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The Kibbey MurderTrial
in Progress.
An Early Session of the
. Land Grant Court.
The Old Puoblo Whitonod by a
Fall of the Beautiful.
Suswostlon to tho Legislature
Concerning tho Enactment
of a Game Law.
,.- Ti'cson, Ariz., Feb 16. Hpecinl.
Tiicboii is pretty lively at present, the
Kibbey trial Iikb bronchi a large array
of witneppec to town, the hotel are
full and parties arriving from the east
and eltenbere, have experienced much
diflieuliy in obtaining rooms. The
trial will be of long duration and will
attract much attention. The venire of
trial jurors included the best men in
Tho land grant court commences for
the llrt time in Tucson next week.
The judges of the court will arrive Sat
urday, and in most instancee will be
accompanied by their wives. It lie
lioovee Tiiccoii to extend to these dis
tinguished gentlemen and their fami
lies every possible courtesy to make
their etay in the old pueblo pleasant.
It is said that tho court comprises an
unusual amount of legal ability, which
has commanded great respect wherever
the sessions have been held. United
Sta'es Attornev Reynolds, who repre
sents the government in the matter of
these grant is already here and is re
ceiving a most hearty welcome. Mr.
Reynolds' work has been of great value
to the United States and to th9 set
tlers. He has fought for the rights of
the people indefatigably and has
nchieved rictories that speak well for
bis legal abilities His splendid man
agement of the Aleodones grant case
would inure a welcome in Yuma that
would astonish him. His premises are
carefully prepared when he appears 'n
court against these land grants and he
has tho tenacity and legal ability to
nuitain him elf under any and all cir
cumstances. The land crant settlers have a
stauuch and safe friend in United
States Attorney Reynolds, a man who
makes their interests his own, and pro
tects their homes with a marked ability
that showa careful study. He is today
the beat informed man of the law ap
pertaining to land grants in the UniteUl
Samel Hughes takes rank as a
weather profit second to none. With n
clear sky and warm spring weather, he
prophesied snow for Tuesday, the 14th,
and tho snow came, and capped the sur
1 1,,. '
rounding mountains and fell in
streets of Tucson, though it failed to lay
and whiten the ground. We have
known for a considerable period that
Sam possessed a shrewd fcnowlidge of
..;, ,..,.., ii,..,- i,..,f.tion r,f ii.iii,. it, i.
...u..n ..vo..., ., "ik. J -
years residence in Arizona but we
did not fully appreciate his return bible,
ability until the rain and pnow com
menced falling yesterday. The cattle
men are jubilant. Even wells and old
time watering plaocs were diied up, and
the whole country was sadly in need of
rain to help the overstocked cattle
, Candidates for oflico arc looming up
on all sides. Asa rule they are men in
good standing, capable of filling the
olllces they seek creditably, making
good public servants.
Statehood is not bo near as to bo dan
gerous, I regret to eay. Monkeying
with our rights is mere partimo to con
gress, and it would be cruel not to rc
eolvo ourselves into a foo'ball for their
amusement. What the Democrats will
do for statehood wo will bo allowed to
reflect over for a long time, ns there iH
no probabiT'ty of tuoro than a special
session ol the senato to confirm the ap
pointees of tho incoming president.
TbiiiRB aro getting hot among tho
Democratic factions here. It is war to
the knife, and razors in the air.
Hughes is a candidate for governor, and
the fight is going to bo bitter, but iii
the natural roureo of events the result
must bo determined early in the fight.
Mining matters aro looking parti
cularly bright at present. Now dis
coveries in our county show tho im
mense riches hidden from sight, which
energetic development may discover.
The land grant curso is a blight on
mining in southern Pima, and when
these matters are settled an increased
activity may bo expected.
A strict game law ought to bo passed
by the present legislature. Thousands
of dozens of quail aro being trapped
openly in Arizona and sent to market
in largo cities. The timo is not far
distant when tho eastern huntsman
cannotcomoto Arizona for game, it is
a fact that unless activo measures are
taken to protect our game, it will soon
bo a thing of tho past, tho samo as tho
buffalo of tho plains, that wero driven
to slaughter by the thousand merely for
their pelts. The trapping of quail is an
outrage, and the heavy hand of the law
ought to be laid on persons guilty of
such acts.
I hope the game laws may bo made
sufficiently strict to preservo a reason
able amount of game within our
borders. Pima county expects great
thing of its legislators.
.Smith Knocked Out.
Kan Fuancibco, Feb. 1C Hilly Smith
tho Australian licavvwetght, was
knockeJ out in 17 roundH by Frank
OhildB, colored of Los Angeles, at the
California!) Athletic club tonight. Tho
liubt iMx n s'lju-ur'nir iimtch thromrhimt.
Smith wu Imdly poundi-d and bled
profutely. Ho wasknocked down eight
or ten times during tho fight, and had
to bo carried to his corner at tho close
of tin) contest.
How Private Shareholders Will Be
Induced to Surrondor Their Stock.
WAbiiiNdToN, Feb. 15. Associated
Press. In tho eonate the Nicaraugua
bill was taken up and Sherman, in
charge, said that all contracts between
the canal company and the const ruction
company were to bo swept out of ex
istenre." The government could start
with "clear tables" and it would own
f 8,000,000 of the $10,000,000 of stock.
Twelve millions of tho stock is in the
bands of private owners and could only
bf obtained from them by some method
of condemnation. Brico inquired
whether it would not bn the
policy of tho government to fix
the canal tolls so as to leave no divi
dend for Btork and whether in that
event tho $12,000,000 of stock in the
hands of private owners would be of
any value to them. Sherman repplicd
hu uiih not prepared to speak of the
value of stocks. Teller intervened in
the discussion. Sherman declined to
stibini' the interruption which Teller
excused by saying that he had inter
vened because the senators from Ohio
had been making misrepresentation.
"That in false" said Sherman, "I do
nut misrepresent anything. I say,
again if the government of tho United
States shall have control of tliia canal
it is not to bo presumed that it would
levy such tolls as would pay dividends
on watered stock or any other stock."
Squires made a speech in support of the
bill at the close of which the bill was
laid aside.
$100 Reward $IOO.
The readers of this paper will be
pleased to learn that there Is at least
one dreaded disease that science Iirb
been able to cure in all its. stages, and
that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure
is the only positive cure known to the
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and mucous aurlaccs of
the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of the disease and giving the
patient strength by building up the
constitution and assisting nature in do
ing its work. The proprietors have so
much faith in its curative powers, that
they oiler One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it (ails to cure. Send for list
of testimonials.
Address, F. J. CHENEY k CO.,
Toledo, O.
4QT"Sod by Druggists, 75c.
Charloy Mitchell's Welcome Not
New Yokk, Feb. 17. Associated
Press. 1 Charley Mitchell, tho pugilist,
wan today rvfused admission to the
United States by Inspector
duel of tho ouarantiim guard, on tho
ground that the immigration laws ex
eluded alien immigrants who have been
convicts. The inspector held that
Mitchell is an ex-couvic', having served
time in Pentouvillo prison for hpating
old man Savage. Mitchell was obliged
to stay mi board the Majestic, but his
friend's employed an attorney who
served out a wiit of habeab corpus and
Mitciien was nnany perumieu in num.
Tim conn said that the term "alien im
migrant" in law is aimed at those who
come to stay permanently and not to
visit. Mitehell'rt counsel argued that
lie nan siiupiv
been sentenced for as-
, - , . . , ,. , ,
mull nun nn lint ruimiicu uuwi-i uir
federal laws. The pugilist was served
with a'suiuuious in a civil suit brought
by J'din .Norris, of Springfield, Ohio,
who claimed $20.) for piloting Mitchell
through Imisiana after the New Or
leans' tight in 18!)J.
Diamond S. Haking Powder the best
good-t at rciHrinaulo prices, at E. F.
Kellner'o store.
Their Neighbors,
Potltlon Propared Yesterday to
Bo Presented to tho Now
, Administration.
Mr. J. II. Iiowman, president of the
I ive Stock Sanitary commission, has
prepared in behalf of tho settlers and
stockmen In the northeastern part of
ihe territory a petition to tho secretary
of tho interior under the new adminis
tration. It is calculated to remove a
serious and constant menace to tho set
tleis from the Navajoes and is as fol
lows :
PltKNlX, Aril., 1S9J.
To the Hun. Secretary u( tliu Interior,
Washington, D. ('.
Silt- We most respectfully petition and ask
triut you tflvo the northern portion of our ter
ritory relief Irom the cuiiBiant ima.lon ai.d
encroachment of tho Navajo tribe of Indians,
more limn one-half of whom constantly run
about with their herds of -hecp and horses out
side tho line of their reservation, erecting no
Iranriiverm-iit, paylni? no taxes, Ignorant of
nil indifferent to our laws and a constant
menace and annoyance to the settlers, thereby
preventing the advancement ol that portion of
our territory.
We therefore prny that you will at an early
date inreitlgato the cauno of our complaint,
feeling assured that you will then adopt such
measures us will afford us needed rnllef.
Annexation Near.
Wawunqton, Fob. 17. Tho Hawaiian
commissioners were joined last night by
Charles 11. Cook whocamrifiom Hawaii
as a special messenger bearing import
ant dispatches from the Provisional
government to the commissioners. The
members ot the commission desire to
leave San Francisco for Honolulu on a
steamer due snil March 3 and hope to
havo copies of the treaty ratified by the
senate to carrv with them. Should their
desire bo fulfilled they will take to the
island tho first, information respecting
the text the document.
A careful canvass of tho benato ap
peared to indicato that tho Hawaiian
treaty will bo ratified with several
votes moro than the necessary two
thirds to spare. Tho limit of opposition
is put at twenty-two votes.
Applied to the-Case of
Ed. Hill,
The Alleged Washington
Ho Goes Into Court With
String Tied to Him.
An Experiment Made Ju9t to See
How Powerful an Arizona
Habeas Corpus Is.
A young man was permitted to go in
to court Friday with a string tied to
him, by way of an experiment. Ho
was Ed Hill, the Washington murderer,
arrested last week by Deputy Sheriff
George Webb at Blevin's ranch in tho
Sierra Anchas. Hill was located in this
part of Arizona three or four weeks ago
by means of a photograph tent out by
the Washington authorities, and since
then the sheriffs force here has kept
up an unremitting search for him.
Tho crime for which Hill is wanted is
the murder of a companion named
Summers at Colfax, Wash., on tho 5th
of last November. As soon as he was
arrested ho was quietly brought to tho
Phoenix jail and every precaution was
taken against tho habeas corpus special
ist. Tho Washington authorities were
notified and yesterday morning Sheriff
Lathrum of" Witcom county arrived
with a requisition, which was at once
honored by Uovernor Murphy. Before
it was served, however, the thing
against which the authorities had been
guarding, the habeas corpus proceeding,
came about, though they were better
prepared for it than they would have
been without tho requisition. Hill's
attorney is J.E. Marks.
The prisoner was taken into court
lato in the afternoon. District
Attorney Williams was on hand with
the warrants for Hill's arrest and tl0
various telegrams which had been re
ceived from tho Washington authorities
relative to the reward, also the tele
gram in which it was enjoined that the
prisoner shoald bo denied all commu
nication with tho outside world. Tho
requisition was down stairs in the
sheriff's office; this was the "tring"
referred to, which gave Sheriff Murphy
so much confidence in bis ability to
bold the prisoner and which made him,
perhaps, rather willing that the habeas
corpus proceeding should take place.
He was curious, he said, to see how
near a habeas corpus could como to
opening a jail door for a, murderer.
After an examination of the warrants,
telegram and requisition, Mr. Marks
desired a coutinuiinco until 2 o'clock
this afternoon that he might in tho
meantime make a survey of the situ
ation and an investigation of thepaners
in the hands of tho governor. Tho
continuance was accordingly allowed
against tho protests of the district at
torney, who, taking it for granted that
the habeas corpus would fail, remarked
that Sheriff Lathrum was anxious to
get away tonight with the prisoner.
Hill is a good looking young man,
and judged by his appearance, would
not be selected us a murderer.
Standing by Mlnlstor Stephens.
Wasiiinoton, Fell. 15. Secretary Fos
ter this afternoon telegraphed to Minis
ter Stephens at Honolulu npprovnl of
liis action in affirmatively responding
to the provisional government for the
establishment of a protectorate over the
islands pending negotiations for annex
ation to tho United States. Instruc
tions lor guidance in his future actions
are included in the telegram.
Arizona Will Send Modern
Material to Congress.
An Old Washington Man offers the
. Following Suggestion to Coming
Congressmen of Arizona.
As Arizona will some day in the
saccharine subsequently, or in other
vvordH in the sweet byc-and-byo doubt
less receive a blessine from both
branches of conpress, which, together
with the benediction of the president,
will entitle her to all tho privileges and
emoluments of a membership card in
the Bisterhood of states, it may not be
amies at this particular timo to oiler a
little advice to some of tho members of
tho present territorial legislature, an
well as to outsiders who, per chance
mav have a congressional "bug" con
cealed under their hatB.
That there Is good material to he
found in this legislature from which to
manufacture congretsmen no ono dare
gainsay. It is a well known fact
that any state legislature is a grand
primary department for persons with
higher "aspirations, but oh 1 what a dif
ference when you reach Washincton.
Tho modus operandi will to all appear
ances ho very familiar, indeed, and yon
may think you know it all by heart;
but you don't. When for tho first
timo you catch tho speaker's eye and
hear his voice thunder "Tho gentleman
from Arizona," icicles aro very apt to
form on your spinal column before you
have fairly begun your discourse Go
slow; refiiee to be interrupted by any
of those old timers whoso pantaloons
aro worn threadbare from long' and
constant service in congress, and whose
sole ambition is to "rattle" a new
comer; bo sure to commence something
after this style: "Mr. Speaker I have
been here, sir, for about six months
trying to catch your eyo, you lop-eared,
lantern-iawed, snuinteyed pon-of-a'gnn.
but until now have been unablo to do
so. remaps sir, you uon'i Know wnere
I hail from. I'll havo you know sir,
that I come from Arizona.
' You may hang Salt river on a
clothes lino to dry ; laeeo an avalanche
with a passing thought, pin a napkin
over the month of a volcano to stop the
flow of lava, scrape all tho snow Irom
the Iluachucas with a Bpoon, paste
'To Lei on the moon and stars, but
never for a momeiu allow yourself to b.
deluded with tho idea that the grand
and glorious state of Arizona is going to
waste for the want of national aid."
Then ask leave to have the balance
of your remarks printed in the
Record and score one for Arizona.
Two Old Mines In the Harqua Halas
Como to the Front.
Another rich strike has been made in
the Harqua Halas, or rather two old
claims which had been all but worked
out, havo recently developed into
paying properties. They are tho Car
melita and the Sore. Finger, both owned
by Mrs. J. G. Campcell. A J. Porterie
yesterday made an assay of ore taken
from the two mines. 'The Carmelita
ore ran $103 in gold and the Sore Finger
The claims, are situated near Harris
burg, about six miles this side of the
Bonanza. The ore of the kind from
which the assays were mado is found in
heavy deposits.
. F. ICeliner's store now has a full
lino of the celebrated Diamond S. Bak
ing Powder, guaranteed pure, strong
and healthful.
$18,000, to loan at lowest rate and
lightest expense, on tancti property or
land with water right.
Adams St., secpnd building east of
First St. Phoenix, P. O. Box 813.
Examination of Henry Bentloy
at Los Angeles.
It Is Shown That He Manifested Joy
at Sight of the Certificate of
His Wife's Death.
Los Anokleh, Feb. 18. Associated
PresB.j The preliminary examination
of Henry lientley charged with having
caused the death of his wife, Mrs.
Nordholdt Bentley, by giving her
strychnine, was held today. Nothing
further than developments at the
coroner's inquest was testified to.
William Nordholdt son of Mrs. lirntley
testified to Ilentley's glee when the
physician made a certificate of death
due to hec.rt disease, and said: "I'm
awful glad of that." The nurse of Mrs.
lientley, Mrs Hancade testified that
lientley administered medicine to Mrs,
Bentley from a bottle filled with
crystals which looked like salt. Mrs.
Bentley used to complain about the
medicine, but Bentley coaxed her to
take it. Several times slio said to
lientley: '.'Please don't give mo that
medicine it nearly kills me" when
Bentley insisted of her taking the
medicine she said : "Yon want to kill
mo and get my pioperty." Once Mrs.
Ilentlev aked the witness to get the
Ixittle containing the medicine and she
hunted for it high and low, but could
not find it at all. The witness identi
fied the bottle of strychnine found in
Bentley's valise nsthe same from which
lie gave tho medicino to Mrs. Bentley.
When Mrs Bentley died, the witness
said she frothed at tho mouth. The
doctors all testified that it was their
opinion that Mrs. Ilentlev died from an
overdose of strychnine.
A.tmroU Lille.
Tfto (SelekatGd Frendi (Jure,
to euro
ri iiiiuui s iivk.
Is Sold 0 x
to euro any form
oruuy dlsonlcrot
tho roncratnoor-
i uctlicr arising'
tlnnKtlmnlnnt. AFTTD
tlou.overlnoulpcnce, o , eucIius Loisot Ilrali
Power, Waief'ilncM.IJcarlnsdowi) Pains In tU
Iip.cl:,!5flmInalVcal.np!IlyttcrIa,Kerous I'm
tratlon. Nocturnal Emtalon, Lcucorrho: a, I)lz
zincs, Wcalc Memory, I.ojof Power ami IraiiO
toncy, vhlrhlf neglcctc'loltcn lead to prematu-e
o'il rto CE-I linanlty. Prlco ?1.00a box, 6boxci
Ii.r f 1 06. Hint ly nallonreoclTit of price'
A AVUITaE: UUAKANTniS in Blrcnfo:
c- PTlltiOordcrrecelvdl.to refund tha money II
a l'orrnanent euro it not cflcclrd. Wo le
tiouoni!in( testimonial fromo'd and younjr.
tit both pesos, who liavolicen permanently cured
bytliousoolApuroditlno. rircularirec Addreu
WtiaUTii Branch. Box 27. I'outlano. On.
For Halo by O. II. KICKl'KK. ItrtiRclst,
I'hrenlx Ariion P 0. Box 299.
Through Trains
Double Dally fiervlco between
Bt. Louis, St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Free Kecllnlng Chair Cars,
Burlington Home Dining Cars
On All Through Trains.
The Past Line for
New York, Boston,
Philadelphia,' Washington
and Points
north and east.
Gen. Pass. & Ticket Agent. ST. LOUIS. MO
1 nIS,
Fine Navajo Blankets.
Councilman Hubbell of Apache
county, has with him in the citv seven
NiHFJn blankets vnhud hi sflilO Ui
HubWII(will either take ilium to ihe
world's fairor send them nu a part of the
Arizona exhibit. One of them is a par
ticularly fine one, (lie Indian who made
it having been engaged upon it sixty
For Sale.
First.class orange trees, Navele, Med
iterranean, Sweets, St. Michael and
l.ato Velanche, also lemons and rooted
grape vines. Send for prices to
II. II. Daxiklh,
Hedlands, Cal
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fi:-: uiiiw

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