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To the Baptist Women of the
State Convention
Galesburg 111 Mar 2, 1914
Dear Sisters:
Our State meeting will con-j
vene in June at Springfield III
Our president is calling for $700
this year. Let us begin now’ to
this year. She also desire for
every circle to appoint a slum
committee and to report to the
convention the results ol your
work. The chairman of the Art
and Needle Work deparment has
resigned on account of other,
work, and Mrs. Laura Richard
son, 56. W. 37. St., Chicago,
has been appointed as chairman.
Let the sisters rally lo her the
same as to our former chairman,
Mrs. Eva Hooper, who will as
sist her all’that she can Our
president Mrs. K L. Corby, has
moved to Chicago Her address
is 3533 Calumet avenue.
Yours in the work
Susie F. Hazel , j
Cor See.
718 Arnold St.'
A Speckled Bird Convention.
The news has been wafted over the
state that there is to be what can be
stylesi a Speckle Bird Convention,
because, if has specks of eveiy de
nominational color and wings to car
ry it in every direction that one
“Great Big Universal Church,” over
run with all aorta of doctrine with
no definite plans heaven-ward, but
get there if you can, with Dr. Brand,
at his bead, couple up with Dra. Har
ris, and Martin, of Chicago; who
made up a program for the Conven
tion which was held at Aurora, last
June with only one sermon. This
high tone program, that Dr. Harris,
the then president of the convention
waa heard to say that the program
was one in keeping w ith the spirit of
the age, and that the old time doo.
trine, Jesus Christ and Him crucified
and riie doctrine of baptism were ob
solete, and was not what the people
wanted to bear or words to that ef
fect. The convention rose in in
might and quickly throat the pro
gram aside and gavj Dra. Il&rt is, and
Martin, to understand that they
were not to dictate to the Baptists us
to what they should do, or not do.
He was to understand that he was
neither bishop nor hot s, but the ser
vant of the Baptist.
We wonder why Dr. Brand, keeps
“hobnobbing” with the Pcgro Bap
tist of the State? If he is n Baptist
aud want the help of the Negro Bap
tist of the State, wky does he doit?
If he cares to help them, eon lie not
do it without censuring the Illinois
Biptist Association, and the South
ern Baptist Convention? Why doe9
he sees to raise the slavery ques
tion? it is lor the purpose of de
ceiving the ignorant and designing
Negro Baptist c f the State.
Yes, the Southern white people
held slaves at one time, and they re
pented of, and their sincerity is
proven by the great help they tie
giving the Negroes in the South,
i'hey are helping to build schools to
tram the Negro Ministry, and last
while the Southern Baptist Conven
tion was in session i.i bt. Louis, oar
own Dr. Sutton E. Griggs, the cor
responding secretary ol the Nation
al baptist Coiiveulieu, duliveied an
a idaess to that body, w hich result
ed into a contribution of $60,1)00,1)0
What do we hear next? Why, some
of these same men say that Dr.
Griggs sold out the Negro Baptist
to the Southern Baptist Convention.
How could this be done, when the
National and the Southern baptist
conventions co-operate jointly in
educational and mission work? ano
thu National baptist convention,
publishes the iileiaturo lor the Ne
groes in this country and the Foreign
Held. What is there for the white
baptist ol the South to gain by Uie
contribution ol #60,(X,0,00? It can be
plainly seen that there is nothing
whatever to be gained oiber than to
lieip the Negroes to preach • whole
The same charge went out againat
Poillips and McWilliams; Phillips,
sold out the Baptist ol the State to
Ur. Brand’s side lor #3 and Bro. Mc
Williams, for #10 per mouth, a total
amount of #13.00 pur moth.
if Ur. Brand, is sincere let him stop
“hobnobbing” acd prove his sincer
ity to his milk and eider Negio Bap
tist brethren, by doing something lor
them. The proof of the pudding is
the eating. Net by Up gush loyalty.
Yes, Dr. the south at une tune hald
slaves, and the baa rupee ltd ol it
and too, the white Baptist of the
South stand baud (in hand with the
National Baptist Convention, in Mis
sion and Bducatsonal work. We
have cltod the #60,000,uo contribution
or rather proposition, that was giv
ing out at Nashville, last September
during the National Convention, 36
acres of land is all that was required
Dr. Blokes of Alabama, and several
other ministers in the convention
propose to give the the site. The
reader can see it is a go. Now let
Dr. Brand, repent and “do likewise”
with his speckle bird brethren, and
they can soon have the speckle bird
convention in operation.
The people are wondering why it is
that Dr. Braud, tries to mst« war on
lha Illinois Baptist Association, and
the Southern Baptist Convention.
The reasou lies in fhe fact, that there
is, about as mtich difference between
these two organizations, ami the Ill
inois Baptist btate convention, as
there is betweea them and a Pedo
baptist organization. The State
Convention, liver* “The Church
Federation, Free-Will ordination and
Alien immersion. in oiner wuru»
they are sailing sailing under the
false colors and the guise of klission
ary Baptist, while there are some
thing els* , God only knows what. I
for one will raise my voice against
all snob doctrine if it cost me my
ministerial reputation. Before I’d de
that I’d meekly lay aside I he Bless
ed Old Book, take my plastering
tools and mount the scaffold, and
feel that I would bo of more service
to my Christ, community and coun
C. C. Pmi.iJFB.
An Idle Christian.
There is no excuse for an idle
Christian. An Idle Christian is
Satan's workshop.
He can find something to em
ploy him. Jesus says go and
work in my vineyard, rich re
wards are offered to laborers.
He also said, to work while it
is called day, for the night tomes
when no man can .work. Let
none hear you idly saying there
is nothing you can do while the
souls of men are dying, and the
Master calls (or you
We should work spiritually and
try to instill into the minds of
the unregenerated to accept
! Christ as their Saviour. Wc must
[not grow weary in the good work.
He full ol zeal, as Nehemiah,
was in ancient times while the
enemies scoffed him, he piayed
and con.inucd to work on the
wall, for the people had a mind
to work. One of the writers, j
says that a certain woman which
had been healed of evil spin s
infirmities and many others which
followed Christ ministered unto
him of their substance as He
went through the villages, preach
mg and shewing the glad tidings
ot the Kingdom oi God
1 here is no excuse for an idle
Christian for the church, or aux
illaiy con prosper unless the wo
men nave a mind to work, 'lhese
womea that administered unto
Ciniat loved hnn and wotshipped
him, working lor him. O how it
is to labor for the cause of Christ
lhese women were last at the
cross and firs* at the tomb to
carry the news of his rcsuirtciion
We as Christians must not be
idle. A woman wrought a good
work on the Saviour when she
unnointed his body for burial,
and after his burial they brought
sweet spices that they might an
noint him.
We cannot be too poor to lab
or for his cause. God command
ed a poor widow to feed Elijah,
as the rich men were casting in
their gills unto the treasury, the
widow gave two mites, all that
she possessed.
We should be workers in the
Master’* cause, so that idler*!
will be constrained to follow and
will answer to the Master’s call,
here ain 1 send me, send me
Dear sisters, let us work on
willing, cheerfully and lovingly
and when the death angel knocks
at our door we can say with Paul,
I have fought a good fight, 1 have
finished my course, 1 have kept
tie faith.
Mrs. Emma Holiday.
Read before the Woman’s Edu
cational and Mission Society at
the 12th St, Baptist church, Cairo
111. March 19:4.
Carnation Art Club. •
The Carnation Art Club was
indeed royally entertained at the
Palatial home of Mrs. Minnie
Newell on Broad St , Monday
March the 30th. She with the
assistance of Roy Theo Buchanan
The Ladies met at the affixed
hour and went through their busi
ness carefully and without the
least hesitation.
The officers were all present.
There was a splendid program
rendered that was prepared by
the Program Committee and, they
deserve much credit.
• By special Invitation Rev. J.
W. Davy, ol Hopkinsville;, Ky.,
and Rev. J. B. McCrary and Prof.
J. E. Hensley, both of this city
were present and made some in
teresting remarks, compliment
ing the women on their good
work, and urging that they keep
on until they reach the goal.
At this time the hostess came
into the Guest-Chamber and in
vited her guest into the dining
room, where they heartily par
took of a delicious two course
The Menu :—
. ist COURSE.
Veal Loaf on Parsley Leaves
Dressed P2ggs
Lemon Ice
Every one seennd to be well
pleased, and, went home highly
elated over their visit.
Sunday is their 25c rally day.
Every member is txpected to
be present.
Rev. Thomas Turner, of Me
tropolis preached for us Sunday.j
We were glad to have him witii
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lassiter
speut Sunday in Belgrade.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Maxwell also
Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Donlow of
Brookport spent Satutday andj
Sunday with their parents Mr.
and Mrs. G. W, Long.
Mr. He. bert Sumner returned
to Chicago, Wednesday after
spending a few weeks with home
Messrs Harrison Wyly and Wm
Thorpe of Brookport spent Sun
day with the former's sister Mrs.
George Warfield.
Messrs E. G. and John Black
well made a llyiug trip to brook
port Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dcnlow also
Misses Myrtle and Jewel Long
were highly entertained at the
home of Mr. Phillip Sumner last
Rev. Thomas Turner spent
Thursday and Friday in Bel
Mr. Phillip Sumner and wife
made a business trip to Paou
ca.i, Tuesday.
Mr. Harm Simms of Brook
port visited in Belgrade Sunday

Bethel A. M. K. church was
burned Monday March 23rd 7 P
M. The building was a total
loss only saving a few of its con
tents. The fire was supposed to
have been caused by spark* from
a R. K. locomotive, which pa*s
eci a short lime before the fire
was discovered on the top of the
For a time it seemed as if the
fire would destroy the parsonage
only a short distance away, but
was saved and its contents by a
bucket brigade. All the people
around assisted in fighting the
flames, It was the largest and
best church in the city, being
valued at $1600 00
We helrd our services in the
public school building Sunday.
We thank all the the people
lor their assistance they render
ed us: If it it had not been for
their heroic work our parsonage
and all of its contents would have
been destroyed. We also thank
the Board ol Education for allow
ing us to hoi d our services in the
school building and for all the
assistance that was rendered us,
in this our time of distress
Rev. W. H. Cole, Pastor
• ' Daniel Rodgers,
A Bryant.
Wash Childres.
A. Api.liN.
GliOkCK Clin pki:s,
Illinois National Guard and U. S.
Troops to Co-Operate.
Springfield, M-ir 30.—Rians
lor the annual encampment ol the
Illinois National Guard werecctn
pleted at a meet'ng here today ol
Col. W. O. Skunk, commanding
the Central Division, United
States Army, and Adj. General
Dick son.
The regiments will camp as
At S rlngficld—First Infantry.
July 5 th to 12; Seventh Infantry,
}nly 12 to 19; Second and Field
Hospital, July lS to 26; Eighth
Infamry July 25 to Augu-t 2{
Third infantry, August 2 to 9;
Sixth Infantry August 9 to 16;
F’ourth Infantry August 16 to 23 ;
Fifth Infantry, August 23 to 30
The First Cavalry and.Sigiiol
Corps will be joined by a detail
of the Signal Corps of the Umftd
States Army from Fort Riley,
Kan , and will leave Chicago t n
a practice march July 3 to 12
A company from the Tweo.\
ninth Infantry, United Status
Army, now at Fort Niagara, F*.
Y.. will be at Springfield durii.g
the entire encampment. The
artillery batteries from Wauke
gan, Chicago and Danville prob
ably will go to Fort Riley for
practice and instruction.
—Globe Democrat.
Rev. R. C. Brown,
The Sunday Scchool Missionary
of the East Mt., Olive Baptist S.
S. convention and colored pho
Cobden. III.
Brookport III., Nov 26 '13
To whom this may concern.
This is to certify that I, A. C.
Crider have been appointed Dist.
Deputy. Grand Master of the yth
Dist. of F. & A. M. oMIlinois.
I will visit all lodges in my dis
trict this year.
A. C. Crider
'• Box 172
Money Long In Use.
Rfodon for centuries have used M*
honey as a laxative and old hooey ep
•n astringent Aborigines of Persia
offered honey to the sun. Greeks still
n»U ft with milk of water sad us* It
an a libation to the, dead, la SM
section of India milk and heney are
banded to ell brldoe rooms «* they ar
fh* M the door of the bride** father.
■*d In ancient Egypt honey was long
% chief Ingredient of embalming Soldi
Adversity and Prosperity.
We become wiser by agyerelty;
prosperity destroys our aypspclatioa,
of the sight.—Seneca,

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