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Thursday and 1
Frida Evening lo 1 0
Twenty Years in Sing Sing
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life in America's most famous penitentiary. This picture is most
moral and is approved by press and pulpit wherever shown. 3,000
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The great county fair, exciting races, race track sharper's vic
tim, an innocent man convicted on circumstantial evidence, trial and
conviction many scenes at Sing Sing, the escape and many other
things too numerous to mention.
Real prison scenes, real convicts, real guards, real bloodhounds.
Entire story lectured and described by a good lecturer.
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Admission 10 3 5c
Look For The Big Yellow Light, That's
T. R's Policies Were Bryan Policies
Editor's Note: The probability that
Roose\«lt may be nominated at Chi
cago has forced a vital question on
the democratic party. Can they beat
him? What democrat has the best
chance to do it? From thousands of
democrats comes the answer, "Yes,
Jsvith Bryan."
The Chicago convention, therefore,
is likely to determine the nominee at
Baltimore. There's no cloud on Bry
an's title as a progressive. Many re
publicans and most democrats say
there is on Roosevelt's. They also
charge Roosevelt with havine stolen
the "Brjan policies." Has he done
it 1 Is he leally a progressive?
The editor of The Daily News has
a^ked Brjan to tell the difference be
tween him and Roosevelt. Here's
Bryan's answer:
Complying with youi request, I beg
to s£/ that I was first inclined to ask
vou to change the vvoiding of your
question so as to permit me to show
jthe difference between Mr. Roosevelt
»nd he democratic party, togethei
with the points of agreement between
him and our party, but as we shall
not know until the platform is writ
ten at Baltimore just what language
our party will use in defining its po
sition, as compaied with his, rather
ithan attempt to speak for the party,
shall content myself with setting
forth Mr. Roosevelt's position on 121908.
subjects and my own upon the same
six upon which we differ and six up
on which we are now in substantial
Fust: He believes in a third pres
idential teim, and he has not yet an
nounced any limitation to the num
ber of terms a president should be
peimitted to enjoy. I am not only
opposed to a third term, but I favor
an amendment to the constitution
limiting the president to a single
Second: He desires international
peace, but believes it can be secured
by such an increase in the navy as
will make other nations fear us. I
believe in securing it by a policy of
justice to all nations, and have faith
in the persuasive influence of a good
Third: On the tariff question I
do not know what Mr. Roosevelt's
position is. During his seven and a
half years as president he never dis
cussed the subject. He cannot have
much objection to the existing law or
he would render some assistance to
those who are trying to secure a re
I favor a tariff for revenue only
and regard the principle of protec
tion as wrong. I favor an immedi
ate reduction of the tariff along the
lines of the last democratic national
Fourth: On the trust question,
Mr. Roosevelt stands for regulation
rather than for prevention, notwith
standing the fact that he had seven
and a half years in which to test
regulation, with the result that we
had more trusts when he went out of
office than when he entered the
white house. He has recommended
the national incorporation of large
Industrial enterprises, the very thing
the trusts desire, and he has indorsed
the decision of the supreme court
amending the anti-trust law in theMabel
interest of the trusts.
I believe that a private monopoly
is indefensible and intolerable and
I favor laws, state and national mak
ing it impossible for a private mo
nopoly to exist. I am opposed to
federal incorporation and believe
that national remedies should be
added to state remedies, not substi
tuted for them.
Fifth: Mr. Roosevelt believes in
•imperialism. I am opposed to
perialism and believe that the hold
ing of colonies is antagonistic to the
principles of a republic.
Sixth: Mr. Roosevelt is Hamil
toman in his ideas on government,
believing in a highly centralized or
ganization. I am Jeft'ersoman. be
lieving that the reserved rights of
the states should be preserved and
protected, on the theory that the neo
ple can decide best those questions
with which they are most familiar
and in which they have the largest
First: We have differed upon the
election of senators by the people. I
began advocating this reform 22
years ago and secured an indorse
ment of it in our national platform
in 1900. Mr. Roosevelt, though pres
ident for seven and a half years after
1900, never referred to the popular
election of senators in a message to
congress or in a public speech until
about two years ago.
Second: I have been advocating an
income tax for many years. He be
gan towards the close of his second
Third: 1 have for a number of
years advocated publicly before elec
Vion, as to campaign contributions,
and I secured the indorsement of the
reform in the Denver platform of
Mr. Roosevelt, at that time,
opposed publicity before the election,
lie has since come around to the ad
\ocacy of publicity before election.
Fourth: I have favored the initi
ative and referendum for 16 years,
lie has opposed both until within the
last two years.
Fifth: We both believe in the pri
mary. I cannot fix the date when he
first began to advocate it I have
been advocating it tor a number of
Sixth: We both believe that there
is a "Wall street influence" and that
there are "subsidized newspapers,"
but I discovered both many years
before he did.
In differing from men I do not of
ten find it necessary to Question their
motives. Differences of opinion on
political questions can usually be
accounted for by difference in bias,
except when accounted for by differ
ence in information and interest.
The most fundamental bias found in
man is the bias towards aristocracy
on the one hand and towards democ
racy on the other. Hamilton had the
aristocratic bias, Jefferson the demo
cratic bias. They were equally hon
est, Hamilton in distrusting the peo
ple, Jefferson in trusting them.
Until within a few years there has
been nothine in Mr. Roosevelt's
speeches or action to indicate agree
ment with Jefferson in this request.
1 have lately been gratified to note
some change in him, but I am not yet
able to judge how complete it is or
'how extensive an application he
would now be willing to make of Jef
fersonian principles. Sioux City
Daily News.
Miss Phoebe Paulson left Thurs
day for Cottonwood. On Friday Dr.
Robertson and family and Miss Paul
son autoed to Grand Forks to attend
the high school commencement exer
cises, of which Miss Paulson has a
brother and niece who graduate. Miss
Holmdahl of Norway Lake is
relieving Miss Paulson during her
absence from her duties at the J. F.
Branton office.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Norgren and
children of Hanley Falls were in
Willmar Thursday, enroute for their
new home at Pennock. Mr. Norgren
will have charge of the Farmers'^Ele
vator there.
Mesdames Eva Johnson and Emily
Holm came down from New London
last Wednesday for a short visit with
friends here.
Miss Clara Benson left for Will
mar last week for a visit with her
Mrs. J. A. Healey enjoyed a visit
from her mother, Mrs. Levander of
Grove City, the first of last week.
Miss Ruth Parsons returned home
/last week from Eagle Bend, where
she has been teaching the past year.
Mrs. Gena Jacobson and daughter,
Ruth and Hilda Arneson, arrived
from Willmar Wednesday, after
spending a couple of days there.
Mr. and Mrs. Sletten, Mr. and MIN.
Rykken and other parties from Dovre
were guests at the Peter Anderson
home Thursday.
Miss Alma Swenson arrived home
from St. Peter last Tuesday, after
spending a couple of weeks there vis
iting friends.
Mrs. Tom Downs of Willmar was
a guest of Mrs. Margaret Parsons,
the past week.
Rev. I A. Johanson was at Irving
last Wednesday.
Albert Grorud returned Wednesday
from his trip to Winnipeg. Canada.
Miss Ragna Johanson arrived
from Minneapolis last week and will
spend her vaeation at the home of
her brother, Rev. I. A. Johanson.
Henry J. Thorvig, mail carrier on
Route No. 2, is taking his annual two
weeks' vacation. Daniel Downs, his
is now hauling the mail.
Miss Bergetha Thorvig assisted
her sister, Mrs. Ed Quam the pas'
Messrs. Knut Kloster and Henry
J. Thorvig left for Red Wing last
week, as delegates from the Green
Lake congregation, to attend the an
nual convention of the Hauges Synod
which convenes there from June 5,
until June 12th.
Spicer-on-Green-Lake, June 11—
Miss Hazel Monson arrived home last
week from Willmar, where she has
been attending school.
Miss Anna Knutson left for Co
kato Friday for a visit with her
uncle and aunt. She will also attend
commencement exercises at the hi^h
school of which her cousin is one o:
the graduates.
France Walquist and family and
Mrs. Johannah Moller spent a cou
ple of days the latter part of the
week at the Aug. Moller home.
Erwin N«-i«on l.as been engaged ac
clerk for the firm of Orred and An
derson, during the summer months.
Mrs. O. T. Olson enioyed a visit
from her niece, Miss Ella Magnuson
of Willmar, a few days last week.
The program and social given la^t
Thursday evening by the Y. P. S. of
the Saron church, was well attended.
The sum realized amounted to some
over $12.
John Peterson and family from
Ringo Lake were entertained at thePeterson
home of Mrs. Sophia Gustrud last
Wednesday afternoon.
Miss Emma Olson left for Hotel
Tepeetonka the latter part of the
week to assist with the housework
John Ahl«trom enjojed a visit
from his mother, Mrs. Ahlstrom of
Willmar from Friday until Saturday.
A. Lemuel Swenson arrived home
from Buffalo Lake Friday, to spend
his summer vacation.
Miss Jennie Swenson from G^oige
Lake called on Spicer friends Satur
The Willing Workers society of the
Zion church met with Mrs. A. J.
Thorvig last Friday evening.
Roy Downs is back again at
Quite a laige number of people at
tended the social last Friday at the
Aug. Moller home. The proceeds
from the sale of lunches amounted to
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kloster enter
tained a few of their relative? last
A. P. Raun did some cement work
for Ole Rykken at Dovre the past
Miss Rebecca Olson spent the past
week at Crescent Beach enjoying the
house party at the Larson cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Pladson were
among those from here who left for
Red Wing last week to attend the
meetings held there.
John Jacobson and E. Pearson and
families were Sunday guests at the
home of C. Doty.
Mrs. Annie Monson has been a
guest of her daughter, Mrs. Aug
Moller this week.
Fred Anderson and family from
Mamre drove over to the Aug. Moller
home Friday afternoon and attended
the social. They visited there until
Arnold Anderson spent a couple
of days the past week with his
friend Arnold Oslumd at Dassel.
Arthur Thompson drove out to
Hotel Tepeetonka last Sunday even
Ed L. Quam and family spent Sun
day afternoon at the Quam cottage.
Miss Marie Kloster is a guest at
the home of M. J. Kloster this week.
Dr. G. D. Forssell will be at the
Samuelson hotel, Spicer, Tuesday p.
m. and Wednesday a. m., June 18 and
19 and give treatments in massage
and Swedish movements for internal
and external chronic ailments. Con
sultation free.
Mm. Guro Gunnufson Mr. Torger Gunnufson
Tom Tierney has been digging a
(well for Axel Bjur these past weeks.
Mr. Segar of Atwater is at present
doing some painting for S. B. Glader.
livery barn, after having a vacation,
being laid up with a sore hand.
J. Albeit Peterson came over fron
Willmar Saturday evening and spent
Sunday with hi» folks here.
Miss Anna Haverly ia at present
staying at the Ole Haverly home, as
sisting with the housework.
Gerhard Ronning left Thursday for
'vtriJiiven, where he joinen the base
ball team for a few days.
Elderly Couple Pleasantly Surprised.
Mr. Torger Gunnufson of Norway Lake township was pleasantly
surprised by about 275 neighbors and old friends, the occasion being his
90th birthday anniversary, on Sunday afternoon, May 26th. Rev. Sund
of Belgrade was present and delivered am appropriate speech and on
behalf of the visitors presented the venerable old man a handsome Turk
ish rocker, and a similar gift was also presented to his aged wife.
Mr. Torger Gunnufson was born May 26th, 1822, at Mellan, Tele
marken, Norway. He emigrated to America in 1860 and arrived at Decor
ah, la., where he remained until 1864 when he moved to Minnesota and
took a homestead in the town of Norway Lake. He was married in the
vear of 1858 in .West Jord Dalen, Telemarken, Norway, to Guro Gulliks
dotter Hakenes who will be 81 years old on July 28th next.
The old couple, notwithstanding their advanced age, are still quite
vigorous and in apparent good health. Only two children are living, one
son, N. T. Gunnufson, who owns the old homestead and with whom they
are staying, and one daughter, Mrs. Lewis Dale, of Estevan, Saskat
chewan, Canada.
Confirmation exercises were held
at the Swedish Lutheran Saron
church last Sunday forenoon. In the
evening the communion service was
held, with a sermon by Rev. B. E.
Walters of Tripoli's. Large audienc
es were present at both sessions, and
(the exercises were very impressive.
Lake Elizabeth, June 10—No serv
ices were held in the Swedish Bap
tist church Sunday as Rev. Ericson
was in Fahlun.
Leonard Boom was a pleasant vis
itor at Andrew Paulson's Sunday
O. E. Danielson was pleasantly
surprised by a few of his friends
Saturday evening. Who's next?
Nels and Alice Peterson visited at
Albert Bjur's Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gronberg en
tertained a few of their relatives to
Sunday dinner.
A surprise was held on Mrs. Louis
Wednesday afternoon by a
few of her friends and neighbors.
The guests left a sum of money af
ter enjoying a pleasant afternoon at
her home.
Axel Bjorklund called at Wallace
(Hedlund's Saturday evening.
Rev. N. Sundstrom conducted serv
ices in the Rosendale M. E. church
Sunday afternoon. Services next
Sunday at 11 a. m. There will be
mission meeting in the Rosendale M.
E. church commencing June 19 anding
continuing over Sunday. Everybody
As welcome to attend. Sendees will
held forenoon, afternoon and eve
ning during those days. Plans are
being made for a midsummer picnic,
but no definite place has been decided
on as yet.
Arvid Larson made a pleasant call
at Reuben Bromam's Saturday eve
Misses Eleanor and Julia Young
berg spent Saturday in Kerkhoven
attending the carnival. They return
ed home Saturday night accompanied
by their little nephew, Wallace Gord
hamer who will visit his grandpar
ents here a few days.
Boost a Willmar Industry and
Ask for Johnson's Velvet Ice Cream.
Mr. Aug. Bergman of Dovre, is
having a large addition built to hiswhere
residence. Mr. Ole Erickson from
Rutland, N. D. superintends the job.
Miss Florence Erickson
Willmar was a recent visitor with her
cousins, Misses Nelson.
Rev. Andrew Berg and Emil Carl
son, both from Litchville, N. D., were
down here for the Mission conven
Mr. Ole Bloom, who has been seek
medical aid at the state sanator
ium near Walker, Minn., for a num
ber of months, arrived here a few
days ago, much improved. He is
now staying at his sister's home, L.
O. Bloom's.
Messrs. John Norman and Swen
Swenson "took in the sights" at
Kerkhoven Saturday.
Miss Minnie Olson of Driscoll, N.
D., is visiting at her brother's home,
John Olson's.
Misses Berg from Eagle Lake call
ed on C. A. Backlund's Sunday.
Mrs. Peter Hoglund from Willmar
was a guest of Mrs. A. Lindberg a
few days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Peterson and
children returned to Sisseton, S. D.,
on Monday, after a few days' visit
with Otto Holmgren's and other
It is the desire for more
naturalness and less arti
ficiality that is making the
Vertical Light or The
Straight Light method so
Our pictures combine
the straight light method
with the greatest precau
tion and skill in workman
ship which puts our pic
tures on a stage unequaled
by others.
210 Third St.
I IsBfj
Mamre, June 10—Mr. and Mrs
Chas. Norman and Miss Violet Thy
den were Willmar visitors Saturday.
Misses Ruth and Adina Anderson
returned to St. Paul en Monday aftei
a week's visit with relatives and
friends in Mamre and Pennock.
Miss*Minnie Danielson visited West
Lake relatives over Sunday.
Mr. Fred Foster from St. Paul en
joyed a few days last week with his
cousins, the Abrahamson children.
Mesdames H. W. and Gustaf Nor
din entertained a large number of
relatives and friends at dinner last
Mrs. Axel Lindgren of Pennock,
Mrs. John Swenson und Mr. and Mrs.
Nelson, went to Twin Valley, Minn,
on Thursday this week for a visit
with Rev. Ole Nelson, a son of Mr.
and Mrs. Nelson.
Mr. and Mrs. Swedberg from Pen
nock" were Sunday guests of G. Dan
Mrs. Anna Jacobson, who has been
a guest of friends in this town late
ly, left for her home at Lanspenburgb,
Canada Sunday night, accompanied
by Mrs. Jonas Johnson, who will vis
it for some time with her son and
daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Johnson of that place.
Colfax, June 10—Mrs. B. Aasen
and Mrs. J. Fosse visited with the
former's daughter, Mrs. Erickson,
Tuesday afternoon.
Fredolf Hul'tgren of Tepeetonka
and a number of other gentlemen au
toed to Games Lake Tuesday and
caught a large number of fish.
Charley Sterem of Montrose is
drilling a well for John Kullander.
He is being assisted by Roy Davis ot
New London.
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Dahlberg
and baby visited with Mr. and Mrs.
E. Dahlberg from Saturday until
Mr. and Mrs. Aug. Gustafson and
daughters, Edna and Mildred, and
Walter Halberg and Andrew Lester
berg of Hayes visited at the E. Thim
ell home Sunday afternoon.
The Mission convention of the M.
E. church will commence June 19 at
8 p.'m., continuing until the 24th. All
are welcome to attend.
The Farmers' Club will have a pic
nic June 19th on Dr. G. A. Newman's
farm on east side of Lake Andrew.
Mrs. P. E. Olson and Mrs. E. Thim
ell visited with Mrs. Elmer Erickson
Tuesday afternoon.
J. Sjogren and W. Wohleen are do
ing carpenter work for Rev. Sund
near Games Lake.
Oliver Larson, Alfred Wohleen and
Casper Tbimell visited with the Christ
Engen family at Norway Lake Sat
urday afternoon,
John Evenson, son of Edward Ev
enson, died last Wednesday from the
dreaded disease, consumption. The
funeral occurred last Saturday from
the East Norway Lake Synod church,
Rev. D. C. Jordahl officiating.
Colfax, Minn., June 10—Mr. and
Mrs. Albert Thompson of Norway
Lake visited with Mrs. L. Olson on
Friday afternoon.
The Aurora Y. P. society will meet
at John Saboe's next Sunday, June
Clara and Claus Larson visited at
Theo. Gunderson's at New London on
Miss Stina Severade, who has been
assisting Mrs. Knud Olson for a cou
ple of weeks, returned home-on Sun
Mr. Bert Thompson has returned
home from his visit with friends a
Minneapolis and Willmar.
The Warner Band gave a concert
at the New London town hall last
Wednesday evening. Miss Mabel
Hanson of Brooten gave a number of
vocal selections.
Last Wednesday, June 5th, oc
curred the death of John Theodore
Evenson, who resides near Games
Lake. He was born in Swift county,
Minn., on October 29, 1890 and was
at the time of his death twenty-one
years, seven months and six days of
age. His parents are E. T. Evenson
and Karen Serine Stai. He was laid
to rest in the East Norway Lake
church cemetery on June 8th. We all
sympathize with the sorrowing fam
ily in their bereavement.
Miss Elma Gerhardson has re
turned home from Clearwater, Minn.,
she has been attending school.
She has made her home with Dr. and
Mrs. A. Ridgeway while there.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Olson and chil
dren of Clinton and Mrs. Knud Olson
visited with Mrs. Katherine Olson on
Miss Anna Gerhardson has return
ed home from Sioux Falls, S. D.,
where she has attended the Lutheran
Normal school.
Knud Olson is one of the delegates
appointed to attend the Kreds mode
at Langhei next week.
Fahlun, Rte 2, June 10—Miss Ruth
Edgren left for Mankato last Monday
to attend the teachers' summer
The farmers around here have been
busy improving the roads this week.
Rev. Edgren has attended the mis
sion meeting in Murdock.
Mr. Arthur Johnson has spent a
week in Kandiyohi.
Mildred and Lester Peterson are
visiting with E. Johnson's this week.
Mr. Carl Klint took in the leap
year picnic Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Herman Johnson of Willmar
spent two days at his former home
in Fahlun.
Messrs. Arthur Mattson and Carl
Klint spent Saturday at Kandiyohi.
The John Mattson family spent
Saturday in Willmar.
Miss Clara Blomquist spent a few
days this week at her brother's home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rlint enter
tained friends from Kandiyohi last
The Broman young people took a
trip to New London in their car last
Saturday and stayed over Sunday.
Mission meeting will be held at Oak
Park commencing next Wednesday
and continuing over Sunday.
A coffee social will be held at the
F. E. Broman home next Wednesday
afternoon and. evening.
Ask for
Johnson's Velvet lee
Rev. C. E. Oberg left Thursday for
Maynard, where he went to attend
the 40th anniversary celebration of
the Maynard Swedish Baptist church
and also the reception given in honor
of their new pastor, Rev. E. Valer
ius of Hartford, Conn. Rev. Oberg
returned home Sunday night.
Boost a Wilmar Industry and
Ask for Johnson's Velvet loo Cream dry store, Benson Avo.
Rev. Brummel conducted services
in Clara City last Sunday, and was
accompanied by Mr. Ben Dykema.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Kohrs called at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.
last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Stuhr and Mrs.
Ed Sluka and daughter Ruby visited
at the home of Mr. T. Johnson last
Sunday afternoon.
A little baby girl was welcomed at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hoek
stra last Saturday evening.
Miss Julia Stob and Mr. John
Kamstra suppered at Hoffman's last
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Brouwer visited
with Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruggers last
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. De Vries and
family visited with Mr. and Mrs.
Swiers in Clara last Sunday.
Delia Zuidema is spending a few
days with her grandma, Mrs. S. Dy
Mrs. O. Dekker and Mrs. H. Brou
Aver intend to leave for Preston,
Minn, the latter part of this week to
visit with the former's daughter,
Mrs. W. Talen,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Egmond and
children were Sunday callers at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Brouwer.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Van Der Bill and
family visited with Mr. and Mrs. N.
Dykema last Sunday.
Miss Marie Kohrs suppered at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. O. Dekker last
Sunday evening.
Harrison, June 10—Mr. and Mrs.
H. Martin went to Lake Lillian last
Sunday to attend the funeral of the
tatter's mother, Mrs. Nelson.
Miss Ruth Parsons arrived here
from Eagle Bend Tuesday, where
she has been teaching the past win
ter, and will spend her summer vaca
tion at her home.
Leo Masters arrived here from
Kenmare, N. D. Monday for a visit
at his narental home.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Walby and Roy
Wilson visited relatives and friends
at Norway Lake a few days last
Miss Elma Johnson arrived home
last Tuesday from Atwater where
she has been employed as "hello girl"
at the local central.
H. M. Walbv departed on Tuesday
for Timber Lake, S. D., after a
days' visit with relatives and old
friends here.
Mrs. Tom Downs of Willmar visit
ed at the home of her aunt, Mrs. Par
sons a few days last week.
Miss Sadie Home departed last
Thursday for a few days' visit in the
Miss Angie and Emmett Defoe au
toed to Harrison Friday.
Frank Harris and family autoed to
Spicer Saturday.
Mrs. J. H. Parsons and daughter,
Miss Ruth, visited at Geo. Wilson's
Saturdav afternoon.
Geo. Wilson was a Spicer visitor
Tom Tait, the assessor, was in this
vicinity last week.
France Anderson and family vis
ited friends at Crow River Saturday.
Wedding bells will soon be ringing.
Miss Alma Johnson and Mrs. H.
M. Walby visited .at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Pagel last Sunday.''
Farmers' Picnic.
The picnic which is to be held by
the farmers of northern Kandiyohi
county this month will be held along
the east shore of Lake Andrew Sat
urday, the 22nd. The extension de
partment of the State University will
furnish a speaker for the occasion.
A change in date, from the 19th to
the 22nd has been made necessary by
the celebration on the 19th by the
congregation of the New London
Norwegian church.
Hand painted China to bo dosed
out at cost-price at EJmquist's Jew-
Use A Power Washer
and Wringer
Roseland, June 10—Mrs. Wm.
Nype is doing the housework for her
brother, Mr. George Huisenga.
Miss Gertie Stob, who spent some
time here visiting relatives and
friends returned to her home in Ray
mond last Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Brouwer spent
last Monday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Buikema.
Ask for
"Now, look here, Mr. Farmer.'$25
does look like a lot of money, but
stop and think what we aregiving- you
—a washing machine and wringer
complete with a 5-year guarantee on
the whole business Five years is
260 weeks. Let's divide 260 into $25.
and we And that it amounts to less
than 10 cents a week for the 52 weeks
in the year for the next five years.
Why, it's absolute cruelty to let that
engine lie there doing nothing and
have your wife, daughter or even the
hired girl turn a washing machine
and a wringer when it takes less than
the price of two nickel cigars to save
all that work. Then another thing.
Mr. Farmer, it's hard' work to turn a
washing machine by hand, but it's a
good deal harder work to turn the
wringer, and did you ever stop to
consider that a woman wrings every
piece that she washes four times?
She has to wring it out of the soak
water, into the washing machine—out
of the washing machine into the rinse
water—out of the rinse water into the
bluing water—and out of the bluing
water before she hangs it on the
Crow River, June 10—Miss Minnie
Saboe, who has been attending the
Normal school at Sioux Falls, return
ed home last week.
The Misses- Janette and Alma
Johnson of Willmar visited at Rev.
Tolo's over Sunday.
The Aurora T. P. S. meets at J. C.
Saboe's Sunday, June 16, instead of
at M. A. Mickelson's as stated in the
last issue.
Nels Nelson had a new addition
built to his barn last week.
Miss Henrietta Saboe is at pres
assisting Mrs. T. M. Knutson.
Services were conducted at Crow
River church last Sunday by Rev.
Tolo in the forenoon and in the af
ternoon we had the pleasure of hear
ing a very impressive sermon, deliv
ered by Gilbert Oppen. Mr. Oppen is
well known here, being our former
deacon. Next Sunday he will be or
dained to the ministry at Renville,
Minn., having accepted a call at that
Miss Lena Johnson, who has been
working at P. T. Quisberg's of
Georgeville returned home last Fri
The annual Ladies' Aid auction
will be held at the parsonage Friday,
June 21. Miss Thompson, a mission
airy from Zululand will give a speech
in the forenoon, commencing at 10:30
a. m.
Olaf Tolo has been working for
Amund Jacobson the past week.
Miss Dagny Anderson returned
home from Minneapolis last week,,
where she has been working this win
A school picnic will be held at the*
parsonage Thursday, June 27.
Wiol Wrolson has recently erected'
a new silo.
Johnson's Velvet Ice
Pocket Haps of Northwestern
States and Trlbaae's Popalar
Edition of Old Time
We haye prepared a supply ot maps
of Minnesota and the States to the West
where so many former Xandiyohians
have made their homes, In convenient
form for the pocket. The following are
now ready:
MINNESOTA, with list of towns and
population. 1910 census.
NORTH DAKOTA, with list of towns
and population, 1910 census.
SOUTH DAKOTA, with list of towns
and population, 1910 census.
MONTANA, with list of towns and
population, 1910 census.
IDAHO, with list of towns and pop-,
ulation, 1910 census.
WASHINGTON, with list of towns
and population, 1910 census.
OREGON, with list of towns and pop
ulation, 1910 census.
cipal towns and population.
Benin* price, 10c each.
We will be glad to send you one of
free of charge when we receive
your subscription of renewal to the
Willmar Tribune. Check oft your choice
and enclose this clipping with your re
If you do not care for a pocket map
we will be glad to mail you a copy of
our special popular edition of old-time
songs, over fifty selections, complete
with music If you want a copy, re
quest it when you remit for your sub
Goo. W. Johnson
The Mhmoapolie Dollar-Hotel
IssH—rts lit iiiPhttj*
$1.22 S I N E RATE $
SUWOPLAM HATcroiiT«oncmo«a0l.«O
a LOST a •miMuo •VODMMa
'A- CO)*

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