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«—----- ~ :— WKNKS&i*)*. • • *&*•. ''r . .:-———--—^
,„.*»*'* Motto : "Hew To The Line, Let The Chies Fall Whske Thev Mat."
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Notes For The W E & M.
Society of First Mission
ary Baptist) church
12th St. Cairo.
Our Society is in fine working
order. We have added on a sew
ing circle which meets with the
society every Thursday in each
week. Our pastor Rev J. H.
Starks has worked earnestly in
his efforts to make the society a
We met last Thursday at the
residence of sister Hester Taylor
519-itth St. Sister Taylor is
confined to her bed with illness,
but she made as welcome at her
Hr* Editor we arc sending you
a paper which was read in our
meeting by sister Nellie Starks.
Flease print same in your pa
You will find enclosed the
eames of three new subscribers
for 1 year.
Mrs. Emma Farrow.
. Fre*. W. E. M. Society.
Mrs. Mary Cook.
* Secretary
.1 -I' ■ ■
Hone And Its Pleasures.
Home is the first and roost im
portant school of character It is
there that every human being re
ceives their best moral training or
their worst.
For it is there that they inbibe
those principles of conduct
which endures through manhood
jor womanhood and cease only
with life.
It is a common saying that
manners makes man and there is
a second that mind makes man
truer than cither is a third that
that home makes man or woman.
For the home training includes
not only manners and mind but
It is mainly in the kome that
the heart is opened and the hab
its are formed, the intellect is
awakened and the character mold
ed lor good or evil.
The poorest dwelling presided
over by a thrilty cheerful and
cleanly woman is to man a refuge
from the storms^ol life, a s*eet
resting place after labor, a con
solation in,'mis fortune, a pride in
prosperity and a joy at all times.
The good home is thus the best
of school not only in youth but
in age.
The young and the old best
learn cheerfulness patience self
and the spirit of service and duty
7 '<& Fannie Staxks.
Antioch Baptist Church,
Metropolis, Sunday Night.
A council was called by the
Antioch Baptist church of Me
tropolis. last Saturday Feb. 2lst
for the purpose of examining
Bro. Thos. Morris, as to his qual
ification to be set apart to the
work of the gospel ministry.
Elders G. VV. Dorsey, repre
senting the Hopewell Baptis
church, Carbondals; K. Earl,
representing'the Baptist church,
ol Marion; J. B. McCrary, rep
ceaung the Providence Baptist
church. Belgrade; Bros. Was. P.
Crouse, and Wu. Porter, deacons
of tne Antioch Baptist church,
Metropolis, composed the coun
After the temporary organiza
tion, Elder R. Earl, was elected
moderator, Bro. W. P. Crouse,
was elected secretary, and Elder
(i. W, Dorsey, was elected cate
chiscr. All of the prelmary work
out of the way the counoil pro
ceeded to the examination and
after testing the candidate as to
his knowie of ft certain line of
ati dies and finding him qualified
to enter into the work of the min
istry. The council recommend
icu to the church their approval
which was accepted by the church
and the time for ordination set
tor Sunday night. The ordina
tion sermon was delivered by Dr.
Dorsey, which was pointed and
full of instruction and food for
the candidate, church and con
gregation, as it was a sermon
brim full of information which is
characteristic ol the man. text:
II. litn. 4:1V. The ordination
prayer was offered by Elder Earl,
with the laying on ol hands. The
charge to the church, to tKe can
dididate and presentation of the
Bible was given by Elder McCrary
and ther. the hand of fellowship
followed after declaring the can
didate being a regular ordained
Eider, ready lor the paator
ate of the Little Flock Baptist
church ol E'town, who Had asked
for h|» ordination.
The council, also the church of
which Elder Thos. Morrit, is a
member can recommend him as
a fit and worthy Christian gentle
man. not so much on the account
of h is literary attainments but,
for his open Christian life and the
knowledge of the Bible
Good services were held all
day notwithstanding the rain
which came down almost incess
antly at night, which kept many
away but in spite of this a good
size andiemee witnessed the work.
Elder J. B. McCrary, preached
at 11:00 a. text, I. Cor.
11:28 and at conclusion he re
ceived several compliments, hand
shakes from the members and eu
logies from the ministers, for the
logical as well as for the master
ly delivery of. the sermon.
Elder R. Kan. delivered a
strong gospel and spiritual ser
mon at 3 :oo p. m., which caused
many amens, and hearty hand
(hakes. He is no novice by any
raeans|when thesubject ‘ preach”
is assigned him Text, Matt.
28:18,19 Revs B»nj. Kelly,
offered prayer at the morning ser
vice and Rev. YVm. Barnrtt at
the night service. The min
isters were invited to return.
The Missionary Speaks.
Cairo, III,, Feb. 18, 1914
Brother Editor of the Metro
polis Gazette: %<y heart's desire
and prayer to God for Israel is.
that they might be saved. For 1
bear them record that they have
a zeal of God, but not according
to knowledge. Romans x:i 2.
As missionary on the district
work of our assocaition, 1 find
that there is a great deal of un
pleasantness in the churches of
calling and setting pastois to
take charge, of which 1 look upon
it, to be a very important ques
tion. I would like to state here
lor the good of the churches.
First a church without a past
or, and is desirous el sezuring
one, has need of much prayer.
A pastor can do so much to up
build a church or disrupt its mem
bership that great care should be
exercucd, and reliance upon mere
human judgment and foresight
should be discarded. The church
should approach the Subject in
an attitude of piayer, believing in
the power of the Holy Ghost to
guide aright.
2nd A pulpit commute should
be appointed to have charge of
filling the pulpit during tbe inter
val between pastors, they should
be ouen above reproach.
3rd This committee should
pat itself in touch with local min
isters, in whom it has confidence
and find out the ministers of good
repute that might be secured by
the church. Valuable aid is oft
en given by neighboring pastors.
4th If suitable information is
not obtainable from local sources,
a correspondence might be co«j
• me need with men abroad that are
able to give the desired informat
$th When satisfied as to the
record and ability of a minister,
a letter should be addressed to
him expressing the desire of the
church to hear him preach and
know him better, with a view to
further consideration.
6 If his exposition of the word
of fiod is found to be edifying,
and his record in previous heids
is wftat is desirable, it is then
proper to extend a call, fixing
the salary in the letter of call,
and detignating the time for an
answer, which time should be as
ample as the interests of the
church will permit.
7 Care should be taken to not
lay too much stress upon the ser
mon or sermons preached by the
prospective candidate. His re
cord is a far more vital question.
8 The church should not sit
supinely down and wait for the
pastor to come invaribly irrespon
sible adventurers, awaim around
such n church a hen a church
seeks a’pastor intelligently it is
more than likely to get the best
possible material. When it yields
itself up to be sought by the
worthy and unworthy alike, the
former is likely to be too modest
to eater into such an undignified
scramble, and the field is left to
tljte unworthy.
9 During the period of being
pastooless care should be taken to
prevent the coming of men who
are sdlf-seeking and not mindful
j of the welfare of the church. A
regular supply, if possible, .woul J
be best for the church.
to While it is undoubted
right of the majority to rule, yet
in the matter of calling a pasior,
the wishes of a respectable min
ority should be respected. The
call should, if possible be urrani*
mous unless three fourths of the
members favor the party called,,
it is very doubtful as to whether
he should accept good seldom
results from a pistoi ate opposed
from the begining by a large min
ority of the members
The Missionary Baptist cbuich
is a Orthodox but not in practice,
there is no scripture authority for
temporary pastor. I further call
your attention to article 13 of the
constitution of the ministers and
deacon's union,
1 sincerely pray that our min
isters and churches will observed
these few lines.
If the principle is right put
them in pracc.ce, for the g >od of
ttie Master s cause.
I was with tile First Missionary
Baptist church Metropolis, 111.,
the 3rd Sunday on a regular visit
but did not get to preach but
acted as a altenate lor Rev.
Bunch oI Paris 1'enn.,, They
have a very line church there and
the members seemed to have a
mind to work. They are with
out a pastor, but they need fi
good pastor in that field of work.
I am yours in ttie work ot the
Master's Cause.
J. H. Knowles,
Mrs. Laura Bradley, entertain
ed ftre Independent C. lyx M "*o
day afternoon and there were 14
members present. Alter all ol
the business was over we weie
served to a delicious three course
menu. The club is growing in
interest and finance.
Our worthy pastor Rev. D.
Parrish, was with us Sunday and
preached two strong sermons
which was very beneficial to all.
He was in S. S. in the afternoon
and we had an old time covenant
Mr. W. Crigler has been very
ill but is better now.
Mr. Frank Huff made, a flying
trip to Cairo, Monday on busi
H. Rhodes.
Dear Editor, it has been
quite a while since l have spoken
to you through the columns ol
your valuable paper, but, have
not slept so sound as not to re
member that it takes one dollar
per year to keep it going, which
please find enclosed herewith.
Bettie Wilkerson,
1023 Newby Ave.
Thanks sister Wilkerson, and
we wish more of our readers were
just as considerate.—Editor.
Please allow me to say that we
closed very successful revival here
ol ten nights duration with 8 con
versions. We had with us Rev
Dr. G. W. Dorsey, who stood in
in the gateway breaking the bread
of life and we realized that our
Heavenly Father had not forsak
en the Corrinthian Baptist church
We were at peace and alive bwt
we wanted more laborers in the
vineyard, and by the instruction
of our worthy pastor Dr. W l .
Washington,. wc selected Rev.
D se , O? C rbundale w! o prov
ed inure than a match f r the sin
ners. The church is greatly re
vived and our meeting wa« a suc
cess spiritually and financially.
We feel like going and Going
a great work this year. W'e have
our worthy pastor with us lor all
of his time to instruct us and lead
us. The 11. Y. P. U , 5 S. and
the whole church ate alive
God bless Dj. Dorsey, and
may he live long to pieach the
The Carnation Art Club
Tile program given Monday
night by the Sunday School
scholars at the PTee Will Baptist
chuich was a grand success. In
spite of the inclement weather a
goodly number was present to
witness t lat interesting pregiam.
Cast Monday afternoon in spite
of the snow lastly falling the
home ol Mrs. Minnie Woods was
well crowded by the members of
the Carnation Art Club and visit
Several new members were re
ceived and duly noted. Five
visitors were present in the per
sons of Rev J. B. McCrnry,
Messrs N. W. Long, George Mc
Crary, Jr., Roy Buchanan and
Mrs. Victoria Mayes, of the A.
M. E. church, these five persona
are not the best in oratory but
gave us to know that they are try
irig to be. Twenty five friends
were present Mr. V. E. Shan
non came in at the litli hour at
eating time but did not forget to
leave his contiibution.
Mrs. M. B, Woods, was royal
ly assisted by her cousin Mrs.
Marjorie Taylor..
After the general tOuliife o'
business the hostesses invited
their royal guest into the dining
room where a sumptuous two
course luncheon was served.
The classy menu is as follows:
Beef Loaf Sandwiches
Chicken Salad
Ice Cream,
Strawberry Sondae
Coffee and Cake.
Heavenly Bliss.
Dear Editor: The Unity Baptist
church is getting along nicely.
Rev. Coleman was with us 8und»y
night and preached a wonderful ser
mon from the 5th chapter of Matt,
and 8th verse. Blessed are the pure
in heart for they shall *e* Gc<\
We hada revival which was con
ducted by Rev. Coleman which was ft
great success. At the close of our
revival he called a union meeting
for the purpose of uniting the two
churches into one faction. After
a short sermon 8t. Paul was seated
on one side aud New Hope on the
other. 6t. Paul offered a resolution
on what terms she would nnite as
follows: That both fraetk ns dis
band all officers, sell property, se
lect a new home for the church and
build a i|ew church somewhere be
tween the creek and the railrcftd,
and the united body elect new offi
cers, the resolution was agreed to an
they were united into one body.
Rev. Coleman was appointed to
preach the uniting sermon the night
following and preached a good ser
mon after preaohing a nominating*
committee was appointed to eleet
officers to report at a call meefing.
We thank Rev. V. 8. Smith, pastor
of Washington St. church Paducah,
and pay for his success for roccom
mending to us such a man as Rev. J.
Coleman, tor he is a good man and
has made many frlende here.
T. H. Flowers,
All druexletmtt'U Or. Milas' Nervy FlaatMft

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