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City In Brief.
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
with Local Application*, a* they can
not reach the seat of the disease.
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional
disea: <■, and in order to euro it yen
must fake internal remedies. Hall’s
Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous
surfaces. Hall’s Catarrh Cure is not
a quack medicine, it was prescribed
by one of the best physicians in this
country for years and is a regular pre
scription. It is composed of the best
tunica known, combined with the best
blood purifies, acting directly on the
mucous surfaces, lhe perfect com
bination of the two ingredients is
what produces such wonderful results
In curing Catarrh.
Bend for testimonials free.
F.J. CHFNEY&CO Props, Toledo O.
Hold by Druggists, price 75c.
Take Hall,s Family Pills for constipat
See that fine line of perfumes 2!
McCrary & Sons.
If you want your skin to look
pretty and soft, try a bottle of
Dixie Liquid Bleach at McCrary
& Sons.
See the novelty department at
the Fair.
The Illinois Traction System
sells tickets from Springfield to
East St. Louis, every Saturday
and Sunday at $i 5°
The Dixie Liquid face Bleach
can be found at McCrary and Sons
joe per bottle.
Notice is hereby given that we
cannot print a list ol names con
tributing to churches unless $i
accompanies same.
Dont forget to send your subscrip
tion money friend, as we must settle
with our creditors.
If you want to know where to
go for bargains look over our ads
We are sole agents for Knox
All Rheumatic cure $1. bottle.
Try it, McCrary and sons.
Subscribe for the Gazette and
help us to make it a greater paper
Our $4 oo dolls are the leaders
We pay the express just s^nd
us the mor.ey for the size do
wanted and we will do the rest
Our $1.00 dolls are beautie
Address the Gazette office
Box t07 Metropolis 111.
Come and see the collars and
handkerchiefs at the fair, on 9lh
and Pearl St.
It will pay you t0 tr^e with our
advertiser* for all of your Holiday
McCrary and Tucker Coal Co., have
plenty of Cartervtlle lump coal on
and. Buy your coal from them.
We are determ nded »o have
bonifide subsciiberi o; our sub
scription list from now on.
We have purchased some mor
material and built an addition to
the Gazette office at quite an ex
pense in order to better serve our
Therefore if they appreciate
our service they uill send us in
the cash without our asking for it
or tven allow us to place the ac*
count out tor collection. Be men
and women at this late date, pay
up and then if you don t want the
paper tell us so
Read the Gazette, only $1.00
gee oar fine liue of china ware, at.
McCrary * »on«.
Letter Heads and Envelopes
can be had for the asking at this
office. We print them.
The Gazette office for quick
Tne negro in buisness ha3 a
hard go. He has to undergo a
stago of humbleness to secure his
people's trade, do the same thing
to hold it, and then linally lo e it.
Hand us in the news it you in
tend to visit tell us so.
Call and see our fineCandies.
McCraiy and Sons,
Miss Georgia Oberby of Fut
rell City is an agent for the Gaz
i eite and v/ill make collections
i solicits subsaibers.
i u
Those people who promised to
send us some money on the paper
can save their word and at the
same time materially help us to
j pay our debts and have our so
; treated.
Rev H. E. McWilliams State
Missionary is an authorized agent
for the Gazette.
Mrs M Bledsoe of Cairo, is an1
authorized agent for the Gazette.
Please subscribe for the Gaz
Call and see us when you want
a new hat. Your patronage is
appreciatee if even for a sma'I
arnout. Wc always try to please
all tastes and purchases.
Mrs. Vallee
Rev R. Earl, preached for the
St. Paul Baptist church Sunday}
night and attended the services all
Rev J. B McCrary preached1
for African Baptist church Sunday
night The members were spirit-j
ually lifted and there were joiners
one by relation and two for bap
tism The church would soon
show signs of rapid advancement
if the members would become
more spiritual inclined and threw
off the dull formalism.
The wife of Dr N. L. Hudson
has arrived in the city to join her
Mr*. Myrtle Thomas ol East
St Louis is at home visiting her
parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Mrs. Gracy Tossey has worked
up a great interest in the H Yt H.
U bjth in attendance and finance
She tas.es a delight in work ng
with and among children.
It looks as if Gov. Charles S.
Deneen is the biggest man today
in Illinois politics in *pite of his
political enemies.
Several persons visited the corn
er stone laying at Brookport Sun
day from Metropolis. Among
them weie Mrs. Nelia McCalister,
Morns Campbell, Roy Jones, hred
Roberts, Erbie Shannon, Harmon
Smith, George McCrary and Mos
es Lillie Williams and Alice Young
They all were delighted
Mrs. Harriet* Jefferson of East
St Louis, is in the ciiy the guest
of her parents Mr, and Mri. Min^o
i Long and other relatives
Rev. H. E McWilliams the
State missionary preached the
sermon of the corner stone layiog
of the St. Fau! Baptist church.
He aUo i reached for the An
tioch .Baptist church Metropolis
at night. He left for home Mon
Kev. Thos Turner preached a
splendid sermon Sunday morning
for Afric.n baptist church Metro-!
polis. He is improving wonder
fully and any church would do
well to have him as their pastor.
Many of our churchei thruout
Illinois by sending off and bring
ing iu ministers who have no in
terest in them aside from the sal
ary they receive. They are not
in tuuc i or harmony with the
associations or any other enter
prise. These arc evident facts as
F<r Sale.
For sale or exchange S5 acres of
I bottom land 2 miles south of Carrier
Mills, Saline Co , 111. Coal not sold,
in a wealthy colored settlement.
For farther Information and par
ticulars write me at Ozark, 111.
Shade Austin.
Ozark 111.
fiey have often left the churches
tn a much worse condition than
they found them and too, th«y
a e no better preachers and oficn
not as pood from any vitw point.
Rambler vis;ted Springfield.
Lincoln and Hast St. Louis I at t
week and found crops in the ccn
t al part of the state cut very
short on account cf the drought.
Arthur Tucker went to JohusonvLle
Tonn., last week to visit his wife and
son. returning Monday,
Cornelius Robinson left for Carbon*
dale Wednesday on a visit.
Fritts Lyons went back to Bt. Louia
Rev. Thos Turner and Mrs. Hattie
Jones attended the annual meeting of
the Knights and Daughters of Tabor
which met in Springfield last week.
Baptist Institute.
There will be an institute held with
the Rock ilill Baptist church and P. I
8., Carbondale, III., from Aug. 18 90,1
inclusive. This is to be a grtat*n>eel
ing. Mbs „OUie Cummings will ar
range and conduct a local program
for Saturday and Sunday nights. All
S. S. workers, are urged and request-1
ed to be present and take an active
part In tbe meeting. We invite the
State missionary Rav. H. E. McWIU
ams to b * pro tent.
WatiJi for program In tbe Oaaetta
next week. A bead »b.li wtii be tens
Mrs. Gumming* .for this meeting.i^t
ue make Uiis what it sb u'd be.
J. B McCrary, Uimductor.
Knight* of Tabor
The Knights and Daughter* of Ta
bor held their annual meeting in
SpriBgfield, July 1I-1S, inclusive. A
b large attendance of delegatee was
present and the meeting was a Anna* {
eial nacres* and the inspiration thru
out the entire section was very high.
Following are the officers:
C. Cl. M- »ir L. P. Finm y, Cairo
V. U M. Neptune Walton;
G. H. P. Jennie Hatcher
V. G. P. Josephine Jones
C. U. B , A.D. Peoples
G. 0. K , Belle CUtB
C. G. O., Dr B. F porter.
G. H. P., Louis* Blackman
C. Q M., Eva C. German
O. P. P.,Q4lncy Bradley
G. D. M., H. M. Jones
G I S. K. B. lie Smith
The editor made an official visit
iq Decatur last wet It m the inter
est of the grand chapter cf Kcst*
ern Star,while in the city was roy
ally entertained by Mr. »rd Mi*.
S H. Singletou, at their most ex
cellent home abo t two and ore
half mile* from the heart of the
ci y Their home is situated on
a ten acre piece of ground with all
of the modern improvemec.ti.
This home is well furnished
wirh the tinea* and most costly
furniture, has water and electric
lights and he furnishes his corn
st'-am heat.
He rai e* hay, corn and berries,
it has a fine orchard also and is
situated on the interuiban line.
The land alone co*t $410.00
per acre.
He also purchased a fine two
story brick building in the busi
ness part of the city where he has
been opetating a successful rts
taurant business <oi 25 } cars.
This a equation was recently
made. His principle patronage
is the white people though color
ed people patronize him to some
extent He keeps from 11 tc 13
perrons employed all the time.
3, B. McCrary, Prvs. a Maujc'r A. A, Tucker. Bee,
goal gonipany.
W e keep a supply of the best coal con
stantly on hand, free from slack and
dirt. Full weight and prompt delivery
to any part of the city.
Your orders are solicited. Office
9th and Pearl Streets.
Subscriptions Will Be Accepted
tor a Limited Time to the
Send One Dollar promptly and you will get thi» great
SEMI-WEEKLY new* pa pec two lull yean. Or aend
One Dollar with another name and tbe paper will be
mailed one year to you and al*o one year to tbe other
subscriber. Two large paper»*every week. Fight or
more’page* each Tuesday and Friday, All the new* ol
all the earth in continou* ami connected form Com
plete and correct market report*. Ably edited depart
ment* lor the home and lor the larm. Many iraluret
Ot interest and value to every member ol the family.
Republican in polities. Conservative, dignified, truth
ful, Reliable, progressive, up to dale
Biggest Newspaper Bargain
Ever Offered
You w.U find the GOB E-DEM OCR AT invaluble dur
ing the coming year. Send your order TO DAY or
vntefor free »amplc "cop to the
6lobe Printing Co.; St. Louis. Mo.
His trade is solicited by all
c asses of people and hi* word is
a» good a* R®ld in ihe city,
The-'C people are kind hearted
and accommodating. Mi* wife
certainly understat'd how to con
duct the buvne»* tr. the absence
of her husband.
Any person of our people visit
ing Decatur will do well to call at
the Singleton Cafe wuen in the
! .
We certainly thank Bro. and
Sister Singleton for their kindnesw
to us while in the city.
Promlcss Lika Ptserusta.
“I have such a pretty, ue» «ong."
a»f.) a friend to me the other day.
1 "j’U bring tt round for you to try over
tomorrow." Tomorrow cam*, hat no
song; it probably never will come now
Qorro people arm great at maktug
1 promises, but Just s* great at breaking
(bem. Of course. It’s only torgeitul
ness, btit that Is really no excuse. It
you have a bad memory, safeguard It
by Jotting down In a notebook a Hid®
memorandum of tie promises you
| make. Just as a small reminder. A
glance at this book the first thing
every morning will not occupy a min
ute,, Biui may aav# some one a bluer
Ui.-aj polutu.ent.—Home Chat.
■Mileve NeunUffi* wtin Ur M ' ®S*
ia»u tnUft. * ®aw» • «s®sw
Two performances will Its givtn
daily run or 'shine under a brand
sew tpresd of canvas, tbs moat fine*
tv veniiie'ed and ra'H* thoroughly
water-proof tent in Uie world to-day.
Tb# afternoon performsnrr wtii »lart
at I o'clock ami the c venirg ibov at
t», Doors, to op.-o just owe bt>or be
fore each performance to allow ih«
people to vDU lit* menagerie and to
enjoy the band conceit of pnpufk",
classic and patriotic music by W. J.
Dealer’# convert i'krnl Uf soio reu»b al
art Dla.
The grand free street parade will
i«avo the show grounds at 10 a m.
am) travel over the main atresia of
the city, returning to the aht w
g: our,ds, where immediately iullow
wilt be given in :be op-n air aud ab
solutely free to all an exhibition far
oetter than the performance of many
similar travelii g amusement organi
tion*. Don't tali to aee the parade,
for it will be a beauty and something
entirely new along that line. Mon
day July 24, 1611.
Enough Said.
Irascible Old fleet (to #ch*K>1ytrl
who tiua collttl <J with him)—‘When
you run into people Uko that you
ahouM say. I beg your pardon.'" tllrl
—"There worn't no need, t heard
what you said "—Sjdnoy Bulletin.
True Idea of Education.
Education is not lntend'?d to make
iergymeu. ecfcco'masters, or lawyer*
•jut B.t-a and women.

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