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NO. -10.
i At tlin last mie tin'.:, h Id this weok
Mr. Corn win excommunicated by u tie
clsivo vote. lit is ti prominent citizen
in int) town ii nu inn neen a very zeaious
und efficient officer of tho chtircli, and
tho action of tho congregation will
ThillPS Running Togeth- : cuuso deep dissensions. It, Is piomised
against other mouthers of the congrega
tion who hixvo been guilty of the same
"heresi" tlmt Mr. Corn was charged
er at the Capital.
The Silver Minority
Well Intrenched.
Dilatory Measures Being Em
ployed In tho Houso.
How Washington's Natal
Day was Celebrated.
It is settled Almost Beyond a DouDt
That an Early Extra Sosslon
Will Bo Nocessary.
Winiiscnos Feb. 22. Associated
Press 1 Matters aro getting into pretty
bad shape for tho cloning days ol the
session. In addition to tho light to be
mile to defeat the sundry civil bill,
there is going to be a hard fight made
against tho Indian appropriation bill.
Tbe silver men in the hoiiBe claiui they
jtil) have Btrength enough to prevent
the passago of tho sundry civil bill un
der any par'iamentarian technicalities
Ttbicti may be adopted to get it through.
They eay their plana are nil laid and
fiiuuustera against the bill will be al
most as strong as is silver in the
bouse. They will light it by every
usu4 known to parliamentary pro
cedure. In fact they regard it as cer
tain that they willdefeat the bill. This
wuuid of couiso mako an extra session
jbsulmely certain.
la me senate this afternoon Ilawley
waived a motion to increase the appro
priation for the soldier's home at Santa
Monica from $70,000 to $80,000. Gor
tuiu appealed to llawiey to not press
the amendment; cure as the sun would
rue, be said, on Julv 1 there would be
adeoueucY of froui "$10,000,000 to $15,
WO.ouO. The timo to call a halt was
luwi jI absolute bankruptcy. Gutinun
said it looked like tho HopublicanH
were irying to pile up obligations bo the
tifUiuiruis must heavily mcreaeo taxa-u-iu.
The iimendmeut passed with
,,. ,n amendments increasing the ap
pr hn,iti'iU9 lor other homes.
uii-ult muled to tttluco the appro
pna i !! fir tTxpenses of timber on
p. u iauu trom &u,wu to iu,uuu,
aiii iv was agreed to.
vj re muved o lucrcase tho appro
pnanoii lor survevs ot public lands
ii a. iA i.OOJ to ?4UU,000; agreed to.
l,vr oiK-reil au auieiiiliuoiii Using
t unit tor the militaiy post at
Hr.eua, Mont., at !CUO,0UOj it was ex
i ,i ira uii a point of order.
Hoiart olfured an amendment ap
pr .puaiiiig $110,000 to reimburse thu
.a e oi .Neiutia lor money expended in
u.ip'e.uii ol a rebellion; agieed to.
iuj bill was then reported to the
teuatu lroin the committee of the
w iic ami all its amendments.
lue senate ttien, ut 10 :2J, adjourned
i.. t.'inoirow noon.
r iiubustering began in the houso and
aiirr wmous dilatory motions vole
ft-)rJeiuJ on the "motion to adjourn
uu U Thursday. iNo quorum appearing
tne were several attempts made to
ratii a compromise. Hatch said ho
wa- sure tlit friends of tho bill would
i nothing if the house adjourned
i.". Wise said; "The gentleman
li'.ui Missouri la eudeavoring to
pfiuade the Irlends of the b.ll that it
i Hale to adjourn and 1 say to them
ti.ai n is not tale. Tho chair declined
pnUiide the ouestion before It came
ui. in regular ordei.
Robbery at Palo Alto.
Sax Josb, Cal., Feb. 212. Shortly
after 0 o'clock this morning the Chi
nese employed at Palo Alto left their
quarters to go to work. Tho cook was
loft alone. Two white men and a Chi
naman appealed bound and gagged the
cook, robbed trunks, securing it is said
about $4,000 in gold and silver belong
ing to tho Chinese. Tho rubbers es
caped, but the olllcers aro in hot pursuit
State. Offlcos Wlood Out
CiiBYhNKB, Feb. 22 Governor Os
borne today vetoed the item of $12,000
for the appropriation of the Wyoming
stock commission. The aetinn is final
and practically abolished the Btoek com
mission and tiie ollice of veterinarian,
A Burglar Captured.
Night before last Marshal James
Blankenship arrested Hninon Kldamo
charged with the recent robbery ot the
lteo Hivo and Goldberg Urns, store.
Tho officer was at Itornanl's place when
Kldamo came to tho door with the in
tention of coming in. On seeing the
olficer he turned suddenly and went
into tho adjoining d nr. This aroused
the Marshal's suspicion and he took
charge of him. Ho was wearing some
of the articles stolen. 1Mb case will
co mo before a justice of the peaco this
this morning.
Opponents Say That the Two-Thirds
Voto In Favor of the Troaty
Is Not Available.
Three Important Events
Mixed Up in One.
Exciting but Bloodless In
dian War at Tompe.
The Cycling Tournament one of the
Proudest Events of tho Day-
A Base Ball 'Catastrophe.
W.ilm.ngton, Feb. 22. Associated
Press. Tho character of the fight de
veloped ag.iinst the Hawaiian treaty
eau-eu its friends t CB teriuuo uneasi- Tht. otll.r RI11, ,lst t,vet Cl)IIrem.
ness null tho tinders.,., .uug it that Ihey orated yesterday was the completion of
Yesterday witnessed tho conjunction
of three notable events. The first of
these was the recurrence of tho an
niversary of the birth of the man who
made himself famous by assuming
paternal relations toward his country
and by attacking a tlei'itluous tree with
a hatchet ami when tin afterward did
not have sufficient presence of mind to
lie about it.
Another event was the close of the
orgies which mark tho celebration of
the Chinese New Year. Tom-toms anil
instruments something like an old
fashioned cow bell have tortured' the
air from sundown to midnight, every
night for the past week.
The Chinese are prone to bo noisy on
all occasions of a religious nature, which,
in the caie of the New Year is explain-'
ed as follows: On New Year a guardian
spirit, who stands between Chinamen
I nd thederil, leaves the earth to attend a
conference of higher powerB to whom
he must submit a comprehensive
and statistical report of affairfe
on earth. This trip occupies just
a week, during which time every
thing is left wide open for the
devil. That individual is supposed to be
possessed of an exceedingly sensitive
tyinuauum, hence the noise which
might Intimidate the devil were he
even partially deaf. ..The guardian
spirit is supposed to have returned lasn
night at twelve o'clock ami order hat
lieen restored on Montezuma street un
til another of the numerous Celestial
festivals rolls around
Stump, shortstop; Griffin, right Held;
Walbridge, center field; Pratt, loft
The gnme from the start was nn up
hill fight fur 1'lKci'ix, as Tempo gained
ft lead in the first inning, which Phienix
was unable to overcome, Roth teams
showed lack of practice, but settled
down to good work after the third
inning, the score being 7 to 0 in favor
of Tempo. Neither side scored in the
next five innings, both being retired in
one-two-three order. The crowd
which had continually grown in num
bers, had by this time closed in on the
outfield, and when a ball went outside
of thu diamond it was nearly impossi
ble for the fielders to get it. In the eighth
inning Tempo batted a ball into the
crowd which Griffin was unable to gut
and this hit netted a run for Tempo.
In tho ninth l'ctnpo scored 2 more,
thus leaving the pcore 10 to 6.
Pratt made the only long hit of the
game, a long tly over second bate net
ting him a home run. The battery
work of both team s was good and good
plays were made by Goldberg, Harris,
bteen, Walbridge, Stump, A. liunsaker
aneO. Siaploy.
M. Drachman of Tucson and Joe.
Hawks acted as umpires.
Report of tho Brussel'ls Dolocatos.
AMiiwroN, Feb. 22. The presi
dp in today sent to the senate the report
lie tielrgates to the Iirussells mono
tan conference. It is somewhat en
"Miiaguig In its nature and Bays that it
i expected thai during tho recess
tiei.iro re-assembling in -May tho dele
Kites will ascertain and bo able to state
lt me conference the views respecting
their governments on tho larger use of
siUtr. The report in conclusion sayB:
rue delegates are glad to bear
testimony to tho earnest wiBh of tho
conference that tho plan for tho en
larged use ol silver money id acceptalilo
t' the nations and adequate to tho
iii-mey solution and may result from its
intend to make an attempt to hasten it
through, as the opposition is gaining
strength. Senator Allison is couuted
among tho opponents to the treaty and
thoee who aro lighting it say today it
Mill be impossible to got a two-thirds
vote fo'r it In the senate. Spnng.tr, of
Illinois, and other member?, proposed
to get a resolution through the house
to ascertain why a treaty, which will
involve tho government in expenditure
anil will require the rairingof revenues,
should be submitted to the senate with
out bmng submitted to the house also.
Tim effort to defeat the treaty is very
This afternoon Paul Neitman, the de
posed Queen's envoy, called at the state
department and had a conference with
Secretary Foster. Castle and Wilder,
members of the Hawaiian annexation
commission, left Washington this even
ing en route for San FrancWco. Thurs
ton, the head of Hie commission, ex
pects to leave on Tuesday, joining his
associates in Chic.igo, whence they will
go to San Francisco together. Caiter
will remain several days longer, pos
sibly until after the inauguration of
Another Match Closed.
New Yobk, Feb. 22. Billy Plimmer
nn.l Dinnv MuUride mel thU afternoon
and aignetl articles to fight before the
Newark athletic club tor fzj.uuuunu a
th street railway sv-tem of Tempe, and
judging by thecouiparativeexlentof pre-
p trillion mime that occasion was a more
momentous one than the birth of men
who become faihersjof count no.-, or than
tho episode of frightening timorous
Hill Abandons
Habeas Corpus
And Takes Another Pris
oner With Him,
The Noted Jail-Broakor Makes
Another Tally.
An Interesting Question Concerning
tho $1,000 Reward Likely
to Arise.
Compolllntr a Show Down.
l'miis. Feb. 22. The minister
reign affairs informed tho cnbinot that
i olumbia extended concessions to the
Panama Canal Co., for one month from
rehruary 28. Ho reported, that this
short extension waa secured with great
difficulty and within this timo unless
evidence of the ability and purposo of the
c tnpany to continue work was forth
couifnE the Republic of Colombia would
W prepared to enter into possession of
the canal property.
A Hung Jury Is Probably the Only
Definite Result.
Judge Campbell, an attorney for the
defense in the Kibbey trial returned
yesterday from Tucson. At 1 o'clock
yesterday morniug ho said it appeared
that the jury would hang. Word had
somehow percolated through the door of
the jury room that the mombera stood
ten for acquittal and two for conviction
of murder as charged, though It was
afterward reported that tho minority
only wished to bring in a verdict ol
Tim ti.ntlmonv in the case was a re-
nrmlimtlon ot that at the preliminary
examination. Tho wifo ol the prisoner
testified to her illicit relations win mo
murdered man and tho prosecution was
unable to shako her.
Tl, ,lfnan rplleilon tllO tllCOrVOf in
sanity which from a legal point of view
show that at
A Baptist Deacon Who Cavo Bread
and Wine to a Prosbytorlan.
Louisville. Ky Fob. 22. Associ
ated Press. Several weeks ago at a
communion service at tho Baptist
'tin re 1 1 in Hmtonville. in Lincoln conn
tv. a ilencnn. I. N. Corn, paused the
emblems to J. B. Green, an elder in the
Presbyterian church, who was present,
"(loeo communion" is one of tho tenets
t the Huxtonvillo congregation, but It
lias not been strlctlv adhered to in tho
past. Kev. John Hin. the pastor, de
termined to abolish the loose manner
tf dealing with church ordinances and
prelerrod charges against' Mr. Corn for
violating tho rules of tho church. He
was notified to appear for trial and the
mat er has been before tho church offi
cers several times without settlement.
. ..l.l:l.,..l
was won esiuuusiieu
n.nn.. ..'na lirniH'ht. to
tho timo of the killing tho prisoner
was irresponsible ami cunaiueiuu.D
other evidence was introduced to provo
that his manner for some timo previous
to meeting Porter had been noticeable
wild. Agat,nBtthis was the testimony
of two or three acquaintances who
sworothat about the same timo they
had noticed nothing wrong with him.
ti.h .lwinc iWlarntion of Porter of hia
innocenco of any improper relations
toward tho wifo oj his slayer was ruled
$18,000, to loan at lowest rato and
lightest expense, on lanch property or
land with water right.
Adams St., second building cast of
First St. Phienix, P. O. Box 813.
Pianos and organs sold, rented and
tuned. See Uedewill'a ad olsowhere.
Forty piano boxes for gale cheap.
Indian Warfare.
Yesterdav was a marked day in
Tempo's history and her citizens
showed a degree of enterprise which was
possibly unequaled any where else in
tho United States'. It had tho effect of
calling together one of tho largest
crowds ever seen in Arizona. The
drawing number was tho Indian battle
which had been extensively advertised,
including the various terpsichorean ex
exercises which were to precede and
follow that bloodless afT.ur. Tho main
purposo was to show to latter day civil
ization how an Aimelie stronghold
could be taken by the Maricopas, the
ancient enemies of the Apaches. The
advisory committee wisely concluded
that it was Pest to nave proxy Ap.ieiies
otherwise the attempt to take the
stronghold might bo attended with real
red bloodshed. Accordingly a lot of
Pima's were substituted for them.
Tho stronghold was Tempe buttss.
The warriors were clad in briixht paint
anil tho wirjor fourth violin string.
Tim ba'tlo was not conducted ac
cording to any special system, and the
result was mysterious ami uncertain
However, it was au Indian battle, and
the multitude was satisfied, the hade
of G. Washington was pleased and the
Tempo city railway was duly inaugur
ated. Tho warriors were presented
with an ox. which was killed, tlrex-td,
cooked and eaten according to tho most
primitive methods. It may be remarked
that the meat was seasoned with tho
sand which prevails In the vicinity of
the button, and was afterwards care
lessly lolled in the mire and blood
which had accumulated about tho
pVitce ol slaughter. But this feature of
tho iV&rformanco was eminently and
cntiroly'fndian, and that was what the
crowd went to see.
Another fet'.'iro was a danco by
squaws to each of. whom four yards of
the moat luried caltvo obtainable had
been nromisol. The prizo was well
earned, but the dusky dancers set up a
claim that tho colors were too tame
and tho yard sticks too short.
Whether their ground of objec ,
tion was good or not is uncertain, but
if so they were the only oiement in tho
vast throng which gathered at Tempo
yesterday that had a kick coming.
The Bicycle Tournaments.
Tho episode at Phcenix was a bicycle
tournament, instituted by tho Valley
Club to whom belongs the credit of
having devised tho only scheme for
keeping a part of the population of
Phienix at home.
The tournament was a success, bring
ing together a greater number of wheels
than had ever before seen in the
south west. An elaborate program of
ten races had been arranged and was
w ell carried out. Tho wheel work was
better tnan had been expected acd Is
likelv to give cycling a, healthy impetus
in tho territory, at least many visitors
were in attendance at the rcces.
The first event was b half mile
race between 'A. O. Brown,
Dean Hoss and W. II. Hobiuson.
Brow won the race and prize, a
pair of bicycle shoes donated by Gold
berg Bros, in 1:32J.
The eecond was a mile raco between
Harry Brown and W. 11. Smith; prize
a gold scarf pin from Amos Plank; won
by Brown in 4:00.
Six entries wuro mado for the 103
yards slow race which was also won by
Harry B'own ; prize a box of merchan
dise contributed by Winthrop Sears
anil Walter Porter.
The fourth event was a mile race,
entries Victor Manny and C. 8. Burd
sall ; prize five cans ol oysters by F. A.
Phillips, won by Burdsall in 3:22J-
Z.O.Brown, Harry Brown, Manny
anil Burdi-all were competitors in a
quarter mile open race for two prizes, a
box of cigars by Sam Seip and a foun
tain pen by the Irvine company. The
first prize was taken uy liurusaii the
Econtl by Hunny.
The two-mile handicap came next on
the program for three prizes, a sweater
by Puil Brannen, a Bilver match box
and coir.p.iss by Pratt Bros., mounted
deer antlen by Peoples ami Smith.
Uos was stationed at first quarter, the
two Browns, Will Dunbar and Robin
con at the one-eighth and Manny at 100
vanls. The raco was won by Rw m
0:35, Z. O. Brown second and Manny
One of the most interesting eyejits
was the mile race between A. W. Gal
pin and Billnp's pacer, even etart, won
by Hatpin by a scratch in 3:01 and the
n'rize one dozen nhotoirrrphs by F. A.
The closing event was the half mile
contest between Monition and W.1I.
Hobinson. prize a Meerschaum cigar
holder won by Hobiuson in 1 :3S'.
An interesiing event not carried out
"as the ladies' contest for a pair of line
kid gloves, contributed by the Red Cor
net;. The announced contestants were:
Mrs. Seip, Mies McKlwam anil Mis
Bieknell. On thu way to thu grounds
Mrs. Seip met with a disabling injury,
and her competitors determined not to
enter the race. Another feature of the
meet was a magnificent street parado.
Thus was Washington's birthday
celebrated in Arizona. If the Father
of his Country looked down upon the
proceedings, and if lie now has any in
lluence at tho national capital, this ter
ritory may certainly expect to bo soon
made a state.
Ed. Hill, the gentleman wanted in
the state of Washington for murder and
whose application for a writ of habeas
corpus was pending from Saturday
night until Monday morning at 10
o'clock, on Sunday night removed him
self from the jurisdiction of the court,
and took his case and Henry Leland, a
noted horse thief, along with him. In
other words, Mr. Hill broke jail. This
incident occurred about 7 o'clock and
was discovered by Deputy Sheriff Wid
mer, who thought he saw someone
climbing over the garden wall. It
didn't occur to him that anyone was
getting out, but rather that someone
else had been trying to break in. He
went to the jail though and counted the
noses of the prisoners, but did not ob
servo the noses of Messrs. Hill and
Leland. He did, however, observe a
holo in tho floor, and by following it also
discovered a hole in the brick all
which leads into the jail yard. That
Bettled it in his mind that the man ho
had Been was either Leland nr Hill.
The hole had been made in the floor
by means of an iron bar used in fasten
ing the cells and the enterprise was un
dertaken at a time just before the hour
for locking up and just after most of
the prisoners had gore into their cells.
When tho discovery of the break was
mado ttio telephone' and telegraph ot
fices were closed, but the Bearch was
begun a; once and us soon as communica
tion could bo estab'ished, word was
sent every where, but no definite trace
of tho fugitives could In- obtained. Yee-
terd y a telegram was received from
Maricopa saying that a suspicious
character had eaten breakfast there,
but his description did not fit either
Leland or Hill.
A hori-o was ptoleti from the south
Methodist church and later a report
was received of another taken from a
farmer named Titus, living north of
Tempo, and'ollieers believe that the
animals wore stolen by the prisoners.
Deputies Webb, Wldmer and Slank
ard went to Tempe and Bent back word
by telephone that they had a trace of
tho men on their way to Tonto Basin.
They said they would take fresh horses
and follow. At a lato hour last night
no further word.had been received.
Ed Peck antl Mr. Mullens reported
that they paw two men running from
the direction of the iail southwest, but
this report was not received until yes
terday morning.
Mill's case was called in court yester
day murium.- just the same as if lie had
been there anil his attorney :ur. .iarics
with admirable coolness requested the
court to compel the j.iil authorities to
show what thav had done with Iiib
client, a thing the authorities would
have H'on nnite triad to do.
Mr. Marks aNo asked the court it the
prisoner's petition would hold good in
the event of hia re-capturo The court
replied that courts were' seldom called
upon to consider ju.st such n question,
but it was liis opinion that a jail break
ing prisoner might bo considered to
have got of the ground he had occupied
when he made his application.
An interi sting question concerning
the $1,003 reward lor Mill is likely to
arise and the local authorities aro pre
parinc to claiui it.
the issuance of national bank cur
rency." Palmer advocated Sliermtin'
At the close of the discussion ttis
Mills' amendment was refected without
division and Stewart's bv a vote of 32 to
2l. On ttie motion of unnnan, vance'i
amendment to Sherman' amendment
adding thereto a proviso repealing thu
tax on state bank circulation was
tallied. Brice olTered au amendment
requiring all issues of United States
notes to be maintained at parity and
interchangeable at nominal parvalue.
Jackson's Confirmation.
Washington, Feb. 20. Jackson was
confirmed aseociate justice of tho su
preme court this afternoon. There was
not even a formality vote in the ex
ecutive seseion of the"eenate on the con
firmation, which was made without a
single objection. The confirmation is a
relief to the friends of ttie treaty of an
nexation with Hawaii, who feared it
Aould be used to prevent action in tho
nomination. iow that the matter ia
out of the way they believe the subject
will be promptly disposed of. They
hope in a short time to permit tha
Hawaiian commissioners to carry new
ot tho ratification of the treaiy to Hono
lulu simultaneously with the a'ppearancft
there of the document itself.
The Hydraulic Mining Bill.
Washington, Feb. 20. The house
this afternoon adopted the conference
report on Caminetta's hydraulic
mining bill. It having already passed
the senate it now goes to the president
for his signature.
Washington, Feb. 21. Vssociated
Press. Senator Gorman in some ro
marks which ho made today in oppsl
lion to the appropriation for public
buildings, spoke of the serious and
alarming condition which confronted
the country. He expressed a belief that
only .the borders of the trouble had
been touched and that estrooidmaiy
action would have to be taken by tho
treasury department or else congress
would have to re-asscmble before next
July to meet the conditions- Hi warn
ing did not prevent the senate from
agreeing to all the amendments offered
making appropriations for increasing
the limit of cost of public buildings. On
ly a yea and nay vote was taken wt.ieb.
showed all the Republican senators ex
cept Sherman in the affirmative and all
the Democratic senators except Vest in
the negative. The house bill providing
for the publication of the eleventh cen
was passed.
Hausbrjugh presented resolutions of
the legislature of North Dakota for a
consti.utional amendment to liavo
United States senators elected by tha
Quay moved thn ameni'men's which
were agreed to fixing the limits of the
public buil'lingat San Franii-co at $3.
000.000. nt Portland, Oregon, to U,000,
000. In the house the naval and agricultu
ral appropriation bills v. ere called under
a suspension of rules nnu were pas-eu.
Tho Mlr.t Director's Report.
The annual report of the director of
the mint for 1892 show the aliieof
the cold product of the Unued States t
be $330,000,000 about the corresponding
average for pecent years; the product of
silver to be53.000,OOOounees,of the com
mercial value of $50,750,000, n falling off
330,000 ounces from the preceding
year the amount of silver purchased by
ibe government during the vrnr rrni
S5.129.827 ounces' reeling $47,394,201,
average 87)s cents per mince. From it
0,333,245, wilver ilollars were coined
during the vear. Imports of gold ag
gregate $18,105,038, and the exporls
$78,735,592, a net loss of $53,570,536.
Silver imports $31.450 0)8 and export
$37,511,301. Tho Lotal siller product
would bo increased about .boU,WJ
ounces occasioned chieflv by an increase
of 4.GJ0.000 ounces, the product of Mex-
l -an mines antl 3,400.000 ounces lrom
Australian mines.
Tho Ball Oamoi
Although the advertised time for the
beginning of tho baseball match be
tween the South Side Tempe club and
the Phoenix isasoball club was 2:30 o.
m., as early as I o'clock people began
flocking toward the diamond. By the
time tho game was called, hilly 1,0 JO
spectators were on the ground. Phie
nix was first to go to the bat, Tempo
having won tho clioico chose the
outs. Tho list of players in both teams
Tempo 0. Stapley, catcher; A. liun
saker, pitcher; A. Frankenberg, first
base; F. Schiiman, second bum; L.
Hawks, third base; E. liunsaker,
shortstop; Reynolds, right field; N.
Riggs, conter fluid; W. Standage, left
Phienix Stcon, catcher;"4 Shields,
pitcher: Goldberg, first base: Harris,
I second baso ; Washington, third base,
Harry McPbaul came up from Gila
Bend yesterday.
JttdgoJ. B. Woodward left last night
for Tucson on legal business.
Mayor Campbell returned yesterday
morning from Tucson, where ho has
buen in tho interest of Frank Kibbey,
whose case was closed on Monday night.
m- ii n Rmno. chi f clerk of the
council will return this morning with
his wifo and child, who will remain
with him until the close ot me session.
Hon. L. C. Hughes, W. K. Mead and
Chas. T. Huff of Tucson, arrived In the
c'lttLVcaterday. The object of the visit
of Me-Jsrs. Hughes and Mead. Is to at
tend the tneetingof tho territorial board,
of world's fair commissioners' to-day.
There woi-o rrtitlnlercd at tho Milla
!...... . ......IL.I..I.... flt,r Qnitmrpnherff ftllfl 1 ..
. ."V. . ' :"?.'..-. ib t." tq,i u. 'Hherman'a
j, Li. uarKer, uosiun, ;. j...vv"..-.y
no: Louis Schocn, San trancisco. L. ',.
Godkin and wife, Los Angeles; Mrs. Z.
Jl Thornton, Stnta Hosa.uai.; y. U.
Wells anil iv. w, menu, lui'.nnu.ure.;
W. L. Gray, Tucson; J. N. Scott, Yuma;
Geo. Halbull, Gila Bend; Fred Adams,
Fairview, N. M, ; Q. 11. Berry, Tucson.
Tree planting anil pruning and air
kinds of garden work by J. E. Dunlap
nt Adams' nursery vard.
A. A. Dougherty P Fa
tally W
Jackson's Nomination Is Confirmed,
Tho Senato Adopts Sherman's
Amendment Providing for tho
Issue of 3 PorCent Bonds.
Yesterday t
rtOrnoon at tho Wotfloy
' &V a Revengeful Sa
loon Keeper.
Pistol Praottco at Minnie Powers'.
About 10.30 o'clock last night a
pistol report was heard from within
Minnio Powers' house of ill fame. Thi
doors were immediately closed and
lights in parts of tho house were ex
tinguished. A curious crowd soon
gathered about the house, but was de
nied admittance, though the inmates
gave assurance that no one had been in
jured, ihey refused to mako any ex
planation of tho occurrence.
a.mhu,v, ... nn rAfisnp atr.J
Press.-The sen,0 uaopted sherm fln',s
amendment PYovMlng for the Isso'.ng of
" t" "" ooni'fl.
. A'cr rout'.no business tho tonsidera
tlon of tb'Q sundry civil appropriation
bill w,a resumed, pending the question
00 tho Mills amendment to the
3 per cent bond issue, the
amendment making the said bonds re
deemable at tho option of the govern
ment. The amendment waa defeated
without discussion. The vice-president
then put the question on Sher
man's amendment and announced
that It was agreed to. Stewart ob
jected to the manner in which the
amendment was declared agreed to and
at the suggestion of Hoar both amend
ments were considered as still open.
Stowart then Rpoko more than an hour
denouncing Sherman's amendment as
the most wicked revolutionary scheme
ever invented by man laying the rude
hand of legislation on the accumulated
precious metalB of tho world. He
moved to amend by adding: "and
bonds issued under the provisions of
this act ehall not be used as security for
QP-a Bknd, Ariz., Feb. 21. iSpucialJ
k. A. Dougherty, superintendent ol
construction on the Wolfley dam. waa
shot this afternoon near the dam by a
man named Kelsey, alias Wrangler, a
saloon keeper. Releoy fired two shots,
one grazing Dougherty's scalp, tho othei
going through tho body, striking the
hip bone. The wound is a serious one,
Dr. Crocker drove up from town and
is in attendance, and Dr. Cotter of Yu
ma is on the way. The cause of tin
trouble arose from Dougherty ordering
the saloon keeper off tho premises
Kelsoy is on tho way to this place pre
Bumably to give himself up to tho nu
thorities. OlliccrTattereou has gono t
intercept htm.
The Poisoning: Case,
No late developments have heemnaVl '
in the poisoning caso of Rita Sabedr
and in consequence tho report of tin
coroner's jury tomorrow morning is be
iug awaited with a marked interest.
The public would have no doubt tha
the girl was a suicide were it not foi
the circumstance that Pierce is Mil
held on bail evidently on testimony ad
duced at the secret inquest.

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