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VOL. 111.
Upon the
Preparation to uiscip-
iTho Situation Is Kegaraea as
Extromoly Sorlous.
J The French. Russian ana iurKin
Powers Likely to bo Involved
In the Controversy.
rous, Jan. 18.-Associated Preen.
i .irnedlv convened cabinet council
a heid th'n al.ernoon. The unex
KCteJ call Kr the conference has
CjoneJ decided sensatiou, as it was
conieuured action is to bo taken in re
e,riiothe sudden spirit of indepen
dent displayed by the khedive of
Tpt m changing tho ministry with
out bating "rsl obtained the consent of
theBiitish government. Cromer, tho
British representative at Cairo declined
n. the new ministry and tho
vbed.ve refills to make any chances.
I mi telegram from Cromer was re
,ia' the foreign otlice early this
,iie.n.K.D Soon afterward the Russian
.ml Irencn ambassadors and the Ger
mD urged affairs called upon Lord
Rjwwrry the foreign tniiiister and a
(omeuai heated conNersatipn took
mate M. Waddington. the lTnch
iuoaadur and M. Stall the Russian
in, iaad-jr ere bubeequontly closeted
T ,,. nr prune minister for some time.
in o'.kuk a summons for a
Un , -ouncil at 5 o'clock was issued.
1 ,e , .. in.il rose at G .35 o'clock after
jm. . ng unanimously to treat the
inrti with utmost firmness. The
i B.
H rTS Ul'ClUeU IU 1UIIUI1U iiiiu ... -.
u i manner that his position as
rii i-i
hgpt ilfpeiuls upon tne goou
Ural lintain and the Hritish
i i . . ... ..:.... l..t
w .
"Wiioieul win muse iu 10.111,111.0 mo
r .uaiv uiiiiiKtry appointed. It is
1 - i"! tiut the khadive's action is at
ti ..1 I 1.) concerted Russian, French
jn 1 Ki'.n ln'rigiiea. Olilcial inter
im 1 a given this evening confirming
tn. . i- reported action taken by the
A Singular and Terrible Disaster on
a Russian Railroad.
rrkitsBiKO, Jan. 18. Associ-
imi 1 t-,r 1 remarKauie acciuen.
n-tu'ir ilus inoruiiig on tho railway
ike iir eeu si -toiibk and Samara. A
tar n lna.lid with recruits was going at
lu ired when the forward car took
an- l ,r sumo reason the engineer did
Eu si, ,p and the entire train was soon
m nnii.HS. Vh many of the recruits as
i mi j iniped from the car windows.
,iuii. auji-tl in deep snow banks and
cma 1 iniiirv, others struck the
fr.'iiii.i and were killed, many were
fur 11 1 burned before jumping and a
Biiimwr were burned to death in cars
b, . fre entir ly consumed. When
tue 1 . was railed it was found that 42
y- - if.t, at) terribly burned or otlier
;'" hj irnl. An investigation will be
hr 1 . l-terinine tho cause of lire, but
it i-s.ippoSHil ibat soldiers skylarking
in ii' i 'riard car upset a stove.
. jrma Town Treasurer
out Funds.
hi-BuHM, lal , Jan. 18. Thomas
Hai ' t 1 trt-murcr ih short in Ins
' 11 - a coiisiileralile amount. He
(''in ! k on the' Herkeley bank for
lino . ,1',,. iiennan Savings and Ixmn
ha' k 11 sun riatn'isco in payment for
e. m 1 ,ftit bonds. The Hurkeley bunk
"' in-1 Un. i heck as the town had no
in.. a.
iw-i 1
Itaii I
ex I 1
"ii dfpusit. Hann says he haH
i.jwii s money 111 his own tmsi
1 l.tiN no idea how his affairs
ii- da turned over property val-
Jt inn ti, his bondsmen and an
! 1 x.iiuinmg his books.
In tho Senato.
W'-.iiv.iuN, Jan. 18. Pfeffer of
Kaunas rrxuined his snpech in sunnort
01 thp
nit resolution to amend tho
ution so as to limit the presi-
'i.'lli'eto ono term. Tho ami-
dfm i
"j" 'i biilwiis taken up and Hoar of
s'analiupttH resumed his argument
Ha hm r t, ground of its unconstt
"'i"tiUiy. l'urther arguments against
''" . nituutiunality of the bill were
tuail,. ,.v (jraV( vB9t aR,i piatt. After
a fxcmivo session tho senato ad
journed. Disastrous Railroad Wrock.
-Y'"-1". www, Jan. 18. The Santa
" a dornia limited was wrecked neaf
,. 7"a.v. William Koss, a waiter in
""Uininircar wni till...! nn.l .It- ,,c.
""wsand eiiiht of tho crew of tho
ii"tii,ftr were badlv injured. They
a,. ,a '' 'akpn to Fort Madison for treat
""at The linancial loss was heavy.
Washington's Sonator.
JMim, Wash., Jan. I8.-TI10 legisla
te "l'et "i j'"nt session today and cast
Allots for United States senator.
'"! was not changed from yoitor
" -..to, Third ballot stood Allen
L !!"er 3G' Uriea 2-". Teats 0. Fifty
BVe "'"ssary to choice.
Senator Murphy of Now York.
tatTm.' N.' Y ' Jan- ".-The legisla-
noon , 8 in Jinl Beb8in '"' a"ef
Wa t0 etat a United States senator to
succeed Frank Hiscock. There aro 01
Democratic voles in iho legislature out
of 1G0 on joint ballot, and despite the
opposition of Grover Cleveland, Edward
Murphy, Jr.. of Troy will get overy one
of them.
Statohood Tor Utah.
Washington, Jan. 18. Ilousu com
mittee on territories without discussion
ordered favorably reported the bill en
abling Utah to fonn a constitution and
state government and bo admitted into
tho Union.
Wants Us Admitted.
C111.YENNK, Wyo., Jan. 18. In Wyo
ming legislature there has been intro
duced a joint resolution uiemoruliziiig
congress to ml in it Utah, Arizona and
New Mexico into the Union.
Cockorol! Re-Elected.
Jefferson City, Jan. 18, Tho hoiiBos
of the legislature voted separately for
Senator Cockrell for United Stales
senate. He will be elected on joint ses
sion tomorrow.
Tho Voto Stands.
Washington, Jan. 18. The senate re
fused to pass the McGanahan bill over
the president's veto. The vote stood:
Ytab, 29; nays, 18.
l'lsh-r Folk
Who Marry lu nn Off-Hand
On tho shores of tho Moray Firth the
spot need not bo moro specifically local
ized there is a flourishing littlo villago
of soino fourteen hundred inhabitants,
consisting chiefly of fisher folk. The
young man nnd maiden do not court In
the orthodox fashion. Their method is
much moro prosaic, and what is charac
teristic of one case may generally be
accepted as characteristic of them all.
There is, of course, nn occasional in
stance of genuine old-fashioned court
ship, but that is rather a rare excep
tion. "Mother," said one young man on his
return from a successful herring fishing;
"I'm goon to get merrid."
"Weel, Jeeins, a' think ye sh'd just
gang an ask 3cr' cousin Marack." And,
as he had no particular preference, he
went straight away to ask her.
"Wull ye tak me, Marack?" was the
brusque and busincss-liko query which
ho put to the young woman in tho pres
ence of her sister llclla.
Hut Mary had promised her hand to
another that same evening. "I canna
tak ye, Jccms," was her reply; and then
turning to her sister: "Tak yo 'im, Uel
laclc." And the sister took him.
"What did Miss Morrell soy when you
"Said sho wasn't undertaking kinder
garten work just now." Chicago News
The Sad Financial Fate of tho
Who Fell Into tho Hands of the
Florence Authorltles-A Shady
Sheiifr Murphy and Joeeph Urennan
returned from Florence yesterday wliero
they had gone to find out how tho War
rens had so thoroughly and mysterious
ly diappeared. They learned that after
the release of the prisoners on habeas
corpus on Monday morning mey van
ished, list me ted away, lhoy had a
horee and cart, but tho brilliant au
thoritios, knowing they were wanted for
some sort of a crime, did not take tho
trouble to see whether thoy went east,
west, north or lotith.
Sheriff Mtirtihv and Mr. Hrennan
found out cveral other things calculated
to reflect seriously upon the Florence
authorities not, however, including
Sheriff Grace who was not in town dur
ing tho shady incidents of last Mon
day. The Warrens wero arrested about 8
o'clock on Sunday night on a telegram
sent out from hereon Sunday morning.
No attempt was made to communiciito
witli tho authorities hero that night.
At 11:05 next day a telegram was re
ceived at Casa Grande for Plucniz stat
ing that the Warrens wero under arrest.
Fifteen minutes later another was re
ceived saying they had been released on
habeas corpus. At 1 o'clock that day
Sheriff Murphy, at tho request of the
authorities at Florence, telegraphed tho
warrant at an expense of $13.50 and was
unable to receive a reply. It is learned
that that telegram reached tho au
thorities there nearly two hours later
and it was also learned that at the time
the 11:05 dispatch was received an
nouncing tho capture of the embezzlers
they had already been turned loose and
were out of eight.
It Is a rather significant circumstance
that Gill, the court commissioner, be
fore whom the habeas corpus proceed
ings took placo, is tho tolegraph oper
ator also.
On their return, night before last,
Sheriff Murphy and Air. Hrennan met
Sheriir Grace who was on his way home
from Tucson. Ho was painfullv sur
prised when he learned of the easy
facilities.wliich had been afforded the
Warrens for escaping and ho remarked,
"It looks like there has been a divi
sion." This was precisely tho vio.v
taken by Messrs, Murphy and Hrennan
soon after their arrival at Florence.
Tho Warrens had $700 of Mr. Urennan's
money when they left Pha'nix. Mr.
Hrennan thinks they wero lucky if they
took one-tenth ol that sura oui
The Ex-President Passes
Peacefully Away.
His Death Received with
Tho Senate and House
The Funeral to Occur Tomorrow
Under Charge of tho Loyal
Legion and G. A. R.
Fremont, Ohio, Jan. 18. Associated
Press.) The news of tho death of ex
President Hayes was received here this
morning by tho citizens with much sor
row. The whole city is in mourning.
Flags are at half mast, testifying to the
regard, with telegrams of condolence
pourlnc in from people of prominence
from all parts of the country. Arrange
ments for the funeral have not been
completed. The Loyal Legion and G.
A. R. will probably havo charge of it.
The funeral service will be held Fri
day afternoon. Telegrams of condo
lence have been received from President
Harrison and prominent people all over
tho country.
At Washington.
Washington, Jan. 18. After remarks
of Martin Sherman in eulogy of the
late R. 15. Hayes the senate adjourned.
Tho house, after a short session also ad
journed after eulogistic remarks by
Haynea and otherB.
At a special cabinet meeting this
afternoon tho order was signed by the
president and issued, recitingthe death,
public sorviccs, and private virtues of
ex-President Hayes and ordered the
federal buildings to be draped In
mourning for thirty days. Public busi
ness will be suspended on the day of
the funeral, and suitable military and
naval observances will be made. Se
cretaries Chas. yoster, Noble and Rusk
and Postmaster-General Wanaraaker
will go to Fremont as representatives of
the president.
Warwick Scott yesterday sold a block
of seven lots in Highland Addition.
A. P. WalbriJgo was yesterday ap
pointed guardian of Minnie Lois Judd
and Orion and Carl Judd.
The city yesterday began putting in
badly needed crossings along the lower
part of Washington street.
Wanted a boy to deliver morning
papers, must havo a horse. Does not
interfere with school. Apply at this
Max D.igenais yesterday purchased
lots 9 and 11 block OS for $2,500. These
lots are on Jefferson street two blocks
west of the court house.
Win. Wilson arrested for begging on
tho streets was found guilty yesterday
morning before Justice ICiucaidand was
given a llfteen day job on tho streets.
The Phoenix real estate company sold
yesterday to II. L. George a lot on
Washington street in Neahr's Addition j
one lot in Hrill's Addition to John
Gridln, two in Highland to Frank
Phillips, two to Chas. Holland and one
to Miss Halrd.
The assertion by a Phoenix journal
vesterdav that the Goodrich-Goldinan
real estalo deal had been declared off
was unwarranted. There was a mis
understanding with regard to the date
of giving possession but that is now
satisfactorily arranged,
Thirteen instruments conveying prop
erty amounting to f-40,035 were filed
yesterday. Among them were warran
ty deeds from Chas. Goldman to A.
Redewill for three lots on Washington
street. S20.000: 13. F. Kellner to Win
Harvey and Henry 1'unisi lot corner
Center and Monroo streets $9,000; Pren
tice Phillip to Aloxander Steineggor lot,
corner Jefferson and Yavapai, f 1,600;
Orchard Grove Investment Co., to W.
T. Harr two lots in Orchard Grove, $800.
Nearly all transfers wero of city prop
erty "520,000.
Tho Price Paid Yostorday for Threo
Lots on Washington Street.
The deal by which A. Uedowill comes
into possession of tlio Goldman re
sidence and two adjacent lots 011 Wash
ington street west of Papago was con
cluded yesterday through Messrs. Nor
ton and Squier. Tho price paid as
paeviously announced bv the IIki-ub-lican
is $20,000 for 150 front feet. Hy
tho terms of the trado Mr. Redewill will
take possession nbout July 1 when Mr.
Goldman's family leave on their an
nual visit to the sea elioro.
Mr. Redewill will then begin tho erec
tion of a handsome business building
with stone and iron front, The build
ing will be occupied by him as a music
store with a residencd in tho rear.
During tho absence of his family noxt
summer will erect a palatial residence
in some part of tho city not yet deter
mined upon.
A Communication Concerning
From tho Department.
Postmaster Copes yesterday received
n communication from the" postoffice
department relativo to tho Quarters
now occupied by the office. On account
of th early adoption of tho free delivery
system the department expresses a be
lief that the room now occupied is in
sufficient and asks a suggestion from
Postmaiter Copes concerning the mat
ter of changing. When the inspector
was here two months ago ho said more
room would be necessary in case free
delivery was allowed, and beside cer
tain lurmturo consisting of tables and
boxes would have to be furnished by
the lessor of the building. The letter
was shown yesterday to a number of
business mon near the present location
and all wero decidedly averso to any
Miss Cole's at Homo.
Miss Nathalio Cole has isxued invita
tions for a party trt be given at her
home Wednesday evening, Jan. 25, in
honor of her friend, Mis Wilt of
Chicago, the occasion for the party be
ing MiBs Wilt's birth day.
"Faire Candir"
"Cuerillis des Noisettes,"
Miss Masten Entertains.
Miss May Masten will entertain tho
members of tho Whist club at her homo
Saturday evening. A irood time is as
sured.. School Houses.
There am about 120 pupils in our
school houses without desks, many
others have barely bench room to sit
on. and still the number of school chil
dren applicants for admission is increas
ing duilv. The services of three or
four additional teachers have become a
matter of absoluto necessity. It is not
advisable to allow this condition of
things to continue, besides sanitary
conditions demand attention.
A Citizen.
The Expensive Experience of
Two Litigious
Gentlemen Who Are Contending for
a Principle They Believe
to be Rleht.
Jnmes McCarthy and Henry V.
Kyder are litigants from principle and
thoy don't worry aboil, the cost attend
ing the exposition of their principles.
Some time ago a a pair of buggy shafts
valued at $2 50, Iving in front ol Mr
McCarthy's blacksmith shop, were
transformed into kindling wood. Mr.
McCarthy says the devastation was
wrought'by Mr. Ryder's team and he
accordimrlv brought suit to recover
$2.50. The case came up yesterday be
fore Justice Kincaitl. Hoth gentlemen
appeared with hiph-pru-ed attorneys.
Mr. McCarthy was represented by
Judge linker, who hud been retained
for $50. Mr. Millay, who had just
Docketed a fee of liko amount, appeared
for Mr. Ryder. Tho parties could agree
on nothing, and the litigation was un
usually acrimonious. In ttie course of
his examination. Mr. McCarthy en
gaged in a healed di"cii"Binn with the
opposing conn-el, and both were called
down by Judge Raker. Replied Mr.
Millay: "If you will kindly restrain
your client you will save me the trouble
of breaking this shaft again over his
head," and ho pointed to the demoral
ized ehaft, which had been submitted
in evidenco.
Again in tho covrso of his nrgument
in support of the theory that tho Bhaft
had not been broken in the manner
described by Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Millay
said: "Your honor has ai much sense
as McCarthy, myself, or any other
Irishman, etc."
Illustrative of tho destructive tenden
cies of Mr. Ryder's teams, Judge Raker
said in order tnat perfect immunity
from danger might bo secured when
ever one of those teams was seen ap
proaching, everything should be carried
inside, tho clothing nailed to the wall,
the children removed to the house-top,
and then persons with a comparative
sense of safety, might await the passing
of the juggernaut.
Tho jurv found for McCarthy and
Ryder filed" notice of appeal to tho dis
trict court.
McCarthy swears that if Ryder wins
in the district court ho will go to su
premo court, thence to tho supreme
court of tho United States, if necessary.
To THK exclusive use of white bread
Sir James Crichton-Hrowno attributes,
in the London Lancet, the prevailing
decay in teeth.
A physician in Switzerland declares
that he cures certain forms of throat
disease simply by making; his patients
yawn several times a day.
The Harvard faculty has announced
that- during the fall jind winter prac
tical courses will be given to medical
practitioners in bacteriological diag
nosis of Asiatic cholera. Imported
germs will be u&ed.
I)ns. IluiiN'cns and Vcrnicke, of Ham
burg, who have been experimenting to
see if cholera germs can bo transmitted
to tobacco, claim to have demonstrated
that tobaccoo smoke is burc death to the
America produced ten million barrels
of salt last year.
Tun fur faeal and fur otter trado of
Alaska is worth $300,000,000 11 year.
The people of tho United States con
sume, it is said, 200,000,000 bottles of
pickles annually.
New and valuable halibut banks
have been found to tho west of Capo
Flattery, Washington.
A block of marble 15 feet long, 5 feet
4 inches wide and 0 feet thick has just
been quarried in California.
AsiElUCAN factories manufacture near-
ly two millions of watches a year.
they arc not able to keep up with the
incrcaso in population.
Are Two Members of a
Contracting Firm.
Milton andHenry War
ren Leave Town
With a Lot of Cold Cash Belong
ing to Other Pooplo.
Overtaken at Globe by Telegraph)
Arrested and Temporarily Re
leased on Habeas Corpus.
Two more recently acquired citizens
of Phoenix left town without a flourish
of trumpets, but they are likely to re
return soon and when they do return
they will be given a regular ovation.
They aro Milton and Henry Warren,
who came hero from Washington some
weeks ago. They associated themselves
with a man named Oilman, in the con
tracting business, and the firm seemed
to be doing well. The last work upon
which they were engaged was a house
for Joseph Hrannen. Laet Saturday
the Warrens called on Hrannen and got
(000 with which they said they wanted
to pay bills for lumber, labor, etc.
Mr. Hrannen gave them the money and
they promised to get Oilman's signa
ture to a receipt for it. ihey neg-
li-cted to inform Oilman of the trans
action, but quietly left on the evening
The rascality of tho brothers became
known that night and the next morning
warrants wero issued for them and
placed in the hands of Sheriff Murphy.
Tho sheriff telegraphed to Tucson,
Y'ima, Globe and wherever else they
might have been able to reach in the
time that had elapsed since they left.
Yesterday morning the sheriff re
ceived word that they wero under ar
rest at Globe. A short time after an
other telegram was received here saying
that they had bepn released on a writ
of habeas corpus. Sheriff Murphy
immediately telegraphed the warrant
for their a'rest to Globe but at a late
hour last night had received no reply.
There can hardly be a doubt though
that tho men are in custody and will
soon come under the jurisdiction of the
kangaroo court of the Maricopa county
Gilman, tho other partner, is badly
broken up over the affair as he will
have to stand the loss unless the money
is recovered. Ho is a poor man but says
lie will make good tho amount now
owed by the firm by working by the
Billy Wilson Locked Up Yesterday
for StabblngAnother Man.
It turns out that a great deal of legal
sympathy was wasted when Hilly Wil
son, the inan sent up from Gila Bend
for committing an assault with a
deadly weapon, was released on a writ
of habeas corpus a week ago. He was
arrested yesterday afternoon bv Mar
shal Hlankcnehip for stabbing a man
early on Sunday morning in front of
McNamara's saloon.
Wileou and a man named John Mc
Graw were struggling on tho sidewalk
near the saloon. The onlv person who
saw them as the bartender at Mc
Samara's, who thought they were in
fun until McOraw whs stabbed. Wilson
suddenly dienpueartd and couldn't be
found on Sundav. .Marshal Hlanken
ship picked him up yesterday near the
scene of the stabbing. McGraw is not
dangerously hurt. Wilton denies that
he did it and says ho can produce
plenty of witnesses to show that the
cutting was done by someone else.
Resolutions of Respoct.
The following re-iolutiona relative to
tho death of Linn H. Gabbert were
adopted at a lato meeting of Company
H. iN. G. A.
. Whereas it has pleased Divine
Providence to remove from our ranks,
in the zenith of his usefulness our be
loved comrade Linn H. Gibbert, there
fore. He it resolved that we, the members
of Company H. N. G. A. hereby testily
to his worth and nobility of character
ilmt we expreesour deep grief at his
sudden death and convey to tho bere
aved brothers our tenderest sympathy.
Ho it further resolved that copies of
these resolutions be presented to the
brothers of our dead comrade and also
be furnished the Rki-uiiucan, the Ga
zette.and the lleraldfor publication.
The Diamond-Adams Co. Sub
Contractors. The
Road Must Bo In Running
Order Within Less Than
Four Months.
Th Diamond-Adams Construction
company of Denver was last Saturday
awarded the contract for building the
Northern Addition railway. The con
struction company thus becomes the
sub-contractor the original contract
having been let to Mr. G. W. Hoadley
and his associates to lie completed
May 10. The contractors secure them
selves by binding the subcontractors to
have the road in running order by
May 1 under a bond of $4O,0QQv The
material must also be on tho ground
not later than Feb. 15.
There cannot be now,thocgh there has
not really been at any time, doubt that
this important line would be built
Tho route chosen has been slightly
changed, not as to its general direction
but has been so arranged as to take in
more of the town than was originally
intended. It will start from the Mari
copa & Phoenix depot and by streets
not yet fully decided upon will be taken
to Center and Washington streets;
thence north on Center to Adams ; east
on Adams to Montezuma; north on
Montezuma to Monroe; east on Monroo
to Pinal and north on Pinal to Van
Uuren; thence east to Apache; thence
north to Taylor in Churchill's addition.
Here for the first time the geperal di
rection of the line will be changed to
accommodate as much as possible this
rapidly settling addition. From Taylor
and Apache the line will run west to
Arabaipai, thence north to Pierce, east
to Apecho which it will cross to Desert
street ; along Desert to Arizona avenue
and thence north through the Dennis
and Urill additions to the center of tho
Hurley tract which will be tho present
terminus. At this point a magnificent
hotel will bo built whose plan has
already been fully explained to readers
of Tiik RtrunLicA.v. The road is to be
of standard guage.
The Arizona Lithographing Stone Is
Tho Gold and Silver Extraction com
pany yesterday received word from a
Chicago lithographer, to whom it had
sent a sample of the lithographing stone
recently found somewhere along the
Hassayampa. The pieco pent was
about ten inches square.
The expert writes that it is of a finer
quality than has ever before been dis
covered in this country. He calls at
tention, however, to flaws in the shape
of lime spots which cover half of ono
eide of the sample, and also to a seam
which runs through it which he indi
cates by a drawing. This stone, how
ever' was taken from the c-opoings
where such flaws as are described must
naturally have been expected, and
which had really been observed in the
sample before it was sent to Chicago.
Tho deposit, however, is apparently
of great depth and extent and the dis
coverers are confident of being able to
find stone below the surface absolutely
free from flaws of any kind. A trip will
be made to the deposit in a few days
and another sample will be secured.
There seems to be no doubt now that
this Is one of the most valuable strikes
made in the territory within a year.
Assist In Repealing the Sliver
Bullion Purchase Act.
Philadelphia, Jan. 10. Associated
Press. Senator Sherman in a com
munication to tho Ledger says a large
majority of Republican senators bs well
as himself are in favor of tho repeal as
suspension of the purchase of silver
bullion. They are ready to vote for
bucIi repeal at any time. .Democrats
are opposed to such repeal. It the
Democratic party will lurnish ten
senators in support of the repeal of the
silver act ot 1800 it will pass the senato
within ten says.
of the
Another Restriction Concerntngthe
Entorlneof tho Land Is
Washington, Jan. 16. Associated
Press. The floor of the house was to
day for a short time accorded the com
mittee on Indian aflairs. The llrst bill
called up was ono appropriating $8,
595,000 to ratify and confirm the agree
ment with tho Cherokee nation, which
provided for the cession by tho Chero
kee Indians of the Cherokee outlet which
contains about 8,000,000 acres. An
amendment wbb adopted allowing the
government eix years in which to pay
6 per cent interest. On motion of Hut
ler, of Iowa, an amendment was
adopted providing that no person who
was tho owner of eighty acres of land
or who was the owner of real estate in
any city or 10 n aggregating in value
to exceed $2,000, Bhall enter any land
opened to settlement, (the original bill
mado tho restriction apply to tho
owners of 100 acres). After further
discussion and the adoption of some
minor amendments the bill passed and
tho house adjourned.
All Are Comfortably Fixed.
Poutland, Ore., Jan. 10. The will of
the late W. L. Todd was filed for
probate this afternoon, Caroline A.
Todd, widow 01 tne ueceaseu ami me
three sons are named as executors. Tho
widow is bequeathed a largo amount of
real estate and au annuity $24,000. To
tho three sons is luft all interest in the
banking firms. $450,000 is left in trust
for charity after numerous smaller be
quests to relatives, the remainder of
the estate which constitutes the bulk of
tho property is divided among the
widow, three sons and two daughters.
Mills's Will.
San Fkancibco. Jan. 10. The will of
the late Edgar Mills was filed for pro
probato todav. Tho estate is valued at
over $12,000.00,) and is divided among
his three children.
Fire at Blsbeo.
Hisiiee, Ariz., Jan. 1G. Special.
Fire destroyed the residence of M. La
guna at Charleston last night. Loss
$500. Caute unknown.

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