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Special Inducements
With every Gentleman's Watch
we sell at #10.00 and over, we vyill
give awav absolutely E E a
High -Grade Roled-PHate Watch Chain
the regular price of which is #2.00
With every #15.00 or over watch
we will give a High-Grade Gold
filled Charm worth ^3.50 to #4.00.
With every Ladies' Watch sold
we will give absolutely FRE E
a Chatelaine Pin.
A Fine Assortment of All Kinds of
Jewelry Suitable for Christmas
Presents Sold at Bargains
The Lyric Theatre in Minneapolis
will offer for its holiday weeks, two
of the most famous dramatic artists
before ths public.
Beginning Monday night Dec. 20th
Mary Mannering will present the lat
est play from the pen of Rachel
Crotheisentitled"A Man's World."
Mary Mannering and Mme. Na-dramatic
zimova famous Russian Act
ress al Lyric During
Pictures-queness is given the set
ting of tne story through its intro
duction in the bohenuan set in New
York and all the characteis ate art
ists of some kind The role that
Miss Mannering peisonates is that
of a novelist whose
atic scenes of the play. Her
ity of actions and fearlessness of engagements and
thoupht lead to tne different dram-.
trance into a man's world" and
taking a man's fight upon her should
ers gives ise to the riame of the play.
Miss Mam.ering's engagement
lasts until Saturday night Dec. 25th
with a special matinee on Christmas
day and the usual Wednesday mat
The famous Rn^ian actress will
make her first appealance in Min
neapolis when &he opens a week's
Jewelry Store
Ladies' and Gents' Cuff Links
Ladies' Brooches and Pins
Ladies' & Gents' Watch Chains
Ladies' and Gents' Gold Rings
of all kinds and styles
Baby Rings of all Sizes
Ladies' Back Combs and
Hair Ornaments
Hat Pins in numerous sizes
and styles
Bracelets of all sizes
Three makes of Fountain Pens
Gold Pens with Pearl Handles
Etc Etc., Etc.
engagement at the Lyric Monday
night, Dee. 27th, in "i'he Passion
Flower," a society play by Brandon
Mme. Nazimova whose indisput
able position as America's foremost
artist is said to have in
this play a part that affords great
opportunities for a display of her
wonderful dramatic powers.
The play is in four acts all of
which are extravagantly mounted
by the Messrs. Schubeit, who have
also surrounded their star with a
cast of well known players which
mclades-Btandon Tynan, Harry Kol
ker, Ernest Glendinning, Wallace
Erskine. William Hasson, Grace
Reals, Zeffie Tilbury, Norah Lami
son, Grace Gibbons and Carmen
The engaproment is for one week
ending Saturday night, Jan. 1st,
with a specal matinee New Years
Day and the usual Wednesday mat
The mail order seat sale is now
a a a
be given to
orr telephonee
Lyric Managament.
Gift giving at Christmas time is,
or ought to be, nothing more than
a manifestation of the Christmas
spirit, which is unselfish, seeking
only to make others happy. Every
one who has been moved by this spi
rit has realized the truth of the say
ing, "It is more blessed to give than
to receive."
Oil Heat
Without Smoke
No matter how sensitive your
olfactory nerves may be, or under
what working conditions you en
counter the
Oil Heater
(Equipped with Smokeless Device)]
you'll not detect the slightest odor of
The Perfection Oil Heater neither smokes nor diffuses odor. The new
Automatic Smokeless Device
positively prevents both. Repeated tests during its incipiency and develop
ment, innumerable trials after it had been pronounced perfect by the inventor,
demonstrated its utility and sure effectiveness.
The wick cannot be turned up beyond the point of its greatest effective
ness It locks automatically and thus secures *the greatest heat-yielding flame
without a sign of smoke or smell. Removed in an instant for cleaning
Solid brass font holds 4 quarts of oil—sufficient to give out a glowing heat
for 9 hours—solid brass wick carriers—damper top—cool handle—oil indicator.
Heater beautifully finished in nickel or Japan in a variety of styles.
Every Dealer Everywhere. If Not At Yours, Write for Descriptive Circular
to the Nearest Agency of the
John Siieed's
on Domestic
Copyright. 1009. by 5. Yost.
III.—How to Keep Young.
OUNG Mrs. Rollins was dressed
for the opera when Colonel
Sneed, her father, entered. The
old gentleman tlnew up his
hands in mock astonishment and
chuckled with delight.
"My, my, mj, child." he exclaimed,
"you look as fine as the queen of
Sbeba! And I'll bet," he added, "jou'ie
a doggone sight prettier. Turn around,
honey, and let me get a sort ot pano
ramic view of you."
With an indulgent smile Mrs. Rol
lins revolved.
"The more I look the better I like
It," said the colonel. "But the wrap
pin' isn't any too good for what's in
side of it. And that reminds me that
I haven't kissed you yet. You dazzled
me so I plum forgot. Kind of turn our
cheek up to one side so I won't muss
anything. There, now. But—but"—
The colonel was running the end of
his tongue over his lips, and there was
a puzzled expression on his face.
"What's the matter, papa?" asked
Mrs. Rollins, with twinkling eyes.
"The brand don't seem quite famil
iar," he answer-
ed. "What is it,
"Oh. it's just a
it touch of
that's all."
"Huh!" grunt
ed the colonel
"I thought so.
paint the lily al
teady, are you?
Well, I don't take
much stock in
artificial colors,
but I reckon the
principle's all
right You see
but, by the way,
Where's William?
Dressln', eh? Just
got home? I'm
afraid that boy is
vol km' too hard.
Think I'll sit down and chat with you
anyhow until he comes down
"As I was goin' to remark, little
girl," resumed the colonel after he had
arranged himself comfortably in the
big armchair, "I've got some rather
peculiar notions about keepin' joung
I'm a long wajs flora being an old
man yet, but I've been around here a
considerable time, and majbe I can
give you some pointers on what every
woman wants to know.
**I reckon jou've heard that old song
about a woman bein' as old as
looks, while a man's just as old as he
feels. Well, there's some truth in the
distinction, for looks ha\e a whole'
lot more to do with a woman than a
man but, all the same, it's the feel in'
that counts in the long run, and it
counts just as much for one sex as
it does for the other. You're goin' to
be young, honey, just as long as you
feel young, and if you feel young the
looks will take care of themsehes
Now, there's a good deal more in that
statement than I can work out for ou
while William's gettin' into his diess
shirt, but it all simmers tlcvw to this—
that the way to keep young is to quit
growin' old. That's what they call a
paradox, ain't it? Huh! Well, I don
care what you label it, it's the light
•'Of course you understand I'm not
talkin' about years I'm talkm' about
looks and feelin's. P\e got to admit
that time has some influence, but it's
only relative I know a fellow down
town who's thirty-five years old and
he acts like hew as about ten. There's
such a thing as keepin' too dogpoue
young, jou know l'\e seen women
that wraj too. Then there another
fellow I know who ain't over fori}
and he's djin' of old age light now
So you see, honey, the calendar don
rount in the game as much as people
imagine. It's the looks and feelin's,
but principally the feelin's, that make
you old or keep ou 3 oung.
"And you need just two things, lit
tle girl, to keep you feelin' 3 oung.
jrg been keepin' them a secret, sa\ in'
then* for you One of them Is what
Is Called 8 fftffT "PPer l*p: other's a
straight back One is a mental atti
tude toward life lliC other's a phys
ical condition. A man or a woman
with A Stiff upper lip don't get dis
couraged, *Jon't get the blues, don't
Wrry abou* fc'jfles. When a black
cloud comes along $he grabs it and
turns It around so th* siher linin'
Will show she finds out wtoa* her duty
Is and does it without kickin' up *ay
fuss about it she don't make moun
tains out of molehills nor cross
bridges until she gets to them, and if
there's any fun goin' on in her neigh
borhood she's goin* to have her share
of it without makin' a fool of herself.
"Now, did you ever see anybody
with a straight back who was really
old—I mean old in heart and mind?
No, siree, jou never did. Keep your
backbone straight, honey, whatever
you do. The minute it begins to sag
or bend that very minute old age
starts down the road to meet you.
It's easy enough to keep it straight
now, while your /ears are few, but
after awhile you'll begin to feel like
lettln' your shoulders droop, and if
you let them do It, why, pretty soon
your chest will go in, and your
stomach will push out, and the wrin-
kles '11 oegin to multiply. You'll look
old, and, what's more, honey, you'll
feel old. The backbone was made to
suppoit your head, and when the sup
port begins to get wabbly you can't
brace up the superstructure with toi
let creaiiis.
"Not tint I'm against toilet creams
bless your life, no I believe in a
woman lookin' as handsome as she
can as long as she can, and when I
see one of sixty, as I do eery day
or so o^el• home, massagin' her neck
and rabbin' goose grease or whatever
it is, into her cheeks, whj, I glorj in
her spunk. But—and I want jou to
get this straight in jour mind honey
—If she didn't ha\e a straight bk
and a stiff upper lip she wouldn't be
doln' that sort of thing. When your
spinal column begins to droop you be
gin to quit cann' much about your
looks. If you ha\ en't got enough am
bition to hold your shoulders, back
you're not goin' to have onouch to
rub the crow's feet tnui the ((ineis
of your ejes, and the onlj thing jou
can do is to get some red and white
paint and (OAer up the cracks. But
paint, inj dear, won't keep jou joung
It's all right in an emeia,ency I be
lieve everj woman ought to hate a
little paint on her toilet table for u^e
when there ate dark circles aiound
her eyes and no color in her cheeks
and she's compelled to go out in coin
pany—w hen she's
Town of Lake Lillian.
Dec. 13—State of Minnesota to
B^rnjel Anderson, nej of se£, sec.
16, 40 a.. $240 00.
Dec. 13—State of Minnesota to
Bjrnjel Anderson, nwj of se£, sec.County
lfi, 40 a., $240.00.
Dec. 13—Walter Anderson as
Guardian, to Gustaf Johnson, the
und I cf the und of r\h of sel
sec. 16, 80 a., $362 67.
Dec. 13—Walter Andeison to
Gustaf Johnson, nt of sei. sec. 16,
80 a., $906.66.
Dec. 16—Dellavan Turnacliff to
Eugene Turnacliff, swi., sec. 35,
160 a., $3500.00.
Town of Mamie.
Dec. 17—Joseph Halldin to Frank
G. Handy, Gov't, lots 1 & 2 & eh of
swi of ne£, sec 9 Gov't, lot 5, sec.
i"i O
•sick, in fact, and
don't a to
show it, then I
in it's all
light to put up a
good a
bluft. But, honey,
don't jou get the
on hi our
head that }ou'\e
got to a
a with a
paint blush e\eiy
time you go out
No man c\er put
a color in a jar
at \i us any*
where a as
HE» hue as the tints
that natuie puts
In a woman's face, and if she don
keep 'em buiied under artificial pig
ments thej'li fetaj with her as long as
she holds herself erct with face to the
front and gets all the joy she can out
of life. A stiaight back and a stitf
upper lip, little girl, beat all the cos
metics on earth."
Real Estate Transfers.
And he will repay you a thousan
giving him a right start—not onl
in character
think it over
Rules Governing Contest.
Any boy or girl under eighteen
years of age living in Kandiyohi
may enter this contest. It
is not necessary that you attend tie
short course. Send your samples
of corn with $.75 entry fee, hnd
they will be entered tor you and
properly caied for. Boys and girls,
now is the time to help your fathers
select the seed corn. Pick out the
best ear-, for your show samJes.
For premium list write the Agri
cultural Department, Albert Lea
State High School, Albert Lea,
Remember this course begins
January 1910. All entries mu^t
be filed «ith Mr. L. Robins, be-
Why aot help VOUL- boy to ke a star* A
dollar or NO will do to open an ac 'ount, an once
he becomes the possessor ol a )ank boi K, UIP
proudest moment of his life wi I be when he is
going to our bank to make a dep sit
times o1 er for
in money, but
hen romp in ad deposit a dollar or
so in our SAVING S DEPARTMEN a..d present it to your
ttTASP *$9fc ww§ 9SW?
I you Intend building bring your
lumber bill to cur WILLMAR office
and get our prices for lumber from
our PRIAM lumber yard. We will
save you money on a small bill as
well as on a larger bill
•#*& irs* «s8/8 IVSS4MM
"t^8"' •^$3S««&.,«'4SJ£^iSK^~«r
you realize what it means to
you to get shoes that protect
your feet and keep them per
fectly comfortable
The E-Z Shoe gives you the fullest
measure of foot comfort and protection
because in addition to all the good quali
ties of finest custom shoes the
SharoodR 7 $5.00 Shoe
has E-Z pneumatic soles that keep your feet
always easy, fresh and dry. These soles are made
of antiseptically felted wool and cotton covered
with soft leather and laid over waterproof canvas
on a cork insole. That is why they cannot roll or
bunch up, but must remain smooth and springy
as the day you first wore them.
Besides they are every bit as stylish and well
made ai.d wear resisting as any custom shoe
Come in and put on a pair once You'll never
want any other than E Shoes after that.
Come in and see the line We have the latest
styles and all the fashionable lasts and leathers.
We Aho Carry a Complete Line
ot Slippers, Overshoes, Rubbers
and Children's Shoes.
Repairing Done Promptly and at
Reasonable Prices.
Give us a Trial.
Benson Ave S O E S O E Benson Ave
I 8 I
10, 153.70 a., $8728 50.
Town of Irving.
Dec. 17—Mathilda Bac^man to
Ernest Mohr et al, w. 23 acres of
nwl of vj, sec 20, 25 a., $86 50.
Dec. 16—Abiaham C. Johnson to
Angel Eilingson, nwi op nel, sec.
3, 39 76 a 1000.00.
Dec. 17—Jacob P. Jpcobson to
Gregor Johnson, sw* of swi, w*.30
acres of sel of sw£, sec. 8, 70 a.,
Town of Bui bank.
Dec. 13—Martin B. Gunderson to
Daniel S. Christenson, eh of swi
nwi of swi, sei., sec. 9 nel of
nei, sec. 20, 320 a $1.00.
Village of Kandiyohi.
Dec. 15—W. J. McDermott to
William Rus.ell, lots 17 & 18,
bl. 11, $550.
City of Willmar.
Dec. 13-Great Northern Rj
Co to August Johnson, Alton Cros
by and Benjamin Williams, bl. 35,
Dec. 17—Frank G. Handy to
Joseph Halldin, lots 3, 4, 5 & s^ of
lot 2, bl. Booth's add'n.
fore January 4, 10 A. M.
Mr. P. A. Andreen, of Spicer,
offers ab a premium to the boy or
girl showing the best ten ear sam
pe of coin from Kandiyohi County,
a pen of poultry, valued at $10.00
Mr. Andreen has been in the poul
try business for the past seven
years, winning prizes at state and
county fairs
Mr, Andreen is glad to encourage
the farm boys and girs to produce
better corn and poultry, and we
hope the Kandiyohi county boys will
do their part by entering this con
Sir Erasmus Wilson, England's
Famous Physician, Tells How
To Remain Vigorous, With
Little Trouble and
Without Drugs.
Remarkabl Results Produced
By Applicaf ion of His Theory.
Keep the pores open and vou ill need no
medicine' This is the new slogan which
thousands in this countr\ as well as in Cu
rope h-wc taken up and put into practice
wiiii astounding success
I)r 1 rasmus llsou, one of England fa
mous ptnbicians and scholars sa\ that 7"
per cent of all diseases and sickness are taus
ed bj the pores becoming clogged, thus
shutl'ng up in the blood the poisons and
effete matter which Nature intended they
should eliminate Tbe poits are the sewers
of the bod\ and must be Kept open and
aetne it MIU W ould have perfect health
The method of kecking the pores open and
fctue is b\ the use of Robinson Thermal or
Turkish iths at home
The power of life seems to lion the skin—m
the poison chutes of the bod\, and one ma\
even 11k through pestilence unharmed it the
pore^. iro kept lelue and cleaned out
The emit of fie Rob'nson Thermal or
I urki'-h Bath in Rheumatism for instance
malaria, eczema ind blood diseases is a
stounding. cures hiving been recorded as
taking plicc in fi im 20 to 30 minutes
Lung and thro tt tioubles, also, lumbago,
djspepsia nei\ous prostration, insomnia
and constipation disappear in remarkably
quick time and the euro are reported per
An\one can now tale Robinson Thermal
baths at home without itij trouble ind at a
cost of onlj about 2c a bath The onU wav
to ta^e these baths is the use of the Robin
son 1 hernial Bath Cabinet, which is a unique
and marvelous invention
he Robinson Thermal Bath Cabmets can
now be seen and examined in Willmar at
Carlsou B'ov Trost
\sk the dealer also for a copj oi th-itgreat
book, 'The Philosophj of Health and
Beaut} T»* regular price is $2 00, hut
vou can ge one fieenow for only a limited
If jou eannot go yourself just send jour
lame and address to the Robinson Manu
fictunng Compinv, Suite 75, Snowflale
Bl Toledo Ohio, for full illustrated in
foimation, free.
20—The school in
Friday for a three
Colfax, Dec.
Dist. 13 closed
weeks vacation.
Henry and Mabel Lundgren vis
ited at George Johnson's Saturday.
Sejmour Dahlberg and John
Eriekson visited at P. L. Hen
chien's Saturday evening.
The young folks met for choir
practice at C. Larson's Sunday
A Christmas program will be
given in the M. E. church Tuesday
evening, Dec. 28.
J. F. Sjogren visited at E. Thim
ell's Saturday.
Miss Augusta Olson returned
home last Friday from Belgrade
where she is attending school.
Mrs. E. Highstrom has been on
the sick list a few days.
Irene Jensen and Sigvart Fredrick
son visited at E. Highstrom's yes
Peter Wallstrom visited at Matt
sons Sunday.
The oaks upon which the mistle
toe grew were saered to the druids
in days of old, and they used to
worship under them in the most sol
emn and devout way. When hung
up in a room or hall the beautiful
pearly berries were thought to pos
sess the power of keeping away evil
spirits and influences.
This is the season of the year
when every «ne is looking for some
thing new in stockings.
Spicer-on-Green-Lake, Dec. 20—
Christmas tree exercises at Spicer
will occur as follows: Presby
terian on Friday evening, Hauge's
Synod at the Green Lake church
Saturday evening, the Norwegian
Hauge Sunday evening in the
Swedish church and on Monday
evening the Norwegian Free church
in the Presbyterain church and the
Swdish Lutheran the same evening
in the church basement. Recita
tions for the programs have been
assigned to the children.
The school ma'ams left last w^ek
for their Christmas vacations—Miss
Wyman for Dodge Center and Miss
Smith for Osseo.
Willie Kuelsing spent a couple
days of last week with Spicer
J. O. Kloster came back last
Tuesday from his visit at Iowa and
other points.
Miss a Thompson made a
visit with Lillie Haverly last week.
Mrs. Wolfe and daughter left
last week for their home at Harris
after having made a visit here with
Mrs. Wolfe's sister, Mrs. Mardin.
Next Sunday morning. Dec. 26,
at 10:30 A. C. Lindholm a student
from the G. A. C. at St. Peter, will
conduct services in the Swedish
Lutheran church basement.
N. Jacobson was in Willmar last
Wednesday afternoon to make a call
on his sister Nellie who has been
quite ill from an attack of pneu
monia, but is now on the road to
recovery. £j
Miss "Olga Nelson wenc to Will
ar last Ihursday for a visit with
her cousins there.
Miss Olga Bakken snent two
days of last week with Miss Elsie
Monson and also attended the school
exercises given last Friday after
noon and which proved very inter
esting to all.
Miss Clara Johnson came back
from her South Dakota visit last
Rev. Johanson went to St. Paul
last Saturday for a few das stay.
Mrs. Johanson also left for the
cities Monday to join her husband,
and Miss Esther Gustrud is staying
at the parsonage in her absence
A bunch of Spicer girls made a
trip to Willmar last Saturday be
tween trains.
Mrs. Ida Jacobson and daughter
Marcella left last Friday for Eagle
Lake where they attended the social
given in the schoolhouse. They
returned the following day.
Miss McManus enjoyed a visit
from her cousin, Mrs. T. F. Mac
kay, and son Caulston, from Unity,
Sask. last week.
N. Hendrickson, Charlie Foss
and Sam Anderson leave today for
Alabama. The two former expect
to stay for a couple of weeks to
look over the country. The latter
will go on to Cuba, where he ex
pects to spend the winter if he
likes the conditions here.
Mrs. Lena Hanson and daughter
Ida visited with her sister, Mrs.
Sogge, of Willmar this week.
Mrs. C. Nordgren and children
spent a few davs of last week with
ner parents at Nest Lake.
Lake Andrew, Dec. 18—Miss
Tilda Mattson returned home from
Willmar last week for a few weeks
Miss Elsie Norstedt went to Will
mar last Tuesday where she has en
gaged to work.
Fred Amundson was around look
ing for fur last week.
Hattie Hagen visited with Alice
Fremberg last Tuesday.
The basket social in Dist. No. 8
was well attended and the sum of
$29 was realized.
Carl Hokanson returned home
from Willmar Friday where he has
been working this summer.
M. O. Qvamso has again his fish
house on lake A re and is
trying his luck.
The Metropolitan barber shop,
Bank of Willmar building, B. T.
Otos, proprietor, is the shop to get
a shave, hair cut or bath.
Go to the Delmonico Cafe for
the best cop of coffee in the City.
421. E. T. Sandbo.
Keep your eye on the PIONEER
The neatest job of Halfsoling is
done at Erickson's Shoe Store with
a New Electric Stitcher and Polish
You can have the soles sewed on
for the s«une price as nailed, so
don't walk on nails.
The New Shoe Store.
27f G. A. Eriekson, Prop.
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids for county printing and publish*
tng for the jear 1910, will be received by the
board ot countj commissioners at the office
of the countv auditor in Willmar until 9
cloek A January .", 1910
Bids for the publishing must specitj the
price per tolio per week of all publishing ex
cept ng the delinquent tax list Bids tor
printing the tax list must specify a certain
price per description
Bids must include (,the publishing of the
innual financial statement, delinquent tax
l's*, proceedings of the board of equalization,
county cotnmis-ioners' proceedings, report of
board of aud t, ditch notices notices of teach
ers' examina ions and the annual report of
the court\ superintendent, and all other
official notiecs and publications of count)
officers required b\ law to be published
Bids will also be reecved at the same time
and plaee in a sepa ate mclosure for county
job printing I lcludin,? noteheads, letter
heads, envelopes large md small, and postal
cards used b\ countv onicers, and court cal
endars used at the terms ot distriet court
Samples must be furni hed with bid for job
printing and bid ler must state a definite
price per 1 UOO tor noteheads, letterheads,
envelopes large and sm ill, and a definite price
per 100 for postal catds and definite prices
per page in sets ol filtj for court calenders
Bids must be delivered to the countv audit
or and marked on the outside, "Bids for
Publishing," or "Bids ior Job Printing
The board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids
Chairman of Board of Countv Commis
sioners of Kandijohi County, Minn.
W lllmar, Minn Dec 1909 (2ts.)
{First Publication Dec 8th~Ats
Citation for Hearing on Final Account
and for Distribution.
Countv ol Kandijohi, In Probate Court.
In the matter of the Cstate of Christine Eng
land, Deceden*
The State of Minnesota to all persons in
terested in the final account and distribution
of the estate of said deredent The represent
ative of the above named decedent, havirg
filed this com his final account of the ad
ministration of the ebtate of said decedent,
together with his pe^it.on pravmgfor the
adjustment and allowance of said final ac
count and for distribution of the residue of
sa. estate to tne persons thereunto entitled.
Therefore, and eaeh or vou, are hereby
ted and required to show cause, if am you
La\e, belore this court at the Probate Court
Rooms in the Court House, in the City of
lllmar in the Countv of Kandijohi btateof
Minnesota, on the ^rd dav of Jaruarv,
1910, it one o'e'ock whj saiu petition
should not be gran ted
Witness the fuc'ge of said court, and the
Seal of said court, this 7th da of Deeeniber,
lao a
1 Seal Probate Judge
Attornev lor Petitioner
Yv lllmar, Minn
I Firsts Publication Dec 22nd—tt
Citation for Hearing on Petition for De
termination of Descent of Land.
STWTP OI MiJ.Nh.soiA County of Kandiyohi,
Piobate Lourt
In the Matter of the Estate of Jotin Butler,
Th State of nnesota to all persons inter
ested ii the determination of the descent of
the leal est ite nf said decedent The peti ion
iof HajnnhM Butler having been tiled this
couit, representing tint tdid decedent died
more than h\ years prior to the tiling thereof,
leaving cerium real estate in said pennon
descibed and that no will or decedent has
been oved nor administration of his estate
granted in tbis state and priving that tue
descent of said real estate be determined by
tbis couit
Thercfoie you, and each of you, ?re hereoy
eited aud required to suow iiuse, if any you
have before this court at the Probate court
Room in the Court House in the City of Will
mar in the County of Kandiyohi State of Min
nesota on tbe 17tb day of January 1910 at
one clock by said petition should not
be granted
Witness the Judge of siid court, and the seal
thereof this ^Oth day of December 1909
[CoUlilbhAl] A NORDIN
T. O GlLBfaRT,
Attorney for Petitioner
Willmar, Mum
Probate Judge
[First publication Dec 22-4-t
Order Limiting Time to File Claims,
and for Hearing Thereon.
btate cf Minnesota, County of Kandijohi,
In Probate Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Anthony
Sands also known as Anthonv Sand and
Anton Sand, Decedent
Letters of administr ition this dav. having
been granted to Taeob O Kloster
It is Ordered, that the time within which
all creditors of the above named decedent
may present c! iims ag unst his estate in thifl
court, be, and the same herebv is, limited to
six months from and after the date hereof,
and that Mondav the 27th day of June,
1910, atone cloek in the Probate
Court Rooms at the Court House at
the City of V\ lllmar in said County, be, and
the same herebj is fixed aud appointed as
the time and place for hearing upon and tbe
examination, adju«tm_nt and allowance of
such claims as shall be presented within the
time aforesaid
Let notice hereof be ^iven bj the publica
tion of this order in The Willmar Tribune as
provided by law.
Dated December 18th, 1909
Judge of Probate
Attorney for Petitioner,
Willmar, Minn
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