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merican Eagle in
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Beautiful Chair Set
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“@‘ 385 %-.‘& Seprr bl B, - 1002
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‘\\ '%}-'-.'!- o .t'n.‘\? SRR Tol S
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N 1 8 SS:B
® '-. ‘;, . ‘ S
J | A
RN »
A l LT
AN e 7258
A MERICA—Land of the Free!
That’s what the ‘'American
eagle stands for, and here he is in
a striking filet design. Be first:to
crochet this new patriotic chair
set. It’s lovely.in fine cotton.
* %k %
Pattern 7258 contains charts and direc
tions for set; illustrations of it and
stitches; materials needed. Send yeur or
der to:
Sewing Cixcle Needlecraft Dept.
117 Minna St. San Francisco, Calif.
Enclose 15 cents (plus one cent to
cover cost of mailing) for Pattern
NO: it eve saasnis
from common colds
Creomulsion relieves promptly be
cause it goes right to the seat of the
trouble to help loosen and expel
germ laden phlegm, and aid nature
to soothe and heal raw, tender, in
flamed bronchial mucous meme=
branes. T¢ll your druggist to sell-yeu
a bottle of Creomulsion with the un-.
derstanding you must like the way it
quickly allays. the cough or you are
1& have your mney ba<§ I o N
for Coughs. Chest Colds, Bronchitis
Way of Idleness
If you are idle you are on the
way to.ruin, and there are few
stopping places upon it.—lt is rath
er a precipice than a road.—H. W.
Beecher. i
g St. Joseph
Get Your War Bonds Y
% To Help Ax the Axis
TO ¢ v
ol ,
5 DS
: quickly wie
66 6 A
‘We Can All Be . .
@ In bringing us buying Information, as
to prices that are'being asked for
what we Intend to buy, and as to the
quality we can expect, the advertising
columns of this newspaper perform a
worth while service which saves us
many dollars a year. At s i
® It Is a good habit to form, the hablit
of consulting the advertisements every
time we make a purchase, though we
haye already decided just what we
want and where we are going to buy
It. it gives us the most priceless feeling
In the world: the feeling of being
adequately prepared. ;
® When we go into a store, prepared
beforehand with knowledge of what is
offered and at what price, we go as_
an expert buyer, filled with self-confi
dence. It Is a pleasant feeling to have,
the feeling of adequacy. Most of the
unhappiness in the world can be traced
to a lack of this feeling. Thus adver
tising shows another of its manifold
facets—shows itself as an aid toward
making all our business relationships
more secure and pleasant,
Yule Pastries
Brighten Table
As Santa Claus and presents are
to the children so are the fruit cakes
and steamed pud
dings to the
Christmas table.
One good fruit
- cake will serve
you in many ways
—as a light des
sert for a holiday
dinner, as refresh
ment for friends
dropping in to
wish you ‘“Merry Christmas,’”’ and
as the main note of interest for your
club meetings during the holidays.
The steamed Bran Fig Pudding is
inexpensive and yet delicious to
serve as a dessert for either Christ
mas or New Year’s dinner. Do it
up right by garnishing with bright
bits of red berries and holly round
the platter ‘and serving -with your
favorite hard sauce.
Bran Fig Pudding.
15 cup sifted flour'
1% teaspoons double-acting
baking powder
-~+}-cup sugar. ~
} teaspoon salt '
2 eups Whole bran shreds
2 eggs, well beaten
15 cup milk
¥ cup melted shortening
1% cups figs, cut
Sift flour once, measure, add bak
ing powder, sugar and salt, and sift
together three times. Add bran, mix
ing to blend. Combine eggs and
milk, and add to flour with shorten-
ing, mixing thoroughly. Add figs and
mix well. Pour into greased molds,
filling them 24 full, cover and steam
3% hours.. Serve with hard sauce.
Serves 8.
Light Fruit Cake.
(10 egg whites)
4 cups sifted cake flour
1 teaspoon double-acting baking
powder /
15 teaspoon soda
%4 teaspoon salt = =~
1 cup butter or other shortening
1%, cups sugar
5 egg whites, unbeaten
1 pound seedless raisins
15 pound citron, finely cut
15 pound each crystallized or
,ange peel, lemon peel, pine
apple, red cherries, finely cut
1 pound blanched almonds, finely
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon almond extract
5 egg whites, stiffly beaten
Sift flour once, measure, add bak
ing powder, soda and salt, and sift
together threé times. Créam short
ening thoroughly, add sugar gradu
ally, and cream together until light
and fluffy. Add 5 unbeaten egg
whites, one at a time, beating very
thoroughly after each. Add fruits
and nuts. Add half of flour gradu
ally, beating well after each addi
tion. Add flavorings, then remain
ing flour, and beat well. Fold in 5
stiffly beaten egg whites. Turn into
pans which have been greased, lined
with heavy paper, and again
greased. Bake in slow oven (250
degrees F.) until done, increasing
heat to 300 degrees during last 15
minutes of baking. In 8%-inch tube
pan or 8 by 4 by 3-inch loaf pan,
bake about 4 hours. Makes 7 pounds
fruit cake.
Observance of Christmas
Known by Many Names
Not everywhere is' the holiday
commemorating the birth of Christ
known ‘as Christmas.
The French call the holiday Noel
or Nowel. The Scotch use the name
Yule, and' the Scandinavians Jule
tide. The Welch call Christmas Na
dolig, and the Italians call it Il Na
tale, while the Germans say Weih
In Polish the term Boze Narod
zenie is used, meaning ‘‘God’s Na
tivity.”” The Bohemians and Croa
tians say Bozic, and the Slovaks,
Vianoce. In Spanish the word Navi
dad, meaning ‘Nativity,”’ is used.
Romans Gave Presents
The custom of giving presents was
a feature of the Romans during their
winter festival, the Saturrialia. The
early Christians gave presents to
their children on Christmas morn
ing, under the pretense that they
were the gift of the Christ Child.
There is no country in the civilized
world that has not in some form or
another the custom ef giving pres
ents, either at-Christmas or around
the Christmas season, and this age
old custom can be traced to the
dawn of history.
- [#
c&*-***********(% *
e e i
S ey
Say It With F00d...A Very Merry Christmas!
Yuletide Trimmings
Christmas time has come again
with its warm and cheery spirit of
giving, of receiving, and of hoping—
for the peace on earth and goodwill
towards men. )
It’s the time for lovely carols and
their message that . never grows old,
time for the fire
on the hearth and
the yule logs
ablaze and a
crackle that bring
memories of the
whole family' to
gether for Christ
mas—in other, in
happier days. It's
a -time for lining
the pantry shelves with goodies for
the Christmas feast, of pleasant bus
tling, of children foraging for pres
ents and cookies.
Christmas was always a time for
rejoicing, and so let it be this year—
for in the deeper sense it will always
be the time for glad tidings.
Now, for the pleasant bustling and
the business of putting together the
holiday feast. ' This year’s menu will
be simpler and tuned to ration times
—so thoseé you love will have their
share, too.
Start things out by helping your
self to tomato juice (hot or cold,
flavored with lemon-juice), or some
thing different like pineapple juice
with a scoop of raspberry sherbet, or
grapefruit juice with lime sherbet—
served in the living room with tiny
crisp crackers.
- Save work at the dinner table by
passing out the relishes—green and
ripe olives, celery curls and salted
nuts with the fruit drink and crack
ers in the living room. =
If you have had a turkey for
Thanksgiving, give the other poultry
a try at Christ
mastime. There’s
roast chicken or
capon two of each
-will serve a good
sized family gath
ering. Or, roast
goose is tradition
ally nice as is
roast duck with apple or wild rice
and mushroom stuffing in place of
the apples.
*Roast Chicken or Capon.
Season capon or chicken inside
and out with salt, pepper and a few
grains of ginger. Fill with dressing
and place in a dripping pan with
¥s cup fat, from chicken preferably.
Dust lightly with flour and roast in
a moderate oven. Baste and turn
frequently. Add water as necessary
to prevent drying and to make gra
vy. Roast until tender. A 6-pound
chicken or capon requires about 2%
*Savory Stuffing.
(Enough for 5 to 6 pound fowl)
5 to 6 cups fine bread crumbs
14 cup minced parsley
14 cup minced onion
14 cup chopped celery
1 teaspoon salt
14 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon poultry seasoning or sage
1% cup chicken stock
1 beaten egg
Cook giblets until tender. Drain
and brown in hot chicken fat or but
ter with 1 tablespoon minced onion.
Chop fine. Combine bread crumbs
and seasonings. Add stock, egg and
Lynn Says:
Ducks or Goose? If you're serv
ing ducks for Christmas, get the
best results by rubbing the out
side of the bird with onion or
garlic, pepper, salt, paprika and
ginger. Fill with stuffing and
roast with onions and celery.
A wild rice and mushroom
stuffing has an affinity for ducks:
Saute % pound of sliced mush
rooms in 2 tablespoons butter,
then add 1 cup wild rice which
has been boiled, and season to
With goose, it is a slightly dif
ferent story. Rub the goose with
salt, pepper, onion. Stuff with
apple or potato stuffing and roast
with a few slices of lemon, whole
apples and celery.
(See Recipes Below.)
Dissolve the first four ingredients
in boiling water. Let cool. Dissolve
yeast and sugar in lukewarm water.
When first mixture is cool, combine
with yeast and eggs. Add % of the
flour. Beat thoroughly for 10 min
utes. Add remaining flour and con
tinue beating until it blisters. Brush
top with melted butter and cover.
Place in refrigerator until it doubles
in bulk. Shape into rolls. Let rise
for 2 to 3 hours before baking.
Does the whipped cream get sulky? The
cake fall at the crucial moment? The table
decorations look flat and pointless? Ex
plain your problem to Lynn Chambers
and she’ll tell you what to do about it.
Write her at Western Newspaper Union,
210 South Desplaines Street, Chicago, lil.
Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped
envelope for your reply.
Christmas Dinner
Pineapple Juice with
Raspberry Sherbet
Crackers Olives Celery Curls
*Roast Chicken
*Savory Stuffing Cream Gravy
*Sweet Potato Casserole . :
*Green Beans in Sauce
*Cinnamon Apples .
*Finger Rolls -
Plum Pudding
Beverage Mints
*Recipes Given ° !
giblets. Chill overnight or for an
hour to blend seasoning.
There’s nothing like an attractive
garnish with sharp flavor to point up
the food values of your dinner. Cin
namon apples do just that for your
Christmas platter of chicken:
*Cinnamon Apples.
Core and pare apples. Make a
syrup out of 1 cup sugar, 1% cups
water (or, IY% cups corn syrup—
light—and 1 cup water) and 3 heap
ing tablespoons cinnamon = drops.
Place apples in syrup and cook,
covered, slowly, basting frequently
until apples are tender and brightly
At a poll taken of servicemen’s fa
vorite foods, sweet potato casserole
took a mighty
fine lead. So, if
that boy of yours
is coming home,
and has pinned
his vote on this
sweet potato dish,
here’s the way to
put it together:
*Sweet Potato Casserole,
(Serves 6)
3 cups hot, mashed sweet potatoes
3 tablespoons butter
15 teaspoon salt :
14 teaspoon grated lemon rind
2 egg yolks, beaten
1% cup crushed canned pineapple
2 egg whites
6 marshmallows
Beat potatoes until fluffy. Add sea
sonings and beaten yolks. Fold in
pineapple. Cool. Then fold in egg
whites. Bake in a buttered dish,
topped with marshmallows in a mod
erate oven (350 degrees) for 25 min
*Green Beans in Sauce.
(Serves 6)
1 pound fresh green beans
1 can green beans (No. 2)
1 tablespoon chopped onion
2 tablespoons butter
14 cup chili sauce
Cook onion in butter until soft.
Add 'hili sauce and seasoned green
beans. Cook until thoroughly heated..
Fresh, homemade rolls! Ah, what
compliments they stir in the heart
of every diner! Here is a very sime
ple recipe you’ll like: °
*Finger Rolls,
15 cup sugar
1 tahlespoon salt
2 tablespoons lard
1 tablespoon butter
: 2 cups boiling water
2 yeast cakes
14 cup warm water
1 teaspoon sugar
2 eggs, beaten light
1% pounds flour
Released by Western Newspaper Union,
Two-Piece Frock,
'IT LOOKS like a frock for the
new season and it can have the
warmth you’ll want for the new
season—this jaunty two-piece mod
el with its flattering white collar!
The basque top is of flattering
length and does it whittle the
Q 9 e
Pattern No. 8269 is in sizes 10, 12, 14,
16, 18 and 20. Size 12 with short sleeves
takes 3% yards 39-inch material, 14 yard
contrast for collar.
Send your order to:
149 New Montgomery Street
San Francisco Calif.
- Enclose 20 cents in coins for each
pattern desired.
Pattern No. vovvveeneses SiZ€ouesaeese
Name trscecensececcensssesnsnscenese
Address il kst eisuivehisssesssssneas
<SS When a cough d;e toa éold drives you mad, SR
B ! Smith Brothers Cough Drops give soothing, RN
=7 pleasant relief. Smith Brothers’ contain a spe- :“\‘.‘L_— )
£ | cial blend of medicinal ingredients, blended N
Q;«“ with prescription care, Still cost only s¢:—yes, @
xfl‘.‘;\ B a nickel checks that tickle! mfi‘fi"
RN (737
e R s s L
they say:
. OFFICE" fcr the bombardier’s place
\ n .
“GREENHOUSE " ;.: plane’s transparent nose
“ROGER” for okay or all right
\} ”n ? 2
“CAMEL" for the Army man’s favorite cigarette
Ll S
| A,y
g g ’ Lo
Yy s T /. B
WITH ME. S=2 e T
i i e R
' . gl 8
AND THEYRE \wilf, =
/fl" N T Y
R L.
e ; R
-"“ e
' S R T TR
e g % S . NF,
With men in the Army, Navy, Marines, & { ‘,’s3‘&;&
and Coast Guard, the favorite cigarette [ ™ f*«; &
is Camel. (Based on actual sdles records % ? vi*‘
in Post Exchanges and Canteens.) ‘4‘:@‘;* i & ‘f
T 9
2 CORM o
%m”!%mm /‘"tr\u
XLI TR TT2 = Kitam /
Buried Assets
. The man who has nothing teo
boast of but his illustrious ances
try is like a potato—the only good
belonging to him is underground.—
Sir Thomas Overbury.
* Children Like This Better
Way To Take Cod Liver oil/
Mothers!—children need the vital
elements in Scott’s Emulsion to help
promote proper growth, strong
bones, sound teeth! So give them
good-tasting Scott’s Emulsion daily
—they’re sure to like it. Tones up
system. Contains nctural A and D
Vitamins, Buy today—all druggists.
& Recommended by Many Doctors
T 5{"“?‘) 3 { ]
it 7 SCOTT'S
] 4
- Great Year-Round Tonic
Farthest South
Florida’s northernmost border is
farther south than the southern
most limit of California.
The snumxlest seasoning known, and
the world’s most widely distributed
food product! A dash of this piquante
sauce gives a rare flavor to any food.
TABASCO the seasoning secret of
master chefs for more than 75 years!
QOur Dreams
Regard not dreams, since they
are but the images of our hopes
and fears.—Cato.
| N Quick application of
MINOR comforting Resinol
gives prompt relief
from flery throbbing.
BURNS Its oily base soothes
porched skin.

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