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Motto : "Hew To The Line. Let The Chips Fall Where They May "
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For the next 15 days we will sell our
books at these big reductions:
Those worth'$2.00 now $1.35
Those worth $1.50 now $1.00
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Do not send off for a book until you see ours.
Louis Valee
mdh MHMaa«■■■■■ mi
The Star Laundry will call for your
laundry as usual. We had the
misfortune to lose our plant, but
will do all work as before and ap
predate any work from our cus
tomers and all new ones. Phone
Robert Hunt, No. 312.' j
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Send us your orders right away, give them to our representative or call
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home for a year.
The Carnation Club met at the
residence of Miss Allie Barnard
on 9th. st. Monday Jan 26.
Quite an entercstirg session
was held from 2 .00—4:ooP. M.
A large number of members were
present and evety-one *njo>ed
themselves to the highest
The club was very proud to sec
their highly cultured Sec'y. pres*
ent in the person of Mrs, L. B.
Dukes, who has been absent trim
the city for several weeks.
After the general routine o*
business the members were in
vited in the dinning room, where
a sumptuous luncheon was served
by the above named Miss.
Following is the menu which
made every mouth look watery:*
ist. Course.
Pimento Cheese Sandwiches
2nd. Course
Fruit Salad, Maguritcs and Nuga*
THE B, Y P. U.
held one of its most interesting
meetings ever had for several
years Sunday Jan. 25th at the
African Baptist Church, M>s. G.
E Tossey Pres, presiding.
The subj. of the lesson Mission
ary—Tne Mission of the Church
Matt. 28:16:20. It was very
plainly taught by the 3rd Vice
Pres ol the B.Y. P. U. of the
Mt. O-ive Baptist S. S. Conven
tion. in the person of Edgar S. B
The attendance was good, it
seems that the Union is taking on
new life lor Christ and the Cause
1 here were visitors ol the other
mcapresent who took apart in the
Mrs. Tossey deserves much
praise lor the work that she has
accomplished. Collection 44Cts.
G. E. Tossey, Pres
L. E. Newell, Secy.
The Ladies Educational and
Mission Society ol the Mt. Olive
Baptist Association met ia its
quarterly meeting in the First
Missionary Baptist church Joppa
Devotional were led by Sister
Henrietta Rho'des assisted by the
president Mrs. M. J. Blake.
The president read; the preface
ol the constitution and by-laws
and it was commented on.
Collection $t 50.
Devotional services were led
by sister M J. Blae.
Aftergsciipture reading Rev. J.
M Blake selected his text from
Amos 4:12 Irom which he preach
ed a sermon that was heartily en
joyed by all.
Collection $2.00.
Alter dismission the delegation
was escorted to the lovely home
ol Bro. W. Hesiben and wile
where we partook ol cream, cake
and candies. Rev. D. Parrish
was toast master alter several
toaats we said good -night.
Sunday School was called to
order at 9:00 by Supt. Bro. M.
H. Crigler with a good attend
Rev. !J. M. Blake conducted
the review.
Remarks were made by Revs.;
J. H. Knowles, S. J, Hunt, Bro
Isaac Watson and Sister M. J.
School doted with the Lord’s
prayor repeated in concert.
Preaching services wer now be
gun. Devotional were conduct
ed by Bro. W. B. Titsworth.
Rev. Knowles read for a scrip
ture leston Galatians 5th chapter.
Prayer by Rev. J. M Blake,
singing "Try Us Oh God.”
Rev J. H. Knowles the speak-1
er selected 1st Cor. 11:2 for his
text Peculiarities of the Baptist
tested by the Bible. A strong
sermon was preached.
Collection $2.00.
After a reviving praise service
the following program was ren
Recitation Mrs. Wilson
Solo Mrs. Cartwright
Reading Mrs. Blye
Rec. Blossom Bradley
Solo W. B Titsworth
Rec. . Cora Davis
Paper Mrs. Henrietta Rhodes
Solo Bro.Geo, Adams
Collection $3.22
7 130 Devotional conducted by
Deacon W H. Heibin afterwhich
Rev. J. H Knowles read Isiah
67:1-16 and offered prayer, sing
ing "Father I Stretch My Hands.
Rev. S. J Hunt, the speaker
selected the ^following 'text:pre
cious in tbe sight of the Lord 'is
the death of his saints, from which
Ue preached a good sermon
Collection $3.00
Bro. J. H. Palmer 25c
“ W. H. Hesibcn 25c
“ W. B. Titworth 25c
•' George Bradley 2Sc
•* Levi Wil'iams 2Sc
" M. H. Crigler 75c
Mr. Henry Hayes 50c
Mr. Lenard Ingrain 25c
Sister Wilson 25c
Rev. Felix Mayes 25c
Sis. Grace Mays 20c
Total $345
Total amount collected during
the meeting $29.21
Dear Editor .'Please allow me
space in your worthy paper to
say that the Unity Baptist S. S.
and church are moving along
rapidly Sunday morning we had
a wonderful lesson.
We had a grand prayer meet
ing service at 11:30 o’clock.
At 7:30 Rev. M. Kimbro
preached a noble sermon.
Mr. wasnmgton bhelton is
very ill at the home of his daugh
ter Mrs. Francis Crider.
Mrs. Mandy !|:ofield’j darling
baby is very ill.
Mr. Samuel Jordon ol Brook
Blaine Martin made a flying
trip to Paducah, Saturday.
We the Missionary Baptist of
Brookport that is the New Hope
and the St. Paul Baptist churches
met the 14th of this month in a
union, meeting and in said meet
ing we agreed to unite in one
body both names of New Hope
and St. Paul would cease and the
united body would decide on a
name to suit the body and, also
the united body would elect its
own officers from the greatest to
the smallest, aid the property of
both churches be made over to
the united booy in whatever name
that the body may be named.
And wc further agreed to build
a new church between the bridge
and the railroad.
This resolution passed after
which a committee on nomination
of officers was appointed. A
motion prevailed to adjourn to
meet again Saturday night at
which meeting to name the church
and elect officers. Sang a hymn
and a hearty hand shake.
• Re-assembled Saturday night
after opening.
First was the name of the united
body two names were presented
St. Bethel and Unity so we ac
cepted the name Unity ^Mission
ary Baptist Church.
So you see that there is no
more St. i’aul and New Hope
churches in Brookport, but Unity
Missionary Baptist church.
We had baptizing Sunday with
a large attendance and Sunduy
night five joined the church.
Rev. J. B. McCrary and wife
was up with us Sunday also Mr.
G W. Long and wile. Sunday
was a high day with us an*1! Mon
day was a business day with the
newly elected officers. We had
five deeds to be changed 3 from
St I'aul and two from New Hope
these five deeds were changed
over to the Unity Baptist church
Frank Howard
Louis Flowers,
Janies Baker,
Tom Flowers,
Wash Shelton,
Bud Kendall
J H. Flowers
We havent any pastor now but
we have not had any board meet
ing yet give us time to think.
II you wish an appointment
write and wait returns.
Mr. Editor : Please allow us a
space in your paper to say our
S. S. and church are progressing
On Monday Jan. t8. all the
pastors of Carbondale, met at
Rock Hill Baptist church at 9 a
111. and organized what is called
the Minister’s Alliance. Revs.
Dr. Higgs, M. A. and Thomas
L. Porter, B. D. of St. Louis.
Mo., were present and made in
teresting remarks.
The above named Revs, pur
pose here was raising money for
an ^Educational School in Saint
Louis, of which they are the head
official. Rev Higgs is a mission
ary oi Africa. He made two
lectures and the ministers insisted
on him to stay over and aid them
in their union'revival, he began
preaching at the Free Baptist
Wednesday nigh with a crowded
house each night, and he was the
cause of several souls saved from
ruin. He preached his rarewell
sermon Sunday evening souls were
made to rejoice and praise the
name of Jesus. He was billed to
leave Monday, we regret his de
parture very much. While here
he chosen Rev Norment for one
ol his traveling Evangelist, ol
who a big salary will be paid,
board and train fees will be paid.
The W. E. & M. Society have
elected and installed Mrs. Nor
ment for our Pres. She was in
stalled at the circle meeting on
Thursday and Mrs. Harman chap*
lain. TJii* evening was also cele
erated for our pastor’s birthday
of which the ladies invited quite
a few to be present. A beautiful
program was rendered, and a
lunch of six courses. The fun
niest of all Sis. Manda Roe gave
him a whipping Piesents re
ceived, a large rocker give by ti e
circle, by others a beautiful <up
ancj sa,ucer, £ nice white shirt and
box with three irisli linen lianuci
cliiet. He was somewhat proud
you can imagine. He said his
birthday was three months from
now again.
The weather is yety changeable
quiet a few sick.
Mr. Ross a miner of Elkville,
bought Willie Porter's property
and have moved in our ntighboi
hood. Our town is full of new
comers, and our church is success
ful of gaining quite a ftw of them.
Cornelius Robinson juined Jan.
18 as a watch care member ,we
hope to gain a few more young
active men of his type.
Ollie Cummings,
Hereafter please mail matter
on Monday to be printed that
week if not it will not be printed
that week.—Ed.
The Stork visited the home o{
Mrs. Joseph Johnson Wednesday
morning and left a fine boy.
M iss Mattie Williams of Marion
III. is visiting her parents Mr. and.
Mrs Levi William of Joppa.
A Birthday party was given by
Mrs, Mamie Johnson Jan 20th at
the residence of her mother Mrs.
Minnie Faulkner. There were
fifty guest present A delicious
supper was served. The dining
room was beautifully decorated
and an angel food cake with 30
little candles lighted up the din
ing table.
Mrs. Johnson received some
valuable presents.
Mrs. W. L. Davidson enter
tained the Independent Club *
Monday afternoon, there were
16 members and one visitor pres
ent. After business we were ser
ved with a delicious menu:
Salmon Salad,
Brick Cheese
Sweet Pickles.
Chocolate Cake,
Seedless Raisins
^ Hoi Coffee.
Vanilla Wafers.
Ice Cream
Popcorn Balls.
Henrietta Rhodes,
J. C. Hodge, of Smithland, Ky.
made a flying trip to our city
Wednesday in his 25 horse pow
er gasoline boat. He brought
down a number of lawyers and
doctors who were interested ia a
railroad suit. He visited his
aunt Mrs. Mollie Claybrooke
while here and paid the Gazette
office a financial call. He is a
successful business man of his
home-town nine tenths of his cus
tomers being white.
We are pleased to have him
visit out office when in the city.
Senator D. W. Helm, is the
man to redeem the Congressional
district to the Republicans.
Ed Smith, will be in the run
ning for sheriff and it looks now
as if he would be the successor to
Oscar Miller. You all know that
Ed. is a hustler.
George Bradley was able to te
up from Joppa, Saturday on busi
ness., We are glad he is improv
ing- * ! "'V . . .►

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