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i’^fVDfanygf; Nn*s ) Motto : "Hew To The, Line. Let The Chips Fall Where They May."
- - -.'"""' ' ; " T" ''. " “ “ -":• \^:jl==s==ss=-.--- " --" . '
Buy Your XmaS Books
For the next 15 davs we will sell our
gift books at these big reductions:
Those worth $2.00 now $1.35
Those worth $1.50 now $1.00
Those worth $1.00 now .75
Children Baby's books, worth^SOc for 35c
All best authors and will make beau
tiful and valuable Christmas presents
Call and look at them. Take no ones
word; look for yourself.
Do not send off for a book until you sec ours.
Louis Valee.
A. J. Gibbon s
Furniture Store
the prices at
my Store.
Is the
place to do
Largest assort
ment of hand
some Rockers
in the city.
Kitchen Cabinets
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“ 30.00
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“ 30.00
Everything for Christmas; Watches,
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Corner Third and Ferry Streets, Metropolis.
We Deny the Charge as False.
ciime if such was perpetrated. as
.« few individuals are responsible
and not the whole congregation,
because up to this date there hzs
been no vote to accept as a dona
tion $25 00 from the saloon ele
ment on any grounds ar.d as all
business to be legal in u baptist
church must be by a resolution
or motion and then by the ma
jontyof the metnbes rpresent, and
It is openiy charged and hag
been claimed from time ic 'ime
since the election, both by white
and black in the town and the
country that all (our of the Negro
churches of Metropolis sold out
and accepted $25.00 each to vote
in the interest of the Saloon and
the members are being held up
in ridicule by the non-church
i>, .Mi ' ■; , %-if
a . ft -
members as being hypocrits and
ere, etc. It is also said that the
writer ol this article was pitttr.d
ing to work (or Che *’Dr>s" and
at the same time this church of
which he is a member, the (Afri
rican Haptist )had ieceivic!$25 oo
hush money or at least they rego
tiatid wiih the taioon -limcnls to
vote with them for that Lig? a
mount, and that we were dishon
est and unituthiul
We wi h to »t ite here as a trutli
if $2S-:03 or any amount was re
ceived by said church ne have
no knowledge of it and have bem
denouncing the icport as we knew
nothing ol said d<al cr dcr.atii n
il such is the case, at the time it
wasmadcnorevtnsir.ee. If w»
would have denounced it epcrly
during the Campaign, and they j
knew it I
We wish tossy to the public
since w« have Been almost con
vinced that $25 Co was passed
into the hands of same officer or
officers of our church that that
w.is an individual transaction
and the bidy is not responsible
nor should not be held as a patty
to the deal, as we know of a large
per cent of the women and a few
of the men of sal,! church voted
against the cptn saloon ano
would nut have cemented uncii
underlay cciisicuam n to Jiavt
allowed the small amount of
$25.0010 bribe them aud kept
ihem from voting on this moral
tpjtstion and one of the most
dammahlc evils the church and
the nation is htir today, (the t
peu saloon ).
I tie writer would hav« consid
cd htni&cf equal to Judas Iscar
iot, to have prescribed to hie
with sun and women who were
lighting lor rightcr u nrss i-nd
then slip out at night and take
a little hush money cither as an
individual or with a body ol men
to overthrow what we have been
preaching and teaching against.
V\ c say again that said church
has had no h md in this diabolical
then by the majoiity of the tnem
| bers present, and in some cases
to make it binding previous no
tice must be given, therefore
no one or ones had any right to
bring down upon the* church as
a body, the sharp criticisms and
denunciations that one can here
ficrn eveiy side, because it is un
just and unmanly.
The negro churches like indi
viduals are poor and need money
espccial'y since the buildings
were destroyed by the cyclone,
but even that condrirn was not
justifiable in receivirg money
from the breweries, or any inter*
est connected thereto on the part
and in the name of the church,
because wc all understand why it
was given at that time.
Nj.v, it is stated as a (act that
a $25.00 check was passed to our
church, ii so. some one had to
receive and cash it and theieis
no dodging around it, and since
this is true, said rcpoit should
be made and the paity responsi
ble ter dickering tor it should ex
plain in open church on what
grounds it was given and received
and have the manly courage to
exhonorate his church from all
blame and connection. Because
we saw ®in iasv Sunday's S. S
lesson that Aciion's sin prevent
ed the success of Isarei. and the
same is never the less true today
We wish (or the saloon men.
the ministers with whom we
worked side by side ar.d‘ the
churches of which we are pastoc
ing, that we knew nothing of and
had nothing to do with the ac
cepting any amount o! money,
■ nor do we wi>h to be thought
gui.ty of accepting the money
and v^t fig aga.n-t the saloon and
we can v ouch for a large per cent
of our members
Dou’t look at all of the negro
church merobeis, because of the
action of a few individuals as be
ing low, without a principle, un
truthful and dishonest, btciuti
we. as other people h-ive some
among us who are endeavoring
to do the right thing as Gtd en
ables us to seethe right In.
conclusion we sate again the
charge against the church as a!
body is utterly false, as 'he mem
bers tad i.citl.ci putt net lit u>
this matter.
II the money was received, j
then it is up to the individual
or individuals t j turn cn the light
and iclJ us by wliat authority be j
had to biir.g upon the body this
disgiaceful coiot mnaticn.
We would u-k if the cffice*rs cl
the white churches received and
accepted a donation from this
organization'( If not why ? Can
you see the reason?
We would like (or the Metro
polis Herald, Massac Journal and
the''Bull Moose” to clip enough1
ol this article next week to set us
right in the ryes of a criticising
public, and oblige a member cl
an oft abused race.
J B.-ilieid McCrary.
Saturday night at the Reek
Hill Baptist church, R«v. C VV.
Normcrit pastor, presiding in
carrying on a large business mee t
ing, with five added to the church
three full members, one watch
ca»c and one for baptism, in the
petson of Mrs. Fannie Harmon,
of C M E church.
Sunday was praise day, Sun
day School at 9:30 with 53 pres
11 :oo services was earned on
in an intellegcnt way, every cr.e
expressing his desires to thfc Al
mighty; two joiners, one full
member and one candidate.
At these servires two out of
town visitors Mr. Ferry ai.d Mr.
J. vV Corneal the former enrcute
to St. L.'iuis, on the account
of the dtatn of a coumb.
At 3 :oo p. m. coummicn ser
vice one joiner, Mr. Belchin of
Free Baptist by experience, at
7 -.30 Rev. C. W. Norment preach
another soul stirring sem e n »bc
singing by the choir. This day
in every church was consider! d
the livery-body's go to jchurch
day, each church in town had
committees out to canvas the
town for this day Among the
colored from morning services,
until night Rock Hill/tatcd 476.
Free Baptist 387. The three
other churches attended still less.
Success was our theme, and were
the winuers and Ged Llcsttdour
church by adding 8. The first
day of Christmas our paster sug
gested every tody {to enjoy this
tally of putting a pinny in an
envelope for every year we have
lived in the world, and he sug
gested that widows put theirs in
an envelope and cave their
names off if they wanted to get
married Preaclurg Christmas
Day and serving dinner by church
Mrs Bass is verrv ill and also,
Mrs tones Weather is very
cold at present
Repot1 If. 1
at Reduced Prices
To the Ladies of Massac County:
I wish to announce that I have the Schwarta
Importing Co., of St. Louie, a brand new line of
suits, Coats, Skirts, Furs and Rain Coats which I
an instructed to close out at greatly reduced pric
es on account of the extreme warm weather.
Here are a few samples:
$15.00 coats - at $12.00
“27.50 coats - at “17.50
“ 20.00 suits - at “ 22.00
“ 22.00 furs - - - at “ 15.00
“ 12.50 furs - - - at “ 10,00
“ 3.50 skirts - - at “ 2.50
If you want an imported ge.mtent of the latest
style, in the best material you must see these
handsome garments.
At Mrs. Vallee's Millinery Store.
I*_—______ — — — iV^
Xmas Gandies
Buy your Christmas candies at
Howell’s Variety Store
Ail kinds at 10c per pound
Schools and churches send in yo. r orders.
Across Street from Pogt-Offices
To the Missionary Uaptist
Family of Illinois.
This Closing message for the
year 1913 comes to you from one
whose heart runs out for every
one in thoughtfulness to Gcd for
preserving the lives of us all to
see the closing of another year’s
work As wc look about us and
see what has been done for both
missions and education we say
what hath God wrought.
Many many souls lias Deen
born into the Kingdom of God.
According to reports from our
pastors of the churches and the
General Missionary ai d thejlJis
trict Missionaries more souls have
been brought inlo service than
ever before in the history of our
Statcjor which we join you in
praising the Lord for both the
work and the workers. New
churches have been established
and our pastors and our ^pastors
are being belter provided fir
which enables ?:hein to do a more
efficient work, hor the work
man sairh holy writ is worthy his
hire. God has been good in that
all of our pastor’s lives have teen
spared and theie is more hartni
ay among tne cnrist.am. our
educational worth is receiving
more attention; at Metropolis
the work goes well according to
reports and the future will tel! lor
good if the brethren in that par
tion of the State will only eontin
tie to live, up a no get closer
The Chicago Religious Train
ing Seminary has taken on new
life since they navt opened in
their splendid new and comfort
able quarters at y»3i S Wabash
Ave Chicigo. New students are
entering almost daily. He
whole faculty derttves much
praise. Several of the churches
ate paying the wages of students
Olivet is sending aud paying for
six outright, 15ut brother pas
tors and churches I fear with all
of the above done we are leaving
much undone. Each church was
asked and expected to raise and
send to the Treasurer one dollar
per month for our state wetk.
How many of you have done;
this brethren? Ali who bavo not
paid in this amount should do so
at once that our workers ‘he old
not suffer. Much is expected of
you brethren because of the age
in which you live and the work
to be done Don’t let the year
close and you direlect of duty.
You cannot do next year what
you should have done this year
even if you should live the whol*
year out.
Who will be the first to frr«t
in your portion where y ou am
behind ?
Fraying the blessing of God >
upon every church and pastor and
wishing you a merry Chtiitmar
1 am your brother
F I Fisher
Brookport 11!. Ncv <6
To whom thfs may concern
This is to certify that T a. C
, ..rider have been appointed L)i?t,
j Gepty. Grand Master of the 7th
j Oist. of K & A M. of Illinois. 1
1 will visit all lodger ?n my dis
j trict this year
A. C Cii ler

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