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| . Motto : “Hew To The Unjs, Let The Chips Fall Wher? They May."
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Phineas the linte ron of Mr
and Mr*. E. G. Blackwell has a
severe attack of the mumps.
Mr. and Mr*. Wm Wyatt were
ia Metropolis, fart Saturday.
Mis* Myrtle Long who has
been real tick the pa6t week is
slowly inproving.
Mrs. Sarah Blackwell carried
her daughter Minnie to the doc
tor to be treated for toosiiitis.
Mr. end Mrs. George Long
went to Brookporl to see their
new arrived grandson. Ihis is
the second one.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm Brown were
callers in Metropolis, Saturday.
Mr. George Long visited his
father Mr. Mingo Long of Powers
district Tuesday.
Dear editor: Allow me to
*ay our B. Y. P. U. met Sunday
evening and the topic discussed
was Artificial Religion which was
a good (^subject altciwhich Rev.
K C Brown preached frem the
.; pygg&f.,.. & -»
- *11,' • ‘
I c*h chapter of Matthey, which
: was enjoyed by all.
j Several of the members are on
, the sick Jijt.
Mrs. M. K Glnsper, spen' last
.Saturday and Sunday in Cairo.
I Miss Ruth Dcllaum made a
business trip to pulaskt Saturday.
Please find enclosed fifty cents
balance on account.
Mrs D. DeBaum
Mrs. Nellie Moore is still on
ithe sick list.
Mr and Mrs. Leslie Renfro of
' Charleston, Mo., are in the city
vi*iting his parents, Mr and Mrs.
John Renfro.
N. W. Long and Geo. McCrary
Jr., went to : Unionvitle, Thurs
i day to bury Mrs. Willis Bell.
Rev. J B. McCrary, is attend
ing the Board meeting of East
! Mt. Olive this week at Dcw
Atlas Council A. U. K. & D.
of A., will give a grand concert
at Odd Fellows hall, Wednesday
night March nth. Adms^ion
loc Don't miss it
____ . _ ...
| The'"Carnation Art Club.
The Carnation Art C lub, of the
| African Baptist church, is an aux
i aty co mposed mosiiy of ladies
and they have full power t f con
trol. Mrs Jennie Cowper i? the
head gavel wiyldir and Mrs. M.j
J. McCrary, is assistant but for-!
i taoateiy the j.atei seldom raps fer«
!order as tl is baDd cf intelligent'
!Christian ladies dont require it.
To visit this band one's thotsj
are lifted fiom the bu y cares of
life and pleasure and suns; ine
take possession and he is much
i.nprovrd in thought and action
from having been surcharged'
with the electricity ol alms deed;,!
and good wili to men
Mrs. L. B Dukes, i« quill dri
ver and the accuiacy with which
she perfomrs this duty gives sat-!
islaciiuti 1 he critic, Mrs Jen-!
nie Woods, enlivens the meeting j
with her w;t, humor an i common
| place way of putting tilings,
[ Tne club gave a 25c rally at !
•the above named church Sunday
and although the day was among
the coldest of the winter a lair
size crowd was present at ever} j
service. Kev. G. W Rowlett. !
j preached an excellent sermon in i
! morning Rev. k. Earl, delivered j
' .1 very strong sermon, which re
quired some thought ori his part, j
At night. Kev. J, B. M’cCrary!
preached from the subject Death,
and this subject w«s objection-.ble
to the club member*, notwith
standing of being assured of b>
irg victors over both death and i
hell by the speaker, but. none
were ready to take any chances
for the present at least. W> arc^
glad ol impression made upon1
them in the midst of life and'
pleasure. We promised themj
j the next time we would discuss a I
| more up-to date subject »n keep
| mg witn the modern times as
that subject was too “dead" ard
obselte being in existence more
j tn'hn 6,000 ye ars. But, after all,
j ladies" you are dotting a great!
work and a more noble, faithful,
Christian hearted set of women
can t be found in Illinois. We
thank the critic for the beauti
ful boquet of choice words in
complimenting our effort St nday
night and it places your faithful
associates in the role of Chiist’s
teachings “do good for evil,"
These ladies are doing a com
mendable work to beautify the!
interior oj beautiful and coa.mo
(jious brick church;
Our church, and S. S. aro.do-j
ing fine. We had with us .last
Sunday our missionary RcvAjf’
H. Knowles and our meeting
day was changed from the first
Sunday to the second nnd '.fourth
but he didn’t know it. The bap
tist and the A. M. K. are wor
shipping in the same building and
they gave him the stand at I t : zo
a. m. Rev. James Brown preach
ed a strong sermon and tarned
the church over to the missionary
for the remainder of the day, and
he preached at 2 :30 and J tjO p.
m. The sermons were so plain
until a child could understand
them. We hope to have him
vith us again We are going to
baptize the 2nd Sunday in March
and the A. M. E. the 3rd Sun
day, Bro. F. Bostic died Feb.
28, and was taken to Carbondale,
(or burial leaving a wile and 7
children to grieve after him. He
was a member of the Free Bap
tist church of that c ty, and’a
j member rf the M. U. of A
'they pad him ^30000. The
A. M. E. S. S. is do.ny nicely
anJ yetting ready for the next
bnaid meeting.
M Duncan, reporte. ;
Pajaej Successful Examination.
Walor Rcberts (white) a Me
tropolis young man, one ol merit
and high esiaem, alter a nest
rigid exaniina inn at O town, this'
st*.te l'"eb 24, aod 25, passed the'
bar examination and was ad rit
ted to practice law as a lull fiedg
ed attorney. He was handicap
ped from the start having failed
to reach toe city for morning < x
amitnination but v.ith that indcir.
itab.c wid power wiii.lt is chaizc
istic ol the man he went in at
this late hour to win sed cztue
our with the uther 70 succcsslui
ones who had more cr.oie than
naif day ti e start cl him. This
is another object lesson to tlie
young man watte or bl*cl: with
.united means, showing vviiat can
be accomplished by a tnau with a
purpose and a will behind it.
Mr Roberts, took tlie corie-j
•pondence law coutse and also'
tutored under Attorneys W. C. !
Mulkey. and F. K. Young, who
well verred in law. Mr. Roberts
is a close student ol men as weli
as ol books, and stands high wilh
all classes ol citizens
WRh his business experience of
eight years coupled with tlie
knowlcge ol law he is destined to
be one ol the leading lights in
'‘Egypt," in his chosen pro fess
He will practice law in connec
tion with his already large inswr
an:e busir.edi.
The Gazette points with a deal
of pride to this man with such
sterling qualities as he will no
doubt, be found in the legislative
halls in vety near future. His
recent advancement has killed
that bee that was buzzing ;n his
bat lor comity clerk, as he will
not be a candidate.
Another Murder Committed In i
Massac County by Frank Webb.
Saturday night James Phillips,
was murdeted by Frank Webb,
ot Joppa, where they both slop
ped. The murder occurred at
the home of Winnie Faulkner’s,
where Phillips was stopping and
where Webb, had lived lor sen-!
eral years but was nut staying
t the time of the toarder.
According to the information
furnished us by Sheriff Miller.
Webb, and Pniliips, had some
trouble under the hill in a box
car, when Webb, attempted (o
bring up a gun bet’ Phillips got
his gun out lirst and made Wibb,
give up his gun and then went to
his stopping piacc with it and
put it with his cn a dresser. In
a short time Phillips, was called
to the door by Webb, he got the
guns and went out and soon alter
a gun shot was heard and they
went to the door and found Pfyl
lips lying on the porch with a
portion of his'head torn "away by
the shot but Webb, had disap
peared. As we go to press he
has not been apprehended.
To the Baptist Women of the
State Convention
Galesburg III Mar. 2, 1914
Dear Sisters:
Our State meeting will con
[ysneinjene at Spii^gfifW IIS.
Our president is calling for $700
this year. L'’t us btgin now to
this year. She also desire far
evrry circle to appoint a slum
commi tee and to report to the
convention the results <t \ out
wo k. Ttie chairman of the Art
and Needle Work department has
resigned on account of oiler
work and Mr . Lauia Richard-I
son, 5'J. W. 37- it., Chicago,
has been appointed- as cl.airm. n.
Lt t the ft&tets rally !o her the
same as to our former chairman,
Mrs. Kva Hooper, who will as
sist her all that she can. Our
president Mrs. K. L, CoH») , has
moved to Chicago Her adores*
is 3 533 Caiumec avenue.
Yours in the work
Susie F. Hazel
Oor See.
718 Arno!d St.
540,000,00 Negro Eauk BuilJing
Will Begia March 1st,
Savannah, Ga.. Feb 2 i, —On
last Saturday afternoon the Wage
Earner's Loan and Investment
Company, the pienner Negro
bank ng institution of the state,
awarded the contract for its new
$40,000 home, which will be s
rected at the northeast corner ol
Al'ce and West Broad streets, just
one block south of the L'cion de
The contract was awarded to
the well-known Negro contract
ing concern, the Bharrow Ccr
struction Company ol Atlanta,
wliicn erected the $100,000 U< d
Fellows building in Atlanta end
which is now about to complete1
tiic $50,000 Odd Fellows andi
loiium. I'he building when com
pleted will have elaborate equip
aient throughout ai/d - Wi have
cost fully $40,000
Work will begin the fiist week
in next month.' The building will
De constructed of buff biick and
will be three stories high on a
basement. The bank will occupy
the major portion of 'he first floor
and its quaneis will be luxurious'y
equipped. The front of the first
stoiy will be of white Georgia
Aride from the bank, there will
also be one stoic cn the ground
floor. The second and third
stories will contain about thirty
two office rooms. In the base
ment, which will extend several
feetabout the street, thereby al
lowing ample light end ventilat
ion, will be a beautifully fitted up
barber shop, a steam beating
plant and several storage rooms
Entrance to the two upper floors
of the building will be on West
Broad street.
The Wage Earners’ Loan and
Investment Company is the se
cond largest Negro banking in
stitution in the country.—Savan
nah Tribune.
To the Baptist Family Of
Dear Breth
ren and Sisters we are about foui
months from the setting of our
annual or convention meeting, 1
hope you have all kept well anti
and tha* the work of the Lord
has been prospering in your hand.
' I am sure from the reports
corning to this office from the
various workers that we shall have
much over which to rejoice when
we reach Springfrield next June
with Rev. Mr Chappeile and his
good people at Fleasant Grove
[Baptist Church, Cur General
Missionary and our district work
c.» some of them hair-done and arp
stili doing commered-alBe service.-'
Oi whicii we shall ail be proud
when thei; report are made.
aiany souls are being brought
into uie kingdom. Let u? hope
that each Church, Sabbath bcool
with every Missiofiaty Circle in
our great state v. ill be represent
this year. Let u.< l ave a large
attendance in keeping witth* our
name, and let us do work in keep
ing our ability as tiie servant of
the Lord JeS-us Christ-. 1 tin
should be the telbng year in t i <i‘
history oi our denomination in
the state oi Illinois. Let each
chuich and mission circle (hit u|h
our sisters do your very best
Bring the Lord’s money along
for Missions and Lducaticr.
Our Furcigh Field claims tu
attention as well as our Home
field. Vl/u-sterii College should*
Qe made to the Negro Baptist cm
the West that Wiibcifoie is to the
Methodist. We nave the money
and the men therefore let each
Baptist in Illinois with others tbiu,
the West, arise to the situation.
Our Home Fi*ld should b«
worked and Our Foreign Field
should not go unworked. Let us
have two gieat days one lor Mis
sions and one lor Fducation and
let both the men and our sisteis
the women unite in making this
the record breaking session.
Arise and let us go hence.
I am yours for the salvation of
the State anti the West.
E. J. Fisher.
Fatal Shooting at Carrier Mils.
EJ Avery snot and killed Ma
died Saturday at 8 : ty a. m., on
an intcrurban car while being
rushed to Harrisburg, to a hos
pital, by his Masonic brothers.
Languishing in the county jail,
one charged with the killing and
the other held as being accounta
ble to.a certain extent for the
killing of his brother, are Ed
Avery who did the shooting and
William Earle, brother oi the
dead man.
All three of the men were
members of the Masonic order
and had scores of friends.
1 he body of the dead man was
shipped back to Kentucky the
old home for burial —Mar ion
Daily Republican
To the Sisters of the Women’s
h. and M Quarterly meeting
will convene on Friday before the
Third Lord’s day in March with
Bxecutive Board of the Mt. Olive
Baptist Association. We hope
that each Auxiliary will send
something for Ecucatfonal cause
and to bear the expense cf this
We hope to make this a good i
meeting both spiritually and fin
ancially Come praying.
M. J. Blake,
Emma Farrow,
Cor Sec’y.
Mumford Jones of Murphys*
boro, left for heme after attend
ing at the bedsids of his father, J.
1-. Jones, for several weeks who
has been hanging on to the tei_.
er thread of life, but he is repot
i ed as improving rapidly,
till droiftrifiriji will r • tjam,,- ij■ .

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