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W a
-More is the Utmost In
Rooting Quality
You can't get better than fees/. There is a standard of material
and manufacture in the prepared roofing business that insures longest
possible wear and least repairs. This standard represents the abso
lute limit—the top notch of roofing quality, and Vulcanite is the roof
ing that seta this standard.
You can pay higher prices than we ask for Vulcanite. But no matter
what you pay, you can't improve on Vulcanite quality. And less money than
we ask can't bring money's worth. A smaller price won't let the maker
give you a roof made good enough to make good.
Investigate today. Learn about
Vulcanite Rooting
Find but how easy it is to lay. Anyone who can drive a nail can lay a
Vulcanite roof. Ask users about Vulcanite. They call it, "The Lifetime
Roof." Ask them why.: You'll keep money in your pocket that would
otherwise be heedlessly spent if you'll investigate roofing.
We have published a book of tests, heretofore trade secrets. It is called
"Ten Years Wear In Ten Minute Tests." Ask our dealer for a copy. He'll
gladly supply you.
Hare Are Facte We Want You to Provo
tt Our Risk.
Marvelous as it may seem, Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic has grown hair on
heads that were once bald. Of course,
in none of these cases were the hair
roots dead, nor had the scalp taken on
a glazed, shiny appearance.
Rexall "93" Hair Tonic acts scieu
tlflcally, destroying the germs whicb
are usually responsible for baldness.
It penetrates to the roots of the hair,
stimulating and nourishing them. It
is a most pleasant toilet necessity, is
delicately perfumed^ and will not gum
or permanently stain the hair.
We want you to get a bottle of
Rexall *'93" Hair Tonic and use it as
directed. If it does not relieve scalp
irritation, remove dandruff, prevent
rthe hair from falling out and promote
''an increased growth of hair, and in
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simply come back and tell us. and witu
*tut queaUtTo. or formality we will hand
,*- back to ypu^viiiry/p^nny you paid us
for it. Two sizes, 50c. and $1.00. Sold
only at our store—The Rexall Store.
SIGNS—"For Rent," For Rent,
Furnished Room," "For Sale,"
"Dressmaking"—printed on card
board, for sale at the Tribune office
at 10 cents each.
Don't wait until you need roofing. Investigate now, and when
your buildings need covering, you'll know what is best to use.
Patent Vulcanite Roofing Co.
Lewis Johnson.
Located 1st Heart of Business District
a »t.oo TO sa.oo I _.,_
1 oouaic. at.so to sa.oo *u»c*tAM
Manganese and Its Uses.
Manganese is one of the substances
which had long been used in the arts
before its existence as an independent
metal was recognized. From prehis
toric times it was employed as a col
oring material, but it was not known
to be a distinct metal until 1774. In
India the primitive smiths used it as a
flux and as an alloy for holding iron
and bronee. Today its power as an
oxidizer, rendering it a most impor
tant disinfectant, and its value as a
chemical reagent, as well as its in
creasing use as an alloy, caused an
active search to be made for its ores.
It is widely distributed, forming about
one-thousandth of the substance of
the earth's crust.
The art of living easily is to fix
your scale of living one degree be
low your means. Guard against
the notion that, because pleasure can
be bought with money, money can
not be spent without enjoyment.
What a thing costs is no true meas
ure of its worth.
Accidental Discharge of a Pun.
A capital pun may arise by pure ac
cident, as recorded tn Bucke's "Book
of Table Talk:"
"A Mr. Alexander Gun was dismiss
ed from a post In the customs of Edin
burgh for circulating some false ru
mor. The dismissal is said to have
been thus noted in the customs book at
the time, *'A. Gun discharged for mak
ing a false report."
Robin Redbreast.
The familiar name of "robin red
breast" is now borne in North Amer
ica by a larjre red breasted'thrush, in
the island of Jamaica by a tiny crim
son throated kingfisher and in British
Guiana by a ground starling which pre
sents the suggestive coloring.
The Cling That Chokes.
Give it time enough and eventually
the clinging vine will get the giant
oak's goat.—Galveston News.
When a Man is a
When he has no confidence in himself nor his fellow men.
jk |iWhen he values success more than character and self-respect. ,/
VWWen he does not try to make his work a little better each day.
When he becomes so absorbed in his work that he cannot see
thai life is greater than work.
Wtien he lets a day go by without making some one happier and
more comfortable.
n'^When he tries to rule others by bullying instead of by example.
When he values wealth above health, self-respect and the good
opinion of others.
When he i« so burdened by his business that he finds no time for
rest and recreation.
^When he loves his own plans and interests more than humanity.
^When his friends like him for what he has more than for what
I aWheh he knows that he is in the wrong, but is afraid to admit it.
^3tW!h4)n.he envies others because they have more ability, talent or
wealth-than he has.
when he does not care what happens to his neighbor or to his
friend so long as he is prosperous.
iWhen he is so busy doing that he has no time for smiles and
cheering words.
We Appreciate—
^We find it hard to account, for some of the new business that
efnftts to us from Iday to day. We sometimes inquire and learn
^'ittajt" some patron has spoken to a friend about the facilities which
th^r'bank affords, We certainly appreciate these kind courtesies
anpftake occasion tothank those who have expressed their approval
ai^i commendation of our service. We accept deposits subject to
d'a^C ,'Ut- amount and pay 4 per cent interest on savings
aoobuDts. ^Interest twice a year, June 1st and December 1st.
The annual meeting of the Will
mar Farmers' Mutual Fire and
Lightning Insurance Company held
recently elected the following
directors: D. F. Senechal. Swan
Nelson, John Engman, C. J. Swen
son. N. O. Nelson. E. Reetz. W. C.
Maier, E. F. Stuhr and L. P.
Felt. Among the directors retir
ing is Mr. Edward Feig. who has
been the secretary of the company
for several years. He has served
the company in a very efficient man
ner but declined to act any further
on account of lack of time. Mr.
Feig very courteously handed the
Tribune a copy of the annual state
ment, from which we glean the fol
lowing facts: At the end of the
fiscal year. May 31, there were
1,092 policies in force carrying in
surance to the amount of $2,149,838
The losses sustained last year
amounted to only $1,530, and the
total cost of administering this
Rea Estate Transfers.
Real estate transfers for the week
ending June 10, 1911.
Town of East Lake Lillian.
June 8—Renville County State
Bank to Daniel Lundbom, si of swi
nei of swi, of sei, of nei,
sec. 26. 280 a., $3500.00.
Town of Lake Lillian.
June 7—Probate Court to Ellen
H. Vick et al sei of nei. eh of sei.
sec. 2 and nei of nwi exc. parts.
156.95 a.
June 9—William McMahon to T.
M. Paine. wA nel, n£ of sel, sec.
36, 560 a., $12,000.00.
Town of Fahlun.
June 3—State of Minnesota to
Gustaf J. Bjornberg, swi of nwi.
sec. 8., 40 a.,
June 5—Ole Granquist to Elias
Johnson, lots 1 and 2, lot 1, sec. 21.
7 a., $500.00.
Town of Gennessee.
June 5—Jonas Berg to Charles J.
Berg, of nei, sec. 8, 80.. $2500.
Town of Willmar.
June 9—State of Minnesota to
William Englund, sei of sei, sec.
36, 40 a.
Town of Harrison.
June7—Mary E. Jonas to Elder
G. Erickson, part of lot. sec. 28,
Town of Dovre.
June 10—Joakim B. Nygaard to
Trustees of the Scandinavian Luth.
church of Eagle Lake, part of nei
of nei and of lot 6, sec. 26. 84.50
a., $6337.50.
Town of New London.
June 6 Gust Bjork to Ole E. Ru
ble, sei of swi. swi of sei exc. 4&
acres, sec, 3, 75.50 a $1550.00.
June 7—Christine Lindberg et al
Anthony Mezena, nwi of swi, sec.
2 sei of sei. sec.3, 80 a., $3440.
Town of Burbank.
June 6—Otto Bjork to Ole E.
Ruble, nwi of swi, lot 3 of swi of
swi, sec .35, 50 a., $2500.00.
Town of Colfax.
June 3—Henry E. Manz to W. H.
Roach, nwi, sec. 6, 153.24 a also
the nei of nei, sec. 1 town of Nor
way Lake. 40 a. $5217.48.
Town of Norway Lake.
June 7—Iver O. Dale to N. T.
Gunnufson. part of nwi of sei, sec.
29, 10 a., $1.00.
Village of Atwater.
June 7—J. G. Carlson to John
Person, lots 11 and 12. bl. 12,
June 5—Nets J. Nelson to Andrew
Nelson, 3 acres of swi of nwi, sec.
12, unplatted parts, $900.00.
June 8—George S. Estrem to Nels
N.elson, lots 7, 8 and 9, bl 2.,
Salter's 2nd add'n, $2200.00.
Village of Spicer.
June 10—Arne E. Peterson
Ole P. Tvensberg, lot 21. bl.
Park add'n. $1.00.
June 10—Ole P. Tvensberg
Arne E. Peterson, lot 22, bl.
Park Add'n, $1.00.
Citv of Willmar.
June 5—John L. Lindner to D. B.
baughterty, lots 6 and 7. bl. 68,
$2100.00. ,,
June 5—Probate Court to Louise
Rannestad and Sophie Bonde, und.
n§ of lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, bl. 8
und si of lots9,10,11 and 12, bl.8:
und. I of lots 8, 9 and sh of lot 10,
bl. »3. ,.:"
June 5—Robert C. and Warren
W. Oram to Sophia Simons, lot 6
and ni of lot 7, exc. r. o. w., bl.. C,
3d add'n. $3500.00.
June 6—1. H. Macy to Chas. F.
Serline, north 85 ft. of lot 9, bl. 23,
June 7—Frank H. McNees to
William B. McNees, lots 3 and 4,
bl. 64, $700.00.
June 9—Anrdew Bjorsell to
Joachim B. Nygaard, lot 7 and
southerly 11 feet in width of lot 6,
bl. 12, Ferring's add'n, $2525.00.
Wear your learning, like your
watch, in a private pocket and do,
not pull it out and strike it merely
to show that you have one. If you
are asked what o'clock it is, tell it,
but do not proclaim it hourly ami
unasked like the watchman.
Ella—Then* are neatly* fifty distinct
disease* of the eye. «tella-^The Idea!
Ella—Yes, toe eye, dear.—Exchange.
great mas3 of business
Besides approving the reports
and transacting the routine busi
ness there was no important action
taken by the company except that
the advance premium to be paid on
a policy from the time written to
the end of the fiscal year was
changed from the straight 10c a
hundred to one cent a month per
hundred. The company also ap
proved the payment of two minor
claims for hay burned regarding
which the directors have been in
The directors held a meeting last
Thursday and elected Swan Nelson
of Whitefield as secretary to suc
ceed Mr. Feig. D. F. Senechal of
Atwater was re-elected president
and Hon. N. 0 Nelson was re-elec
ted treasurer. The secretary's offi
ce, including a safe owned by the
company, was moved from Harrison
to Whitefield last Friday.
Next Tuesday Willmar Will En
tertaiB The Pioneers of the
County. PtiMklBviled.
The fourteenth annual meeting
of the Kandiyohi County Old Set
tler's Association will convene at
Willmar next Tuesday upon invita
tion issued by the city thru the
Willmar Commercial A
good program has been prepared,
and if the weather is favorable the
officers expect one of the largest
gatherings in the history of the
All persons who have lived in the
county for thirty years are eligible
to membership and all residents
eligible are invited to join the as
sociation. The entrance fee is one
dollar for a man and fifty cents for
woman. When the husband joins
the association the wife becomes an
auxiliary member without a fee.
The annual dues are fifty cents for
men and twenty-five cents for wo
men. No dues for the auxiliary
The Commercial Club will fur
nish dinner to members and their
families at the Chautauqua dining
The following is the program as
it as printed in the association
Forenoon Session at Courthouse.
9:00 to 10:30—Payment of dues and
enrollment, of new members.
10:30—Business Session.
Welcome Address-
Mayor E. C. Wellin
Response—President J. G. Monson
Reports of Secretary and Treasurer
Election of Officers.
General Business.
The business session will adjourn
about 11:30. when the members will
proceed to the Chautauqua grounds
for dinner. The Commercial Club
will make arrangements for a num
ber of automobiles to take the
members from the courthouse to
the grounds. Dinner will be served
at 12 o'clock.
Afternoon Session at Chautauqua
Building at 1:30 o'clock.
Music Willmar Band
Invocation Rev. D. B. Spencer
Address—Lieutenant Governor S.
Y. Gordon
Memorial Address..A. 0 Forsberg
Reminiscences from the County Seat
War Forty Years Ago
..» Hon. L. O. Thorpe
Origin of Geographical Names in
the County V. E. Lawson
•Address. Rev. D. B. Spencer
Song "America".. By the Audience.
The officers of the association are
Jonas G. Monson of Kandiyohi,
president Peter Broberg of New
London,, first vice president Dr. J.
S. Gibson of Atwater, second vice
president A. 0 Forsberg of Will
mar, secretary and A. N. Lewis of
Willmar, treasurer.
Roseland, June 12—Mrs. Lena
Talen and daughter Jennie returned
to their home 'at' Princetown last
Thursday after spending a month
herewith relatives and friends.
Miss Jacobina Nyp of Danube
who spent a week at home, returned
last Sunday.
Fred Euling from Priam spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Zui
demaand family.
An ice cream party was held at
Reitz last* Thursday evening.
MisB Anna Strafelda left for
Willmar last Friday where he ex
pects to work for Mrs. A. A. An
derson for a while.
Dr. McMahon was called for at
G. Damhof's last Thursday.
Frank Watkins from Harrison
and Simon Dykema Jr. from Will
mar spend Sunday at the latter's
Miss Grace Bosch resigned from
her position as clerk at the Rose
land store and her place is being
filled by Miss Mary Kohrs.
Henry Roelofs of Prihsburg was
a Sunday caller at D. Dekker's.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruggers and chil
dren visited at H. Dragts last Sun
The angel of death visited at th#
home of Mr. and Mrs. N. Stob and*
took from their midst their eleven'
months baby. The furneral was
held last Saturday.
Mr. N. Dykema returned from
the Willmar hospital last Saturday
and is getting along nicely.
Pete Buikema is very sick and it
is thought to be typhoid fever.
We wish him a speedy recovery.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Vos and Mr. and
Mrs. D. Dekker autoed to Clara
City last Wednesday.
Mrs. Veenstra and two children
of Clara City are visiting with. her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Vos.
Herbert J. Burgstahler, a repre
sentative of the State Prohibition
committee, was in the city last Fri
day. He is arranging for a series
of meetings in the County, to in
clude a picnic at Green Lake.
A linen shower was tendered
Miss Alfreda Johnson at her home
near Nest Lake last Saturday by
a large number of her friends.
MisB Johnson will be married to
Eddie Monson on June 20.—New
London Times.
It will pay you to call and see us before
placing your order for building material.
We not only have a well assorted Stock of
High Grade Lumber, but we can also quote
you Low Prices that will save you money.
Our Careful Attention and Prompt
Service Are Features Worth Noting.
Encouraging Cholly.
"I'm doing my best to get ahead," as
serted Cholly. "Well, heaven knows
you need one!" assented Dolly.
With the advent of warm weather
comes toot troubles to thousands of
people. The Increased temperature and
heaviness of the atmosphere causes
•welling and excess perspiration. This
brings on a series of foot
troubles. The treatment
given below will be wel
comed with Joy by an ar
my of sufferers. Tt acts
like magic. "Dissolve two
tablespoonfuls of Calocide
compound In a basin of
hot water soak the feet In
this for full fifteen min
utes, gently massaging the sore parts.
Less time will not give the desired
results.) Repeat this each night un
til the cure is permanent." All sore
ness disappears immediately: CornF
and callouses can be peeled right off
Bunions are reduced to normal and
the Inflammation drawn out Sweaty
and smelly feet, tender and swollen
feet need but a few treatments. This
Calocide la a remarkable drug. For
merly used only by doctors but any
druggist now has tt In stock or will
quickly get It from his wholesale
souse. A twenty-five cent package Is
claimed to cure the worst feet.
Dyspepsia, or Chronic Indigestion, iscaed our Na
tional disease. The theory that medicine wi cure a sick
stomach is absurd. *. Thousands of sufferers are filled with
drugs unti they die.
Colfax, June 12—Last Thursday
afternoon, June 8. Miss Ellen Helen
Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Mads Johnson was united in mar
riage to Mr. Ole Henrickson.
ceremony was performed by
B. S. J. Sund at the Grow
church. The bridesmaids
Clara Romness and Miss Henrick
son. The groom was attended bv
Raymond Johnson and John Hen
rickson. After the ceremony a re
ception was given at the bride's
home where a most delicious supper
was served to about one hundred
guests. Mr. and Mrs. Hendrickson
left on Saturday for Duluth and
Minneapolis for a short wedding
trip, after which they will return
to Belgrade where they will make
their future home. We wish them
a happy voyage over the matrimo
nial sea.
Miss Clara Larson left for Will
mar and Pipestone today for a visit
with relatives.
Nels Borden and son Georee of
Grove City and Anthony Borden of
Litchfield visited at the Larson
home on Sunday.
Wedding bells will soon ring
again in this vicinity.
Quite a few from here were en
tertained at the Anphin Otteson
home on Sunday.
Arthur Olson, who has been visit
ing his parents here a couple of
days left on Saturday for Willmar
where he is seeking medical aid at
the Willmar Hospital.
Mrs. Carl L. Gulsvig and chil
dren Levina and Kendahl of Sun
burg visited at the Mikkel Olson
home on Sunday.
Mrs. Bertha Dahlgren visited
with Mrs. Katherine Olson on
Miss Minnie Miller has arrived
home from California where she
has spent the last year.
Confirmation services will be held
at the Crow River church next Sun
day, June 18.
The Ladies Aid Societies of the
Crow River church will hold their
annual auction sale at the parson
age on Thursday, June 15.
Miss Isabella Olson made a trip
to Paynesville last week to seek
medical aid.
The Severt Olson and Ole Sever
ade families visited at Severin Ol
son's on Sunday.
"Johnny," said the minister reprov
ingly as he met an urchin carrying a
string of fish one first day afternoon,
"did you catch those today?"
"Ye-yes, sir," answered Johnny.
"That's what they got for chasing
worms OD Sunday."—Chicago News.
Dyspepsia and Other Ailments Easily Cured at Home with Oxygen
There is only one cure—the new Oxygen System.
It supies the body with a steady stream of pure Oxygen
—drives off the gases—reduces the acidity—enriches the
blood—absolute cures the disease. By increasing the
oxidation of the waste products of our body and eiuiinat
ing deposits, this Oxygen treatment comp etey cures
Rheumatism, Neuragia, Lumbago, Liver and Kidney
trouble, Blood Disorders, Varicose Veins, Constipation and Paralysis.
The Oxypathor is easy for you to use, being a sma, simple instrument. It never wears out—
never oses its force. It effects a cure in a most simple and quiet manner, there being no sensation
whatever in attendent to its use. It cannot harm even the weakest infant.
The Oxypathor is a prompt and sure relief for nearly all the ailments regardless of kind,
cause, Severity, duration or failure of former treatments.
The Oxypathor averts a fever and puts the patient well on the road to recovery in a space of
time far less than that ever dreamed of before. Its action begins at once, it works steadily. Where
perspiration is desired, the Oxypathor will induce it at once, though the best known specific fever
reducers have failed. It gives profound restful slumber in a manner superior by far to that of
opiates and narcotics without their awful after-effects. In addition to curing the disease treated, the
Oxypathor -will have stimulated and re-aroused the body and all its organs'to renewed vigor.
Its purchase price, easily within the reach of every one, is its only expense indestructable
and never losing its force, Oxypathy possesses a qualification no other system of treatment can
claim nd one that entitles it^to everyone's gratitude—
that of economy.
The Oxypathor appeals to intelligent, progressive,
common-sense people. Persons in ill health are requested
to call or write for our literature and learn how Nature
cures through Oxypathy.
The Twin City Oxygenator Company
81 and 83 Western Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
It Pays Well-
for those who are bringing
their wheat to our mill and
having it exchanged for flour.
We sell the flour at a moderate price.
Every Sack is Guaranteed.
S. C. I A N & S O N
Use Home Products
Unexcelled as to quality
Your dealer prefers to sell the HOME FLOUR
Use the flour that pays the home
taxes and employs the home labor
"Soy, Chlmmie. wot'd de boss call
y* up fer'i"
"T* call me down."—Baltimore News.
(First publication June 14th)
Citation for Hearing on Petition for
State of Minnesota, County or Kandiyohi in
Probate Court.
In the Matter of the Estate of Frank Ceder
strom. Decedent.
sona interested in the granting of administra
tion of the estate of said decedent: The petition
of J. A. Cederstrom having been filed in
this court, representing that Frank Ceder
strom,then a resident of the County of Kan
diyohi. State of Minnesota, died intestate on
the 4th day of June 1911 and praying
that letters of administration of his estate
be granted to F. B. Cronquist, of Kandiyohi
and the court having fixed the time and
place for hearing said petition Therefore.
You, and Each of You, are hereby cited and
required to show cause, if any you have, be
fore this court at the Probate Court Rooms
in the Court House, in the City of Willmar,
in the County of Kandiyohi. State of Minne
sota, on the 10th day of July, 1911, at 2
o'clock P. M., why said petition should not
be granted.
Witness the Judge of said Court, and the
Seal of said Court, this Sth day of June,
[Court Seal] T. O. GILBERT,
Probate Judge.
Attorney for Petitioner,
Willmar, Minn.
Copennagen Snuff is made of the best, old, rich, high
flavojed leaf tobacco, to which is added only such in
gredients as are component parts of natural leaf tobacco
and absolutely pure flavoring extracts. The Snuff Pro
cess retains the good of the tobacco and expels the
bitter and acid of natural leaf tobacco.
7 AMERICAN SNUFF COMPANY, 111 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. 1
(First Publication May 31st, 1911.)
Citation for Hearing on petition to
Sell, Mortgage or Lease Land.
State of Minnesota, County of Kandiyohi,
In Probate Court.
In the matter of the Estate of Wilhelmina
The State of Minnesota to all persons
interested in the sale of certain lands
belonging to said deceased: The petition ot
A. E. Rice as representative of the
above named deceased, being duly filed in this
court, representing that it is necessary and
for the best interests of said estate and of all
interested therein that certain lands ot said
decedent described therein be sold and pray
ing that a license be to him granted to
sell the same.
Now Therefore, you and each of you, are
hereby cited and required to show cause, it
any you have, before this court, at the Pro
bate Court Rooms in the Court House, in
the City of Willmar, County of Kandiyohi,
State of Minnesota, on the 26th day of
June, 1911, at two o'clock P. M., why
the prayer of said petition should not be
Witness the Judge of said Court, and the
seal of said court, this 29th. day of May.
[COURT SEAL] Judge of Probat
Attorney for Petitioner,
me at Chase's New 10c

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