
circumstance that a l'ortucese mete
who undertook to the it for Carlo Tar
asao, n wealthy Italian, who wanted it
for irrigating purpot.es, met his death
in it.
Was the white shadow seen by l he
four stngo drivers that of tho English
man Graybill, Harney Martin, or the
unknown 1'ortugeRe?
Tliu rich mines of this countv nro at
tracting the attention of esste'rn capi
talists. Kvcry day letteis ure leeeived
from parties at different points in tlie
tist inquiring what the prospects are
for purchislng good .mining property in
I'lina county. ! ucn u star.
Corporal Allen, Company (, eleventh
nftintry, left Whlpplu for San Diego,
dav before vesteiday. ljith plat lit
will make his future home.. Tlio cor
noral has served in the United &iHitf
army for thirty years, nnd rttirts with
a life iiension of about 24 per month,
I'litfiiix papers nolo thu arrival there
recently of H, llerkowiiz, the enterprifc
mgStnnton mcrcliant, willifl.OOU wo th
if go)tl miggom, the pun bases Hindu bv
him during two week". As tills is the
dullos) beuson of thtv jear, nntl otlur
purchasers obtaiued some of the prt
cioua metal, it indicates that Btnnton i
not yet worked out, I'rpscoH Journal
Miner. Jr, Honry Copp, nnpW t!mprony
live years ngo in Arizona, nnd who lias
on ami cir for tixueu vtnrs, mini d in
he cold fields of Alaska, was in the thy
of 'lilt boti on a wt purtnining Ui hum
.tttlilii Iteiul. Ilcpt nka hi no unecr
tain tones rtgartlii!,: to land at Gila
llend, thooitiwiidliiiuchof Arizona, and
computing up the reeuuices of tlio cities
located on tlio northern munds states
that tlie greater uatuial lernnreth lay
tvith oot hoi n California nnd Arizona.
Tucson Citizui.
Yuini -ontinei. A diuukui Cocopa
,quaw was iursit;d hunday evening
and lodged in jail, She stivs that tlio
liquor was gUeuloher by two Yuiun
Indians and u Akvienn. Tlio qnntion
i, wlierc did tlie Yimm indinns ot it?
It is plainly evident that someone in
town i trnmnlin? tho laws underfoot.
It illicit to well to arrest tho two
Yumus and if they wiil not ttll where
they bought tlio liquor, tut ofT theii
hair as n punishment, 'lhu squaw iih
-untune (1 to pay a line of live dollars
orto havo her hair cut oil with tho
Yuiun SenMiitl. Tho tipw town of
White Hills, iucattd in Indian Secret
minim; distiict, in the center of the Into
reat gold and silvVr strike m Moliavo
county is f5 mills north of ICiuiinian,
(15 northwest of llnckberry mi the A &
I'. K. H mid 25 miles east of the Colo
rmlo 1 1 ver at Kl Dorado Can von. A tri
weekly li"e of stajtes run from Kim;
man to Wiiite Hills, through in 24
hours, 'the too u is laid out at the foot
if rrensnie (itilch, where it widens out
mo the vallev it contains iiImhiI '.()
inlialiitanl". one store, another mm
nearly llnislntl, four naloous, threo rS-
taurai ts ami 111 t y tents. .Main stro.t is
ilnint one mile in leiiu'tli. hat's fitim
JO to 3T) feet deep, have been Mini: on
many of the first locations, it Is said
with tho most flitteriui; rrsilts. Sev
eral sales havo alreadv been made.
The itltiir Oiiim
Work in the Vulture mine will open
n full blast today. 1'or a lonn time n
small forte of men havo heeneinpioytd,
fltieily in ilevvlonment work, ilutsido
if tlie liomtnzi the Vulture is the most
noted uold mine in the territory. It
as formerly worke 1 liv Senator Ttbor,
but ivitliiu the last few weeks a stock
Mitnpnnv was forun d if which Talxir isJ
uie of tlie principal stockholders.
Havo no
Hopa of an
3ut are Simply Trying: to RotarU tho
Development or Pima County
for Private Cain.
Mr. Jan. York, a resident of the south
ern part of Pi inn county, was in the city
hpoakiiiK of tho land ;iniit esses he
said the Caiiieroiis hail no hone or ex
pectation that their title would he roil
'irmed t ) any more of the land in dig
outM excent the original f'.nr square
leagues ileseriln.il In tho oriiriuil . pati
isli u'ranl. Ho said that tho litiMti!
vlilch wotl'd ariso out of th claims,
however, would .& ns to the Cameron .
iretty much the sninu efftc' a. a ton
ilrmed poos-ion nntl the tiamsje to the
ountry would ha be even irrtater than
if their eLims should I o 1 tallv sustain
ed. The claims embrace all the water
facilities in tho fcouthern pnrt of the
county, nnd pending htisutioii thoe
parts winch in1"ht otherwise itimo un
der irrigation ni:d btcomu (-eitloietl will
afTiiid no attraction to oeltleia, but will
.omo into practical pys-es-ion of the
claimants to lie usetl for ranges
That nn ultimate decision will ho leu-dcrt-d
akains them is certiin, hut before
this is rendered tho claimants wijl have
"iihe'l years of prolitab.o possession.
It is for this tt-a-on ilmt they are en
leuvonm; to keep lite eae out of the
mud irrant court ni.il confine them to
thcordinury tedious tribunals.
r.Miti'.i: ircviM.
NVetU' Knri.f-iiliH-a lii Bnclal anil liui
iHrsn Clrcli-.
IhsiiKK, Ari7., July 2(1. Correspon.
Jente Mrs. Thos. Wliilehtnd of Sun
Simon, is visiting the home of bet
parents, Mr. and Mr-. J. L. Ilroivn in
Mr. Jo Campbell of tlie Copper
Qiiicn titllce visited Ton bstnne during
he week and attended tlio wedding of
lr. Ikckvvith.
Mi Barbara A. Brown, the i,!i.nimt
mil competent cashier at the 6. Q.
itore, who hits been taking u month's
t-ncallmi, visiting friends throughout
the territory, will return soon.
Dr. Sweet, who has been spending it
.Mention of iwo months visiting frit-nth
n New Yorknnd otheruasterncities.r-urnt-tl
on Wednesday htt.
Tlio recent rains have given thu lulls
andvallejs a coveruu: of green whit b
renders tho scenerv more pkaaltii? to
theuve. Mretdr cattle art- rIihuiim-
the eirect of v o I pistnru and raiieht-rt-aro
mnt-h encouragid.
Mr. Tom Devlne, ono of Hisbee's so
cictyoung nwn. save a seleit partv on
Wetlne-tlay evening lift. There vveie
vlsuit twolvo couple pre nt nntl the
ovening was spent plea-aiitly witli
song, dame iu.il refreshment.
Mr. C. L. Hi-ekwith, Mm iionul-ir Cop
PerCJueen surveyor, is a benedict, tlio
bride, Miss Minnie K. Hill, i n hand
some nnd accomplished young hilly of
Tombstone. The ceremony whs per
formed nt the homo of tlie bride by
Kuv.J G. Pritelmid of this city. l he
Imppv couple will spend the honey
moon in CUifornlH Hnd on thrir return
will occupy their pretty cottage on
Duncan strt, this rltv.
A very pica ant affair was the birth
nay party of Miss Hughes which oc-f-nried
nn Friday evening, tho 22d nt
which tuna hJ10 attained the ago of 1!)
About a tloen friends wero pre-enj,
nnd with refreshments nod varioiif
nunisemont", the evetiing piasctl quick
ly and pleasantly,
i-it(i;r.KSsisr(i n.rii)i,v.
IiiKIkM MiiiitlxilIie.S. I'. Jt r. will Itritch
Work on tho SwU To. l'rseott A
I'lmeniN rallrottl a progiessing utpidlj
tutl M.ij. VmiL-nnn, chief of construction
."ii) s tliHl ht lint- will Iv. conipletP-l to
l'lescott bv Heptuuitvr 1st, ttnd tlml
rhoeii'xw'l! Im rsachod bv April 1 of
text vear.
Ss fur only two mil( of track h tve
been laid bin a great extens'oii ofimnl
N-tl is finishetl and tho eitpri: t-s uf tlio
construction torps is im-v eiitnlovwl
in bridge wo k. ',
The engint-i-rlng corns uh-'i itiilt an
unsurmo intalilo olntacle nt Ytiiinll'ii
mine on aei-o.iui of the dilllculiy nt ob
taining n wrradcinu a demur of'sevnral
utiles will b neces-arv. The course
irotn tint point i not determined upon
but several aursrey.) jill be timilo nntl
when tho grading reaches there thn
bent route l ho qliQHon,
Famous Mining
Case Decided.
Plaintiff Made
Wealthy Man.
Tho Decision Affocts S10.000
Worth of Oro in this City.
Tho Extraordinary l.osrnl Battle
Brought About by tho Diver
gence or or n Golden Vein.
A telegram was received in tho citv
yesterday moruiny nnnoulitini: a deti
ion in tlie famous Luke-Houd suit ii
fnvor of tlio platnltlT. The plaintiQ'
frank Luke, and tlie dejeudants, Hunt
it Havden, wero ininere in Yavapa
county, near tliu Maricopa county line
riiosuit Krew out of tho divergence o
a vein of valuable ore from the defend
ints' mine into that of tho plaintiir
Sullicieiu ore was taken out of thu veil
near n disputed lino between the claim
to mako a shipment worth $10,000 am
hrouutit by the defendants to l'htuuix
whole it was attached. Alter a ti la)
ooverim; n period of two weeks tht
court hero decided tlmt the decision ns tt
the ownership of tho ore was without
line jurisdiction inasmuch as tlio mini
itself lay in Yavapai county where tht
trial lotifcrnint! ttio location of the un
deririouud line must necessarily lulu
Ihu plaiutill'was, rcpre?entid by Cox
Street V. Williams antl the defense bv
linker it Campbell, of I'liieuix. Hesitl'i
tlieo the best ioal talent of Tucsoi
and I'reseott wAsmnpoon either sitlo.
Thu case was called more than i
month nyo mid has been holly contested
The verdltt as to thu boundary be
tut en the claims nlso settles the qiies
i ion of ownership of the oro here. Mr
Luke's friends are prepareil to kivu Inn
an ovation on his return.
In thn Cii-to .if tli Tmiiaj Ciiunty, Mil.
1) ntliem.
Si-itiN(intLi),Mo.,July20. ThoTane;
county l nchcrs are free, ns it has beei
lound impuaiil'Iu to convict them i
Intiey county. Kor several days then
have lit en moors hero that evcrythlni
was '"fixed" anil lliat thero would li
no conviction, so tlie result ts not u sur
prise. Judge W. D. Hubbard has Leel
-everely cenxtired, but it is not 11 le vet
tiuit heis resiunsible for the result
When tlio panel of forty men was torn
pleled, I'lo-rcutiut: Attorney Davis itnt
ins itsisitint, Mr. Shnrp, looktd ove
the list and found that thirty-four of tin
uieii were members of the defunct Halt
ivuohpfi orgnuiz-.Uou and Mippostd tt
be In antipathy with the lymhers.
Colonel Hniriiicton, thu spteinl rep
lesentiiliv-o of the Ptnte, wes not pre
icul, beii-g dangerously ill nt ln honit
in this i-iiy.
tieorgti I'epiH-idiii, Iiiiriiugtuii'a lav
partner, altliuuuii prt tent during tin
llrst pait of tlio wttk, was not there n
lhu svvintlnp, na ho became louviuctt
dt-ve'ral davs ugo that it was. inipossihl
to bring about a oonvictlun. When tin
ttornuvs saw the statu of nfhiim Ihey a
once entered a nol (ros us to tho mnr
tier of Bright and tlismtsbed tho cast
for the killing of Deputy Sheriff Wil
liaius. lho liurteen men chari'ctl will
two murdtrs, iheieforu walked out fret
men. The frimuls of ilia men at om-t
(jave them nn ovation.
Thid docs nol chungo tlio real stantl
mg of tli" tufts, and iheyaro really
wiiereiney aiwajsnavo Ueen, Iiefort
'he electors of Tanty county, 'ilm ivn
cliing is a political isfiie, unit if the fac
lion opposetl to tliu ililtl Knobbers win
tlio men will bo indicted ngaiii nut
lorccd to trial. All the work done ii
theciises has Ix en engineereti liy tht
elate officials and by the couniy ollieiali
of (jreeiin county.
There is considcrablo speculation hen
as to thu cllcct of the linnl acquittal o
tlio lynchers, whlcli all seem lo thiul
certain. Some beliovc tho lawless ele
meiit.Bceinuits nower. will be mum iv
rnnnifnl and tincompromieing than ove'r
while others advance" tlio thtorv tlim
lawleesness will end. The men arrest
ed havo been taken from bushier foi
-uvernl months nnd havo spent n eonsi
'icratiif sum of money for attorneys'
i- -. i iicy nave oeen Kepi m a Mate o)
mental anxiety and will piobahly think
twice beforo they go intoanother Ivnch
i ill'.
ali,i:uk llltl FKAUIIS.
ieuntiinia Arcii-atlun .ttnilo tsiilnitt
Attlllunnlrti Ltiiiibertnciii
St. I'aui., July 20. The most senea
tional suit liruitght in Miiiiicota foi
years has been tiled by four pronitncnf
cilirens of Stillwater in tho Unittd
tatos Cin nit court. In it ex-Senator
Sabin, Thomas It. Walker of Minnapv
lf. It. II. Wilder of St. Paul, and many
ither pioniinent men of tlie norlhwesl
arot-hitigtsl with consplrncy tosetiies
ter pint) lands belonging "lo soldiers'
lioinesiciids to tho nluu of nenrlv
If 1.000,000. '
Tney nro cluitged with tonaniring
with 300 individiiiils ontttleti to 'enter
lands under section 2,305, Kcvistd
statutes, to sign over to thovualthj
defend tuts named powers of a tornoj
to laru'o tracts of laud previous in the
tlmo iv hen fni'd lands became Mibjeoi
to entry.
Iwoiity-llvo thousand acies of this
innti.coinpriaing tho heart of the pin
region In Miile hacs countv, and valued
nt n.-arly $1,000,000, was deeded to
i nomas H. Walker, Frederick weycr
nanser, thy Wieconsiu lumber kinc.
antl several other millionaire lumber
men of Minnesota, Wist on-in and Illi
nois, itie complaint wns made ngainst
th lonior ttlou known as tlm .MihnIh.
sippi Uivei figging company, nnd was
urine hv .iuuiiii i. jentts, Samuui jic
Oltirti, Hubert t'oles and .lamej Mulvoy,
citizen' tf Stillwater. They liavo ro
coiiliv obtained quit claim deeds direct
iroui the toldier. originally tiiletl to
the Millo Lie ommtv lantl, nnd ill
rk'bt tin- luiiiberi icii on the claim that
their iiMi " tthoHv fr.ldnlent ami void.
.r :to ii (Cst ;:-D.
Tin. Kljlitll nml OtlirrlteRllnrlilHOrilerll
HtntKaTtvi), Ph., July 20. A-fcocint-ed
I'rcss. The Kijhth regiment was
ntdered home today. It is Mleved the
others will follow tuitij onlv two regi
inejits are it ft.
Krhk slept well last night nnd woke
refreshed with no dangerous symptoms.
Secretary Lovejov said this morning
that n catile had hocn roolvd from
Carnegio asking if hia prosenco was
noetled, ,n nwef VM m j,ntlj:
I was not and ho will not coino until sent I
I for. Lovejoy added that nearly six ,
iiituurtu men are at won; in tliu Home
stead mills, turning out first class work.
More will bo sent there today.
A Dfiilty Itlrtlnlay l'urty.
VisAUA.Cal., July 20. Antonio Hri
gadn tills morning 'shot nntl mortally
wounded Matiaa Neblina nt Ormos
wood camp, eiijl.t miles from Visulia.
A party of Mexicans nssemhlcd nt tlie
camp last niyht nreparntory to the
colouration of n birthday. Whisky
flowed freely. Ilriicida got a rifle and
sliot Neblina without cause. After
Neblina was shot he pulled it knifo and
cut Urlijniiti severely in tho neck. Uri-.
tfadti was nrrestcd nntl is in jail.
KWtsU the ncliolure.
Tus.cot.A, III., July 2(1. Lcnnder
Houston ai urrostetl Inst evening on n
cliario of criminal libel, tiiu charge be
ins; preferred by I'eny Little, n llrush
Kork pchool teacher. " Houelon alleired
that Lithe hud kissed tho pretty itirls
at school, and kept thorn in at noon
hours fur purposes not exactly plain;
hence Ihu suit, Houston has tm'on
hail nnd proposes to brim; suit for false
imprisonment, claiming there is noth
ing criminal about tlio chargo ofkiss
ing, etc.
neutral HuiImi'h 0ilnlmi.
Hostok, July 20 Uenernl Hutlur in
'peaking of tlio Homestead cases said
in regard to admitting to biil in acaao
where murder was clnrgetl, that nl
though bail is not ns n rule allowed,
still it wns a unttcr wholly w ithiu tlie
dosretion of tho court", As to tlio ex
tradition o( Aiulrow Carnegie, Uenernl
Duller said hu.could nut sen how a man
could bo tiken in a foreign country for
acts said to have beeu tiono in this
country in his absence.
A fllrl'K I'lery Crimes.
San Tiuscisco, July 20. Maggie
Cnmmines, a fonrteon-ycar-nld giil,
was arrested yesterday on six charges
of nrson was ordered font to tho Whit
tier reform school for thirty yenrs bv
Judge Jonchliiison.
Camiillitii ll-clino!ty AIritril,
Wasiiinoios, July 20. Tho president
unproved the act to unforeo reciprocal
coniinerci l relntions between tlie
United States and (Jnnadi.
Meet at Denvor. Colo., for a
Thoy May Leava Both Partlos and
Join tho Pooploo Funoral
Denvkii. Colo., July 20. Aiso-cialed
i'resw.) The Stalo Silver League of Col
orado is in session hero today for tht
ntirposo of determining whit count
:hat orgnniition shall tiurtuo in tin
coming siatu and Katioal cnnipaisu.
rhosiibj"ut was brought tipnt the meet
ing of the League hold in April, hut it
was then decided to defer Action until
aftcrthe conventions had b;en held. nntl
tliM the platforms of tho different pair-
tiei vtere tiruw n un.
The action of tho llepuhlicau and
Dcuiocr-itie convention" in declaring
against free coiuago tins hnd lhu elTut t
uf, to n great extent, wiping out the old
party lines, and tlie present gathering
will is-uo ti summons to till voters w ho
favor tho restoration of tho white metal
to join tho rinks of tho Peoples party.
Tho convention is made up of one
delegatoat law from each silver club
in the state nnd one additional tlcb-gntc
for every fifth members or fraction
thereof above Inenty-tive.
Gen. Weaver arrived in tills city thh
morning from St. Louis, whore lie ha
been spending a few das at tho Nation
a! headqunrieis of his party. Gen.
Weaver is uecompviled by his running
unite, Oen. J. G. Field.
A N.U 8leatn(r I.nunoIiiMl.
I'liiMnnu-itiA, July 20. Tho new
government cruiser Columbia, familiar
Iv known as tho l'irate, was launched
this afternoon.
Knt a niiiirl-lilni; Illct.
An old Stoteli fiervant attached to
tho honskl-ild of tlio tamons Uritlsh
lo-ician, Sir William Hamilton, was im
proud of hi' master's fnmo aa if it had
been hh ovrn, nnd, liavlng picked up r
few of Sir Williiiin's feclmieal vvorda
and plirascs, broiifjlit them into plry on
every ossiblo occiision.
Ono day n gentlom-in who was fond
of drnwimr out old John for tlio aura
tnent of the company said to him, wilh
an cngatriiiK nil :
"1 supposo. John, now that you'vo
lived so long with such n srent rca.outr
ns Sir William, yon nro quito ablo to
conduct an argumont yourself?"
"Wool, I wiuim 8.iy Rao miickle ns
that," replied tho old Scotchman, with
tho modesty of trno genius, "but if I
ennna contluct nn airgymont, I'm think
in I could draw un inferenco,"
"Could you? Let us see. 'then? There's
an Eastern proverb, you know, about
tho wild nss snuffiiu,' np tho cast wind.
Now what inferenco would you draw
from tlia.t?"
For i; moment old John looked non
pluRfccd, n-i well ho might, and then n
gleam of slj lmmor twinkled in tho cor
ner of his thrlc gray oyo, nnd ho an
swered, with a grim chuckle:
"Aweel, tho inferenco that I wad
drnwliom that wad bo that ho might
Rimfl u lang timo beforo ho grow fat!"
David Ker iu Hnrpor's.
Polly Savc.l tho Vlunlilcs.'
Wo hnd moved into a nowlv built
house, which had all tho modom im
provements, tho electric bell being ono
oi itiera.
It was a cold wintei 'n night, ilr. nnd
Mrs. J, wero traveling in Europo nnd
tho hervnnts wero all gathered about tho
kitchen firo. Polly was nlso near tho
file, but in the dining room, which wus
np stairs.
Sho used to seo onr mistress ring tlio
bell for tho servants to enter, nnd, liko
n elovcr bird, studied on this for n long
On this night Polly was nil nlone,
when suddenly tho door opened nntl
two men entered. Tho room being
il.uk they could not soo tho bird nntl
began fcenrching for valuables, for thoy
wero burglars.
Polly now proved her worth. She put
out her claw nnd piosMd tho button of
tho t-lectrio bell.
It brought tho servants to tho dining
room, vyheio, utter a short KtrucL'lo. thev
secured tho buiglars, who were nbout to
in.iKo way with much of tho v.ilunliln
bilver in tho dining room.
Folly was fed on dainties for some
time as n leward for her valuable ns.
Elstiinco.-Cor, flew yorlt Recorder,
A Rumored Change in
the Court Bench. '
The Transfer of Judge
Kibbey to Prescott.
Action of tho Land Grant
In Refusing to Submit Tholr Claims
to thj Arbitration of the Land
Grant Court.
Tuusov, Ariz., July 20 Special.
There is a rumor on tho streets to the
effect that there is to be a change In the
judgtis in ihu territory, that Judge
Wullsoftho I'resriott district ingoing
to, or has roiguod, that JmUo ICibbev
of the Florence tlislrict will lie trnnt
fered to Pretcott, and that a Tucson
lawyer will bo appointed to tho vh
tuncy, Jud'e O. W. Wright being
prominently mentioned for the place.
How true this may bo I cannot say, hut
ii Judge Wolls resitrns. as has been
rumored elseiv hero, tlio other changes
liny follow, as rumored.
Wo havo been having considerable
excitement down in Pima over the
land grnnt suits. Tlio people t-nnuot
understand why tlie grant i-laimuntH,
who wore so loud in their wishes for the
establishment of a Land Grant court
having special juiisJiclion over this
class of cnot-s, are now so veiyaveis.
nh'iut going into the L uid Grant court
with their case'. Neither cm they un
dwrstand why they havo rushed into
thu District court with such spivd, un
lead it is to ii void going into ihe Litiil
Grnnt court, as tho District court lias
always been here, nnd they could linvc
gone into lliatcouit nt any limn hereto
fore, when they were exhibiting so
much anxiety about tho euibliliiiiuiit
of the Laud Grnnt court; but they did
not sqo fit to do so then, and it Is only
ol Isto that such grunt anxiety to get
Into our District court has been
evinced, instead of testing the titles
oefore a. court with power to go in pr
son io Mexico, when the original
records can be i!i8voied ant! all the
liana in tho papers discovered, ns was
thu casts in the Vlgodonos ctant, which
thocmrt uipi-d out tiflera en refill in
spection. This rnther unusual stato ol
affairs hn3 eatisod un-asiness nntl kus
picioti. and tho soitleis propose to tio
everything in their power to get these
cases before tho Land court instead ol
our District toiirt, and have them do
lermined by u court pirticiilarly estab
lished lo hi-udlo these pecuii-ir rases.
If the claimants tiro honest in their oft
eiprojsed desire to Unto nothing but
itieirown, why should they re-ort to
other means thin tho natural oh, ss
people look nt it, ns the Lund con r I-is
eurlultil) the proper tnbnii.il for the
cases, ami wits c rented with special
powers u meet the emergencies that
unU of nece-sitv iiri-o In the careful
inve-Mg.itioii of theknottv piobleme
coiineetcd with Anzoni Innil grunts.
Moat, if nit till of these irrnnts Hint
'ho owners flitter themselves aro "per
fect Rrantb" within the meaning ol this
law had (Ot.ditioiiR precedent, whicli
in 01) per cent of the cafes were not
complied with, ami they are not per
fect grants. io matter what excuses
liiey inny have to offer lor the non-
omphmicu of tho law tho fact remains
that continual posses-uon did not occur,
and that a closo investigation into the
' ictP of the ives, will disclose a moet
-hairy st-iio ol affairs. If tlie claimant
are willing to nbitio by u thorouvrh -x
amlnilloji of their el tints, the Lind
Grant court in tho place for them to
bring tin ir tuit-", ami their present
coiirsis is going lo raise ft howl such an
no hive nol heard in a long time, and
to which tho pre-'cnt muttering tire
simply i prelude.
Candidates for the countv oflirrs nt
iho full election are eomiiu: to the front
tjpidlv, ami ii iouks as though none of
.bo ollic s will Isj vueuit for want ol
gor-d materia! io fill them. The Re
publican iinrtv expects to havo some
thing tinay this fall ubcut thetountj
ofliccs, ami me in goad shape to say
t!ilteouitth"'i't-frcctivelv. unles som'e
unforeseen i onsetiso occurs b-fore elec
tion, which is not probible. The Dem
ot nits exp'-cH to inako points out of
the html gran' eiPet, jmt how, remaiiic
lobesteo, th- Republicans loamnn
sro Ve'it-iiit-iHv opposetl to any snnp
judginiit lK-ing arrived nt by hind
grant elnimant-, nnd will promptly re
pudiute tiny Kiieh moves, rim owne-re
of these gnu ts consist of rabid Dem
ocrits in mnnv caa-s, who will move in
1I tlireeiioti to uet their enormous
claims ihroiigh, nnd in some cases the
owners nro Republicans, hut Demo
cratsind Republiuins nliko wnnt fair
piny nntl are bound to havo it, whether
or no.
o u.U'onruA uki-uiilioansj
Ooit vent lull Ciiiifreisinni
ICli-ctorM N'niiiliiiittfl,
KvcnAitRNii), C.tL, duly 20 A-io-
uuiieii rit'F.t ino jtejmoiicmi state
couveiui'in niL't liero this afternoon for
tho purpusu ot nominating presidential
eletiorj. Uanaral N. P. Chipman v,nh
eleeled temporary chairman, hut little
was done at tho afternoon session be
yond effecting a temporary organiza
tion and appointing the iisuul commit
tees, when ti letesa wns tnken till even
ing. a'wo presidential electors nt hirge are
to be chosen by the convention nnd
candidates, for congress me to bo nomi
nated by fliB district conventions at the
same time, with tlio exception of tlie
sixiii utstriet, wtilcli will hold its con
vontion in Santa Cruz next 1-riday, nnd
iho seventh distiict, which held its con
vontion at Mcrcwu yoarordny.
Tho platform commit tee was in session
two hours thu afternoon nnd decided
ujion lesolntions to be adopted. The
platform vill bu short. It endorses the
National platform, Harrison's admin
istration nnd the plan ot loriningcolle-Vi-ite
Republican clubt. The hone of
contention was the ruiltoad plank, nnd
c'tern long debate the following wns
adopted :
The He ntillcan pnrtyof Callfornlaliv-a'trayr
StUOll tor the tuntpriill rlAvplnnmm ..f ilia .u,u
sml bclidviiii; that Increased Neli. le-ot tranv
S")rlll'n by wu'er ami br rntl wHtcotnliitv to
ttntenl, it nnin-inilx from the ttencral ttoietn
tnent theeirly t implttlon, uiider government
eonttnl. ol the Meinuigtin can.l atvl u llburnl
expenl lturc.nl nf nioeeyto Imprive oiirhnr
borsanl Internal watoriray, piudHiiK tiroten.
tiiinanl ap,orttoj)l insumoeiii-llttr el't
Hut tliat will promato tho wellfare of the Mate.
The platform also urges the imme
diate pimniie by tho Uijitttl States sen
ate ol the milling bill now pending be
fote that IkmIv, The nlatfonu was re-e-eivetl
with cheers and wasunanimuusly
Delegates wero in no hurrv to get
back to work Bftor a tame nCornoon
action nnd, H wh8 a g'pjqc? beforo tho
convontion was called lo order by Gen-j
I oral Chlpmnn. Tlie committee on cro-1
Identinls reported thai thero were no I
toniest nud the report was adopted.!
Thecoiiuni'teeon permanent orgnnlza
tion and order of business reported and '
reeommended that the temporary of-1
fleers b niado pcimancnt. Adopted.
Geoige II. Cook of Merced, una .'S.
Ilnlidiu wero next nominated nseketors
nt large. Two alternate olectors wero
nlso nominated nud then the convention
heard reports from lhu various district
The Republicans of tho Fourth dis
trict held a meeting this afternoon and
nominated C. O. Alexander for cdn
tesg. The delegates from tho Fifth congrefs
ional district met this ntte-rnoon and re
nominated Congressman Kugeno F,
Lend for congreSJ. Thero was no con
test. Tho delegates to tho Third congress
ional convontion met in the supremo
court loom nnd nominated S. G. (Ill
born by ncclniuation. The names oi
Whitney and Gibon nero withdrawn.
Jnines A. Wnyiniro was chosen elector
bv acclamation, with P. Huntington ol
Colusa us alternate.
In tho Matter of Preparation
for tho World's Fair.
Haw tlio Work Is Being Pushed In
Other Localities Under Lass
Favorable Circumstances.
There seems to he jut now n lack ol
interest in world's fair matters by tlie
people of l'hwnix and Arizona. There
is a muiirnl iinpicssiou that the fair is
a long nay off and ns much as is mcea
snry may lie accomplished in n much
briefer time than now remains.
This is an orror ami tho ilelay may
prove, fatal to the hops that Arizona!
oiilertain of the displav to be made.
Other co:iiiuuniti-e whit.li hnve not
so much to show are already iiu-hing
their preparations rapidly.
There is piobably no other section of
the eouitry which ma) derivo so ninth
good from n world's fair exhibit as Aii
zona nii-1 liiure is no oilier part of Ari
zona wlilch will be i-o thoroughly b-ne-fitted
as tho Salt River valley.
To show what interest is taken hj
ksa favored localities tho follow mp
from the Los Angeles Times is givea
Mention is made of not only tin- wo;k
of tiiu ommitiee ns ti r liolebut nlso ol
the individual efforts of prospective ex
hibitotf. All that is being donu nt Los Angeles
can ho done nt Pha-nix arid mucli moro:
Tbtl lljLTnes fit lifteetl liet lapi w.rn -nut n
jrc-cnlr i ilie lo AtttV- co-m j worlJ' flr
cxnmttii as tr,irtilne nu exhibit ol bouur for
this com-ty's lioucy lfiUy
1 lie til. t'ornU trul- KcrK-ratlnionl Mna
hi tiirln
c-impunj uie ( t -purine Imtiasoi u
exhibit of Uiitsl
rltt..tlt nt wlith
lUi y wilt
iiib'.miui nrilnllu Jo.Icu In tlio liortlcullurnl
belldliiK wliicur.lll Bdlreatlytoil.eBltriil -
iveiifs.-'f ( Uf. tnln-f ulilMt.
ll ' sjcimf ltHerteinJlntothClimU!
ol Cnraner cssanipl-) of Bill Luke nihil.
which ltw.V.mou t'.keyUHii;Dirtree thnn
. nana, , xnai ne wimvs io exuiMt. show iiik whm
ellect the rttTere le.) Ill oll in-l ollrunte ha-on
thlipartiru srklminf foliltr
Mr M VV Son.il of tflen.lat.. ultthpi tn run
vlnre ijii" oommlttp that navel nrnneea ran h
cxUMtcd -lunnc th rnoatli ot July ut the
world lair vltliiiiitaur fer nf thi-lr il-ciirlnf
To tib'taniluie 1 er afsritlon she swids In
siK-ctmc! of nm.,1 oioiigos uhii-h were tnVen
from iho treci yelnJT. which weru aa eolid a
If they weie rul ed in March.
Mcnoln rochum sends In LmiicIic of the
4lmond trte loaded with the nuts that will he
put In th- preferTitiTn flat I mil uhlbltcd a
ihc pro tact" ot Antelope vail y.
v II. Hinlth of VentuM, wlht-ir to exhibit
hhSparks minuaoth apricots, sond lnnraie,
rimtiliiK throe lo tho pound. tht were put tip
111 the linker pro -en and moroJ uwny for Die
world's fair in IsSI
TherommlttiM In snppl-lne lotion sue to
tlio pco 'lo tint Iciend inHtinci-xhlbit of dried
fruit. in o which tho fiutt will be pitied and
pliced Itico dttoravo until itejft vprliiK, when
they v III be pao rtlhi boxe4 runnlni? from one
and a half to three nnd five imhiiii!" tMi-h. np-in
whlfh wllllpltc d tho libel of each donor.
RlvlnghUpartletiUr brand nnd locality.
It In Ilm Third nnd Lnrprst of Their
CciitralTtuiplei That nt Klrtlnnil, O.,
Still ttand, but Thct ut N.mvoo VTn
netrojnl In 1848 Co.t 3,000,000.
Tlio nnnounccment that tho Mormon
templo nt H.dt L.iko Cily is completed at
last, that Iho capstone was put iu placo
tuk teuvle.
nud tho gilded angel raised in view of
40.0(10 t,luinHTl". nnmdo ta r.nlm.lrtln.t ln '
-., ......0 j.wWi..V, 3 UI.I.U1IIIW IU
cscito in thosp fjmilirr with Mormon
history u Bmilo or a sigh, hecording to
personal feeling. Ono thing may Lo ad
mitted by all: This tomple has been
raided in Uio foi o of gi eater difficnlHos
than any otht r stmcturo in tho nation,
j . -(-...l. , R v r,.ntifui ntJ(i lagting
monitmont ot pcrri tenco vvniimi
modem rallol.
Tlio Ilcimcns tt.miiletcd their first
temple nt Kii ilaud, O., nud dedicated it
March 17, ltSM Itaen.mafcd cost was
C'O.CCO, ami it ?till ttt.nds.but it wns
long used ns n wai choice, and has since
been restored iind Leaulificd by tho Jo
tcphilo Mormouj. It looka liko an ordi
nary ct until- church, with nn unner
tTger in Millions of Hoines
Ml? wr aI i,
III BlflffeSfflF
Ur. Irl?oH J luvortiuj Jcxl
X.r". 11 - Of nnrr.nl .. ..
Lemon -I of
.quill, -i - i--. .-w. puntv.
&. - n " , T8
groct strength.
Aimcnd - ' """fusj
Kose etcrj Flavor as dolicatey
and (.cllclouslf a3 tha fro;h fruit
stoiyund pculiar splr Tr
in:.i .1. r i .it m ..
mm iui) juiiiiujuuil oi lUCirmxt tt.
, f ' ' '"-) tit
vvcrednven out of tliat cuatvit
Joing more. It is nn odd f t m, T?
re-Kion they occupied was .i0 srj."!
furious contention dunn' i o j;u,,
troubles and was desolated nann-Mf
civil Avar, vet today that m,t, "itT
son) contains as many pi..jt, J"
much moro vvotilth and ttio -j-tudi
in tho btnto, nnd romance una",
combine i:i tlio fact that the f it.
iClll'lU, illbil ill AUU11UUI1 I.
tho grontost in tho world, i t
by a diwrcnlin;; fcott of that p,
a3 tho "Tvvelvitos."
W ulj; J
Tho third templo found..!, .i w . ,
..-- ... in.n i ., . "-iJ
ui. xuokuo iu lutviiuu itie s.
complotetl nntl dedicated jr.
v5, th,
work of the lost few weeks being do-j
In tho midst of almost
contuuui vnr
I n .. ...
; bistcen lliousand .Mormons hud alreadr
flctl from thr st.ito 1ml lbn q.tlM.
!r, ,,:, , "'""Mtt.
, tnmed ill disguise to dedicate ust:nd
I intr. With tears and nravors -irt
I '?'. . ' . , , . PraJ Wl
I rejoicing, mingled With muttered cnru
, on tlieir elieinio. tho ceremony of dei
.- . ,. . i - . ..
. cation was performed, but starrlytsJ
tho notes of tho trumpet ceased aa-1 1!
last hymn died on tho air when 'he writ
of removing tho sacred ornaments te
gau. Everything portablowaa racbJ
for Utah nnd tho building vvs d
mantled to tho bare walla.
Not n. stone uow marks tho sit when
it stood. In tho nutunm of 1 wo tua caa
non of invading militia batttnd it
walls. Nov. 10, 1S48, firo di-strmeua!)
tho woodwork, nnd in Koran mr tb;,
uhnrricane damaged tho wails bcrori
repair. The firo was lighted hj a&s
tile of the vicinity who had been injured
by tho Mormons nnd had sworn do
trace of them should cumber ibe soil d
Illinois." In Utah small edificeMliTa
Bed as temples were long compnteiu
tho outer settlements, but tin great
tptlinln. vlinA f-nniortnTirt n 1--'
fApnL C, 1833, was thirty-uino jars u
reaching completion. President Wfl
ford Woodruff , vv ho officiated as head of
tho church, is eighty-five jcarso'Jaad
tho last survivor of tho apostles -if Sati
Bo it that tho templo is n monument
of folly nud fanaticism, it is at least
n splendid nnd harmless on It u
03 feet wide, 200 feet long un I ft
high to tho top o'f Iho ccrt.r ms.
Tho central lov.er is 210 foci i.. -
on it Btiind3 tho truly coin isal s u f
the Angol Moroni. Tho man-r I i i
walls is a light gray gr-nno ui i i
total cost of tho stiuctiiro i a t '
Tlio immigranto into tho United -tatf
do not bring in, all told, as much mocff
by $!0,000,000 ns American touns'- taU
out of it nnnnally. Still, some . f the
I immigrants without any monc) male
better American citizens thnn those who
go away from ns, with all their u-wy
V Clever lilt of Workinnuslnp
In a museum of curiosities at salun,
Mass., thero is preserved a common
chorry seed or stono hollowed and f-11
ioned liko a basket. Within tlio laslr
urq twelve tiny silver spoons, the --haps
and finish of which cannot bonstin
guLshed with tho linked eye. The nam'
of the artist who constructed this Iitue
wonder lias been lost, but tho actu d e
istenco of tho thing itself will tint be
qucstioned by any ono from tip lu
vvito.i headijuarters of tho Baj St '"
Chicago Herald.
40 Ytjars tJiP nndtvrd
,Ji iA ij4 (
."re-TV, s X
rJ, faA'Z'SZFA

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