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N A.
Former Kandiyohi Lad, Success
ful Business Man at Hibbing,
Makes the County a Visit.
A promising young man who
claims Kandiyohi as his his native',
county is the Democratic candidate
the state ticket
for treasurer on
this year. P. H.
bing and Duluth,
of Hans Nelson,
foreman at Kandiyohi and Atwater,
and was born at Kandiyohi thirty
five years ago. When he was four
years of age the family moved to
Atwater, where they lived ten years.
Henry Nelson, therefore, was the
schoolmate and playmate of nearly
all the young men of Atwater who
have grown up there. His oldest
brother, Victor Nelson, died at
Willmar a few years ago, and the
widow and children still live here.
Mr. Nelson also has relatives at
New London in this county, Mrs.
Peter Ecklund being his aunt. Mr.
Nelson, of Hib
is the second son
formerly section
Nelson started out in life as a tele
grapher and drifted into the new
iron regions oC Minnesota. He lo
cated at Hibbing before there was
a railroad there, about fifteen years
ago. He studied the mining prop
osition, acquired properties, and is
Ladies', Misses' and Children's
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now a prosperous and well-to-do in
dependent mine-owner, with bank
ing interests in several of the min
ing towns and interests in mines at
Batte, Mont. His business inter
ests require frequent trips to the
East, and he has acquired an*-exten
sive acquaintance thruout all the
large business centers.
Mr. Nelson has one trait which
has been considered a great failing
among his business associates. He
has for years been a democrat. He
is a great admirer of Gov. Johnson.
"While the governor has hit the
mine owners hard,"' he said, "in
creasing the valuation from 40 to
190 millions, and I expect that there
will still be further increases, yet
I cannot help admiring the man.
He is the young man's candidate.
How famous our great governor
has become can be appreciated by
one who travels in other sections of
the country. When one registers
at a hotel in any city, as coming
from Minnesota, one is beset at
once by reporters and others who
want to learn something about Gov.
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Mr. Nelson believes that it will
be impossible for the U. S. steel
corporation to swing their miners
into line against Gov. Johnson.
Few people realize the enormous
proportions to which the mining in
terests of Minnesota have grown.
Minnesota is now the first state in
the Union in iron production. She
produces half of the iron of the na
tion and one-fourth of that of the
world. The miners employed num
ber into the ten thousands. The
first labor crisis came under Gov.
Johnson's admini at n. To
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judge from the troubles in other
sections of the country, a fearful
struggle seemed imminent and even
inevitable. The steel corporation
appealed to the governor for mili
tia. Instead of sending troops, the
governor went himself. Instead of
going to the offices ot the Steel
Trust and accepting the officials'
version of the troubles, the gover
nor mingled with the miners per
sonally. He met the laborers and
their leaders, and he told what they
might lawfully do and what they
must not do. He told them that
they had the right to strike and
maintain their organizations, but
they must not intimidate men wh••
wanted to work. Having won the
confidence of the miners, he went
to the mining officials. He told
them that he would be responsible
for the maintenance of order and
that they must not employ armed
thugs to create trouble and intimi
date the strikers. Several hundred
such gentry had already been picked
up in the slums of Chicago and
were on their way to the scene of
the troubles. The governor's win
ning personality, tact and firm
stand won the day. No violence
occurred. Not a drop of blood was
shed, and very quickly the miners
and their employers came to an un
derstanding and work was resumed.
In the eyes of the mining officials
and other would-be aristocrats, the
governor had demeaned himself in
getting into personal contact with
the grimy and hard-working min
ers, but the miners themselves, es
pecially those with families, and
all the independent business men of
the ranges, appreciate fully what
the governor did for them, and Mr.
Nelson predicts that the handsome
vote the governor will get in the
iron country and the city of Duluth
will be an eye-opener to the Steel
Trust officials and others who are
hoping to defeat him on the plea of
party regularity.
Mr. Nelson was a considerable
loser in the recent forest fires on
the range. A bank building cost
ing about $40,000, in which he was
interested, was entirely destroyed
at Chisholm. Hibbing was only
saved by a change of the wind.
The force of the hurricane of fire
at Chisholm was fierce. The hose
of the fire company burned like so
many strings, and all that remains
of the sidewalks is the rows of
nails. So strong was the wind that
no ashes remained after the fire.
Luckily, the fire occurred in the
afternoon. There was no apprehen
sion of danger until twenty minutes
before the fire struck the town.
The nearby mines provided a ref
uge for the people, so that no lives
were lost. Had the fire come late
at night the loss of life would have
been appalling. The refugees were
all taken to Hibbing, where the
homes were thrown open to them
and all immediate wants supplied.
Mr. Nelson says the relief commit
tee was so overwhelmed with funds,
contributed from all over the coun
try, that after relieving every
needy case of loss, more than $100,
000 remains. He says that no
needy persons escaped, so that it is
safe to denounce as a fraud any
traveling beggar claiming to have
lost everything in the fires on the
ranges. What to do with the ex-
Don't fail to
cess relief money is b*eing consid
ered. It is proposed to turn it over
to the state, to be used in the case
of any future emergency.
When Mr. Nelson was asked to
go on to the state ticket, he con
sented on the score of assisting
Gov. Johnson. He hardly expects
to be elected himself, altho it is
natural that he wishes to make as
good a showing as possible. He
made a flying trip thru this county
last Saturday in his new 75 h. p.
Thomas flyer. He arrived at New
London Friday night, where he vis
ited with the Ecklunds. Saturday
morning he made Willmar. A
message requiring him to leave at
once for Butte, Mont., compelled
him to make his visit here very
brief. He made a pleasant call at
the Tribune office, and on his invi
tation Mr. Branham of the Gazette
and Editor Lawson of the Tribune
accompanied him as far as to Litch
field, returning on the evening
train. Stops were made at Kandi
yohi and Atwater, where Mr. Nel
son renewed old acquaintances of
his family. He expects to return
to this county for a more extended
visit within twj or three weeks.
He has a winning personality which
no doubt accounts largely for his
business success, and we believe
that he is a young man who will be
heard from in the future and one
whom Kandiyohi county may well
be proud of claiming as a native
LaFollette's People For Bryan.
Chicago, Sept. 30.—The demo
cratic national committee is mak
ing capital of the attitude of Wil
liam T. La Follette, brother of Sen
ator Robert M. La Follette of Wis
consin, and the public bureau was
jubilant yesterday when it learned
that Mr. La Follette had declared
in favor of Bryan for preisdent.
The following interview from the
senator's brother was made public:
"Bob is simply supporting Mr.
Taft for the sake of party regular
ity, in much the same way that Mr.
Bryan supported Parker four years
ago. His heart, however, is with
Bryan and the principles for which
he stands. Bob ought to be a dem
ocrat. He stands for things demo
cratic. I know the feelings of the
men who are the supporters of my
brother in Wisconsin, and I know
they are going to vote for the great
commoner."—Minneapolis Journal.
I have a 120-acre farm located in
the northeast corner of Crow Wing
county, Minnesota, which I will sell
for $1200. It has a good log barn
with board hay shed that will hold
between 25 and 30 ton one board
corn crib, drive well and pump. A
bout 12 acres under cultivation,
some timber and a little meadow.
Call on or write A. J. Ferguson,
owner, 512 Third street, Willmar,
Minn. 18f
Southwest quarter of sec. 23, 2J
miles southeast of Prinsburg
church. Holland Township, on very
easy terms. For further informa
tion inquire of owner of land, D.
Wubbles, Preston, Minn., Route
No, 5. 27f
Having decided to quit farming,
I will sell at public auction on my
place in Section 15, town of Woods,
Chippewa County, one mile east
and five miles south of Kerkhoven,
12 miles west of Wllimar and nine
miles northwest of Raymond, on
Thursday, October IS
commencing at 9:30 o'clock a. m.,
the following described property,
Consisting of one black team geld
ings, well matched, wt. 2750 lbs.,
age 7 years one well matched bay
team, mare and horse, 11 and 12
years old, wt. 2400 lbs. one bay
horse, 3years old, wt. 1250 lbs.,
well broke one good brood mare,
gray, 12 years old, wt, 1250 lbs.
one black brood mare, 12 years old,
wt. 1300 lbs. one gray mare, 17
years old, wt. 1100 lbs. one gray
horse two yearling colts, black
one yearling mare colt, black.
TLE—Eighteen Hereford cows that
will be fresh next spring, run from
I to full blood twelve Hereford
heifer calves from these cows, also
three inill calves seven steer calves
three yearling Hereford heifers
one Hereford bull, Sir Edward,
registered No. 119408, traces to the
Britton family three Shorthorn
milch cows one Holstein cow,
fresh in November. 21 spring
shoats 100 Plymouth Rock chick
ens one Shepherd dog.
ber wagons, one Surrey, one single
buggy, one set bobsleighs, one 7
foot Deering binder, one 6-foot
Deering binder, one corn binder,
one 6-foot Deering mower, one 5
foot Deering mower, one 12-foot
hay rake, one 20-shoe Kentucky
drill, one 11-foot seeder with grass
seed attachment, one iron drag, one
Peru pulverizer, one Avery corn
planter with 120 rods of wire, two
New Departure corn plows, one
John Deere *gang plow, two John
Deere walking plows, one Dain hay
stacker, one Dain hay bucker, one
Chatham fanning mill complete, two
wheelbarrows, one grindstone, one
sickle grinder, some blacksmith
tools, four and one-half sets good
work harness and other articles too
numerous to mention.
room set, one folding bed lounge,
one iron bed, one cot, one 10-foot
extension table, one kitchen table,
two kitchen cupboards, one cook
stove, one heating stove, one barrel
churn, one Singer sewing machine,
chairs, clock and all other house
hold goods. Twenty-five acres of
corn in field in west half of Sec. 14
60 tons good hay in same section
also some good hay in Sec. 15, S.
W. quarter.
Terms: All sums under $10,
cash on sums of $10 and over time
till Nov. 1, 1909, on bankable notes
drawing 7 per cent interest.
Free lunch at noon.
B. L. Byam, Auctioneer.
O. G. Hough, Clerk. 1
I will sell at Public Auction in
the town of Green Lake, Section 8,
on Friday, Oct. 23, beginning at 10
o'clock, the following described
Three horses 17 head of cattle
—11 milk cows (th^ee coming in in
January), 1 two-year-old heifer, 2
calves, 1 bud 8 months old, 2 pair
harness, 1 cream separator, 1 bin
der, 1 mower, 1 three-horse drill, 1
three-horse 2 drag, wagons, 1 pair
bob sleighs, 1 hayrack, 2 14-inch
plows, 2 one-seated buggies, 1 brand
new double buggy, 1 2-horse cul
tivator, 1 1-horse cultivator, 1 2
horse hay rake (self dumper), 1
grindstone, corn in shocks, 20 tons
of hay, 1 bedroom suite, 1 sewing
machine, 1 extension table, 3 rock
ers, 9 other chairs, 1 cook stove, 2
heaters, 2 center tables, about 150
chickens, 35 turkeys, and other ar
ticles too numerous to mention.
Terms: All sums of 5.00 or less,
cash sums over that amount on
bankable notes bearing interest at
seven per cent until Nov. 1, 1909.
Free lunch at noon.
A. C. Crawford, Auctioneer.
F. G. Handy, Clerk. 343
Having decided to quit farming
I will sell at public auction on the
Elling Ellingson farm three miles
south of Willmar, on
Thursday, October 1
beginning at 10 o'clock a. m.. the
following property:
Two working horses, 1 colt 3
years old, 1 colt 2 years old, 8 cows
coming in fresh in fall, 1 Red Polled
bull, 2 calves, 9 ducks, 1 20-shoe
drill, 1 seeder, 1 mower, 2 binders,
1 riding corn cultivator, 1 walking
corn cultivator, 1 one-horse corn
cultivator, 1 corn planter, 2 drags,
1 slush scraper, 1 disc pulverizer,
1 16-inch walking plow, 1 gang
plow, 1 hay rake, 1 hay rack, 1 set
dump boards, 2 narrow-tire wag
ons, 1 wide-tire wagon, 2 single
buggies, 2 bobsleighs, 1 fanning
mill, 1 pair working harness, 1
single harness, 3 fly nets. 1 pair
buggy fly nets, some hay, 30 acres
corn, some oats, and other articles
too numerous to mention.
All sums of $5.00 or less to be
cash, and sums over this amount on
approved notes due in one year at
7 per cent interest.
A. C. Crawford, Auctioneer.
L. O. Thorpe, Clerk.
Dr. C. E. Gerretson, dentist.
Office in new Ruble block, Willmar
Notice of Tax Sale of Unrodoemod
Lands in Kandiyohi County, Minne
sota, Under Sections 9S«, »S7 and
938,Revised Laws of 1905. as Amend
ed by Chapter 430, General Laws
Pursuant to the provisions of Sec
tions 936 937 and 938 of Revised
Laws of 1905, as amended by Chap
ter 430 General Laws 1907, notice
is hereby given that on Monday the
9th day of November, 1908, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, at the
office of the County Auditor in the
Court House at Willmar in Kandi
yohi County, Minnesota, all tracts
or parcels of land, situate in Kandi
yohi County, bid in for the State,
and not assigned to purchasers or
redeemed within three years from
the date of the tax sale at which
said parcels were offered and so bid
in by the State, will be offered at
public sale, and will be sold to the
highest bidder therefor. No parcel
will be sold for a less sum than the
aggregate taxes, penalties, interests
and costs charged against it, unless
the cash value thereof fairly deter
mined by the State Auditor, shall
be less than such aggregate, provi
ded, however, that all parcels bid
in for the state, for the taxes of
1901, or prior years, and not as
signed to purchasers, or redeemed
as aforesaid, may be disposed of
for one-half of the total taxes as
originally assessed. Purchasers
shall forthwith pay the amount of
their respective bids to the County
Treasurer. Said sale will begin at
the time and place named above and
will continue from day to day until
every such tract or parcel shall
have been offered for sale, under
the provisions of said statutes. The
list of said real property, subject
to said sale, and which will be so
offered for sale, unless previously
redeemed, is now on file in the
office of said County Auditor, and
of the State Auditor of said State.
Owners, or interested parties
may redeem their property by pay
ing the full amount due to the
County Treasurer, at any time be
fore sale, and within sixty (60)
days after proof of service of the
Notice of Expiration of Redemp
tion has been filed with the County
After the Notice of Expiration
of Redemption has been served, as
provided in Section 956, Revised
Laws 1905, the Governor is author
ized to issue a deed in the name of
the State, to the person entitled
thereto. (See Section 938 R. L.)
Dated at Willmar, Minnesota, Oc
tober 7th, 1908.
John Fieg, County Auditor,
Kandiyohi County, Minn.
Seal of County Auditor,
Kandiyohi County, Minn. 344
[First publication Sept. 16—6t]
County of Kandiyohi
In District Court, Twelfthjudicial District.
Charles J. Nelson, Admini
strator of the Estate of Knut
P. Backlund, Deceased,
Charles E. Dudley, A. J. Clark,
Minnesota Baptist State Con
vention, George W. Olney, and
G. W. Olney, F. P. Olney, Min
nie B. Olney, Nellie O. Eklund,
Ida O. Sias, Deforest J. Sias,}SUMMONS.
Carrie O. Kivley, Gunder Kiv
ley, George W. Olney, Jr., Jose
phine D. Olney, Warren M. Ol
ney, Mabel Olney, Myrtle
Fletcher, and Sarah J. Olney,
sole and only heirs of Hannah
E. Olney, deceased, Andrew M.
Eklund, and also all_ other per-1
sons unknown claiming any
right, title, estate, interest or
lien in the real estate described
in the complaint herein,
each of you are hereby summoned and re
quired to answer the complaint of the plain
tiff in the above entitledaction which saidcom
plaint has been filed in the office of the Clerk
of the above named Court, at his office in
the City of Willmar, Kandiyohi County,
Minnesota, and to serve a copy of your an
swer to the said complaint upon tbe sub
scribers at their office in the City of Willmar,
said County and State, within twenty days
after the service of this summons upon you,
exclusive of the day of such service, and if
you fail to answer the said complaint within
the time aforesaid the plaintiff in this action
will apply to the court for the relief deman
ded in the complaint herein.
Dated August 7th, A. D. 1908.
vs. I
Charles E. Dudley. A. J. Clark,
Minnesota Baptist State Con
vention, George W. Olney, and
G. W. Olney, F. P. Olney, Min
nie B. Olney, Nellie O. Eklund,
Ida O. Sias, Deforest J. Sias, NOTICE
Carrie O. Kivley, Gunder Kivley,
George W. Olney, Jr., Josephine OF LIS
D. Olney, Warren M. Olney,
Mabel Olney, Myrtle Fletcher, PENDENS
and Sarah J. Olney, sole and
only heirs of Hannah E. Olney,
deceased, Andrew M. Eklund,
and also all other persons un
known claiming any right, title,
estate, interest or lien in the
real estate described in the com
plaint herein,
Notice is hereby given that an action has
been commenced by the plaintiff in the above
entitled action, as administrator of the estate
of Knut F. Backlund, deceased, and is now
pending against the defendants herein, and
is pending in the above named court that
the object of the said action is to determine
the title of the said Knut F. Backlund, de
ceased, to the lands and premises hereinafter
described and to debar the defendants, and
each of chem, from claiming or asserting any
right, title, estate, lien, claim, demand or in
terest in, to or upon the lands hereinafter de
scribed and to forever quiet the title of the said
Knut F. Backlund to the said lands. Tbe lands
and premises affected by the said action are
situated in said Kandiyohi County, Minn
esota, and are described as follows:—Lota
one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4) and five
(5) of Block nine (9) in the Village of Kan*
Dated at Willmar, Minnesota, this 7th day
of August, 1908.
wuimar, Minnesota,
If you intend building bring your
lumber bill to our WILLMAR office
and get our prices for lumber from
our PRIAM lumber yard. We will
save you money on a small bill as
well as on a larger bill.
[First publication Sept. 16]
Citation for Hearing on Final Account
and for Distribution.
State of Minnesota, County of Kandiyohi, In
Probate Court.
In the Matter of the estate of Peter Nor
lander. Decedent.
The State of Minnesota to all persons inter
ested in the flnal account and distribution of
the estate of said decedent: The representa
tive of the above named decedent, having
filed in this court his flnal account of adminis
tration of the estate of said decedent, togeth
er with his petition praying for the adjustment
and allowance of said flnal account and for
distribution of the residue of said estate to the
persons thereunto entitled Therefore, you.
and each of you, are hereby cited and required
to show cause, if any you have, before this
court at the Probate Court Rooms in the Court
House, in the City of Willmar in the county of
Kandiyohi, state of Minnesota, on the 12th day
of October 1908, at 2 o'clock p. m., why said
petition should not be granted.
Witness, the Judge of said court, and the
seal of said court, this 15th day of September,
I SEAL. Probate Judge
[First publication Sept. 16]
Order Limiting Time to File Claims,
and for Hearing Thereon.
County of Kandiyohi, In Probate Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Carrie Nord
strom, Decedent.
Letters of administration this day having
been granted to Samuel Nelson.
It is Ordered, that the time within which
all creditors of the above named decedent
may present claims against his estate jn this
court, be, and the same hereby is, limited to
three monthsfrom and after the date hereof
and that Monday the 21st day of Decem
ber, 1908, at one o'clock p. m., in the Pro
bate Court Rooms at the Court House at
the City of Willmar in said County, be, and
the same hereby is fixed and appointed as
the time and place for hearing upon and the
examination, adjustment and allowance of
such claims as shall be presented within the
time aforesaid.
Let notice hereof be given by the publica
tion of this order in The Willmar Tribune as
provided by law.
Dated Sept. 9, 190S.
[SEAL] Judge of Probate.
(First publication Sept. 23,1908)
Citation for Hearing on Final Account
and for Distribution.
State of Minnesota, County of Kandiyohi, In
Probate Court:
In the matter of the Estate of Katherine
Sjodin, Decedent:
The State of Minnesota to all persons inter
ested in the flnal account and distribution of
the estate of said decedent: The representa
tive of the above named decedent, having
flit din this Court his final account of the ad
ministration of the estate of said decedent, to
gether with bis petition praying for the ad
justment and allowance of said flnal account
and for 'distribution of the residue of said
estate to the persons thereunto entitled
Therefore, You. and each of you, are hereby
cited and required to show cause, if any you
have, before this Court at le Probate Court
Rooms in the Court House in the City of Will
mar in the County of Kandiyohi, State of Min
nesota, on the 19th day of October, 1908, at one
o'clock p. m., why said petition should not be
Witness, The Judge of said Court, and the
Seal of said Court, this 32nd day of September,
I SBAL. Judge of Probate.
Notice is Hereby Given, That on the 15th
day of October, 1908, at 2 o'clock p. in.,
at the county auditor's office in the city oi
Willmar in the County of Kandiyohi, State
of Minnesota, I will sell the jobs of digging
and constructing the Ditch No. 26 Of Kan
diyohi county, established by the Board of
County Commissioners of Kandiyohi coun
ty, State of Minnesota, by their order bear
ing date February 20th, 1908, viz: For the
work as one job, and also for one or more
sections of lOO feet each, and also for one or
more of the construction jobs, each of said
sections to be known and numbered by
stakes as shown by the report of the Engi
neer in said matter, commencing at the one
including the outlet, and from thence, suc
cessively, up stream to the one including the
source, to the lowest responsible bidder or
bidders, and that bids are invited for said
work said work to be completed within the
time required, and in the manner specified, in
said engineer's report. And no bid will be
entertained which exceeds more than thirty
(30) per cent over and above the estimate
cost of tbe construction, in any case, as stat-'
ed in the said order and the successful bid
der will be required to give a satisfactory
bond, to be approved by the Auditor of said
County, with two freehold sureties, for the
faithful performance and fulfillment of his con
tract, and to pay all damages that may ac
crue by reason of his failure to complete the
job within the time required in the contract.
The said order and estimates and profile arc
on file, and may be seen at my office.
The approximate amount of work to be
done in the construction of such ditch is as
Main Ditch
Branch No. 1
Branch No. 2
Branch No. 3
Branch No. 4
Branch No. 5
Branch No. 6
Branch No. 7
Branch No. 8
Branch No. 9
Branch No. 10
Branch No. 11
Branch No. 12
Branch No. 13
Attorneys for plaintiff.
Willmar, Minnesota, Postofficc Building.
County of Kandiyohi
In District Court, Twelfth Judicial District.
Charles J. Nelson, Administrator!
of the Estate ot Knut F. Back
lund, Deceased. I
Cubic Yds.
306 feet of 10-inch tile to be laid in Branch
No. 5 918 feet of 15-inch tile to be laid in
Branch No. 9, and 306 feet of 6-inch tile to
be laid in Branch No. 13.
The estimated total cost of the work is
$14,142 and 09-10O Dollars.
All bids must be accompanied by a certified
check payable to the Auditor ot said County,
for not less than ten per cent ot the amount
of each bid.
The right to reject any and all bids is here
by reserved.
Dated September 21st, 1908.
County Auditor Kandiyohi County,
323 State of Minnesota.
Being equipped with a fur sew
ing machine, I am prepared to do
all kinds of fur work and repairing.
Bring in your furs that you wish
sewed, and your fur coats and jack
ets that need repairing before next
winter. Now is the time to have
the work done.
John Walmark,
13f 221 Fourth St.
It is better to have a deed ao
good farm than to carry a check
book, for it will provide you a home
and food for the family. See the
.- Western Land Securities Co.'a local
Bundtagijagent, A. H. Brown, about it.
-As _i *•***&-.
The Automatic
DREW Carrier
necessity in well regulated
barns. Saves time and money.
Dumps in yard or on wagon.
Turns curves and switches.
Manure dumped 100 feet from barn if desired.
Don't waste your time and efforts with a
A boy 12years old can easily clean barn.
Send me a diagram of ynar barn, and I will
be glad to rurnisli estimate of cost, etc.
ANTON JACOBSON, New London, Minn.
Aprnt for Kandiyohi County aud west hafl
of Stearns County.
If you wish to become acquaint
ed with the best marketable
prices for your live stock and
farm a a place your
Auction Sales with me.
experience with
va'ues of live
acquaintance with
buyers and
Keep thoroughly posted on demand for
stock in all sections
Special efforts to induce buyers to at
tend sales
Perfect satisfaction guaranteed
Remember I am at your service at
reasonable rates
Willmar, Minn.
Post Cards!
Post Cards!
Post Cards!
No better way of advertising the beauty of
the county than by sending your greetings
to friends all over tlie world on the post
cards published by the Tribune Printing Co.
Subjects now published arc the following:
Big Kandiyohi Lake, East beach of.
Norway Lake, two views combined.
Swenson Lake, Nos. 1 and 2.
Little Kandiyohi Lake.
Henderson Lake.
Twin Lakes.
Eagle Lake, double cards.
Lake Florida.
Lake of Hefta, showing Blue Hills in
Sunburg Store.
Lake Elizabeth Buttcrtown.
Baptist Church Lake Elizabeth—old and
Raymond High School.
New London High School.
East Norway Lake U. L. Church.
West Lake Church.
West Norway Lake Church.
Other subjects in preparation,
this column.
Our Cards are for sale by the following
Elfstrum's Drug Store, Willmar.
Carlson Bros.& Frost Drugstore, Willmar
Rice's Confectionery, Willmar.
Chase's Variety Store, Willmar.
Palm's Bakery, Willmar.
Geo. Negaard, Drugstore, Raymond.
S. E. Peterson, Drugstore, Atwater.
Johnson & Peterson, Kandiyohi.
Aug. Gabrielson, Kandiyohi.
Spicer Drug Co., Spicer.
Edw. Lungstrom, New London.
J. Ed. Nelson, Svea.
Melin & Johnson, Lake Elizabeth.
Walbv Bros. Store, Harrison.
Elmquist's Jewelry Store, Willmar.
If your dealer cannot supply you, we wil
mail to any address, any subject or assorted,
two for five cents. Comic cards, printed
from cartoon's published in Tribune will be
mailed at the rate of 3 for 5 cents.
Send for an assortment of our post cards
to have on hand for sending greetings and
brief messages to your friends.

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