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metropolis Gazette
J. B. McCrary, Editor
KRIJAY M\R. 26, 19«4
^ , - —- ■ — — -3
P fice 9th and Pearl Streets. Me
ropolis. Illinois.
Bnterered as second -class mail mat -
er, at Metropolis, Illinois, Pesfcofflco.
Attorea* all communication* to .1 U.&io
ItARY. k*n 107 Metropolis. Illinois.
Tho narooa and addressos of contrm
Kirs must be Known to in evoy in
tanue, in orrit-r 10 secure publication.
We wantthe news of your vicinity
sari* wesK.
Termc Ok Subscription :
One Year.#100
lx Months... .75
I'hroo Months.40
El igle Copy .05
ju>- In Advance.
made Known on application.
SS=- You must mail copy on
Mondays to secure publication.
I. C R. R. Tima Card
Train numbers Arrives. Leaves.
3U2 10:10 a.m. 20:20 a.m.
374 2:36 p. m. 3.3a |>. m.
Train numbers Arrives. Loaves.
375 10.00 a. ni. 10:10a. m
305 2:28 p. m. 2:3* p. in.
The Livingston Normal, Theo
logical Institute will open its
spring term Monday April 1st,
by Older of ttic E>. Board which
is in k.epi ig woth t ie association
and demand of the churche-i.
Titosc who contemplate utt'n 1
ing will write Rev. J B McCrary,
II ix 367 Metropolis Hi. A night
Class will tie formed to accommo
date those who are compelled to
work. Either young or old can
pm our night class. Take ad
vantage of this rare opportuni>y
and improve your talents.
A Kindergarten department
will also be added to the school.
'Ministers should be on hand to
register in the theological class.
A special program will be ar
ranged and rendered during the
day and night, also light refresh
ments will be served by Carnat
ion Art Club
Each church is invited to be
represented by sending their pas
tor or a messenger with not less
tlnn$i. to assist in the expen
ses which will necessarily be in
curred on the opening of the
schiol Severn! of the ministers
have promised to be here on date
mentioned and take part on the
It was recommended by the Ex
cutive Board that each pastor
preach a special sermon on edu
cation the 5th Sunday and raise a
special collection fur the school
and bring or send same on day of
opening. VV’e trust * very church
in the district will carry out the
request and assist 10 make this
school and part cf the state worthy
of the name given to it, 1 Egyyt. ”
Tax Sale Notice.
Much 13th 1V14.
To W. I). Sperry, Mitchell, Neely,
Donnell Manufacturing Oo,, of Kt ^ Louis, Mo.,
to Heir*, Legatees, grantees, ami all parties
inter* "ted. ?«u are hereby notified, that at n
•ale of Heal Estate made by the Bher.ff at the
door of tac Court House, ia lhe town of Me
tropolis, Cos&t.v of Maseac, and Mute of llli
noiaon the8th, day of July A. O. 1x12, 8. 15.
Kerr, purchased the following described Real
Estate, situated in the said County, for .the
Tuxes, interest, penalties and Coats due and
unpaid thereon, for the year, A D. 1AI1, ssuess
ed in inline of W. D. Sperry, being Lol l, five,
Block IW, of the City of Msfropolls, Massac
County, Illinois.
And that the time allowed by law for re
demption of said Real Estate will expire on the
8th day of July A. D. 1»H.
:S. B. KCRH.
Dr runTssri uie •tni’TTMA
HS*M. v/'ivfc itstlKB. /»t JraegiaU. trJi Vr,
How’s This?
Wo offer One Hnndrd Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that'
oannot be cured by Hall’s Catarrh
K. J. CHKNEY * CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last fifteen years, and believe
him perfectly honorable iu all business trans
actions ami financially able to carry out any
obligations made hi* firm.
Toledo, O.
Hall’s Catarrh Cure i« taken internally, acting
directly upon the blood and mucous suriacoa of
the system. Testimonials sent free.
The fact, is, the four magazines we
«eli with The Gazette for 18c extra,
i ^present* tno biggest reading value
ever offered the public. Have you
I sent us j our order? If not, send it
or phone us today.
I he Gazette office for quick
.v oi k
We want you to get oor club of
four big magazines. We seil the Ga
zette and faur big, magazines all for
| only 81.18. Send your order today
by phone or mail.
The Illinois Traction System
jells tickets from Springfield to
East St. Louis, every Saturday
and Sunday at $1.50.
If you have’nt alreadv subscribed
to our club of four magazines do it
now. You will er,)oy reading these
splendid magazines We wlli sell
you tha four magaziaes with the Ga
zette all cne year for only 18c extra.
If you want your skin to look
pretty and soft, try a bottle ofj
Dixie Liquid Bleach at McCrary
4 Sons
If you will subscribe to The Ga
zette or renew ycur subscription, we
will include four standard magazines
nil one year, for only 18c extra.
See the novelty department at
the Fair.
Do yon know that you can get feur
magazines in .corbination with The
Gazette by paying only 18o extra?
Hood your order by mail or phone ua.
•We now urge all of our subscribers
torensw their subscription to The
Gazelle and get four magazines one
year for only 18o extra. WRITE OR
Tty it, McCrary and sons.
Hoe our fine Hue of china ware, at
McCrary A sens.
When renewing your subscription
to The Gazette don’t forget to re
mind us of the magazine offer.
Phone us your order for the four
magaziue barsg&in.
Rooms to Rent.
We have 3 rooms to rent. See
Mks. Harriet McCrary.
For 18 cents extra you can get four
magazines and The Gazeette for one
of the Livingston Normal, Theologi
cal and Industrial Institute.
J. H. itnowles, D. D-, President
J. B. MoCrary, 8. T. B., Secretary
T. O. Yancy, Treasurer
H. B. Kerr, Attorney
Rev. J.M. Blake.
Rev. H. Allison
Ksv. M. Hayes
Rev. 0. C. Phillips
Rev. H. E. McWilliams
\ Bny all your magazines of us. We
• can give you foar magazines one
i year with The Gazette for only 18c
Mbs Mae Roberts was a Padu
cah, shopper Saturday.
N. W. Long was in Brookport
on business Monday.
K:J Lyons of Marion, was in
the city Sunday.
j Don’t pay oat money for maga
I sines. We can give you four rnonth
I ly magazines for 18 cents extraif you
will subscribe to The Uazstte for one
j year.
| The Anchor of Cairo, says,
that some members of the church
shout all day on Sunday, and
raise the devil the rest of the
The biggest bargnin we Lave ever
| offered our subscribers is The Ga
zette and four magazines, all one
year, for only $1.18
The Gazette will go him on
i better by saying if nnt raising the
! devil they are plotting against
| their neighbor and visiting the
Miss Katie Pearson of Chic
ago, lenews for her paper this
week. We wish we had lOOO
such subscribers as we never have
to send a statement.
TeHyour neighbor* about, our big!
ofler. They surely wculd like to!
get The Gazatte and four magazines,
allooe yearfor only 81.Jg.
Notice is hereby given that we
cannot print a list of names con
tributing to churches unless $i
accompanies same.
Frank Howard, of Brookport,
was in the city Thursday on busi
ness and while here he paid this
office a pleasant call. We are
always glad to have 'him come to
see us, as he is a broad minded
Wm Fossie. Jr., was in Padu
cah, last week.
Little Sarah Rector, lo-year
old-millionaire girl tof Muskogee.
Okla., has been sent to Tuskegee
Institute and put under the per
sonal care of Mrs. Booker T.
If your subscription to The Gazette
is due, better pay up now and get
four big magazines, all one year, for
only 18 cents extra.
Letter Heads and Envelopes
can be had for the asking at this
office. We print them.
If you will subscribe to The Ga
zette for one year we will send you
four monthly magazines for only 18
cents extra.
Iola and Alice Urquhart a ho
Leroy Wilson their cousin were
in Paducah, Saturday.
Mr. Ceorge McCrary, Jr. was ;
in Pdducah. Friday on business. |
Mrs. Victoria ‘Mayes has been,
conhned^to her bed for several
days. i
You can get four splendid maga
zines One year for lfi cents extra by i
renewing your subscription to The
The Crescent is a respectable
CafdLwhere old and young go to
mectVieir friends and have a good
I have a new supply of hair
goods on hand. Call and see them.
The Cdtsent Cafe is the place
to go to get your hot lunches.
Fish a specialty.
Thos P. King, the "hay man"
was down from Unionville, Fri
dayjjand paid our office a finan
cial call. Call again as wjt can:
always get encouragement and
inspiration by coming in con
t?ct with a man of our race with
such business like proclivities.
Mrs. Addie Frizzcli of Love
joy, is visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Richard Winston.
Easter will be' observed at the
African Baptist church, with a
program suitable for the occasion
Miss Love M. Phillips, is chair
man ol program committee.
Would you appreciate a better
paper than the present issues ofi
the Gazette? II so send in your
subscription as we need our money
very badly.
Rev. J. M. Blake was in Ky..
last Sunday.
Rev. Fisher of Louisville, Ky.,
has been conducting a very suc
cessful meeting at Washington
St., Baptist church, Paducah, so
says the Negro Citizen and Light
house. Now, don’t let some;
other preacher take this credit to |
himself as often the case.
Miss Willie Urqnhart received j
a very wound under her eye ac-!
crdentally jobbing it wit a window;
Miss Deborah Barnard went to
Paducah, Tuesday.
Rev. C. C. Phillips, was to
have preached for the Antioch
Baptist church last Sunday, but
sickness in his family prevented
Wm Herron has been very
sick, but is improving.
Mrs. Ben). Kelly is improving.
Mrs. Millie Uriggs, is confined to
her room..
N. W. Long: & Co. •
Undertakers and Funeral Directors
Polite Service-Calls Answered Day cr Night in Any Part of the County
Embalming a Specialty
Carriages Furnished for ail occasions. We solicit your
Office Cor. ”th and Pearl Sts., Phone 228-t
Metropolis, Illinois.
As we were planting our gar
den this week, a member of the
church in passing by remarked
that that was what all the pre
achers should be doing instead of
on the loaf, and we acquiesed.
There is entirely too many
bum preachers, going hither and
thither for a hand out. The min- '
isters should respect their calling
by being men and not tramp*
Do you not know that many of
the so-called and self styled min-!
sters are bringing a reproach and
a disgrace upon the profession
Some are actually getting
drunk and falling into the gutters
before sinners and still we have
«ome churches that will support
such men because, of the "tone"
and they ate on their way to h—
and leading many o! the mem
bers with them. Now sem: one
will *ay that the editor should not
say this, when at the sam« time
they are a laughing stock and
stumbling block to the world.
The Gazette has no time and
patience 'with a lying preacher
andxwe have been dealing with
several. Why dont you redaem
your word and be men ?
Mrs. Parthenla Dixson of Paducah,
was In the city Monday.
Rev. tt. Earl, Boodayed In Padu
Nows reached thla'office that the
A. M. B. church of Brookport, burn
ed to tbe ground Monday night.
Miss Verla Lyons is on the sick list
Mrs. Joe Nayberry in very eiok.
Mr. John Fossie left Wednes
day lor Hast ^St. JLouis, to visit
bis mother.
Carbondale, III. Mar. 23, 1914
The following program was (held j
by our Mothers’ meeting Friday
March 20, at 7:30 Jp. in. Attacks
CboruH Selected Pupils i
Invocation Rev. 0. W. Norment
Vocal Solo Mlsa Vivian Ctarkson
Discussion What can our club do
to make life more attractive to the
girls of onr community, Mesdamee
Etta Jaokson, Sadie Benberry
Music Medamcs Hannah Woods,
Hattie English and Miss Harper
Members are always expected to i
be present. Friends and visitors are
The club will be served by the
science Jdepartmen f.
Annie D. Wilson, Pres.
Hattie M. English, Sec.
Siamese Language s Composite.
Tbe Siamese language Is a great ,
mixture of nearly all tbe dialects and 1,
languages of tbe -far east, namely, j .
Chinese, Malay, Mon, Cambodian, 3an- :
skrit, Pail and others. ,
Livingston Institute
— -,■■■■■——I,, ■ ■ ■■ ■ »» ■ mm w .ms*y?.».■serj i11"rTf.n1 lira
Metropolis * - Illinois
Second Session
Opens Monday October 6th 1913
This school i, well graded and equipped Grammar School
Department, All work is well organized under Dcpartmen
tut and able Instructors, selected lor Special Dcpartmcnta
Special Courses '■ M,u‘ic M"ok"',i"‘:.: 'i"0"1’"'*
r. I ._ n and Type Writing, Bible Study
and in Theology,
Entrance Fee S2.00 a Session
Tllition RateSC Tuition, Theological Department
_ “ per month $1.00
Tuition, Normal and fcnglish eoureses per month each ** 1.00
Tuition, Instrumental music (indnding rent el instrument)
Tuition Typewriting (including font) per month " I.50
Tuition Plain Sowing por month.. " I 00
Tuition, Vocal music..._.... Free
Tuition Printing . ... -.. . Fre
Domestfe Science, Milli
nery and Dressmaking $2
per month Priating Free
Rrsowrl artrl Dnnmc Board and rooms can be secured
P 0 a TO ana KOO ms in prjvate lan1aie, at a reasona
ble rate.
In every case, 4 week* will be counted for a school month
All charges must be paid in advance. For any informafion
and Prospectus Address
J. B. McCSARY, Supt. and Secy.
Box 107 Metropolis, III.
The ONE Electric Railway
Illinois Traction System
Frequent, Comfortable, Clean Electric
Service between ST. LOUIS, SPRING*
There's a train your way any hour in the day when tickef
reads via
Try The "ROAD OF GOOD SEVICE" Nest Tiice

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