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it§gy ■
Motto: "Hew To The Line. Let The Chips Fall Where They May.”
EiBL_lii'ii__ ..■■£.!» .... ma-HJ'.-J_'..■■!■'-imL.-’-L'.—J"___IBSS_'.■■■■■ --!-Li-'. I1--'Jfl?-'-1 .. 11 1 . . ' '"..
Vs—-* \
Most Worshipful Grand Master
Moil Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
Free and Accepted Macon*
Illinois and Jurisdiction
f Mailing Address, 5021 Indiana Avc.
Office, Room 1, 3956, South Stute St.
Phone Kenwood 8733.
Instead of the (Irani] Master’s
weekly greetings we are present
ing this week a clipping by the
above title taken from the De
cember issue of the Plumbline,
which follows:
Is Fret masonry an Educational In
aTitution". Aitd if so what does it
For th c first question we nay an
■ *ir ,n T.iir; by asking what i*
meant by the tcnn educate? To edu
. ate as Mi wi-h to discus* it i* to
impart knowledge to; to cultivatt
of; to instruct, who can impart
knowledge? Only thu c that have
.inquired a rlcur perception of truth
or a p.ia.in lulled in one or more
•uho -•« ;r< tt. e thi/ ugl* pnictic
tV»- can only’ I** it strucU-d in
those thing* that we know not, »«
i.ot only cultivate tha that need im
provement Who i.- it that mod.*
knnwdh-dgi ? \S hat man i-. it that
there i< nothing more for hini to he
instructed in? Art there any tha?
need n-d improvene nt? All of these
question* can be answer* .1 in the
negative, then if all mankind need
knowledge, is it not true that v <• a*
Masons need more knowledge. Since
we are lo instruct and to Improve
what kind of instruction* are we to
give l’rimariy, a* Masonry i*
practiced today its eduratin that of
a general way. Education in i.i
It i* not ..,ary that one mu-t
have a d« gr<-< of ‘‘.Master <>f Art. ”
yet to be a real Mason w^th under,
standing, you are truly a Master of
Arts and Science.
It i*_ not a requirement of Mason
ry that you have u degree of A. 1>.
or l! S , hut to understan 1 the many
symbol*, ai.d deep moral teaching*
of them. A’uu must be educated in
ii general way. ImIuciiuo ns is
contra distinguished from ignorance
and illiteracy. We do not want to
i onv«>y the idea that a man because
hi> is not learned in nil the sciences
and arts that go to make up the
fundamental ami literal foundation
..f Masonry, cannot imbibe the moral
principles of the order, hut a nmn
without such knowledge cannot 'on*
part th'* groat teachings of the Fra
ternity, Therefore in order that we
n»ay he of mo re service to our fel
luwman, anil brother, it is our duty
sis well ns priviledge as a mason to
know as much as Possible.
Masonry is a progressive study
and to understand it we •‘hould
at rive o know we must take it step
by step
To understand A. F. f.- A. M., we
of necessity must know its history
To know *.ti" history of M-utonry, is
*o know \i . u,, Medivnl and
.Modern history Ti acquaint our
selves. of this, v. •• learn the peopl» ->f
all ages, their customs, religions, and
thoughts. To be ignorant of the
many religions of Ancient and Mod
ern times, we know not from whence
came many of our symbols an,| is
nt Masonry a discourse in sym
bol;;? Since teachers largely of the
moral, spiritual side of life it can
only teach such through symbols.
All things terrestial are but sym
bols of the real or cek-sial. It has
been said that symbols apurt from
reality weakens character. It is also
true that if the symbols are poor it
Jias a direct reaction on the things
symbolised thereby reducing the
value of the higher ideal w ewish to
* teach, hence ihe symbols should be
strot';,' and appropriate ones; and in
tea* Sling of prineiph s in anyone.
J in other words what is it that ac
ualizes tiie kingdom of Cod in va
, rious forms in <>ur community life?
)I« !t the family altar? Is it the
public bools? Yes, but there is
something inoiv needfuj. The chief
♦ask is that of teaching or impart
ing information, maintaining sound
i community life and carrying forward
appropriate community tasks. Just
i f-..r a. we maintain genuine com
t mtmity life, t he principles of the
i kingdom are in actual operation.;
This is largely the work of Freema
i ‘onry. ('an we not better do this
work if we will bestir ourselves to
eet ti more general and literal
1 k oU h uge nf tbu attributes of our
Oeing? To do this, Tot us study hu-j
man nature, not forgetting our er- i
vltonments and nil things else that (
!>• •*,.!■> to, hu amty, it meaning.!
tht»' should be a thorough under-1
I randing of it li< rally, in in order to
gi»< a full and clear, explanation.1
thereby more vividly visualizing the J
moral and spiritual virtue to be!
learned Those who « sav to teach
I houlfj leave no stone unturned in
•hi \r command to prepare, them- i
-live., to electriiv and illuminate the'
ouls of their hearers; by so doing'
th< y are able to teach those noble ]
princinl — veiled in th • Allegory of
\V< know of no I n to ni»y, Order
or lnsttution that has a set of strong
er cy mbol? than Freemasonry, there-'
f- re brcthi : n, F t us strive to mak<
oorselv*wor.ny of our Ivng run
nected with th-- fraternity, by con
tinually seeking more light.
"Character Building"
Character is built and thrives on
•concrete fj.c's and conditions.
You may ask what facts and con
What is it that will awaken the
consciousness of society?
History of Masonry
Whin did it begin, both operative
and speculative? This in a question
asked by many of the Craft today.
Who can give the proper answer?
Some will tell us that it began at
the time of the building of the Tem
pi* by Solomon in Jerusalem. Others \
may s.,v it was at an earlier date, 1
still oth"is give as the time of its
'beginning ns speculative in 1717 in
Kngland, how are we to know the
right answer?
There is hut one way to get the I
most probable time of its beginning
and that is to read the history of /
the world and form our own logiral
conclusions ns to its beginning. -
' While studying the history of the
Ancient ncopio. we will note the ,
different forms of religion Pi ait iced
hy dfforent people and by the same
people at different ages or periods of
Ancient time. We will note how one
people embedded the customs, prac
tices and forms of worship and re
ligion of others with whom they
.came in contact.
We will also note the many secret
societies of the people, anti hy com
paring them and noting the resem- J
blance of many seeing how they ,
grew and how they were transform-!
yd to other societies in name but
having the same general principles,
ni.ll of these notatons will give you
some idea from whence came Free-,
masonry and a what time it had Us
Some v.’ll tell us that Freemasonry
was first fostered by Fling Ashmole
and a few of his learned friends in
Continued op Page Three.
The American Stimulators are
planning a special Prince Hall Mem
orial issue of the Gazette, which will
contain cuts, autobiographies, arti
cles of and by the various present
and past Grand Officers and Subor
dinate officers of the various depart
ments of the Fraternity and its Ad
optive Ri'.es, elso a brief history of*
Illinois Masonic Jurisdiction. This
will be something you will want to
preserve. It will be printed on spec
ial paper and will be' worthy of the
interest of the entire Masonic Fam
ily. The yearly subscription of th"
Gazette is only $2.00 per year. We
have not missed an issue in 25 years.
As the Grand Lodge has adopted this
paper as its official organ we hope I
to have its columns used by the en
tire Masonic Family. You will note
that it is improving each week and
will find it just the thing the Crafts
needs for fraternal, social, com-1
mcrcial stimulus. As an advertising
medium the 25 000 members of the
Masonic Family about 14,000 of]
wham arc in Chicago will be found
as appreciative readers of anything
you may have to offer. Masons are
among the most liberal, progressive
buyers in the world.
Mail your subscription for the Ga
zette for one year today. You will
Want the special Prince Hall issue,
and those that follow and those that
follow, hut we mufr be sold out.
M. W. Grand Master Prince Hall Masonic Grand Lodge
Forester's Hall, 4 1th and South
State street -as crowded Friday eve
ning, November 29th to witness the
consecration, dedication and inaugu
ration of Wisdom Lodge No. 102 F.
& A. M. The ceremonies were per
formed l.y the Most Worshipful
Grand Master T II. Samuels, sup
ported by an efficient provisional
Grand Lodge.
Program Rendered
The program rendered prior to
the delivery of the Warrant includ
ed, invocation, hy (he chaplain. Rev.
H. C. Charity, solo, “Hear My Cry,
O Lord,” and “The Lord is My
Light,” by Brother Chas. W. Settles;
brief history of Wisdom Lodge, R. A.
Slanton, master of ceremonies; read
ing, “The Orphan Boy,” Mrs. J. Ilal
lie William member of Wisdom Chap
ter O. E. S.; solo by Josenh I). Win
ters, Jr., address, “Necessity of Or
ganization,” Rev. W. I). Cook, Met
ropolitan Community Center; piano
solo. Miss Edna I>. Winters, address,
“The Clergy’s View of Fraternal
Societies,” Dr. C, H, Clark, pastor
Ebenezer Baptist church; solo; re
marks by Amlraa Baberi>, Sr., W. M.
Cornerstone lodge No, pi; consecra
F'or Particular.. W'rite
Mailing Address 3734. S. State St..
Offer Room 1, 395rt S. State Streat
Mrs, Lillian Washington, cousin of
Miss G. M. Re'alien is ill and has
been confined ,4.0 her bed since
tion, Rev. -T. A. Winters; remarks,
Rev. J. W. Stewart, pastor Quinn
Chape) A, M K church and Mrs.
Esther Ur mo Strong; consecration,
dedication and inauguration, by the
Honorabb and Most Worshipful
Brother Thomas H. Samuels, Grand
Master of the Most Worshipful Prince
Hall Grand Lodge of Kre and Accept
ed Masons of Illinois and Jursdiction.
The program ended with the "u
cepting of the warrant bv Brother
Nashville S. Winies, Worshipful Mas
ter. The benediction was said and
the guests eitjoviui a bountiful re
past. Wisdom Lodge received her
dispensation Feb. 1st. 1922. The
Warrant was granted Oct. 12th, 1*922
and delivered Nov. 29th, 1922. The
officers on the warrant are S W. Win
I. . Humphries; J W., A. MeCoo;
Treasurer, .1. N. T. Patterson; Fi
nancial Secretary, F, W. Taylor:
Kee. Sec., S. II. Porter; S. IX, W. M.
Payne; J. !»., H. Heighten; S. S..
J. Barber; .!. S., J. M. McClellan;
Tyler, Win. Jackson; Chap., Rev. H.
C. Charity; Trustees T. J. Johnson,;
Win, Charity and Wm, Grant. Th •
coinmittec v as W. L. Dummies, F,
L. Crittenden, S. B. Porter, 1). M.l
Greer and F. W. Taylor, chairman i
Doric Lodge No. 77 F. A. M.
showed its appreciation for the splen
did executive ability and constructive
leadership of Brother Victor Thump
s' n by re-electing him Master »t
heir meeting last week. Other of
ficers elected were Senior Warden,
Allen Hall, Junnior Warden, Jloy
Mason, Treasurer, Robt, Ford, fv.c
retary, Robt. H. Porter, Tyler Jus.
- ...
Archbishop of Canterbury Interested in
Black Races Says President Morton
London. England, Nov 29,—
Dr. R. R. Morton, the guest of
the Archbishop of Canterbury in
London recently, after a vi>ir to
Scotland, where he attended the
Scottish National Missionaries
lie was entertertained by the
Archbishop at luncheon, after
which he vi«ited the British Insti
tute of International Affairs. Dr.
Morton said the Archbishop show
ed a deep interest in the welfare
of the black races, and was anx
ious to find a means of making
proper adjustments between the
U. of Vd. Klan Quits
Charlettesville, Va., Nov jj.
— That the Ku KIu\- Klan of the
University of Virginia has with
drained from the parent body i<
confirmed fry College Topics, or
gan of the University. The pa
per prints a letter sent out by the
"Cxalted Cyclops” (doesn't it
tickle your risibiles?)—Whose
name is not given to Col. Sim
Imons, Imperial Wizard or I.izzatd
j at Atlanta. • *
i The letter makes several > harp*
!es against “Certain officers and
| representatives' and alleges mis
| conduct, misrepresentation, brok
en promises and financial amb
itions contrary to the professed
principle- oi trie order and adorns
[these as it- reason for ijuifting.
Colored People Have ' Been
Told To Look For Protection
From Other Sources. They May
hind the Road Rough and l>.m
gerous, But 1 hey Will Travel It.
It was arranged last week with
the filibusters that the Anti-I ynch
i'ig Bill be burri* d ii the filibusters
would cease opposition toother
measures. The program was ear
ned out without a grunt. What
does it amount to if the party did
adopt m its national convention
that it favored anti lynching bill
. • . - 4
Just tcli tlie 1J,000,000 Colored
citizens that “we did our best to
pass the measure, but the tiPbus-.
ters would not let u->.“ Ij any
one can refrain using the language
of the Apostle Peter when iS*'
ed by the maiden that he was one
ol Christ < disciples that he must
be as hi- speech betrayed him.
Charles 1 . Stewart 1 lie great na
tional Correspondent can doubt
less supply the ianguage that is
appropriate to cover the case,—
The Cadiz Informer.
1 . ■...ii.-I ■ — ■ ■ —■
Rev. J. B. McCrary,
Moderator of Mt. Olive Baptist
Association and Pastor of
Unity Baptist Church,
Brookport, 111., wishes all of
the pastors and members of the
District Many Conversions.
Illinois has stood foremost in ail
phases of the country s development.
She has given soldiess, presidents, an
Emancipator and ftr.ncpully men of
broad ^vision, with liberal ideas and
true devotion to the principles of the
Federal Constitution. She needs the
Negro voter to qualify himself and
light for equal representation.
As Americnn Citizens the Negro
should aspire lo all the positions of the
American Government. In appoint
ing otticers. the Governor should con
sider all classes, races and creeds of
citizens, only AmeAcuo Citizens
Tito Moat Worshipful Prince Hall
Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted
Masons at its Iasi annual Communica
tion at East St. Louis, adopted a rest)
lution endorsing Brother J. 11 McCray
owner of the Gazette, for the appoint
ment as Parole Inspector for the south
ern part of Illinois, Brother McCrary
has been endorsed l>v the leading fra
ternal, politcal and civil organizations
and the American Stimulators, backed
by titty-thousand readers of Negro
Literature in Illinois, concur w ith the
sentimsnt voiced by the Grand Lodge.
The Governor should hear the voice of
Voters who are loyal to the Party and
I Administration ip yvery instance, :il\
conditions and situations.
1 he ceremonies of dedication
constitution, and inauguration of
i East Gate Chapter O E. S. will be
held at the Union Masonic Temple,
JfiWi South State street. December
”dth by Brother Samuel A. Carey,
District Deputy Grand Patron of Eu
r*-ka Grand Chapter O E S Brother
Curry was appointed, so we have
been informed, subsequent to the
death of our late Brother Richard K.
East Gate conferred the dereos up
on candidates at their regular meet
ing Thursday night and in a special
meeting Saturday afternoon, to fin
ish up their slate.
The Knights Templar Band, which
Is ‘‘omnoiod of men who ure Knights
Templar and Shriners is preparing to
stage an entertainment to include
a drama entitled “Twenty Minutes
from 31st St.” which is written by
T* of th,‘ “'‘'tubers. The affair will
“hi m purchasing equipment. Sir
Knight Genola Johnson is the direc
tor. The band is second to none.
Mrs. Johnson, wfio 0f the director
has been ill at her home, 3806 Sooth
Wabash, but is better
ti , ...

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