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To the Baptist Women of the
State Convention
Galesburg III Mar 2, 1914
Dear Sisters:
Our State meeting will con
vene in June at Springfield III
Our president is calling for $700
this year. Let us begin now to
this year. She also desire for
every circle to appoint a slum
committee and to report to the
convention the results ol your
work. The chairman of the Art
and Needle Work deparment has
resigned on account of other
work, and Mrs. Laura Richard
son. 56. W. 37. St., Chicago,
has been appointed as chairman.
Let the sisters rally lo her the
same as to our former chairman,
Mrs. Eva Hooper, who will as
sist her all‘that she can. Our
president Mrs. K. L. Cosby, has
moved to Chicago Her address
is 3533 Calumet avenue.
Yours in the work
Susie F. Haeel
Cor See.
718 Arnold St.
A successful meeting of the Mt
Olive Baptist Executive Board
was held with the I2th St. Bap
tist church, Cairo last week from
Thursday until Saturday, Sever
al p( the prominent ministers of
both the East and Mt Olive asso
ciations were present and render
ed valuable service both in the
discussion ol topics and preach
Elders, C. W. norment, J. J
Totten, A. Lovelace, I. W. Win
ston, J. M, Blake and D. Parrish,
delivered some very effective ser
mons to the delight to those who
heard them.
The theme of the discussion
was a getting "together” of the
Baptists in Southern Illinois for
more and better wotk aAong all
lines for the moral upliit of the
race and spiritual development 01
the churcht s
There are several w^ak a td
pa-torlesi church's in the district
made so largeiy on li e account
of faithless preachers. 1 his evil
or vacancy will have immediate'
presence of Dr. J. H. Knowles,
Missionary and Rev. J H. Hunt
vyho has been appointed as sub
missionary by Dr. Kniwles in
his territory. This was done on
account of the large territory to
be covered by the missionary with
so few pastors.
Rev. Hunt will report to the
missionary and the Hoard will
hold Rev. Knowles responsible
lor his acts as he was elected by
the association. We hope to see
them run some $ucce-slul revivals
in the churches mentioned. fc
Rev Knowlts made a good re
port but the churches failed to
-end any money to him
Rev. J. H Starks, paster -of j
12th St., church is doing good j
work whin you take in account J
the tiouble that txisted in ^he
church before he was called.)
Ttie in ssengf rs were well cared
for by the pa.-tors and members.
Go to Church Day.
Rev li. Allison, pastor of the
Second Baptist church preached
Sunday morning from II. Co., 5.
chapter. Subj.. "every one
must appear before the judgment
bar.” He told how memory
would bring bt-tore us every deck?
whether good or bad and how fyr
would have to give account to
God of every d«*td done. He
employ Jesus Christ as their at
torney. He very forcibly (old of
the late of those who would nat
accept the plan of salvation and
drew a beautilul woid picture of
those who accepted the plan of
salvation. He urged every one
to prepare to live, not d ie because
they must die whether they wcje
prepared or not; we must live
[somewhere through all eternitf.
Every scat was occupied, chairs
were placed in ailes, people were
turned away unable to get in the
The Sunday school, Women's
Educational and Mission Society
and B, Y. P. U. were largely at
At night he preached from
Numbers 15:37-41. His subject
was the "Blue Ribbon,” and he
to d how Christ had done away
with signs and wrote his law in
the hearts of men. The sermon
was an excellent one and many
were made to rejoice. The num
ber attending services Sunday
was 634
Zenobia Hinds,
802 East 5th St.
Evidence of the successful man*
agement of financial enterprise*
by Negroes was demonstrate^
here last Monday when a mort
gage note of $4,080 63, due on
the Babin plantation, was paid
by the General Grand Independ
ent Order of Brothers and Sisters
of America, a fraternal organiza
tion composed of leading Negro**
of the state. J <
The Babin plantation, former
ly owned by the late Adlard Lan
dry, a piooeer planter, was pur
chased two years ago by the Ne
gro society, which paid most of
the purchase price cash, the bal
ance being represented by the
' note iiqudated Monday. The fin*
ancing of the place is said to have
been by S. W. Wade and Dr. C
L. Kobeit of Cheneyville. and
Dr. J. H. Lowery and Prof. E.
■D. Wright of Donaldsonville
The plantation is now known as
the New African Farm and was
planted in r:ce for the past two
seasons by the new owners, who
report having made fine and
profitable crops,—Prom Ubnald
soville “Chief.”
The mumps are raging in Bel
grade this w-ek again Among
them are viz: Mr. Will Brown,
Mrs. George Warfield, Art ht II
and Rubie Warfield, Lorraine
Brown and John H. Blackwell.
Mr George Long, daughters1
Jewel and Daisy and son Alver
tis visited Mrs Maymie Maxwell
of Brookport Sunday who is very
Mesdames Alice and Sarah
Blackwell attended the funeral of
Mrs Matilda Blackwell of Brook
porf Monday.
Mr. N. W. Long’of Metropolis
called on his sister Miss Myrtle
Long Tuesday who was sick.
Mrs, Miranda Wiley of Brook
port spent a few days with her!
daughtet Mrs. George Warfield
last we*rk.
Mrs. Ruth Donlow of Brook
port visited her parents Mr. and
Mrs. George Long Tuesday.
Mr. Herbert Sumner of Chi
cago, III visiting at the home
of his father Mr. Phillip Sumner
for an indefinite time.
Mrs. Mamie Maxwell of Brook
port visited at the home of her
parents Mr. and Mrs. George
Long Friday.
Messrs Hiram Simms and Mace
Capps spent Sunday with Misses
Myrtle Long and Nctta Black
Miss Gertrude Sumner was
shopping in Paducah, Ky , last
Maater Chester Warfield spent
Sunday in Brookport.
Miss Myrtle Long is able to
be out again after being confined
to her room for several days with
Mrs. Dalton Wya.t spent the
latter part of the week in Paducah
Ky., the guest of her sister Mrs.
Edith Mason.
Alvertis Long.
Our church is progre.siog nice
ly with peace and love. Our b
S. is alive. March the 15, was
celebrated lor boys’ day, and ev
ery one was consided a boy Irom
One year to too years ol age.
Sunday school opened at 9:15
with Frank Jackson ol the Free
Baptist church, Supt , and Willis
Bowers, bee., protem. Every
thing was done by the boys; the
ringing ol the church bell, teach
ing ol classes, singing ar.d play
ing, reviewing of school, and
praying. A grand program was
rendered and the girls were high
ly entained. Music was furnish-;
ed by Mr. Releford, brother of.
Mr. Ingram Releford, of this city j
of this city. Singing conducted J
by Prof. W. H Thomas. Prin. of!
Attucka’ school. Select reading ;
by Master Leon Wi son; a beaa
tiful talk byW. H. Woods; in
stWKSStonal lecture by Rev. A. W.
White. Enrollment of S. S. for j
this meeting 96; amount raised1
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awake men wno necclved our
special selling Inducement,
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our output. We are spending
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larging our sales organisation,
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$>io 20. The young ladies’ Bi
ble class report was the largest
alter all. Rev C. W. Norment
gave the boys the church hour, 1
also they showed him their ap
preciation and gave tj?5-,0
March 29, is girl's day, they
say we will excel! the boys in at
tendance and motity. Rev Nor
ment preached a soul stirriig ser
mon to a crowded house. Our
pastor made a flting trip to Cairo
last week to the executive board
meeting and returned home Fri
day' r. il’I". t, lie VV h. 4 M. b ri
ch: :y is cot5.; an aLti t cict- yi
quin ng fr.-r white and co*ored,
1 y Lh"* 1e: a y i t 11< e church
ar.d serve ! 1. i >n.
A tire a- Mr an-:; Mrs. U. I-, i
Hud »on. house t»od r omcr.ts ft t‘t< •
desticyd by lire, and see .*!*ri
bai.y Wide Dav*
har.,1 iciii Ber.r.-Ty ■■•'’mated j
t hr ;j tr-ve .tyviginh *“ • r[Hy at
the v. • ei re el Mrs dav
ts it.i:- )■ y Nlarrh »*), it 8 p j
m. li <: vVorTty Nr • ’ • M a* |
ri-jn t'v spier 17. O lv. S ana
m ;< i < -• r to otar
physb iro ih- .0 .i '. to visit!
Athen chapter No 4^ ^tv ,
J. FI Know :s gave a g and visit;
and prerclud twice' lor Rork,
Hill and Rev. Dorsey a church at
3 p. m. Communion - ce,
He was welcome. Come a ain.
Reportt r
Rev. R. C. Brown,
The Sunday Scchool Mis ionary
of the East Mt Olive Baptist S.
S. convention and colored pho
Cobden. HI.
Mother—"In uil'the wild etorm youj
sister Maggie we»t out with her
throat all hare and caponed." Brother
—“Item won’t hurt her. She's got a
rubber neck."--LHe,

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